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A Native American Prayer

Updated July 29, 2002

Hey, things aren't always what they seem. Try clicking around on this page, there are links in the image at left that you wouldn't suspect. Most interesting might be the diagonal pictures of me, try clicking on them and see what happens. You can also click the Indian peace pipe at top for an encouraging message.

I'm a little disappoint that I can't keep the "Jetcam" working as much as I'd like, but as it turns out the software is buggy and interferes with any work I might be doing on my computer. So I keep it turned off most of the time (hense the nodding cat). But I do still turn it on occasionally so check back often and see if you catch me. When the cam is active you can also check out the motion logs to see what I've been doing...

That old Chevy of mine finally gave up the ghost (The clutch went out on it). So I bought (and paid for) a 10 year old Pontiac Grand Am GT. It's actaully a pretty nice car and I think I got a fair price for it. See what you are some pics

My latest school schedule is posted here (or if you are brave you can also find it under the School Work link at the top of the page).

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Name: Jet Duncan
Born: February 25, 1963
Phone: (701) 237-5909
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