Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        5 Kan, 7 Zip, 10 Caban        

Greetings! Sadly, we come before you now. Much has happened on this day, dear Hearts, and many more eventful days lie ahead of you. We feel that it is important to preface this information with an important statement. Unequivocally, you must use your wonderful energies to move your divine mission forward in a positive manner. The events of this day have only confirmed that a small and still very stubborn cabal is continuing to lash out and remains determined to manifest its dark agenda. You have witnessed a well-orchestrated, pre-emptive attack, carried out by various elements of this cabal, whose sole purpose was to delay and/or seriously cripple those who are attempting to carry out crucial aspects of our joint agreements. We ask everyone who reads this message to meditate/pray for those who died or were seriously injured in these heinous attacks. What has taken place is visible proof that what we have agreed to must progress at an accelerated pace. This arrogant cabal needs to be shown that its actions can no longer continue to hold us back.

      As always, the Spiritual Hierarchy is supervising us. They wish you to know that the events of this day are only the beginning of many great changes in your realm. These have been quite sudden. They came, leaving inconceivable sadness in their wake. We advise you to gently counteract this insanity with positive meditation, prayer vigils and a strong sense of inner purpose. The changes you have been experiencing will continue. Our purpose, mainly, is to observe, analyze and, then, to take appropriate action. Never will we act in judgment or in anger. Instead, we act out of Love and with a profound knowledge that what is occurring is only a tragic incident. Our strategy remains to prepare you for first contact. These events merely reflect the vast levels of chaos that still remain in your global society. In every part of your globe, bombs, hatred and mindless, angry men press forward with their insane agendas. They can no longer do more than stage terror-filled events that bring them varied degrees of notoriety. These distressing events are balanced by a new energy, characterized by peace and a growing awareness of our shared connections.

      Our connection to each another is fundamental because it shows that each Being is directly related to the other. This relationship is founded in Love - our deep caring for one another. In this regard, we wish to address you today. Look beyond this day's events, Beloveds, and allow yourselves to see it as proof that, despite what may happen, we remain committed to the achievement of our two objectives: to forge a new reality and to restore you to full consciousness. We can understand your pain and your sorrow. We, too, are deeply affected by these events. We ask you simply to remain committed and fully focused upon these two objectives. We are ever aware of the best way to carry out what has proven to be a most difficult first contact mission. Because it operates on many simultaneous levels, we must often do things in ways that may seem most bewildering to you. Our monitoring of this incident is a case in point. We analyzed its beginnings, reported what we saw to those able to counter it and watched, horrified, as it occurred.

      The Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that what has happened is a crucial sign - a portent that your world needs a little more time to change. We will give this time and then will duly enforce an accelerated timetable. This, dear Hearts, is the reason we have asked those on your world in a position to hasten this change, to do so now. Your world is ruled by most arrogant and determined men and women, who form this long-discussed cabal. Take this time to investigate their all-too-many immoral ways and then, take action. Understand that much is about to occur. Their actions need only slightly delay what you still have the ability to enforce. We remain your ally and wish to assure you all that our tolerance of this callous group has reached its final limits. Our major consideration continues to be the 'overall picture', that is, the best way to carry out this first contact with you. You have a special process to complete but steps remain between this moment and your entry into your fully conscious state.

      Most importantly, you must remember how this reality is being transformed. The many prayers and accompanying meditation rituals that you have offered around the world have produced a field for change that has kept your world's ever-present chaos from wreaking its sad side-effects. No major war has broken out upon your globe. Rather, the effects of this chaos have been limited to frequent local conflicts. Presently, these most often are resolved through discussion and accompanying acts of diplomacy. Underlying all of this is the worldwide grid that you have helped to put in place. In order for it to grow, you must continue to energize it. Heaven asks you to use this time to commemorate and pray for those who have perished and to build upon the energies that will assure our eventual shared success. Remember, dear Hearts, that together, we can only prevail!

      Often, it is difficult for you to logically understand this process of change. As we have said many times before, you must view it from the 'inner', where logic is replaced by true feelings that transcend your outer emotions. There, you discover that you are both a spiritual and a physical Being. This spiritual Being must now step quickly forward. Contrary to what you are used to, it grows by nourishing your spiritual Self and by various daily practices and rituals. It is a multi-leveled practice, combining elements of the physical with meditation, prayer and even simple ritual. It can include group interaction, special gatherings and specially-timed events that work simultaneously on the realms of the Spiritual and the world of the physical. They are an essential part of our current topic of discussion.

      This intertwining of the physical and spiritual realms is at the heart of your current experience. You are mutating from limited, physical Beings to multi-leveled, spiritual ones. This procedure is altering your reality and fundamentally changing the way your world operates. All of you are experiencing it. You differ only in whether you first choose to deny or accept it. For us, the key element is to increase the numbers who are progressing from initial denial toward a state of acceptance. Particularly relevant is your belief in the validity of our existence. Your numbers are steadily growing, as more of you realize that we do exist and demand that your governments end their ongoing cover-up. This will continue to occur as more of you 'awaken'.

      Heaven has established this process with care. It has taken literally millennia for you to reach this point in your history. This brings us back to the terrible events of this day. Considered in the Light of our discussion, you can understand their place in the future events to which we have alluded. Desperate men often make desperate moves. In this respect, this day is no different from any other. We will redress what has occurred and take action to prevent its possible recurrence. This moment in your history is truly a time to reflect on what has occurred. It is also a period to make good use of this opportunity and to move forward. This is important. Be aware that your world is changing. This vile act has slowed, but not delayed, its transformation.

      Today, we have discussed a sad event in your history. Maintain your positive focus and a strong commitment to your new reality. Together, Beloveds, we are a force that cannot be defeated. Together, we are approaching a most noble victory. We ask your prayers for those who have lost their lives in this incident and for the healing of those hurt. Be aware that this tragic event is only a sign that your new reality is much closer than you would believe. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the endless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

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