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Join The Metals Discussion List

Join The Metals Discussion List

Humans can develop illness from prolonged exposures to certain metals. This exposure can lead to toxicity and/or immune modulated allergy to the metal, metal compounds, and human protein bound to metal.

CFS Nutrition sponsors this e-mail discussion list as a public service. Anyone interested in the broad topic of "Metals and Human Health" is welcome to join the discussion list. E-mail addresses submitted to this list are separate from those in the CFS Nutrition Announcement List. This discussion list will not be used to make regular announcements concerning the CFS Nutrition website or products. Join the CFS Nutrition announcements list to be kept up to date on the CFS Nutrition website and product offerings.

The membership rolls of this discussion list are private. Your membership is only revealed by submitting messages to the list. We will not willingly disclose your e-mail address in any other way. You may unsubscribe from the list at any time via e-mail by following the directions you receive at the bottom of each message, or by visiting the Lyris web page linked above.

Be sure to completely read the welcome e-mail sent upon your confirmation of membership, it is also your membership agreement. We have taken a strong stance in requiring civility and electronic etiquette from the members of this discussion list.


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