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  Five guys angry over the bullshit situations of life with much spirit and drive, expressive freedom and the desire to bust ass on stage adds up to the explosive creation that is ABANDONED. 

  An instantaneous meld of musical styles ranging from searing metal hooks to a bluesy flavor blends diverse energy to this equation. 

  The backbone of the band is supplied by Yin and Yang, alias Joe Morrison and Bill Sussie. 

  Joe, with a fury known only to tribal lords, adds spice to any metal sacrifice. His blood, sweat and guts approach to pounding the skins is the rhythmic glue to the operation. 

  Then there is Bill, the 4-string attacker, whose rock solid attack style bass playing compliments Joe’s one-two punch. Wanting to never supply just the root notes, he adds subtle licks to round out the bottom end, helping supply the basis of the ABANDONED sound. 

  The raw edge and screaming guitars are wielded by Tim and Matt Rassa. Brethren of the six string and partners in crime, they tear through riff after riff coming at you with both barrels. Never satisfied with the confines of tradition, they’re always looking to break the rules. Their down in the gutter rhythms echo, while their melodic leads soar, inspiring the ear and driving the heart. 

  That brings us to Aaron Shuck, the voice of this machine, eternally driven by an overt lust for conducting a love affair with the audience. He strives to run the gamut of his vocal power continuum, which can tear through the fibers of your brain or take your soul on a journey to heaven. 

  With this, the line-up is complete. SIT DOWN, BUCKLE-UP and HOLD ON, ABANDONED is driving. 


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