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Welcome to the Official FF Website - Advancedfightingfantasy.com.

AdvancedFightingFantasy.com is the only offical FF website on the net dedicated to the genre of the Fighting Fantasy game. This site has been designed to create an online community that all FF and AFF fans can come too and enjoy. A resource of information and material and a place to voice your opinion, whatever it may be.

The site is excited to provide you with exclusive unseen FF material, fiction, amateur adventures, reviews, maps, walkthroughs, interviews, competitions and much, much, more. For those of you wanting to learn the art of AFF role-playing this site also serves as a source of information to learn how. Updated this monthl is a step by step guide on the AFF game, character creation, gaming tips, DM help, forums, character sheets, spell lists, skills, campaign guides and everything else you'll need to design and play your own Advanced FF adventures.

Click here to read the latest FF newsClick here to take part in our new pollAdvancedfightingfantasy.com was 'One Year' old on the 28th June 02. As you can imagine the work required to update the site under its current growth is overwhelming, so we would like to thank everyone who has e-mailed and helped us over the last several months and personally announce that we are now looking for casual and serious editors who can assist us in keeping the site developing. We have well over 923 links and have lots more to share with you all over the coming months. A sincere thanks must go to all the assistant AFF staff for all their commitment and also all the original artists and writers who continue to phone, mail and e-mail me. We now have some excellent AFF areas. One of the most popular is our main forum for rules questions, finding AFF gamers, and general Fighting Fantasy Rules chat. Go to the forums now or check out the news for more exciting announcements regarding the FF game.



By becoming a member of the Advancedfightingfantasy.com site and by registering with ourselves you will gain access to the trade area where you can e-mail us with your FF or related FRPG material to sell, and the members club where you will have access to exclusive material from amateurs and the original FF artists and writers. We would ask that all members please re-registerand enclose your email address to become part of the community. All passwords and usernames must be in lowercase.


Send all your creations to our growing community at mail@advancedfightingfantasy.com

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BBC Radio 3 cabaret of the word "The Verb", has a live broadcast in Edinburgh on the August 16 and included in the lineup of guests is Steve Jackson. Want to be there? Click here!

New amateur FF Interactive story area story creator now online. Lets see what exciting stories you and other FF fans can build!

The Serpent Moon, chapter one of a new FF story by Richard Pearce is now online.

More Old World articles by Jared Milne and Encyclopedia entries by Nick.

The FF Genre guide and Gamebook guide is updated with information on The Sorcery! Spell Book, Ian Livingstone's Dicing With Dragons, the Fighting Fantasy Poster Book, the Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook, the Warlock of Firetop Mountain Boardgame, the Legend of Zagor Boardgame, the Deathtrap Dungeon, Steve Jackson's Battlecards, and the Grail Quest series.

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