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    She was a natural beauty straight out of the "good girl" clich�.
    The long, blonde hair. The blue eyes, brimming with vulnerability. The soft, pale curves accentuated by a sexy bubble butt. Missy was a rare breed: the type of girl who inspired feelings of protectiveness and lust. You didn�t know whether to shield her from the evils of the world, or give her a good, sound fisting.
    And it was just this disparity that made Missy an adult star. In person she couldn�t have seemed more angelic; shy, quiet and sweet. Stick a cock in her, though, and put an exorcist on speed dial �cause her demons came out swinging. Soft growls and heated curses would issue forth; she turned cynics into fans as she�d fuck guys, girls and get into fetish sessions with utter abandon. Missy appeared to perform as much for the sex as for the money - without ever coming across as hardened or coarse. Somehow she managed to keep a fresh, clean appeal - no matter how much makeup was piled on her face or how many stripper-type outfits she had to wear. The contradictions within Missy were irresistible, and the industry didn�t lose much time capitalizing on her appeal.
    In a 1996 AVN interview, Missy said she�d begun her career with [then-husband] Mickey G. in the amateur arena in 1994, simply as a shared fantasy. Her pro-porn career took flight quickly; in the next few years she appeared in well over 300 titles; many of them anal-oriented. One of her particular favorites, she claimed, was a role in Takin� It To The Limit 6, where she donned a strap-on and made her husband her bitch-boy.
    Perhaps the zenith of her career came during the AVN Awards Show in January 1997, where she took the unprecedented honor of winning both the Best New Starlet trophy and Female Performer of the Year. Her presence in the industry was undeniable; JM Productions� The Violation of Missy was named Best All-Girl Feature that year, and she was also a member of the Award-winning Best Group Scene and Best All-Girl Sex Scene; the next year she�d win the same All-Girl Award for her role in Wicked Pictures� Satyr.
    Wicked knew a cash cow when they saw one, and Missy was pure fillet. She became a Wicked Pictures contract girl, soon adding a modest boob job to her frame. She starred in a number of story-driven features, which revealed a surprising gift: she could act. One of her better roles at the time was a tape called Sinister Sister, in which Missy played upon her duality of her nature, in a role as two sisters (think Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers, only not as compelling). She was even credited as the director of a vid called Heart and Soul, which earned AVN�s Best Vignette Tape trophy in 1998.
    Then Missy began showing up in fewer and fewer vids, eventually all but disappearing - until one day in 2001, when AVN received a surprising letter from her, intended for publication.
    Missy had found religion.
    Her letter detailed "a mental breakdown" which was only relieved when, she said, "Jesus Christ healed me, because when I was beside myself he gave me a message of Lord God and then I felt pain in my hands and feet to show me it was really him."
    Not that she was bitter - on the contrary, she was concerned.
     "I fear for all of you [in porn] because I met something that was pure evil in that industry," her letter went on. "I�m having premonitions of the end of time... God will not leave us. Jesus gave me a message of pure love, it was God. Now I�m a Christian and always have been. I pray for all of you all the time, because I came to your industry to one day change it to a more loving atmosphere with God."
    And here we thought it was for the anal gapes.

- Susie Ehrlich

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