Recently, Takocon had received news of an error in the booking of meeting rooms at the Marriot in City Center. Due to a change in sales management and mis-communications on all sides of the matter, the space we originally had reserved was not available for our usage. The contract we had signed with the old sales manager had been written incorrectly dispite reasurrance from that manager, we do not have the space we would require. Therefore, we were forced to give up our contract at the Marriott and begin looking for a new hotel, however, due to the short notice and the large space requirements, nothing was available to suit our needs.

As unfortunate as it is, we must regretfully cancel Takocon 2002. With continued support it is very likely that the Takocon project will continue and re-emerge in the year of 2003. Should the project continue, we will offer most of the same features as we had planned for this year, including the $1,200 Best-in-show cosplay prize and amazing video game programming. Please check back to this page occasionally for any updates that may come about.

To those who have send money either for the purpose of pre-registration or dealer room reservations, we will be returning your payment to you in uncashed form. This should be happening within the next few weeks.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any staff member or myself. You can reach me at jeremylopett@takocon.com or if you wish to discuss this in person you may call me at (208)-468-2216 (Be advised that it will most likely be long distance)

The staff of Takocon and myself apologize for any inconveince this may cause,
Jeremy Lopett
Takocon Chairman