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Anthrax, Bayer/Cipro, & Micro-biologists  (click for printable version)

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What is the connection between the anthrax scare, MEHPA, Ridge's proposed plan for mandatory smallpox vaccinations under MEHPA, and the mysterious death of several top microbiologists? And why hasn't the press investigated inconsistencies in official reports of Don Wiley's death, or the relationship of Wiley, Que, Schwartz and possibly other neutralized microbiologists with the Howard Hughes Med. Institute?

What has happened to press coverage of the Anthrax episode, and why does the FBI investigation of Don Wileys death differ from that of the Memphis police?

How is it that our allegedly inept FBI and CIA managed to identify by name all 19 of the September 11th hijackers within 24 HOURS, yet they still, (we're told), don't know the identity of the person(s) who sent anthrax letters to two Democratic legislators last October?

How many people in the Bush administration have ties to the pharmaceuticals industry? What percentage of Bush's medical/pharmaceutical policies are being written by the pharmaceuticals lobby--including during the anthrax scare? Did anyone in the Bush administration profit from the anthrax scare? Why did the administration recommend Cipro against anthrax? Cipro, which is made by Bayer, is more expensive and more toxic than the usually recommended antibiotics against anthrax, such as penicillin and dioxycycline. Why did the DoD contract the military's entire supply of anthrax vaccine with one company, BioPort in Michigan, when: BioPort is run by a foreign national, the FDA cited them for safety violations, and there's some question about the safety and efficacy of BioPort's vaccine? Why doesn't the DoD make the vaccine themselves? BioPort is co-owned by German-born Fuad El-Hibri, whose of Lebanese descent, and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William Crowe, Jr., under Reagan/Bush. [Crowe was also a friend of Clinton's and served as ambassador to the UK, where he probably met El-Hibri.] I've read that BioPort may be owned in whole or part by the Carlyle Group, which is one of the largest US defense contractors and where Bush Sr. is an advisor? Also read that the bin Ladens may have been investors in the Carlyle Group up until the end of 2001? If the bin Ladens were invested in Carlyle Group, and if Carlyle does own all or part of BioPort, did the bin Ladens profit from the anthrax scare? There are lots of dots here: between El-Hibri, Crowe, the Saudis, Citigroup, the Pentagon, Carlyle Group, the Bushes, Deutschebank, anthrax, which I've been unable to fully connect so far in terms of the revolving door between big business and politics?

An article in the Washington Post on August 30, 1982, page A3a, reported " NIH approved a Harvard Medical School experiment to take the gene for diptheria toxin and splice it into the bacterium e-coli." The article reported that Scientists generally agreed that if such a strain escaped from the lab, the result could be disastrous. A researcher at Johns Hopkins called the experiment one of the "riskest ever allowed". Was this Harvard researcher Don Wiley, who was killed apparently, in Memphis?

Only Democratic Politicians Senator Tom Daschle and Senator Leahy got anthrax letters. To me it appears a right whinger did these anthrax attacks. Why hasn't the Justice Department found this person yet? Because they don't want to expose a Republican as the culprit. Why? Why? Why?

Is it true that the Bush Cabinet began taking Cipro the morning of 9/11? If true, they began taking it before there were any anthrax attacks.

Did the White House staff really start taking Cipro a week before 9-11?

How many in the Bush administration have ties to the pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and BioPort which both make Cipro? Does the Carlyle Group, where Bush Sr. is an advisor, own all or part of BioPort? Were the bin Ladens investors in the Carlyle Group until the end of 2001? If so, did the Bushes and bin Ladens make any money off the anthrax scare? Why did the DoD contract BioPort as the sole supplier of anthrax vaccine, when BioPort had been cited by the FDA for violations and there many questions concerning the efficacy and safety of the vaccine? Why was Cipro made the drug of choice against anthrax? [Many doctors recommend plain old penicillin or dioxycycline, which are less toxic.]

Why did it take the government and health administrators so long to realize that the post offices handling the anthrax letters may have been exposed? When Daschle and Leahy received letters, the entire building was closed down. Why were the postal workers treated differently? This goes beyond incompetence and unfamiliarity with anthrax.

Were the anthrax attacks perpetrated by rogue elements within the US government for the purpose of intimidating the Media and the Congress to insure that both these rival centers of power fell in line to rubber stamp the president's tyrannical post 9-11 national agenda?

How many in the Bush administration have ties to the pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and BioPort? BioPort makes the anthrax vaccine, and Bayer makes Cipro. Does the Carlyle Group, where Bush Sr. is an advisor, own all or part of BioPort? Were the bin Ladens investors in the Carlyle Group until the end of 2001? If so, did the Bushes and bin Ladens make any money off the anthrax scare? Why did the DoD contract BioPort as the sole supplier of anthrax vaccine, when BioPort had been cited by the FDA for violations and there many questions concerning the efficacy and safety of the vaccine? BioPort is also owned by German-born man of Lebanese descent, Fuad El-Hibri, and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William Crowe, Jr., under Reagan/Bush I. El-Hibri worked for Citigroup in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, I think? Crowe was ambassador to the UK under Clinton, where he probably met El-Hibri, who at the time was running a British vaccine maker called Porton Products. Why would the DoD contract out a vaccine for the military to a foreign national, rather than making it themselves? Why was Cipro made the drug of choice against anthrax? (Many doctors recommend plain old penicillin or dioxycycline, which are less toxic.)

What about anthrax? There seems to be consensus that it came from Ft. Detrick; how could it have been disbursed so rapidly after 9-11 if the military had no prior knowledge of the imminent attack?

Pretty much anyone can make a bomb like the mailbox bomber used, yet he was caught in 3 days. Only a few dozen(at most) can make the Ames strain of anthrax used in the attacks and they say it came from Ft Detrick. How can they expect people to believe that they don't know who is behind the mailings?

Why was the Administration taking Cipro on the day of the Anthrax attacks when they hadn't discovered it yet in Washington ?

The timing of the anthrax attack with 911 is a clue...to what I'm not sure? But they both took a lot of work and preparation. They must be linked?

Why did the FBI allow the destruction of the Ames anthrax stockpile in Ames, Iowa one week after the same strain killed a tabloid editor in Florida? (asked by Richard Ochs on the panel)

Why did the FBI wait for two months after the anthrax attacks before interviewing the experts at Ft. Dietrich? (Asked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference)

One of the 9/11 hi-jackers was reported to have contracted cutaneous anthrax on their leg, prior to 9/11 while they were in Florida. Mere coincidence? Did they come into contact with the Sun's photo editor, Bob Stevens, who died of inhalation anthrax? How did the hi-jacker get anthrax?

Sorry, I asked the pharmaceutical question, but got a couple things mixed up. Bayer makes Cipro. BioPort makes the anthrax vaccine. The rest of my questions still stand.

The anthrax used is likely to have been created in a US military lab. Why is there no investigation of this serious leak, and what guarantee is there that more army anthrax (or weapons or bombs) won't be "lost"?

If the government is so worried about a terrorist attack using smallpox virus, why aren't they dispensing the vaccine to the public? Even if there are risks associated with the vaccine itself, why not offer the vaccine to an informed public willing to accept the risk on a voluntary basis? Why isn't the vaccine being dispensed to hospitals and health care centers across the US in the event of an outbreak?

Did Leahy and Daschle received the anthrax letters because they were the two key senators to oppose the Gulf War ten years ago? Does a foreign power in the middle east want to kill debate on the next war with Iraq?

Why did the FBI rule the death of anthrax expert, Dr. Don C. Wiley, a suicide instead of a murder?
- asked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference

What is the source of the anthrax used in the letters?
- asked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference

What is the hold up in the FBI's investigation? What damaging information, if any, does the suspected anthrax perpetrator have on the government?
- asked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference

Why does the CIA or its contractors possess anthrax or other bio-weapons?
- aked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference.

Given that the FBI ruled the death of anthrax expert, Dr. Don C. Wiley, a suicide instead of a murder, but local homicide detectives thought otherwise would the FBI reconsider a homicide investigation?
- paraphrased from a question asked by Richard Ochs during the Press Conference.

Who is behind raising the smallpox scare? The only live smallpox left is kept very tightly locked up in only 2 labs: one in Russia and the other here in the US. Seems to me that they are indicating that the bioterror is by default an inside job. It would be harder to get your hands on live smallpox, than plutonium!

Maybe a dozen or more microbiologists have died under suspicious circumstances, in addition to the Wiley case. How many are there? Who did they work for, what were they working on, what did local and federal investigators say about their deaths?

The anthrax sent to Daschle and Brokaw came from Ft. Detrick. Lt. Col. Philip Zack, once head of the microbiology lab there, was recorded on security camera video while entering the lab without authorization, after he had been fired for racist harrassment of an Egyptian colleague. Anthrax specimens were missing after this 1992 incident. Question: Where is Arab-baiter and Anthrax thief Philip K. Zack? Is it true that he has become a Pentagon consultant?

The Anthrax scare needs to be looked at in the light of history and common sense. It led to certain things- Bayer made money on a drug, and people rallied behind the President like they did in Germany , after the Reichstag Fire (Feb. 27, 1933). Bayer is also allied to the Codex Alimentarius, which puts more power in the hands of drug companies, it is suspected that it is leading towards a ban on all vitamins etc. As the author of a book that deals in part with Nazi-US companies (Hemp for Victory, viewable at www.hancockhouse.com), this is a deja-vu, it's like I spent four years writing about 911, except that the names are different and 911 was much more technically advanced. Change Hitler for bin Laden, Germany for Afghnistan, the fact that DuPont broke the Treaty of Versailles to arm the Nazis, which led to a war, recession in America, increased sales of drugs, oil, and arms, and, hey, one sees history repeat itself. Unfortunately, in the land of the free, some writings about this were suppressed, Gerard Colby Zilg had to sue DuPont in the 1970s. Should we not demand that all these crazies be investigated? What can be done to limit their spending power? What ties exist (indirect and discreetly routed) between Bush and Bayer?

Was the first guy to die of anthrax the same photographer who took the photos of the Bush Twins being drunk?

Is the last question insinuating something aginst a loving, caring family, that is a role model for the US? Are you not a bit jealous yoursef- do you have 2 lovely daughters and do you love children as much as the President who risked his life to continue reading to a group of students while he was under attack? How cn we protect such a man, such a family, form attacks like yours?

Who, besides Daschle and Leahy, were the other congressional targets of anthrax letters, and are they, also Democrats and pro-choice Catholics?

Funny how the anthrax, as terrible a weapon as it is, stopped just after terror whipped everyone into a mood to give $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to Bayer (ex- IG Farben). This is how it was used, when a real terrorist would have exploited it in a very different, albeit worse manner. And just when we realised that the Democrats and media people were getting the mail, a Republican got an envelope. The trick, and the $$$$$$$$$$ is in the timing, no?

Following Dr.Barbara Rosenberg analysis, I would like to have her opinion about this article, from New York Times 7-2-02:

How is it that President Bush saw the first plane hit the tower, as he says in an interview quoted in the White House transcripts? (Here's the website: www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/12/20011204-17.html It's almost at the end, when he's asked a question by a child.)

Why are we so concerned about Anthrax, when we still have an active cadre of folks intentionally spreading AIDS, contaminating the blood supply, and molesting our children ?

how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ has Cipro gotten out of the US? Why didn't a US based firm get set up to make this, if this was even real? Jobs go to Germans...by the way, out of 50 people arrested earlier this week for sick, torturous acts against children, 31 of them were Germans. Did any of these work for Cipro? Given such a willingness to commit depraved acts with some senior US officials, would they not be capable of spreading Anthrax, and more able to do so than 1 jerk in a cave? When does the US public take a look at the money that Bush is giving away?

What year was Dr. Hatfill in Rhodesia? Was it the same year that an anthrax outbreak occured?

What's it to you? The Bush people got the Cipro in and everybody is Ok. That's how you win. Can't you join in and get with the program and not sk any more sillie questions on dumb web siets?

Is there a connection between the fact that Senators Daschle and Leahy were the top two leading advocates for accountibility hearings on the FBI in the Summer of 2001 and their Anthrax letters? Does Van Harp the former Special Agent in Charge of Cleveland FBI and reportedly the supervising agent in charge of the Anthrax probe have any explanation for why he protected a drug/pornography/gun running/money laundering ring in Northern Ohio led by prosecutors/law enforcement and attorneys dating back to 1995? Is it a coincidence that former attorney Jeffrey Keith of Cleveland Ohio was railroaded on false criminal charges by then Cuyahoga County Prosecutor now Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones in 1995 after Keith exposed a money laundering ring tied to Cleveland Arab-American Middle East Organization and the cabal named above? Is there a tie in with the fact that me a Cleveland Biotechnology Attorney started screaming for a justice department inquiry into the FBI, the US Attorneys offices in Northern Ohio and case fixing to Ohio courts in June 2001 and Van Harp's promotion to Washington DC in July 2001 and the killing of the probe shortly thereafter? Finally why did Assistant United States Attorney Craig Morford and United States District Judge Lesley Wells buried all of my evidence of US Attorney/FBI corruption including ties to national security during Congressman Traficant's trial? My materials are in case no 01-MC-115 and the file is in the dead file room and was my license to practice law stripped from me without a hearing in Febraury 2002 because I filed this information?.

What a scary question, (See Above). These is a lot of treason going on in the US, and books like "The Franklin Cover-up", by Sen. John De Camp, "The Trance-Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, "Fortunate Son" by James Hatfield are necessary for US citizens to read. The country has been duped, and any real prosecutors are getting fired, or, as in the Franklin cover-up, killed. So are many witnesses. The real question on this web site is "What are Americans going to do about it?"

The answer to the above may be nothing. It's the easiest, most comfortable thing, and if everybody else is doing it, you're all in with the in crowd. Kind of like Nazi Germany after the Reichstag fire. Very secure in the power and right of the Reich. Here's to the HOMELAND!

Let's not knock all Americans- would you have the guts to stand up against Bush, the CIA, Cheney and the Homeland Security?

OK, so the dogs barked when they got to Dr. Hatfill. Now what? Will that be left to die, as the Bush run press changes the subject? What about Lyme disease? See Marjorie Tietjen's "Living Next Door to Plum Island" on rense.com, pub. in The Journal of Degenerative Diseases. We do seem to have a few pathogens coming out of the US, like Legionnaire's disease, now in the UK. How many more Dr. Hatfields are on the US payroll, and why is he not being thoroughly interrogated?


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