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last update: July 03rd, 2002

Download the GrIStuF Song -- July 03rd, 2002
Take a look at pictures from the music workshop and download the GrIStuF song "Our World - Our Choice" here.

Festival Magazine Online -- June 02nd, 2002
Finaly we made it. We put our great Festival Newspaper online. For the moment just as pictures. Enjoy Reading!

AsianYouth Forum -- June 02th, 2002
3rd Asian Youth Forum - November 8-11
Taipei City, Taiwan. A special event sponsored by the Language Teaching Associations of PAC.
(Pan-Asian Consortium)
Apply now!

Speech of Jacob von Uexkull -- May 28th, 2002
Founder of the Right Livelihood Award
Saturday, 19.00, Assembly Hall of the University
, Domstraße 11

Program folder ready -- May 24th, 2002
The final version of the program is now ready. The printed version will be distributed shortly, but a downloadable version is available right now, as PDF-file.

Schedule available! -- 9th May, 2002
There may some changes occur, however, you are welcome to take a look at the preliminary schedule of the week. It contains the lectures and other events which are open also to the public. For the lectures within your workshops, please turn to the pages of your topics.

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June 1st -
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