*BSD Information on Minnie

Welcome to the WWW information on *BSD kept on minnie.tuhs.org. *BSD is a term to describe all the freely available flavours of the 4.x BSD operating system for the 386/486/Pentium PCs and other hardware platforms.

Keywords in italics will eventually become hyperlinks.

Recent Usenet news and announcements about *BSD are now available on a separate page. At the time of writing about 1,000 *BSD articles are sent each month.

General Information

386BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD are the main systems in *BSD. 386BSD is derived from 4.3BSD, and FreeBSD & NetBSD are derived from 386BSD. However, FreeBSD, NetBSD & OpenBSD have moved to the 4.4BSD-Lite source distribution as their base code. For a rough picture of the BSD Family Tree, click here.

If you have any questions about/problems with the systems, one of the best places to look are the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD. I can't see to find any FAQ information for NetBSD - wkt

Several mailing lists are available for ongoing development of FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Both FreeBSD and NetBSD are available on a number of CD-ROMs.

Motif is available for the *BSDs; you have to pay for it though.

Stuff on Minnie

BSD Stuff via FTP

Minnie.tuhs.org keeps a small amount of *BSD-related stuff which can be obtained via anonymous ftp.

BSD News on Minnie

Minnie archives the Usenet news about *BSD. This is now only obtainable through a Web interface.

Source Code Navigator for FreeBSD

Minnie has a hyperlinked version of a *BSD source code tree. This allows you to quickly find functions in the source code, and to follow references to a function.

Other Information

Other Sites for *BSD

Many other machines in the world have *BSD stuff available for anonymous ftp. There are probably some Gopher sites, but I don't know about them as yet.

Other *BSD-related URLs

Information on the Demon Pictures

The BSD Demon pictures were drawn by John Lasseter. The pictures are Copyright 1988 Marshall Kirk McKusick. All Rights Reserved. Non-commercial and personal use of the images is permitted. Mass production or commercial use requires explicit written permission. Permission may be obtained by writing to:
    Marshall Kirk McKusick
    1614 Oxford St
    Berkeley, CA 94709-1608

Warren Toomey wkt@tuhs.org, February 1996