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Live Presentations

When AIDS Comes Home. The Thacker story and how Faith and Grace have gotten us through 15 years of living with HIV/AIDS. Teaches biblical principles for living and dealing with suffering, pain, death and grief. Used in Sunday morning and evening services, youth rallies, crisis pregnancy center banquets, on college campuses and in the media.

Everything You Wanted To Know About HIV/AIDS But Were Too Afraid To Ask. A multi-media presentation about the disease process. Appropriate for pubescent teens and up. Used in Sunday Schools, class settings, college meetings and chapel services, pastors seminars, public school assemblies, club functions, abstinence banquets, etc.

What You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Current information on all the diseases out there. Slideshow-based talk which shows from a purely medical standpoint what these diseases can do to a person. Appropriate for high school and up; especially effective with public high schools since it can be religion-neutral if necessary. (Usually I still get my testimony in.)

When Bad Things Happen To God's People. A message based on the book of Job covering principles of how to handle suffering as a Christian. Used for Sunday evening services, prayer meetings, men's groups, etc.

Ministering To Those That Hurt. A message based on the story of the good Samaritan designed to challenge Christians about who they should love. A powerful message that addresses our putting up fences to keep us from being savory salt and brilliant light in a dying world. Used in church AIDS conferences, Sunday services, and for Christian school chapel. Can be tailored to specifically deal with ministering to those who are HIV/AIDS infected.

Developing Infectious Diseases Policies & Procedures. Most ministries are not ready to handle the problem of having an infected infant in the nursery. This is the first question I usually get. But the issue is bigger than HIV. It gets into how do you minister to the sick and at the same time protect the well. Many churches have used this session as special event for their boards to jump-start their own policy and procedure discussions. I present principles for development of policy and procedures and usually hand out samples other churches have done.

Help for Homosexuals. A message on the nature of homosexuality and how Christ can rescue the homosexual. Includes statistics on homosexual behavior, tips for ministry to those practicing this "deathstyle" and information on the homosexual movement and its political agenda.


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