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Long time visiters to this site know that legal battle being waged right now is the one between Corporations (Legal Fictions) and real Human Beings.

Real Humans and Corporations cannot exist together in the same plane of reality. This translates to the Courtroom. A real Human Being cannot engage a corporation in a court of law. This is very important and all state law recognises this fact. This is an example from Texas Statutes...

To this end. Practicl methods of using this philosophy have been devoloped and perfected in many states. Here is a simple method used and proven in Lousiana, Florida and Alabama.(ed note: I have used this in Ingram, Texas for a speeding ticket [90 in a 55, oops...], and it seems to have worked. Not a peep from DPS or Ingram in over 2 years!)

Affidavit of Non-Corporation

Now that you ahve a basic idea of how this process works, take a look at an example of the written afgfidavit.

2. Cursive Example
This affidavit must be handwritten. For a better copy, check this out...
3. Printed Example
4. Cursive Sampler (for those who have not learned or have forgotten!)

What is it that we are talking about when we say, Legal Freedom?

Well, it's the security that you have knowing, that you alone are responsible for your actions.

It's not about running away and hiding, or dropping out from the system.

It's about responsibility, knowledge, and understanding.

Becoming familiar with the Law is a big part of that. Don't take anybody's word on what the law says. Read the Law for yourself!