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Current Husker News
Current Husker News
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story image 1 Artist Rendering Of The New Husker Jersey (photo:Rich Shaw)

A New Year, A New Look For The Huskers
Nebraska Initiates Uniform Changes For 2002

By Mark Fricke
March 03, 2002

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will be sporting a new look this fall.

For the first time in decades the Cornhusker football team will see significant changes to their standard uniforms. While the helmet with the block "N" will remain the same, and the team colors will remain red and white, the team will wear a new design for their jerseys and pants.

At home games Nebraska's red jersey will have a white piping along both sides of a red spandex insert. The away jersey will feature white shirts with red collars and a red striping down the sides of the inserts.

Still to be decided are the pants. One design continues the while pants with a 4-inch red strip down the leg for both home and away games giving the Huskers a white on white look for away games. There is also interest in wearing red pants with the red home jerseys.

In recent years Nebraska has worn red pants with their white away jerseys and white pants with red jerseys at home.

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A New Year, A New Look For The Huskers
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03/04/2002 PLEASE -- Don't resurrect the red... Laura Buchman
03/04/2002 Please do not do the red on red! The... huskerhoule
03/04/2002 Have we ever thought about wearing or... Tony
03/05/2002 Adding striping could be OK but keep... Sidney Jablonski
03/05/2002 Red on red looks tough and is... Steve
03/05/2002 Like a newspaper redesign, these... Tom Prentiss
03/05/2002 Sidney is right on target. The... Colby Cochran
03/05/2002 The red on red will be fine! We need... Roger
03/05/2002 Please do not go "red-on-red" for the... Thomas F. Fitzgibbons
03/05/2002 Solich says they will not mess with... RT
03/05/2002 This is something that I absolutely... Edward Hobbs
03/05/2002 White on white is boring and I have... Diane Ewing
03/05/2002 red on red??????... Steve
03/05/2002 don't change a thing!!!!! White on... cls
03/05/2002 Red on red looks tough? Does Iowa... BigRedAvenger
03/05/2002 Red on red...hmmm. Reminds me of... craig
03/05/2002 Go back to the tear-away jersey.... craig
03/05/2002 Why the sudden need to break from the... Snakeman
03/05/2002 Please do NOT make RED on RED or... Shane Hinckley
03/05/2002 Well maybe if Franks team looks... DB
03/05/2002 CHANGE IS GOOD. THE UNIFORM CHANGE... papa.joe
03/05/2002 Lets not go with the red on red. The... JTHF
03/06/2002 Why are we allowing these little... Anne
03/06/2002 i don't like the new uniform idea,... Troy V.
03/06/2002 Before a uniform change,... Bronco
03/06/2002 get stella,who cares about the damn... mark
03/06/2002 Why not wear red pants at home and... Tim
03/06/2002 ARGHH!!! I've been a fan since 1953;... Arnie Ziels
03/06/2002 go retro.. bring back the stripes... vailhusker
03/06/2002 White on white? How 'bout issuing... huskerbuc
03/06/2002 A little style is needed. Miami's... Tony Lama
03/06/2002 The red/red white/white thing looks... Carmen M.
03/06/2002 I think adding some blue to the... Husker Mojo
03/06/2002 For heavens sake... Let it go folks!... Keith Petrie
03/06/2002 Barrett Ruud ... thats all that... Shiloh
03/06/2002 These uniforms look stupid. Plain... Tim
03/06/2002 This is the last thing we need to... Toby Lund
03/06/2002 I don't like the idea of change, but... TJ Rikli
03/06/2002 I see nothing wrong with new... Dave
03/06/2002 Red on Red? Think Oregon. YUK!... Dan
03/07/2002 Please do not wear red pants and red... Chris Ferguson
03/07/2002 Pllllllllllllllllease, don't change... Stevan
03/07/2002 Please DO NOT change the uniforms!... Fram
03/07/2002 Miami's uniforms are the most ugly in... Fram
03/07/2002 If we win, the uniforms will look... jay encell
03/07/2002 Cream / Buff The uniform should be... R Lauren
03/07/2002 Perhaps we could redesign the... Count
03/07/2002 just because every other team in... Husker fan
03/07/2002 I think a change is much overdue. I... Al Dogg
03/07/2002 To Shiloh: Ruud is a middle... Alex
03/07/2002 Red-on-red uniforms are cool.... MLWM
03/08/2002 I believe the change is good. But I... Jeff
03/08/2002 The bottom line is: If NU changes... Toby Lund
03/08/2002 We should wear green jerseys, brown... Rich
03/08/2002 Well you know you Nebraskians you... colorado
03/08/2002 Why do we need a fancy new uniform?... katie
03/09/2002 1) Keep the helmets 2) Away Uniforms... Hskr B
03/10/2002 Do my eyes deceive me? A red stripe... Mike M.
03/11/2002 Whats wrong with the uniforms now?... Robbie
03/11/2002 Hey colorado... I'd rather of had... Robbie
03/11/2002 Need to concentrate on offensive play... Shawn Juhnke
03/11/2002 i think Solich should try coaching... David
03/11/2002 I don't understand why Husker fans... Freak Show
03/15/2002 Keep red in the away uniforms. NEVER... Jeff Bagby
03/20/2002 Being from N.Y.C. I can say, Nebraska... Tequila Dave
03/23/2002 I like the jerseys but i dont think... Rodney
03/25/2002 I do not hope that the Huskers wear... Dave Hughes
03/26/2002 About time!Out here we've been... Kevin
03/28/2002 I agree with what has been said about... opfer
03/28/2002 If we are going to mess with... Lyncon Olson
04/14/2002 Don't change the uniforms, those... Jerry
04/16/2002 Don't do it. We have the same type,... Andrew Hamann
04/25/2002 I agree with an earlier writer about... Gary Pleskac
06/13/2002 I am definitely not a Nebraska fan,... razorbackman
06/24/2002 I like the idea of tweaking with the... Colin
06/27/2002 Here lies the problem with this side... Shawn
07/10/2002 I think the new uniforms will look... Steven Hergenrader
07/11/2002 As I understand the new uniforms, the... Bill
07/13/2002 The new uniforms look like jr. high... Jeremy Van Engen
07/21/2002 New team, new threads! Roger Fox
08/01/2002 I just bought NCAA 2003 for XBOX and... Kip Blair
08/01/2002 I agree with Sidney and Colby. The... Scott Ballard
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