Ken Cuccinelli for State Senate

Michael Farris endorses Ken Cuccinelli in GOP State Senate nomination in Fairfax

“I believe that candidates who claim to be pro-life should be closely examined to see what they mean by that statement. If a candidate believes that life begins only when doctors can detect brain waves and a heartbeat, then this opens the door to many anti-life actions such as RU-486.

The Founding Fathers said that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights--among these is life. This captures the spirit of the only pro-life position that has the bedrock of both faith and a true understanding of human dignity. Anything later in the process allows man to usurp a role that solely belongs to God.

Ken Cuccinelli is a highly qualified candidate for the Virginia Senate. He is qualified in terms of life experience. He is qualified in terms of leadership. And he is uniquely qualified as a candidate who embraces the right to life in principled terms.

I fully endorse Ken and hope that those who believe that standing for principle is the only practical way to preserve our Republic will support him enthusiastically.”

- Michael Farris