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Welcome to Erik's kingdom. This site is dedicated to the ultimate Phantom of the Opera: Erik as portrayed by Michael Crawford.

Boycott the Phantom movie if Michael Crawford is not in the title role!

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If you're under 18... what are you doing here???? Go away! Otherwise, feel free to enter in and immerse yourself in the Byronic fantasies of the being who calls herself Lilith Sedai. But beware. There is adult material within, of the heterosexual variety. Also be warned that Lilith identifies rather heavily with Erik and there is that which is dark herein.
The Phantom of the Opera and all associated characters are the property of Andrew Lloyd Webber and are registered trademarks of the Really Useful Group PLC. They are used here for the purpose of entertainment only, not for profit.
Stories from The Phantom of the Opera
Flight of Angels -  Christine has a change of heart after leaving Erik to the mercies of the mob. Returning to protect Erik, she is suspected of complicity with him and he must rescue her from the Opera staff. Raoul refuses to understand and takes devastating action. R. Angst, romance, first-time.
Pandora's Promise -  Raoul is slain in an accident on his and Christine's wedding day. A blow to the head leaves Christine suffering from amnesia. Will this second chance bring Erik success in winning Christine's heart? R. Angst, romance, first-time.
Je Reviens -  Miserable in her marriage to Raoul de Chagny, Christine tries to return to Erik, but he has replaced her. R. Angst, romance, first-time.
Out of the Ash of A Burning Rose -  Christine, Vicomtesse de Chagny, receives a dispatch informing her that Erik has gone mad and is killing people once more at the Opera. Can she stop him if she returns? R. Angst, romance, first-time.
The Bastille -  Christine and Meg make an attempt to free a prisoner. PG. Angst, romance, first-time.
Don Juan Triumphant -  The Phantom of the Opera, told from Erik's point of view. PG-13. Angst, drama, darkfic.
Fear and Resolutions -  Christine re-evaluates her relationships with the men in her life and must decide who is the captor and who is the protector. R. Angst, romance, first-time.

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