2002 speaker lineup
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Col. Bo Gritz: Col. Bo Gritz, the most decorated Green Beret Commander, was bred for the "inside," yet defied George Bush and remained true to his oath - "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." He is a documented hero, a consummate intelligence operative and has received national acclaim.
Presentation: Removing The Mask of Government
Col. Gritz will take you on a rocketing ride behind the veil of "National Security" as an agent in the most secret of intelligence activity. Visit the world's most heinous drug criminals and learn exactly who and why, at the current highest levels of leadership, abandoned U.S. Prisoners of War and overdosed America. Twenty-two times he intervened on behalf of citizens facing impossible odds, including the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge. Col. Gritz knows Islam and will tell you about 9-11 and the real threat - a government which keeps secrets not from our enemies, but from you. Join him for the most riveting irrefutable presentation about safeguarding our heritage and our freedom. www.bogritz.com

Dr. Nick Begich: Well known in Alaska for his political activities and heritage, Dr. Nick Begich has been researching and disseminating science and political education for many years. In addition to publishing and writing many articles, he is the co-author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and "Earth Rising."
Presentation: Revolution or Destruction? Technologies of the 21st Century Nick will present a shocking expose on advanced technology, its impact on humanity, as well as the basis of freedom, dignity, sovereignty and self-determination. With the help of extensive documentation he will cover non-lethal weapons, mind control, weather control, freedom infringements and more, along with updates on H.A.A.R.P. and it's effects on the environment. He will conclude with potential solutions to these challenges with an emphasis on a reach towards higher purposes. www.earthpulse.com
Norio Hayakawa: Former director of the Civilian Intelligence Nework, a Los Angeles-based network of civilian researchers and intelligence gatherers who evaluate pertinent information on the government's Deep Black Projects. The network's emphasis for the last 10 years has been focused on the monitoring of developments at Groom Lake complexes (a.k.a. Area 51) in Nevada. The CIN has organized the People's Rally at Area 51 for the last 3 years to bring about the issues relevant to the grievances of the families of former workers at the base.
Area 51 - Emerging Technologies for Global Governance For years the "shadow government" has concocted "cover stories" about Area 51. As a result this secretive "air base" is now often ludicrously associated with "UFOs" and "aliens." In reality it is a leading-edge testing complex for high tech weaponry. Is there a globalist wing within our government misleading us with "alien" fairy-tales and, if so, why have they been so successful? Furthermore, the Air Force has benefited from a false rumor that the base has been closed with operations occurring elsewhere. On the contrary, it is still active and expanding. What is the origin of this rumor and what is being developed there? Are the global elitists creating technologies to "engineer" a series of fearful events in the near future like 9/11 to bring about Global Governance? Norio will answer these questions and more.www.groom51s4.com Read an article on an Emerging Technology for Control - microchipped population
Ted L. Gunderson: Professional Experience: 1979-Present Ted L. Gunderson & Associates: Founder, owner and operator of this international security, consulting and investigation firm. 1981-1982 California Narcotics Authority - Consultant appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown. 1951-1979 Federal Bureau Of Investigation. (1977-79) Sr. Special Agent-in Charge-Los Angeles, CA (1973-77) Special Agent-in Charge-Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX. (1973) Chief Inspector (1965-73) Asst. Special Agent-in Charge-New Haven, CT & Philadelphia, PA (1960-65) Special Agent Supervisor, FBI Headquarters-Washington, DC (1951-60) Special Agent. At the time of his retirement, Ted had over 700 persons under his command and operated a $22 million budget. PUBLICATIONS: "How to Locate Anyone Anywhere without Leaving Home" (1989) EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Nebraska AWARDS: Numerous distinguished awards for excellence in college, law enforcement, including "Officer of the year" in Los Angeles, CA
Presentation: Satanic Cults, CIA Kidnapping, Corrupted U.S. Intelligence Agencies & the Controlled Media The Satanic Cult movement has infiltrated virtually every level of society, involving many so called respectable businessmen, lawyers, doctors, prosecutors, judges and politicians as high as the White House. The CIA, using the covert name "THE FINDERS," has been involved in an international child kidnapping ring since the early 1960's. Furthermore, our government's anti-terrorism campaign is designed to destroy many of our rights and freedoms. The FBI not only knew about the 1993 WTC bombing in advance, but furnished the bomb's ingredients. At least eleven other individuals were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Moreover, U.S. intelligence agencies reportedly had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks as early as 1995 and the Twin Towers were probably imploded. This conspiracy has been covered up by the main stream media, controlled since 1915. Don't miss these stunning revelations by this former FBI agent! www.newsmakingnews.com
Ted L. Gunderson will be interviewed by Jeff Rense on Tuesday, May 7th. You can listen live on the internet at rense.com! (7pm Pacific Time)
Anthony J. Hilder: As a talk show host, investigative journalist and war correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder has done approximately 17,000 interviews over the past 30 years. Hilder is the author of Warlords of Washington, Illuminazi 9-11, Alien 51 and The New World Odor: he is also the producer of many documentaries, including REICHSTAG '95. His goal is to "incite a Revelation to avoid a Revolution" and he is opposed to the U.N., Big "Brotherment" and the New World Order.
Presentation: Illuminazi 9-11 (The Creation of World War III) With evidence that the Bush administration was complicit in the largest single atrocity in U.S. history Anthony J. Hilder will prove that the WTC was sacrificed for World Government and that Bush himself had prior knowledge just as Franklin Roosevelt did prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. War has been declared upon the American people by the Evil-archy that controls our Congress, media and monetary system. We are witnessing the Nazi-ization of this nation. Only by exposing the creation of World War II can we prevent the creation of World War III. In Hilder's "no holds barred" lecture he will expose the high treason committed by the Bush administration and that we have more to fear from Osama Bin Bush than Osama Bin Laden. If you liked what Hitler did, you're going to love what Bush is doing! www.freeworldalliance.com
Walter Bowart: Walter Bowart is preeminent in the field of mind control research and he is the author of the international best-seller, "Operation Mind Control," which was first published in 1978 and updated twice. He is currently updating his original work for a CD ROM and is doing research for his next book.
Presentation: Big Secrets In Plain View Walter Bowart will present a detailed and unique outline of the timeline of the current human condition. Strap yourself in for a cerebral journey into some of the most fascinating topics of our time, our past and our future to come. Just some of the mind-blowing subjects he will cover are: schizophrenia as our next evolutionary stage; the end of civilization as we know it; telepathy and the coming transparency of all secrets; the end of language and intellectual property; the disassociative states of America; MK-Ultra and the GOD pill; why Buck Rogers came before the UFO; the Roswell crash and JFK's roll in MJ-12.
Small secrets are kept by government suppression of truth. Big secrets are kept by public incredulity. It is the unconscious societal behaviors of the last century, not declassified documents and eyewitness accounts, that are proof of the "celestrial" influences on our world, as well as the terminal nature of our civilization. Meanwhile, there are two cults of conspiracy fighting over what will be left behind after the collapse - the conspiracy against the future and the conspiracy towards the future, while the majority sleeps. www.azstarnet.com
Eustace Mullins: Sixty years ago Eustace Mullins was a protégé of literary giant, Ezra Pound, who understood central banking and its relationship with world unrest. Since then he has authored many books on conspiracy, including "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" and "The World Order." He is currently a Council Member of the Committee to Restore the Constitution and has been a respected researcher for over fifty years.
Presentation: Money and the Conspiracy of Evil Today our acting president has promised to send American boys overseas for the rest of time to fight "terrorism," a broad term incorporating all who fail to endorse the conspiracy. To pull this off the manipulators keep us in unimportant jobs while stealing most of our earnings. They also control the government, the schools and the media. For these purposes the central bank is the only mechanism that works. Without the government granted license to print money the conspiracy would be no more of a threat to us than Bin Laden. Prepare yourself for an eye-opening lecture with Eustace Mullins. www.inreach.com
Eric Jon Phelps:
Presentation: Vatican Assassins: The Ultimate Conspiracy Author Eric Jon Phelps will present an explosive, shocking, detailed lecture on the long-suppressed, diabolical history of the Society of Jesus, known as the Jesuit Order. Spanning 500 years it is a history of crime, conspiracy, Satanism and mass murder, including the assassination of many world leaders like Lincoln and Kennedy. You will learn that the Jesuit's General, "The Black Pope," is the most powerful man in the world as the One pulling the strings of the Vatican, the Pope and the world's intelligence communities with Jesuit directors in the CIA and FBI willing to commit any atrocity to further Jesuit world-wide goals. DO ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME? The great tides of history, rather than being spurred by the deeds of the brightest and the best of mankind, are actually the sewers of history, pulsating with the most disgusting and horrible motivations. Leaving no stone unturned, Brother Eric will expose the writhing maggots to public view in his monumental presentation. www.vaticanassassins.org To listen to a 3- hour interview with Eric, go to www.spectrumnews10.com
Erskine is an entertainer not a journalist/reporter or someone with an agenda...
"Business talk radio at its best, we have live on air discussions every Sat night, psychic, assassins, area 51, stocks, business and more...." Erskine will provide entertainment at the Saturday night banquet with his Magical "Audience Mind Trip" PLUS Erskine will do his radio show
LIVE! from the hotel from 10pm to 3am.Listen to Erskine's show online @ www.erskineonline.com
Special Guest - Jordan Maxwell: Jordan will be there to introduce Eric Jon Phelps, and, participate in the panel on Sunday night!
Brian William Hall - Executive Producer and Host:
THE WRATH OF "CON" - My Manifesto Destiny...by Brian Hall
Upon being introduced to the subject of UFOs and government cover-ups seven years ago, Brian began avidly researching these and related topics himself. More recently the "Flower of Life" information played a major roll in his search for the "big picture." His exposure to the Zapruder film, which clearly documents that the driver of Kennedy's limo fired the fatal shot, is what ultimately convinced him that things are truly not what they seem on planet Earth. To help spread the word, he began co-writing articles on UFO's and conspiracies in the Berkeley Psychic Reader. He has also been a volunteer for the International UFO Congress, the Bay Area UFO Expo and other similar organizations. As his knowledge and participation increased, his concern grew exponentially. Conspiracies and hidden global agendas do affect our lives daily. Unfortunately, they are rarely or never reported in the "system." Even when they are reported, the spin cycle is set to full speed. This sobering reality has become a driving force in shifting Brian from passive researcher to coordinator of an annual event, which addresses these urgent issues. It is his hope that this conference will help to facilitate the sharing of suppressed knowledge with those who have a need to know...because we all have a need to know. Brian can be emailed at conspiracycon@earthlink.net
Robert Perala - Co-Host
Your co-host for the weekend is lecturer and author Robert Perala. Robert is author of the runaway best seller The Divine Blueprint, Roadmap for the New Millennium, and, his followup book - The Divine Architect - is due to be released in June of 2001. Robert's encounter with extraterrestrials at age 21 led him into 22 years of research in the study of UFOs, spirituality, metaphysics, personal growth and earth sciences. Robert has recently completed sold out tours across the US in 1999 and 2000 plus he has had appearances on Extra, The A&E; Channel, and Strange Universe; In addition Robert has guested on over 180 radio shows including the world wide syndicated show Coast to Coast AM. In honor of his contribution to society, the American Biographical Institute bestowed on him their prestigious, Distinguished Leadership Award. With a large background in television and radio, Robert brings his charming and witty style to the First Annual Conspiracy Con.
Order the Divine Architect & Divine Blueprint  from Amazon.com.    Visit Robert's website @ www.unitedlight.com
"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." -- President Woodrow Wilson
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