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LineDanceFun 2002 Doris Volz , California

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Redwood Coast Festival Report

We danced w/DQ in 2002 ... at a most organized 3 day workshop! Thursday evening kicked off w/Peter Metelnick teaching his And They Danced followed by DQ Johnson teaching Be Your Best Friend (Brady/Weeks). Simon Ward took the stage at 7:30ish to teach his Sweet Revenge ... we then began FOUR hours of social dancing w/JP Potter. This young CA Die Hard Dancin' DJ is not yet 21, has 4 worldwide hit dances (Dèja Vu , Everlast, Crush & Bye, Bye, Bye) under his Kippy & his newest intermediate waltz ...Candlelight is a CA smash hit AND placed 1st in phrased new line choregraphy at the June 2002 JG2 Marathon!! Leslie Carole and I ...We LOVE the Crush Country shortie tanks he has designed for the dance community! He first taught us his award winnin' Dèja Vu at the Redwood Festival in 2001  JP seems to smile the brightest when he wears his pink and purple hat! His Fall Fling Nov. 8-10, 2002. His Rewood Report. His latest dance: I've Got You.

Friday & Saturday mornings started promply at 10am ...Most workshops were high intermediate level to cater to the 157+ Dancin' Die Hards; DQ hand picked the dances & put together the schedule to wear US out. My highlights: 
I love Clickety Clack and to see Simon and Peter front row, side by side as if in an impromptu  duo ... just out Clickey Clackin' each other ...PRICELESS! My right now favorite dance is Body In Motion. my friends & I danced front row; Peter was third row center ...what a fabulous memory! A bonus duo ...Michael Barr/Simon Ward - One Song (Terry Hogan) as a tribute to Mr. T ... an Aussie Icon!

Ana had a sprained ankle and couldn't dance ...John danced w/everyone ...even a west coast swing w/Ryan as his partner. We were hoarse from howlin' and our palms were sore from clappin' ...that handsome 17 year old Dude wearin' the zebra print hat is one undiscovered dance talent! Jodee Shadinger and her duo dancin' friend Nicola Terhune are the young women wearing the glitter half shoulder tops ...they are shoppers and are responsible for all the stylin' tops that I will be wearing! On Friday a dozen or so demo'd Jodee's award winnin' dance Eyes Like Yours Saturday nite - Simon Ward (lucky devil between Nicola & Jodee) & Peter Metelnick were dancin' it with us. I love the first 8 counts & we can tell that Simon feels the music to the whole dance!!! Jodee & her DJ partner Jeremy are local instructors & choreographers based in Sacramento, CA ...bookmark their website and take special note of them on the dancefloor at JP's Crush Country Fall Fling November 2002!

Like It or Lump It (Simon Ward) ...done to 'When You're Looking Like That' by Westlife was taught right after lunch break on Friday. The dancers were so hard into concentration you could hear a pin drop in that HALL! Restarts and tags and fast music ...a Die Hards Delight! I was on a high just thinkin' and dancin' as fast as I could. I took a break just to catch my breath but the beat of the music had me back on the floor before a minute passed! ONLY a 26 year old could think fast enough to call the dance pattern & dance as fast as the music requires and STILL laugh and quip encouraging one-liners at his students. EVERYONE who made it through Simon's Like It or Lump It teach ...reached a new growth plateau! Simon's new waltz ...A New Day Has Come (48 count, 2 wall done to Celine Dion singin' the song by the same name) has 2 different kinds of full turns ...first is hard, the second is advanced ...those who felt the music & the steps together ...described shivers as they danced! I heard that dancers were doin' it contra style after midnite! Simon taught his Groove With Me to a packed floor for the last scheduled teach on the Saturday afernoon. 

Shake It (Like That) ... a high beginner 32 count, 4 wall phrased dance co-written by Chris & Roxy Kumre was a huge hit at Terry Hogan's Sunshine Festival held this past June; Michele Burton brought it 'home' to CA! The comfortably full dance floor ROCKED w/157 die hards getting into the music ... Move it Like This by the Baha Men was played several times throughout the weekend! A fabulous treat: Watching Michael Barr, Simon Ward and Michele Burton dance American Pop together before Michele taught it in workshop ...Simon tells everyone who listens ..."That's my favorite dance!" The American Pop premier was at Terry's Sunshine Classic in June; my email says it is a hit with the Singapore dancers! Michael also taught us the dance he first taught at the Sinshine Classic ... Bar Isn't It ...a fast, fun high beginner dance done to Lari White singin' Don't Fence Me In at 180 bpm. They taught their newest choreography written together ...No Bad News (aka This Ol' Dance). Michael Barr and Michele Burton taught their Midnight Rendezvous at the 2001 Redwood Festival.

The Believers, Burning Up!, Jacaranda and Ain't That A Kick were the dances that Doug & Jackie taught in workshop. This was their first time to teach at the Redwood Festival, but Lou Ann Schemmel thaught their Dreams to Share in 2001 by special request! Dreams to Share was on the event request list as was their Sugar, Sugar ...although we had to do Sugar, Sugar to some music Doug insisted we would enjoy ...I am a purist when it comes to favorite music to a favorite dance me whine! Oh What A Night was the hit dance of Bonanaza BASH opinion AND placed 1st in Intermediate Non-Country at the June 2002 JG2 Marathon. It certainly filled the floor here as did their other San Francisco Bay Area hits - Enya's Time, Queen of My Heart, and Tiggeriffic. Doug & Jackie consistently produce dancer friendly choreography to music that relates to the 'baby boom' generation and when dancing together ...MAGIC happens between them! He is an enthusiastic and extraordinary MC/DJ & She is a calm, precise & professional instructor! They are the King and Queen of our California line dance community!

One Step Closer (Metelnick/Biggs) a 64 count, 2 wall phrased intermediate + dance was taught by Peter around Noon on Friday. He has a matter of fact way of teaching a 'hard' dance ...never lets the workshop get out of hand w/conversation and presses steadily with verbalize and count. His calm, confident & continuous cadence put me into the zone ...64 counts w/each pattern different, but interesting. We ALL had to concentrate on his words; it was the first time ever for me to get the 6 0'clock wall without a block. At the end of 64 counts he had our boots trained to his voice at 12 o'clock & there was no time to panic when we began again to the back We just DID! That was the most amazing experience for me and NOW you know; Peter can TEACH! He gave us Body In Motion ...his was in GOOD form down the back learning Groove With Me (Simon Ward) late Saturday afternoon! (DQ reports that he taught three bonus dances to the valiant dancers still standing after midnight on the last night). What a Die Hard Dancin' Dude ...YOU are adopted! Lou Ann Schemmel taught us Destination:Dancefloor (Metelnick/Biggs) and Ernie Hutchinson taught Clickety Clack (Metelnick/Hunyadi) at the 2001 Redwoods Festival. Those were the DANCES to know for Fall 2001! Peter's Destination:Dancefloor, Passport to Party, Back At Ya, Body In Motion & Clickey Clack are world wide floor fillers He is the handsome guy standing next to me wearing black & silver!

Bottom Line: I drove up the winding PCH for many hours just glancin' at one pine tree after another. When the phone startled our conversation we gave a town name & John would give us an ETA as we pressed nearer our 6 PM deadline. I had a huge expectation to learn & dance within a crowd of excitement, to be exposed to interesting dances by top notch instructors and to mix with old friends & meet some new ones. I HAD A PERFECT TIME. DQ Johnson is detail oriented and it showed!  EIGHT dances taught at  her 2001 Redwood Festival became worldwide hits; they were also floor fillers at this event!  Dreams To Share (Mirandas) taught by Lou Ann Schemmel :: All My Heart ( Bill Bader) ::  Clickety Clack (Metelnick & Hunyadi) taught by Ernie Hutchinson ::  Dèja Vu (JP Potter placed 1st at 2001 Chicagoland Beginner in Non-Country) ::  Midnight Rendezvous (Barr &  Burton) taught by Michele Burton ::  @ The Hop! (Carmel Hutchinson placed 3rd at 2001 SF Bay Area Golden Gate Classic) ::  Destination:Dancefloor (Metelnick & Biggs) taught by Lou Ann Schemmel ::  Rolling Mist ( Ernie Hutchinson).

2002 Dances taught at Redwood Festival /Choreographer/Date Choreographed: A New Day Has Come/Simon Ward/June 2002 ::  Ain't That A Kick/Doug & Jackie Miranda/July 2002 :: American Pop/Michele Burton/June 2002 ::  And They Danced/Peter Metelnick/April 2002 ::  Bar Isn't It/Michael Barr/May 2002 :: Be Your Best Friend/Brady & Weeks/April 2002 :: The Believers/Doug & Jackie Miranda/July 2002 :: Bootylicious/Simon Ward/May 2002 :: Burning Up!/Doug & Jackie Miranda/July 2002 :: Groove With Me/Simon Ward/June 2002/ :: I've Got You/JP Potter/July 2002 :: Jacaranda/Doug & Jackie Miranda/July 2002 :: Jay Kay/Michele Perron/April 2002 :: Just A Kiss/Robbie McGowan Hickie/March 2002 :: Like It or Lump It/Simon Ward/November 2001 :: Mmwaah/Neville Fitzgerald/April 2002 :: On the Straight & Narrow/Peter Metelnick/November 2001 :: One Step Closer/Metelnick & Biggs/May 2002 :: Shake It (Like That)/Chris & Roxanne Kumre/June 2002 :: Shameless/Fred Buckley/2001 :: Soul Man/Barr & Burton/March 2002 :: Sweet Revenge/Simon Ward/April 2002 :: No Bad News akaThis Ol' Dance/Burton & Barr/July 2002 :: Zoom!/Peter Metelnick/(date unknown)

2002 LineDanceFun - Doris Volz
Redwood Coast Line Dance Festival Report