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Trying to deal with Airplane Buyer Wannabes

We get calls every day from airplane buyer wannabes. They have no intention, or ability in many cases, of buying a plane, but get a rush out of pretending to be a buyer. They waste the time and effort of sellers, dealers, and brokers everywhere. Some are famous, although they don't know it, and are a regular topic of discussion by those of us in the business, like the guy who runs ads offering a reward for help finding the right plane. He's been looking for that right plane for years.

Multiple requests for information on a wide variety of aircraft. In a single day, we might get 3 or 4 emails from the same person asking for more information about the Cessna 150, Piper Arrow, or Baron. Exactly what kind of plane does this guy want to buy?

Anonymous emails asking for more information and photos. No name, no phone number. When we ask exactly what more they want, they seldom can tell you. When we email back asking that they call us, or give us a phone number where we can call them, about 98% of the time we never hear from them again. They were just wasting time at work by surfing the net.

Unwilling to place a deposit, but demand information, photos, and copies of log books. After the owner and broker spend a lot of time and expense, he is never heard from again.

Hot to buy, and they are wiring or overnighting a deposit which never arrives. When we call to inquire, they say, Oh, I changed my mind on the way to the bank.
Not worth a 15 cent phone call to let us know. A lot of wannabes are also inconsiderate bastards.

The email says "I'll give you (less than our asking price) for that plane." Usually, these don't include a name or phone number. We respond with "Put your offer in writing, mail it with a Cashier's Check for 5% of the amount, and we'll present it to the seller for approval. If he accepts, you've bought yourself an airplane, subject to your inspection."
Funny, we never hear from them again.

Actual excuses we've heard why they aren't buying.
Some wannabes are creative, but most just hide behind the wife:

  • The cashier's check didn't arrive today?? Well then, let's just forget it.

  • Wouldn't you be concerned about a missing cashier's check?
  • My wife won't let me buy the plane.

  • When I called back, the wife answered. She wasn't aware her husband was looking at airplanes.
  • My wife won't let me buy a plane until I lose 10 lbs.

  • Why don't you buy a plane with a bigger engine, then you won't have to lose any weight.
  • My wife didn't like the color.

  • Ladies, are you sensing a pattern here? You married a weenie.
  • My wife and I decided the plane is just too far away. 

  • They've known where the plane was for 2 weeks, and it wasn't a problem until now.
  • My wife says, because of the gear-up landing in 1962, the plane might not be safe.

  • 40 Annual Inspections since the incident, but the plane might not be safe. 
  • My wife thinks we should only pay $22,000. 

  • The wife isn't a pilot, can't identify a single plane on the field, but is an expert at pricing.
  • My mechanic says that is too much to pay for that plane. 

  • Well, tell your mechanic to find you a better plane at a better price. If you've been watching our web site, you know our prices are the best on the net.
If you are offended by this, I am sorry you are a wannabe. My prescription for a cure is to actually follow-thru and buy an airplane. You'll be better for it, and will thank me later.

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