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August 11, 2002
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Get the word out – Corel releases WordPerfect® Office 2000!
Much anticipated office suite hits shelves in May

Ottawa, Canada – Apr 7, 1999
Corel Corporation today announced the launch of its flagship word-processing package, WordPerfect® Office 2000. With this latest release Corel has concentrated on delivering greater performance, increased compatibility, and fantastic value.

"We are extremely pleased with the newest version of WordPerfect Office 2000," said president and chief executive officer of Corel, Dr. Michael Cowpland. "WordPerfect Office 2000 is a tightly woven, high-performance package that will offer our current consumers a sensible upgrade opportunity as well as attract and impress new customers. Not only does the new suite provide a fully integrated and complete office solution, it has greater compatibility at a highly competitive price."

Various versions of WordPerfect Office 2000 will hit store shelves in May, and will contain a combination of the following (see detailed table for more information): The powerful word-processing package WordPerfect® 9 The Quattro® Pro 9 spreadsheet package Corel® Presentations™ 9 for use in creating high-quality slide shows and drawings The personal information manager CorelCENTRAL™ 9 The award-winning voice-powered software Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ The easy-to-use Web site creation agent, Trellix® 2 Paradox® database software Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications Adobe® Acrobat® Reader Corel Print Office™ desktop publisher WordPerfect Office 2000 Software Development Kit NetPerfect® enterprise Web publisher 12,000+ clipart images, 1000+ fonts, 200+ photos Performance of WordPerfect Office 2000 has been greatly improved. For example, users can easily create long, richly formatted documents with text and graphics in WordPerfect 9, with the new navigational tools and the exclusive Corel® RealTime preview technology. Quattro Pro has enhanced capability which greatly improves data analysis while Corel Presentations includes more emphasis on the Internet, with features such as the potential for users to publish their slide shows directly to the World Wide Web.

Compatibility is of major importance to all WordPerfect users, and it has been greatly improved in a number of ways. For example, WordPerfect Office 2000 has enhanced file support / conversions with Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, and supports PDF, VBA, HTML, ODBC, SGML, XML, and OLAP. The WordPerfect 9 file format remains unchanged since WordPerfect 6.1, so users can easily import or export their files to and from WordPerfect 9. Users can also import WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS files into WordPerfect 9. "We have been listening very closely to our customers and have worked hard to give them the tools they need to be more efficient and compatible in today's rapidly changing marketplace," said Dr. Cowpland. "New enhancements and additions of applications such as Trellix strengthen our commitment to offering a one-stop word processing solution."

Pricing Upgrade: WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition will be available for a suggested retail price of US $109 (CDN $149). Voice Powered Edition will be sold for a suggested retail price of US $159 (CDN $199). WordPerfect Office 2000 Professional Edition will be available for a suggested retail price of US $209 (CDN $249). Those entitled to purchase the upgrade version of WordPerfect Office 2000 include: Current users of any version of Corel WordPerfect Suite, WordPerfect, Corel® Office Professional, CorelDRAW™ 8, Corel VENTURA™ 8 or any word processor, spreadsheet or office suite (standard or professional) from Microsoft, Lotus, Novell or Borland. Full: WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition will sell for a suggested retail price of US $399 (CDN $599). The full Voice-Powered Edition will be sold for a suggested retail price of US $449 (CDN $699) and WordPerfect Office 2000 Professional Edition will be available for a suggested retail price of US $499 (CDN $769). Prices are subject to change. Dealers may sell for less.

Language Versions WordPerfect Office 2000 will be available in U.S. English, U.K. English, Canadian French, French, Brazilian Portugese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

System Requirements Non-Voice Powered usage requires Windows® 95, 98 or Windows NT® 4.0, 486 PC, 66 MHz processor, 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended), 170 MB of hard disk space (280 MB typical install), CD-ROM drive, VGA monitor, mouse or tablet. Voice Powered usage requires Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0, 133 MHz Pentium® processor IBM-compatible PC, 48 MB RAM (Windows 95) or 64 MB RAM (Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0), 220 MB hard disk space (330 MB typical install), CD-ROM drive, VGA monitor, mouse or tablet. Laptop users may need additional hardware. 16-bit sound card or built-in audio input quality equal or greater than Creative Labs' SoundBlaster® 16. Contact Dragon Systems, Inc. or visit their Web site at for an up-to-date list of supported hardware. Owners of portable and IBM Mwave®-equipped systems should contact Dragon Systems, Inc. for compatibility information. Speaker required for sound output.

About WordPerfect® Office 2000


Corel Corporation
Corel Corporation is an internationally recognized developer of award-winning graphics and business productivity applications. Development of market-leading products such as the CorelDRAW® line of graphics applications and the Corel® WordPerfect® Suite of business tools is continually evolving to meet the demands of the corporate, retail and academic markets. Committed to performance, compatibility, value and open standards, Corel develops products for the Windows®, Macintosh®, UNIX®, Linux® and Java™ platforms. Corel's common stock trades on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol COSFF and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol COS. For more information visit Corel's home page.

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