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From the book:

The Panov Attack: Fianchetto Variation

 At the crossroads of opening theory, Part 3

by Eric Schiller
To be published by Chess Enterprises in January 1998

The material presented here is drawn from a pre-publication draft and is not in final form. For HTML prsentation all diagrams have been removed, and the conversion program stripped some dashes too. Nevertheless, for all its warts, this material is copyright by Eric Schiller. Comments and criticism are welcome by email, and I will continue to make corrections to the book until it is actually published. When it does arrive, you'll be able to order it here. Estimated price is $12.95.


Chapter 1: Introduction.

The Panov Attack with 5...g6 is one of the most interesting lines of the Caro-Kann, though it can also arise vvia transposition from other openings including the English, Scandinavian and Sicilian. After 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 Black is willing to part with the pawn at d5 and not regain it for a considerable period of time.

 White does not treat the extra, doubled pawn as a material asset. Instead, its presence at d5 gives White a definite advantage in space. White will use this to build up a strong position, and then will often sacrifice the pawn by advancing it to d6. After Black captures at d6 with the e-pawn, White moves the pawn at d4 to d5, cementing the spatial advantage.

 Black can counter this strategy in a number of ways. One of the best methods is to use the light-squared bishop to command a lot of territory at f3, sometimes infiltrating to d3. Another plan is ...Bg4, exchanging light-squared bishops and making it harder to support the pawn at d5. Finally, in some cases Black can even go into an endgame where White has an extra, protected passed pawn at d4, blockaded however by a powerful knight at d5 which cannot easily be dislodged. A remarkable number of these endgames are in fact drawn.

 These strategies are so well explored that there are thousands of games available for examination. Most of the available strategies for both sides have been investigated deeply, yet there remains considerable scope for original play. I have proposed many suggested improvements in this book, far more than usual int he Panov series, because I think that the results of many games are misleading. Often the mismatched abilities of the players determine the results, not the position. Often a simple improvement reverses the verdict on a line. Of course the reader should treat all of my proposals as mere suggestions, and check them thoroughly before using them in rated play.

 The enormous number of transpositions makes it very difficult to organize the material coherently. Even with the help of sought powerful tools as Bookup, the presentation of variations in this book cannot point to each possible alternative move order. I had generally presented material using the move order that was employed in the game. The complexity of the transpositions use so great that I suggest you concentrate on learning which positions are favorable for your preferred side..

 The sheer mass of material combined with limited space has forced me to use something I rarely employ: Informant symbols for judgments. This book is necessarily rather terse, and there just wasn't room for much explanatory material. I have had to let the moves speak for themselves. This is not such a problem, because the basic tactics and strategies occur over and over in the games, and the positions in which White or Black has an advantage will soon become familiar. Although the book appears very database-oriented, the reader will find hundreds of new moves suggested in the text. This is truly a sourcebook for ideas.

 I have tried to avoid abandoning positions as unclear, though in a few cases I have done so. In addition, I have selected some positions for special attention, where the play is typical of what one finds in the middlegames or endgames which arise out of the 5...g6 Panov. Since I have had to resort to symbols, here is what I mean when I use them:

Chances are balanced. This is a satisfactory situation for Black, but not good enough as White. 
I have not investigated deeply enough to form an opinion. 
+ -  White is winning. 
- +  Black is winning. 
+/-  White has an obvious advantage that should not require explanation. I would not want to be playing Black. 
Black has an obvious advantage that should not require explanation. I would not want to be playing White. 
+=  White is a little better, but this advantage may not lead to a win without further errors on the opponent's part. I would not object too strongly to defending the Black side, but I would prefer a more reliable plan. 
=+  Black is a little better, but this advantage may not lead to a win without further errors on the opponent's part. I would not object too strongly to defending the White side, but I would prefer a more reliable plan. 
comp  There is compensation for material, but not enough to confer a serious advantage. In general, I'd prefer to be playing the side with the compensation rather than having the extra material. 
<->  There is counterplay in the position, but neither side has a clear, demonstrable advantage. I would be willing to play either side. 

Remember that these are human evaluations, and are largely impressionistic when it comes to conepts of equality or slight advantage. In preparing this book I have consulted many sources, and sometimes find myself in serious disagreement with judgments presented there. When I disagree, I have tried to extend the analysis in support of my point of view. So you will certainly find positions where my evaluation differs from others you may see. I suggest that these positions are ones which deserve careful study on your part.

 Sometimes there is not much that can be done with the slight advantage. You must gain practical experience and study the material thoroughly to develop instincts as to which positions are worth aiming for. If you play endgames well, it may be easier to hold certain positions, or win others.

 I hope that you will enjoy the fascinating positions in the 5...g6 lines of the Panov Attack. Companion volumes on 5...e6 are already available from Chess Enterprises, and the next volume in the series will deal with the 5...Nc6 lines.

Chapter 2: Misc. 6th moves for White

McGarrett Spraggett, Toronto 1993

1.e4 c6 2.c4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6.   We begin by examining the alternatives to 6.Bg5, 6.Nf3, 6.cxd5 and 6.Qb3. None of these minor moves are going to cause Black any difficulty, whether or not Black plays precisely, and they are not even mentioned in most opening manuals.Nevertheless, it is useful to examine effective plans for Black, which display the overall strategy of the fianchetto defense..


 6.Bd3 Bg7 7.Nge2 0-0 8.0-0 Nc6 9.a3 b6 10.Bg5 dxc4 11.Bxc4 Bb7 12.Rc1 Rc8 Black already has a tangible advantage. The isolated d-pawn is weak, and Black has completed development with all forces posted in useful positions, Brekka - Berg, Aabybro Nordic 1989.

 6.c5 is premature. Normally play will transpose into the lines with Nf3 and Bg5, but sometimes White tries something more original. 6...Bg7 7.Bb5+.

 A) 7...Bd7 8.Qb3 (8.Bxd7+ Qxd7 9.Bf4 Nc6 10.Nge2 0-0 11.0-0 Rfe8 12.Rc1 Rad8 13.f3 Nh5 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 g5 16.Bf2 e5 17.dxe5 d4 18.Ne4 Bxe5 19.Qb3 Kg7 20.Rcd1 f5 21.N4g3 Nxg3 22.Nxg3 Bxg3 23.hxg3 Qf7 24.Qd3 Kg8 25.a3 Ne5 26.Qb5 a6 27.Qb6 Nc6 28.Rd2 Rd7 29.Rfd1 Red8 30.Rd3 = Innala - Karttunen, Finland Championship 1996) 8...0-0 9.Nf3 Bxb5 10.Nxb5 Nc6 11.0-0 Ne4 12.Rd1 Qd7 13.Nc3 Nxc3 = Grünthal - Kirjavainen, Finland Championship 1993.

 B) 7...Nc6 8.Nge2 0-0 9.0-0 e5 (9...a6 would have been a useful preliminary move.) 10.Bxc6 bxc6 11.b4 (11.dxe5 Nd7 and Black is also better.) 11...e4 12.a4 Bd7 13.b5 Rb8 14.Rb1 Nh5?! (14...Ng4 is stronger.) 15.Nf4 Nxf4 16.Bxf4 Rb7 17.Qd2 Re8 White has been allowed too much progress on the queenside, and now Black falls to a simple sacrifice which lets the pawns race down the board. 18.Nxd5! cxd5 19.c6 Rb6 (19...Bxc6 20.bxc6 Rxb1 21.Rxb1 Qh4 22.c7+/-) 20.a5 Rxc6 21.bxc6 Bxc6 22.Rb8 and White went on to win in Fattorelli-Falconieri, Postal 1990.

 6.g3 Bg7 7.Bg2 dxc4 8.Qa4+ Nbd7 9.Qxc4 0-0 is already better for Black, since the d-pawn is a target.

 6.Be3 is very passive. 6...Bg7 7.c5 Nc6 8.Bb5 0-0 9.Nf3 Bg4 10.h3 Bxf3 11.Qxf3 Ne4? (11...Qa5! and Black has the initiative.) 12.Bxc6 bxc6 13.Nxe4 dxe4 14.Qxe4 Qa5+ 15.Bd2 was a little better for White in Beals - Van Brussel, Soest 1996.


This entails a pawn sacrifice..


 7.Bd3 0-0 8.Nge2 Nc6 (8...dxc4 9.Bxc4 Qb6 looks better for Black here.) 9.0-0 Nb4 10.c5 b6 11.cxb6 Nxd3 12.b7 Bxb7 13.Qxd3 Qd7 led to an even position in Siroky - Janko, SVK Championship 1995.

 7...Rxb8 8.Qa4+ Bd7 9.Qxa7 dxc4 10.Bxc4 b5.

Black has some compensation for the pawn, with readily available targets in the center and on the qaueenside..

 11.Bb3 0-0 12.d5 Ne8!? 13.Nf3.

13...b4 13...Rc8 would have equalized. 14.Nd1 Rb6 Black has a strong but White is having no problems completing development. 15.0-0 Nd6 16.Re1 Nc8 17.Qa5 Qc7 Here White returns the pawn, for no good reason. 18.Ne3. 18.Re4 is more to the point, and Black must defend the pawn at b4. 18...Bxb2 19.d6 Qb7! 20.dxe7 Nxe7 Now Black is better. 21.Nc4 Ra6 22.Qc5 Bxa1 23.Rxe7 Bf6 24.Re1 Qb5 25.Qc7 Qc6 26.Qf4 Kg7 27.Nce5 Qc7 28.Qxb4 Be6 29.Nc4 Rb8 White resigned.

Chapter 3: 6.Bg5

Ljubojevic Kamsky 
Monaco (Melody Amber) 1995

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.d4 cxd5 5.Nc3 g6 6.Bg5.   Black has been able to handle this move without much difficulty..


 6...Bg7 is also good: 7.Bxf6 (7.cxd5 0-0 8.Bc4 Nbd7 9.Nf3 Nb6 10.Bb3 Nfxd5 11.0-0 Be6 12.Re1 Re8 13.Rc1 Rc8 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.Rxe7 Rxe7 16.Bxe7 Bxb3. Swierczewski - Pisulinski, Saitek Open 1992. 7.Nf3 transposes to 6.Nf3 Bg7 7.Bg5.) 7...Bxf6.

A) 8.Nxd5 Bg7 9.Nf3 Nc6 10.Be2 (10.Qd2 Bg4 11.Ne5 Nxe5 12.dxe5 Bxe5 13.Be2 Be6 14.Rd1 Bxd5 15.cxd5 0-0 16.0-0 Qb6 and Black is better, with attacking chances on the kingside and a target at d5 and b2. Haanpaa - Kortelainen, Finland Championship 1989.) 10...0-0 11.0-0 e6 12.Nc3 Nxd4 13.Nxd4 Qxd4 14.Qb3.

 A1) 14...Qd7 15.Rfd1 Qe7 16.Bf3 Rb8 17.Nb5 b6 18.Nd6 Rd8 19.c5 Bd7 20.Nb7 Rdc8?! (20...bxc5! would have given Black the advantage.) 21.cxb6 axb6 22.Qxb6 Ba4 23.Rdc1 Qg5 24.Rf1 Qf4 25.Qe3 Qxe3 26.fxe3 Bxb2 drawn, though Black is a little better, Clarke - Dunn, Edinburgh open 1989.

 A2) 14...Qb6 15.Rfd1 Qa5 16.Nb5 Rb8 17.a3 a6 18.Qg3 axb5 19.Qxb8 bxc4 20.Bxc4 Bxb2 21.Qg3 Bxa1 22.Rxa1 Bd7 and Black went on to win in Von thron - Schulze, Bundesliga 1987.

 B) 8.Nf3 dxc4 9.Bxc4 0-0 10.h3 Nc6 11.d5 Ne5 12.Be2 Qa5 13.0-0 Rd8 14.Qb3 Bf5= Diez - Wohlfart, Germany 1993.

 8.cxd5 8...Qb6 9.Bb5+ Bd7 (9...Nd7 10.Nge2 a6 11.Ba4 0-0 12.Bb3 Bg7 13.0-0 Nf6 14.Re1 Qd6 15.Ng3 b5 16.Re5 Qd8 17.Qe2 Bg4 18.f3 as agreed drawn in Valiente - Slipak, Buenos Aires 1988, but White is certainly better.) 10.Bxd7+ Nxd7 11.Nge2 0-0 12.0-0 Rfd8 13.Qd3 Rac8 (13...Bg7 14.Rfd1 Nf6 15.Qf3 Rd7 16.Nf4 g5 17.Nh5 Nxh5 18.Qxh5 Qxb2 and Black was much better in. Boricsev - Seres, Eger 1995.) 14.a4 Bg7 15.a5 Qa6 16.Qe3 Re8 17.g3 Rcd8 18.Nf4 Bh6 19.Qf3 Bxf4 20.Qxf4 Nf6 21.Qe5 b6 22.Ra4 bxa5 23.Rfa1 Qb7 24.Rxa5 Qxb2 was even in Smyslov-Bronstein, Soviet Union 1967.

 6...dxc4 gives up the center for no particular reason, but it is not so bad. 7.Bxc4 Bg7 8.Nf3 0-0 (8...Nbd7 9.0-0 Nb6 10.Bd3 0-0 11.Re1 Re8 12.Qd2 Bg4 13.Be2 Rc8 14.Rac1 Nbd5 15.h3 Be6 is fine for Black,. Menzel - Hofrichter, German Championship 1996.) 9.0-0.

 A) 9...Bg4 10.Re1 (10.d5 Nbd7 11.Re1 Qc7 12.Be2 Bxf3 13.Bxf3 Ne5 14.Be2 h6 15.Bf4 Rad8 16.Qd4 and White is better, Sulskis - Weiss, Aschach 1993.) 10...Nbd7 11.Qd2 Bxf3 12.gxf3 Nb6 13.Bb3 Qd7 14.Kg2 Rfe8 and Black is at least equal. Toth - Ponyi, Salgo 1979.

 B) 9...h6 10.Bf4 Nbd7 11.Re1 Nb6 12.Bb3 e6 13.Qd2 g5 14.Be5 Nfd5 15.Bc2 is moe promising for White,. Lehmann - Ree, Amsterdam IBM II 1963.


This is a reasonable defense..

 A) 7.Nf3 Bg7 transposes to 6.Nf3 Bg7 7.Bg5 with ...Nbd7.

 B) 7.cxd5 Nxd5! 8.Nxd5 Qa5+ 9.Nc3 Qxg5 is an active defense for Black. 10.Nb5 Bh6 11.Nc7+ Kf8 12.Nxa8 Qa5+ 13.Ke2 Qb5+ 14.Ke1 Qb4+ 15.Ke2 Qxb2+ 16.Kf3 (16.Kd3 Nc5+ 17.dxc5 Bf5+ 18.Kc4 Bd2! would also have won.) 16...Nf6 17.h3 Bf5 18.g4 Be4+ 19.Kg3 Bf4+ 20.Kxf4 Qxf2+ 21.Nf3 Bxf3 22.Qe1 Nd5+ 23.Ke5 f6+ 24.Ke6 Nf4+ 25.Kd7 Qxd4+. Tuvshintugs - Vajda, World Junior Championship1993.

 C) 7.Nb5 7...a6! 8.Qa4 dxc4 9.Rc1 axb5 10.Qxa8 e5 is not as sound as the result of the game indicates. 11.dxe5 (11.Bxc4! bxc4 12.Rxc4 Nb6 13.Rxc8 Bb4+ 14.Kf1 and the threat of Bxf6 gives White a decisive material advantage. 14...Qxc8 15.Qxc8+ Nxc8 16.Bxf6 Rg8 17.Bxe5 etc.) 11...Bb4+ 12.Rc3 h6 13.Bxf6 Nxf6 14.exf6 0-0 15.Ne2 Qd3 16.f3 Qb1+ 17.Kf2 Bc5+ 18.Kg3 Qe1+ 19.Kf4 Qd2+. Olafsson - Hansen, Groningen 1985.


 This modest post for the bishop does little to advance White's cause..

 7.Bf4 Nxc3 8.bxc3 Bg7 9.Nf3 0-0 10.Qb3 dxc4 11.Bxc4 Nc6 12.Bd3 Bg4 13.Qd1 Qa5 14.Bd2 e5 and Black is better,. Mokcsay - Temes, Hungarian Championship 1996.

 7.Nxe4 dxe4.

A) 8.Qd2 Bg7 9.Rd1 (9.Ne2 Nc6 10.d5 Ne5 11.Nc3 Bf5 12.c5 h6 13.Be3 h5 14.Bb5+ Kf8 15.Bg5 a6 16.Be2 Rc8 17.b4 Nd3+ 18.Bxd3 exd3 19.0-0 Qd7 20.Rfe1 Re8 21.Rac1 Kg8 22.d6 exd6 23.Rxe8+ Qxe8 24.Nd5 Qe5 25.Ne7+ Kh7 26.Nxf5 Qxf5 27.cxd6 Re8 28.Be3 Be5 29.Rc5 Qe6 30.Qxd3 Qxd6 = Bertok - Golz, Sofia 1962) 9...Nc6 10.d5 Ne5 11.c5 h6 12.Bf4 0-0 13.Bb5 a6 14.Bxe5 Bxe5 15.Ba4 Qc7 16.b4 Bg4 17.Ne2 a5 18.Bb3 = Gurgenidze - Voronkov, Tbilisi 1956.

 B) 8.f3 Bg7 9.Be3 Qa5+ 10.Qd2 Qxd2+ 11.Kxd2 exf3 12.Nxf3 0-0 13.Rd1 Rd8 14.Kc2 Nc6 15.a3 Bg4 16.Be2 Rac8 17.b4 Bxf3 18.Bxf3 Nxd4+ 19.Bxd4 Rxc4+ 20.Kb3 Rcxd4 21.Rxd4 Rxd4 22.Bxb7 Rd3+ 23.Ka2 f5 and Black was clearly better in. Bescos - Komljenovic, Andorra 1994.

 C) 8.d5 8...Bg7 9.Qc2 Bf5 10.Qb3 (10.Qd2 Qb6 11.Ne2 e3 12.Bxe3 Qxb2 13.Qxb2 Bxb2 14.Rd1 0-0 15.Bd4 Ba3 and Black is better,. Bruno - Chocron, Chacabuco 1965.) 10...Qc7 11.Ne2 Nd7 12.Ng3 Nc5 13.Qa3 Bg4 14.h3 Bc8 15.Be2 h5 16.Be3 Nd3+ 17.Bxd3 exd3 18.c5 d2+ 19.Bxd2 Qe5+ 20.Be3 Qxd5 21.0-0 0-0 with equal chances. Auvinen - Puuska, Helsinki Championship 1997.

 7.cxd5 Nxg5 8.h4 Ne4 9.Nxe4 Qxd5 10.Nc3 Qa5 11.Qf3 Bh6 12.Bb5+ Nd7 13.h5 Qb4 14.hxg6 hxg6 15.Qe3 Qxb2 16.Rd1 e6 was played in Lehmann-Flesch, Beverwijk 1964. Here 17.Nd5! Bg7 (17...Kd8 18.Rxh6 Rxh6 19.Qg5+ f6 20.Qxh6 exd5 21.Qh8+ Kc7 22.Bxd7 Kxd7 23.Qxf6 would have been no worse for White.) 18.Rxh8+ Bxh8 19.Nc7+ Kd8 20.Nxa8 Qxb5 21.Qf4 Qa5+ would have been unclear. Instead, Lehmann captured at h6 and fell into a bad position.


 7...Qa5 8.Qa4+ Qxa4 9.Nxa4 e6 10.Rc1 Bd7 11.Nc3 Nxc3 12.bxc3. Zamaev - Labutin, Russian Championship J16 Kaluga 1996 and here 12...dxc4 would have been better for Black, with the bishop taking up an active post on c6.


8...Bg7 9.cxd5.

 9.Nf3 0-0 10.cxd5 Qxd5 11.Be2 Qa5 12.Qd2 b6 13.0-0 Na6 14.Bxa6 Bxa6 is slightly better for Black, thanks to the bishop pair. = Rozentalis - Malisauskas, Oslo Royal GM 1992.

 9...Qxd5 10.Qb3 Qd6 Black has no reason to want to exchange queens here. 11.Nf3 0-0 12.Be2 Nc6 13.0-0 b6 14.Rad1 Bg4.

This is a fairly typical position. Black can continue to place pressure on White's center, and White has no active plan. The pawns in the center are difficult to maintain whether they stay in place or advance. 15.c4 Rab8 16.c5 bxc5 17.dxc5 Qc7 18.Qa4 White now has a passed pawn, but it is not very strong. 18...Rb4 19.Qa6 Rb2 20.Rd2 Rfb8 Exchanging immediately and playing ...Nb4 might have been stronger. 21.Ng5 Rxd2 22.Bxd2 Bxe2 23.Qxe2 h6 24.Nf3.

Black now lets some of the advantage slop. 24...Rb2! would have tied down White's position and the a-pawn would sooner or later fall. 24...Nd4?! 25.Nxd4 Bxd4 26.Rc1 Bxc5 27.Bxh6 Black may have simply overlooked this. 27...Qd6 28.h3 Bd4 29.Be3 Qe5 30.Qd2 Bxe3 31.Qxe3 Qxe3 32.fxe3 Rb2 33.Rc7 Rxa2 34.Rxe7 Kg7 35.h4 a5 36.Ra7 a4 37.g4 a3 38.Ra6 Kh6 39.e4 Kg7 40.e5 Kf8 41.Kh1 Drawn.

Chapter 4: 6.Nf3.

Rantanen Salo, Finland Championship 1992

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Nf3.   The development of the knight to f3 is a common, if unambitious strategy. After Black completes the kingside fianchetto, White has many different plans. We will begin by examining some of the rarer ones, and then consider the more popular continuations. 6...Bg7.

 6...dxc4 is premature, but not terrible, for example: 7.Bxc4 Bg7 8.0-0 0-0 9.Ne5 e6 (9...Nbd7 10.Re1 Nb6 11.Bb3 Bf5 is acceptable for Black.) 10.Bg5 Nbd7 11.Qb3 Qb6 12.Qxb6 Nxb6 13.Bb3 Bd7 14.Rfd1 h6 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Ne4 Bxe5 17.dxe5 Bc6 18.Nf6+ Kg7 and White was slightly better in Burchert - Krause, Dortmund 1987.


 7.Bd3 is playable, and now.

 A) 7...0-0 is the normal reply, though it makes sense to exploit the move by capturing on c4. 8.0-0 Nc6 9.Be3 (9.cxd5 Nxd5 10.Be4 Be6 11.Ne2 h6 12.Be3 Qd7 13.Qd2 Kh73. Bohnert-Gradl, Nuernberg 1989.) A1) 9...Nb4 10.Be2 dxc4 11.Bxc4 Bf5 12.Rc1 Nbd5 13.Ne5 Be6 14.Qb3 Nxc3 15.Rxc3 Ne4!? 16.Bxe6 Bxe5 17.Rcc1 Bxh2+ looks promising for Black, or at least equal. 18.Kxh2 (18.Kh1 Bg3 19.Qxb7 Nxf2+ 20.Bxf2 Bxf2 21.Rxf2 fxe63) 18...Qd6+ 19.Kg1 Qxe6 20.Qxe6 fxe6 21.Rc7 Kf7 22.Rxb7 Rab8 23.Rxb8 Rxb8 24.b3 Nc3 and Black should be able to hold without much difficulty,.

 A2) 9...Bg4 is also good. 10.c5 Bxf3! followed by ...e5 is very strong for Black.

 B) 7...dxc4 8.Bxc4 0-0 9.Ne5 Nfd7 10.Bf4 Nxe5 11.Bxe5 Bxe5 12.dxe5 Qc7 is better for Black, Petr - Nun, Czech Championship 1995.

 7.Be2 dxc4 8.0-0 (8.Bxc4 transposes to the previous note on 7.Bd3 dxc4.) 8...0-0 9.Bxc4 (9.h3 a6 10.a4 Nc6 11.Bxc4 Bf5=. Gravemeyer-Walther, Postal 1950.) 9...Nbd7 10.Qe2 (10.Bb3 Nb6 11.Re1 Bg4 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 Qd7=. Bosboom - Andreasen, Copenhagen 1985.) 10...Nb6 11.Bb3 Nbd5 12.Ne5 Be6 13.Rd1 Rc8 14.Qf3 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Bd5 16.Bxd5 Qxd5 and Black is structurally better, Soto - Westerinen, Sevilla 1993.

 7.Bf4 0-0 8.Be5 (8.c5 b6 9.b4 bxc5 10.bxc5 Bg4 11.Be2 Ne4 12.Rc1 Nc63. Andersen - Egeli, Tromsosjakken 1992. 8.cxd5 Nxd5 9.Nxd5 Qxd5 10.Rc1 Nc6 11.Bc4 Qe4+ 12.Be3 Bg4 13.Bd3 Qd5 14.Rc5 Qd6 15.Be4 Bxf3 16.Bxf3 Nxd4 17.b4 Nxf3+ 18.Qxf3 Qd3 19.Qd1 Bc3+ and Black went on to win in Joseph - Poetschke, Zuerich 1992.) 8...e6 9.c5 Nc6 10.Bd6 Re8 11.Bb5 Bd7 12.0-0 was seen in Eff - Bender, Germany 1991 and here both 12...Nb4 and 12...Ne4 look better than 12...Ng4, as played in the game.

 7.Qa4+ Nc6.

8.cxd5 (8.c5 0-0 9.Bb5 Bd7 10.0-0 a6 11.Bxc6 Bxc6 12.Qa3 Ne4 13.Bf4 f6 14.Rad1 Qd7 15.Rfe1 Rae8= Palos - Fette, Krumbach 1991.) 8...Nxd5 9.Bb5 0-0 10.Bxc6 Nb6 11.Qa5 bxc6 12.0-0 Bg4 13.Rd1 Bxf3 14.gxf3 Qd7 15.Qc5 Rad8 16.Be3 f5 17.f4 Rf6 18.Rac1 Rd6u. Engel - Kauranen, Postal 1978.

 7.Ne5 0-0 8.Be3 (8.Be2 Nc6 9.0-0 dxc4 10.Nxc6 bxc6 11.Bxc4 Nd5 12.Qe2 Be6= Petr - Hosek, Czech League 1995.) 8...dxc4 9.Bxc4 Nbd7 10.Nxd7 Bxd7 11.0-0 Ng4 12.Bf4 Rc8 13.Be2 e5 14.dxe5 Nxe5= Santl - Schilling, Kitzingen 1980.



 8.Be2 dxc4 (8...Nc6 9.0-0 is a reversed Tarrasch Defense.) 9.Bxc4 Nc6 10.0-0 Bf5 11.d5!? Na5 12.Bb3 (12.Be2!?) 12...Rc8 13.Be3 a6 14.Bd4 b5 15.a3 Nxb3 16.Qxb3 Bd33. Campitelli - Celis, Buenos Aires 1994.

 8.cxd5 Nxd5 9.Be2 Nc6 10.0-0 Bf5=+ = Joanpera Morales - Velasco Gonzales, Spain Championship 1996.

 8.Bg5 Nbd7 (8...Ne4!?) 9.Be2 dxc4 10.Bxc4 Nb6 11.Bb3 Bf5 12.0-0 Rc8 13.Qe2 h6 14.Bh4 g5 15.Bg3 e6 16.Be5 Qd7 = Laine - Kiltti, Tampere 1996.

 8.Bd3 Nc6 9.0-0 Nb4 10.Be2 dxc4 11.Bxc4 can get very lively after 11...Bf5 (11...Nbd5 12.Re1 b6 13.Bg5 Nxc3 14.bxc3 Bb7 15.Qd3 Qc7=. Winiwarter - Weiss, Austrian Championship 1996.) 12.Bg5 Rc8 13.Qb3 Nc6 14.Ne5 Nxd4 15.Bxf7+ Kh8 16.Qxb7 Rc7 17.Qa6 Ne4 18.Bf4 Rc5 19.Nd3 Ra5 20.Qc4 Nxc3 21.Bc7 Bxd3 22.Bxd8 Bxc4 23.Bxa5 Nce2+. Toth - Gemesi, Hungarian Championship 1994.

 8.Bf4 Nc6 9.a3 Bf5 10.c5 Ne4 11.Na4 e5! 12.Nxe5 Qa5+ 13.b4 Nxb4 14.axb4 Qxb4+ 15.Ke2 Rae8 with strong pressure for Black,. Rohde-Henley, Lone Pine 1976.


 8...b6 9.Rc1 Bb7 10.cxd5 Nxd5 11.Nxd5 Bxd5 12.Bc4 Bxc4 13.Rxc4 Qd53. Knoek-Van Tilborg, Postal 1983.

 8...dxc4 9.Bxc4 b6 10.Qe2 Bb7 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Rad1=. Summermatter - Tochtermann, Brocco 1990.


 This is an unusual plan for Black in the Tarrasch Defense, but with colors reversed the extra tempo makes it worth considering..

 9...b6 10.Rc1 Bb7 11.b4.

This is a critical juncture for Black. I suspect that 11...a6 is best. Giving up the center meets with typical Tarrasch counterplay here. 11...dxc4? 12.d5! Nb8 This is the only retreat. The a5 square is not available here. 13.Bxc4 Na6 14.Nd4 Nb8 Black can't seem to make up his mind where this knight belongs. 14...Nc7 was more consistent with ...Na6, but evidently Black decided the knght is better placed on d7. 15.Nde2 All the knights in this game seem bot be a bit tipsy. Why not leave the knight in pace, since it just returens to d4 shortly. 15.Qb3 would have been stronger. 15...Nbd7 16.Bf4 a6 17.Nd4 Rc8 18.Nc6!? Bxc6 19.dxc6 Rxc6 20.Bxa6 Qa8.

21.Bb5 Re6+ 22.Kf1 White now pays the penalty for neglecting castling, and is clearly worse. 22...Qxa3 23.Ne2 Nb8 24.Nd4 Re4 25.Nc2 Qb3 26.Bxb8 Rxb8 27.Qd3 Qb2 28.Re1 Rxe1+ 29.Nxe1 Qxb4 30.g3 Qe4 31.Qxe4 Nxe4 32.Kg2 Rc8 33.Nd3 Nd6 34.Bd7 Rc2 35.Ba4 Rc3 36.Rd1 b5 White resigned.

Hort Ivkov 
Baden-Baden, 1981

1.c4 c5 2.Nf3 g6 3.e3 Nf6 4.d4 cxd4 5.exd4 d5 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Qb3.   This is a normal plan, seen with a very different move order..


 Let's consider what happens when Black gives up the center here. Notice that the inclusion of Nf3 and ...Nf6 makes it possible for Black to castle quickly..

 8.Bxc4 0-0 9.0-0.

 9.Ne5 e6 10.Be3 Nc6 11.Nxc6 bxc6 12.0-0 Qc7 13.h3 Nd5 14.Rac1 Rb8 15.Qc2 Nxe3 16.fxe3 c5 and Black has a good game, Poga5s-L.Szabo, Hungarian Championship 1961.

 9...Nc6 10.Ne5.

 10.Re1 Na5 11.Qb4 Nxc4 12.Qxc4 b6 13.Ne5 Bb7=+. Farooqui - Ermenkov, Malta Olympiad 1980.


 10...e6 11.Nxc6 bxc6 12.Be3 has been seen a couple of times: 12...Nd5 (12...a5 13.Be2 Ba6 14.Bxa6 Rxa6 15.Na4 Nd5 16.Qc4 Qa8 17.Rac1 Rc8 18.Qe2 Ra7 19.Rc4 Rb7 20.Rfc1 Nb6 21.Nxb6 Rxb6= Skembris - Ekstroem, Banja Luka 1987.) 13.Rad1 f5 14.g3 (14.Ne2 would be wiser.) 14...g5 15.Nxd5 exd5 16.Bd3 f4 17.Bc1 Qf6 18.gxf4 gxf4 19.Kh1 Kh8 20.Be2 f3 21.Bd3 Bh3 22.Be3 Bg2+ 23.Kg1 Qh4. Bacala-Demian, Postal 1981.

 11.Bxf7+ Kh8 12.Qd1.

 The brief tactical episode over, play now settles down..

 12...Nd7 13.Qxd4 Nxe5 14.Qxd8 Rxd8 15.Bb3 Nd3 16.Bg5 Nxb2 Drawn.

Larsen Trifunovic 
Nordvik 1965

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6.  This is another way of meeting tha Panov, but transposition into the ...g6 system is not guaranteed. This approach for Black will be examined in greater detail in the fourth volume of our Panov Attack series..  5...g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.Nf3 dxc4!? 8.Bxc4 0-0 is an innocuous line from the Gruenfeld Defense. 9.Qd2 b6 10.0-0 e6 11.d5 exd5 12.Nxd5 Bb7 13.Nxf6+ Bxf6 14.Qxd8 Rxd8 15.Ng5 Bd5 16.Bxd5 Rxd5 17.Ne4 Bxb2 18.Rad1 Rxd1 19.Rxd1 Nc6 20.Bg5 Kg7 21.Rd2 Bd4 = Ghayor-Henriksson, Swedish Championship 1992  6.Nf3 g6 7.Be3 Bg7 8.Rc1 0-0.   9.a3.

 9.Be2 h6 10.h3 Be6 11.b3 Rc8 12.Qd2 Kh7 is fine for Black,. since 13.g4 is met by 13...Ne4! 14.Nxe4 dxe4 and here 15.d5 fails to 15...exf3 16.Bxf3 Ne5 = Hauck-Kreuzer, Bezirkspokal 1984.

 9...Bg4 10.h3 Bxf3 11.Qxf3 e5.

 Black is at least equal now..

 12.Nxd5 exd4 13.Bg5 Qe8+ 14.Kd1 Nxd5 15.cxd5 Na5.

 15...Ne5!? is a reasonable alternative.

 16.Bd3 h6 17.Bh4 Qa4+ 18.Rc2 Nb3 19.Rc4 Qa5! The threat of mate at d2 is awkward to meet. 20.Rb4 Nc5 21.Be7 Nxd3 22.Qxd3 Qxd5 and Black went on to win: 23.Bxf8 Qxg2 24.Re1 Bxf8 25.Rc4 Qxf2 26.Rc2 Qf6 27.Rc7 Bd6 28.Rxb7 Rc8 29.Rd7 Qf4 30.Re4 Rc1+ 31.Ke2 Qf1+ 32.Kd2 Qd1# White resigned.

Morris Arkell,K 
Dublin, 1991

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6.   In this game we will look at a variety of plans where White plays an early c5..


 6.c5 Bg7 7.Bb5+ Bd7 8.Qb3 (8.Bxd7+ Qxd7 9.Bf4 Nc6 10.Nge2 0-0 11.0-0 Rfe8 12.Rc1 Rad8 13.f3 Nh5 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 g5 16.Bf2 e5 17.dxe5 d4 18.Ne4 = Innala - Karttunen, Finland Championship 1996 18...d3!u) 8...0-0 9.Nf3 Bxb5 10.Nxb5 Nc6 11.0-0 Ne4 12.Rd1 Qd7 13.Nc3 Nxc3 was agreed drawn in Grünthal - Kirjavainen, Finland Team Championship 1993, but Black is certainly better here.

 6...Bg7 7.c5.

 7.Qb3 0-0 8.c5 Nc6 9.h3 (9.Be3 Na5 10.Qc2 Bf5 11.Bd3 Bxd3 12.Qxd3 Nc43 Ruchieva - Rudolf, Varsovia 1992.) 9...Re8 10.Bb5 a6 11.Bxc6 bxc6 12.0-0 Nd7=. Laurain - Pivard, Cannes 1990..


 7...Nc6 8.Bb5 0-0 9.0-0 (9.Bxc6 bxc6 10.0 - 0. Ostermeyer - Bastian, Bundesliga 1994 10...Bg4=) 9...Bg4 10.Be3 Ne4 11.Be2 (11.Bxc6 bxc6 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 f53. Beckwith - Spraggett, Calgary 1996.) 11...Nxc5 12.dxc5 Bxf3 13.Bxf3 d4 14.Na4 dxe3 15.fxe3 Qc7 16.Qb3 Be53. Bogatirchuk - Levenfish, Moscow 1935.


 8.Ne5 Nc6 9.f4 Qa5 10.Bd2 Qd8 11.Be3 Ne8 12.Be2 f6 13.Nf3 Nc7 14.0-0 e6=. Lenkey - Domotor, Zalakaros 1993.

 8.h3 Nc6 9.Bb5 (9.Be3 Ne4 10.Be2 Qa5=+. Miyauchi - Sandu, Postal 1991.) 9...Qc7 10.0-0 Bf5 gives Black a very active game.

 8.Bd3 prevents ...Bf5, but otherwise has no merit. 8...Nc6 9.h3 Ne4 10.0-0 Nxc3 11.bxc3 e53 = Barat - Gosztolya, Hungarian Championship 1995.

 8.b4 Nc6 (8...Bg4 9.Be3 Ne4 10.Qb3 Bxf3 11.gxf3 Nxc3 12.Qxc3 e53. Clausen - Bang, Copenhagen 1988.) 9.b5 Ne4 10.bxc6 Nxc3 11.Qb3 Ne4 12.cxb7 Bxb7 13.Qxb7 Qa5+ 14.Bd2 Nxd2 15.Nxd2 Bh6 16.Qb2 Rab8 17.Qc2 e5 18.Rd1 exd4 19.Be2 Rfe8 once again punishes White for refusing to castle early. This time Bobby Fischer was White, in a simultaneous exhibition against Dubois, who found 20.Kf1 Rxe2! 21.Kxe2 Qa6+ 22.Kf3 Qf6+ 23.Ke2 Qa6+ 24.Kf3 but chickened out and accepted a draw here, instead of trying 24...d3! which seems to win..

 A) 25.Qa4 Qf6+ 26.Kg3 d4 27.h4 A1) 27...Qf4+ 28.Kh3 Qf5+ 29.Kh2 Bxd2 30.Rxd2 Qf4+ 31.Kg1 (31.Kh3 Qxd2) 31...Qxd2.

 A2) 27...Bf4+ 28.Kh3%.

 B) 25.Qc3 25...Bg7 26.Qc1 Qf6+ 27.Kg3 (27.Ke3 Re8+ 28.Kxd3 Qf5+ - + 29.Ne4 Qxe4+ 30.Kd2 Bh6+ - +) 27...Qg5+ 28.Kf3 Qf5+ 29.Kg3 Be5+ 30.Kh4 Qh5#.

 8.Bf4 Nc6 9.Be2 Ne4 10.0 - 0. Korhonen - Landenbergue, Holmestrand 1982 10...Nxc3 11.bxc3 Bf5 and Black is a little better.


 8...Nc6 9.0-0 Ne4 is also promising for Black, for example 10.Qb3 Nxd4 11.Nxd4 Bxd4 12.Nxe4 dxe4 13.Be3 Bg7. Beaussart - Seret, Belfort 1989.


 9.b4 a5 10.Na4 Nfd7 11.Bd2 axb4 12.Bxb4 Nc6 13.Bc3 bxc5 14.dxc5 Rxa4 15.Bxg7 Qa5+ 16.Qd2 Kxg7 17.0-0 Qxd2 18.Nxd2 Ba6. Kuznetsova - Piankov, Moscow 1996

 9...Qxb6 10.0-0.

Black can be satisfied with the opening, and can offer an exchange of bishops with ...Ba6 or try to get something going on the kingside. 10...Bg4 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Bxf3 e6 13.Na4 Qd6 14.Nc5 Nfd7 15.Nxd7 Qxd7 16.Be3 Nc6 The position is even, but the game is far from over! 17.Qa4 Rfd8 18.Qd1 Rab8 19.b3 Rb6 20.Qd3 Rdb8 21.Rab1 Qe7 22.Rfc1 Qf6 23.Rd1 a5 Since White has no counterplay, Black is free to pursue an ambitious queenside strategy. 24.Qd2 Rb4 25.Bg5? (25.Qc3 Nxd4 26.Bxd4 Rxd4 27.Qxa5 would have been a better defense.) 25...Qxd4 26.Qc2 Qb6 27.Be3 Nd4 28.Bxd4 Rxd4 29.Rxd4 Bxd4 Black's extra pawn is too much. 30.Rd1 Bf6 31.g3 Qd8 32.Rc1 Bg5 33.Rd1 Rc8 34.Qd3 Qc7 35.Qb5 Qc3 36.Kg2 Bf6 37.h4 h5 38.Qa6 Rc5 39.Qb6 Qb4 40.Qxb4 axb4 41.Rd2 Rc1 42.Be2 Bc3 White resigned.

Plaskett Bellon Lopez Bahrain, 1990

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Nxd5 7.Nf3 Bg7.   This position is also reached from 6.Nf3 Bg7 7.cxd5 Nxd5..

White has the usual assortment of plans..


 8.Bc4 Nxc3 9.bxc3 Qc7 10.Qb3 0-0 11.Ng5 (11.0-0 Nc6 12.Be2 Be6 13.Qa3 h6 14.Be3 Rfd8= Pfleger - Ribli, Bundesliga 1992.) 11...e6 12.0-0 Nc6 13.Bd3 Na5 14.Qc2 Bd7 15.Ba3 Rfd8 16.Rac1 Rac8 17.Qe2 Bc6=. Oppitz - Blauert, Bundesliga 1990.

 8.Bb5+ Bd7 9.Qb3 (9.Qa4 Nxc3 10.bxc3 Nc6=. Mueller Boge - Kreutzkamp, NWL-I 1991.) 9...Nxc3 10.bxc3.

 A) 10...Bxb5 11.Qxb5+ Qd7 12.Rb1 (12.Qb3 Nc6 13.0-0 0-0 14.Re1 Rfd8= Nykopp - Salo, Espoo 1993.) 12...Qxb5 13.Rxb5 b6 14.Ba3 Nc6 15.0-0 Na5 16.Re1 Bf6 17.Nd2 e6 18.Bb4 = Stoll - Zeisner, Bundesliga 1980.

 B) 10...0-0 11.0-0 Be6 12.Bc4 Bxc4 13.Qxc4 Nd7 14.Ba3 Re8 15.Ng5 e6 16.Ne4 Nb6= Bar Shalom-Winkler, Olympiad 1990.

 8.Bd3 0-0 9.0-0 Nc6 10.Be4 Be6 11.Bg5 Qd7 12.Re1 f6 13.Bh4 Bh6 14.Bg3 Rfd8=. Poppeler-Ponnath, Muenchen 1985.

 8.Qb3 Nxc3 9.Qxc3 (9.bxc3 0-0 10.Be2 b6 11.Be3. Pessi - Vidoniak, Drobeta 1993 11...Nc6=) 9...0-0 10.Be3 Nc6 11.Be2 Bg4 12.Rd1 Rc8 13.Qd2 Qa5 14.h3 Bxf3 15.Bxf3 Nb4u. Knox - Sabirova, Manila Olympiad 1992.

 8...0-0 9.0-0 Nc6.

This is a pure Tarrasch Defense reversed. The problem, from White's point of view, is that the extra tempo does not have much of an effect, and Black can usually draw by not playing with great ambition. On the other hand, if Black does try to challnge White, the extra tempo can become more important.I have played this system for White a number of times without much success. I return to it mostly out of laziness, because I know the Black side of the Tarrasch very well. I can't recommend it on any objective grounds, however..


 10.h3 is a modest but useful move. 10...b6 (10...Re8 11.Qb3 Be6 12.Qxb7 Nxd4 13.Nxd4 Bxd4 14.Rd1 Rb8 15.Qc6 Bxc3 16.bxc3 Qc8u Hedke - Volke, Bundesliga 1991.

 10...Be6 is actually a real Tarrasch with colors reversed, since White has given back the tempo. Usually White, in the regular Tarrasch, plays 9.Bg5 cxd4 10.Nxd4 h6 11.Be3.) 11.Qa4 (11.Re1 Bb7 12.Bg5 h6 13.Be3 e6 14.Qd2 Kh7 15.Rac1 Rc8 16.Red1 = Cramling - Bellon Lopez, Terrassa 1990) 11...Bb7 12.Rd1 Rc8 13.Bd2 Qd7 14.Rac1 Rfd8 15.Qa3 Nxd4 16.Nxd4 Bxd4 17.Nxd5 Bxd5 18.Bc3 Bxc3 19.Rxc3 e6 and Black is a pawn ahead,. Erker-Bengfort, Dortmund 1987.

 10.Qb3 Nxc3 11.bxc3 Na5 12.Qb4 Nc6 13.Qb3 = Ioseliani - Spacek, Czech Championship 1995.

 10.Re1 Be6 11.Bg5 h6 12.Be3 Rc8 13.Qd2 Kh7 14.Rac1 Qa5 and Black has play on both flanks, Ravi - Hodgson, London Lloyds 1989.

 10...h6 11.Be3.

 Plaskett treats the opening as though he were playing a Tarrasch with black. It can't be recommended though..


 11...Nxe3 12.fxe3 e5 13.d5 Ne7 would be even.

 12.Qd2 Kh7 13.Ne4.

 White should deploy the rooks in some useful fashion..

 13...Rc8 14.Nc5 Bg4!?.

 14...Nxe3 15.fxe3 Qb6=

 15.Nxb7 Qb6 16.Nc5 Rfd8 17.Na4 Qb4 18.Nc3 Nb6 19.Ne4.

 Seven straight moves with the knight! No wonder White can't establish any sort of initiative. The extra pawn is worthless and cannot be maintained..

 19...Bxf3 20.Qxb4.

 20.Bxf3 Qxd2 and the d-pawn falls immediately.

 20...Nxb4 21.Bxf3 Nc4 22.Rac1.

 22.b3 Nxe3 23.fxe3 Nc2u

 22...Nd3 23.Rc3 Nxe3 24.fxe3 Nxb2 25.Rxc8 Rxc8.

 This endgame is marginally better for Black, who enjoys the bwetter pawn structure. 26.Bg4 Rf8 27.Nc5 Nc4 28.Nd7 Rd8 29.Rxf7 Nxe3 30.Be6 Nf5 31.d5 Nd6 32.Rf1 Rc8 33.g3 Rc2 34.a4 Ra2 Black's advanatages are clear, better minor pieces all around and occupation of athe seventh rank. 35.Rf4 g5 36.Rg4 Kg6 37.h4 a5 38.hxg5 hxg5 39.Kf1 Rc2 White's king is about to be swarmed. 40.Ke1 Nf5 41.Re4 Bc3+ 42.Kd1 Rd2+ 43.Kc1 Nxg3 White resigned.

Chapter 5: 6.Nf3 Bg7 7.Bg5

Ljubojevic Kamsky
Melody Amber (Blindfold) Monaco, 1996

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.Nc3 cxd5 5.d4 g6 6.Bg5 Ne4 7.Nf3 Bg7.   This position is also available after 6.Nf3 B7 7.Bg5 Ne4. The early ...Ne4 takes advantage of the position of athe bishop at g5..


 a) 8.Nxd5 Nxg5 9.Nxg5 e6 is already winning for Black. The pathetic sacrifice 10.Nxf7 Kxf7 11.Qf3+ Bf6 12.Nxf6 Qxf6 13.Qe3 Nc6 leads nowhere, and Black is cruising to vitory, Nersissian - Avetisian, Erevan 1996.

 b) 8.Bh4 Nxc3 9.bxc3 0-0 10.Qb3 dxc4 11.Bxc4 Nc6 12.Qa3!? Bg4 13.0-0 Bxf3 14.gxf3 Qd73. Santos - Reis, Lisboa Championship 1996.

 c) 8.Bf4 Nxc3 9.bxc3 0-0 (9...Nc6 10.cxd5 Qxd5 11.Be2 0-0 12.0-0 Bf5 13.Re1 Rfd8 14.Qa4 Rac8 15.Ng5 Qd7=. Bradvarevic-Krzisnik, Yugoslavia Championship Vrnjacka Banja 1962.) 10.Qd2 Nc6 11.Rb1 dxc4 12.Bxc4 Na5 13.Bd3 Be6=. Ilmoni - Simula, Vantaa SM 1991.


 Why not take the bishop pair, since it is available?.

 8...Nxc3 9.bxc3 Qxd5 10.Be2 Nc6 11.0-0 0 - 0= Ivanov - Hracek, Kecskemet GM 1991.



 9...e6? is a mistake because of 10.Bb5+! Bd7 11.dxe6 Bxb5 12.exf7++-.

 9...Qb6 10.Bb5+ Bd7 11.Qe2 0-0 12.0-0 Bxb5 13.Nxb5 Nd7 Black can take the pawn at d4 instead, but there is no rush. 14.Nf3 Nf6 15.Nc3 Rad8 16.Rab1 and now a series of exchanges takes place: 16...Nxd5 17.Nxd5 Rxd5 18.Qxe7 Bxd4. Peterwagner - Danner, Austrian Championship 1991 with equal chances,.


 10.Bc4 e5!? (10...Qb6!=+) 11.Nf3 exd4 12.Nxd4 Qh4 13.Nce2 Bg4 14.Rc1 Nd7 (14...Bxe2 15.Nxe2 Bxb2 16.Rc2 Be5 17.d6 Nc6 and Black will play a rook to the d-file and eventually win the d-pawn.) 15.0-0 Nb6 16.f3 Nxc4 17.Rxc4 Bd7 18.Qb3+/-. Bessenay-Maric, Yugoslavia 1971.

 10...Nd7 11.Bc4.


 11...a6 12.a4 is not particularly helpful to Black, though it does not do any serious harm and does make the b4-square available. 12...Qb6 13.Nf3 Qb4 14.Be2 Nb6 15.a5 Nc4 16.Bxc4 Qxc4 17.Na4 Qxd5 18.Nb6 Qe6+ 19.Qe3 Rb8 20.0-0 Qd6 21.Rfe1 Bg4=. Enevoldsen - Karaklajic, Beverwijk 1967.

 12.Rd1 Qb4 13.Bb3 a5 14.Ba4 Nb6.

 This accepts White's invitation to complications..

 14...Bh6 can be integrated into this plan: 15.h4 Nb6 (15...f6 16.Qe3 Rf7 17.d6 is unclear.) 16.a3 Qd6 17.Bb3 (17.Bc2 f6) 17...a4 18.Ba2 f6 (18...Bg4 19.Nce4 Qd8 20.f3 Bf5 21.g42) 19.Nb5 Qd8 20.d6+ e6 is a very complicated position. 21.Nc7 fxg5 22.Nxa8 Nxa8 23.Qe3 Qf6 24.Rc1 gxh4 25.Qxh6 Qxf2+ 26.Kd1 Qxd4+ 27.Qd2 Qxd2+ 28.Kxd2 Bd7 29.Rxh4 Rf2+ 30.Kc3 Rxg2 31.Re1+/-

 15.a3 Qc4 16.Qe2 Bf5 17.Bb5 Qxe2+ 18.Kxe2 Rad8.

Despite the missing pawn, the endgame is a litle better for Black, who can use the pawns on the d-file as targets. 19.Bd3 Bxd3+ 20.Rxd3 Nxd5 21.Nxd5 Rxd5 The further reduction in material just accentuates White's problems with the d-pawn, though the centralized king provides some compensation. 22.Nf3 Rc8 23.Rhd1 Rb5 24.b3 Bh6 25.a4 Rb4 26.Nd2 Rc2 This infiltration of the seventh rank increases Black's advanatage, which is becoming serious. 27.g3 b5 28.axb5 Rxb5 29.h4 e6 30.f4 Bf8 31.Kf3 h5 32.Nc4 Bb4 33.Ne3 Rb2 34.Nc4 Ra2 35.d5 White finally eliminates the weakling. 35...exd5 36.Rxd5 Rb8 37.Rd8+ Rxd8 38.Rxd8+ Kg7 Objectively, White has excellent drawing chances in this endgame, but some care is needwed. 39.Rd7 Kf6 40.Ra7 Ke6 41.Ke4 Re2+ 42.Kd4?! White decides to give up the g-pawn for Black's a-pawn, but the weakness of the kingside that results makes defense difficult. 42...Rg2 43.Ra6+ Ke7 44.Nxa5 Bxa5 45.Rxa5 Rxg3 46.b4 Rb3 47.Rb5 Ke6.

A general plan in this endgame is to use the king to pick off the h- and f-pawns, and then sacrifice the rook for the White b-pawn in a position where the three connnected passed paws are winning against a rook. 48.Ke4 Rh3 49.Rb6+ Ke7 50.Rb7+ Kf6 51.Rb6+ Kg7 52.b5 Rxh4 53.Rc6 Rh1 54.b6 Rb1 55.Kf3 Rb3+ 56.Kg2 Kh6 57.Rf6 Kg7 58.Rc6 h4! 59.Rd6 White has nothing better to do than shuffle the rook around. 59...Kh6 60.Rf6 Kh5! 61.Rxf7 Rxb6 This endgame is winning for Black, because the h-pawn is strong. 62.Kf3 Rb3+ 63.Ke4 h3 64.Rg7.

 64.Rh7+ Kg4 65.Rh6 Rb6 66.Kd4 Rb2 67.Rxg6+ Kxf4 68.Rf6+ Kg5 69.Rf8 h2 70.Rh8 Kf4 71.Rf8+ Kg3 72.Rg8+ Kf2 73.Rh8 Kg1 wins.

 64...Kh6 65.Rg8 Kh7 66.Ra8 h2 67.Ra1 Rh3 68.Rh1 Kh6 69.Ke5 Kh5 70.Kf6 Kg4 White resigned.

Busch Nunn
West Germany, 1986

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.c4 Bg7 4.Nc3 0-0 5.Bg5 c5.   This time we reach the Panov from the King's Indian, Benoni complex!.

 6.e3 cxd4 7.exd4 d5.


 Other moves lead to quieter positions..

 8.Be2 dxc4 9.Bxc4 Bg4 10.0-0 Nc6 11.d5 Bxf3 12.gxf3 Ne53 Meduna - Novak, Czech Republic Championship Trinec 1972.

 8.Qd2 Ne4 9.Qf4 f6 10.Nxd5 Nxg5 11.Nxg5 fxg5 12.Qxg5 Bf6 13.Qh6 e6u. Valo - Kortelainen, Finland Championship 1989.

 8.cxd5 Nxd5 and now:.

 A) 9.Qd2 Nc6 10.Be2 Be6 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Bh6 Bg4 (12...Nxc3 13.bxc3 Bd5 14.Rfe1 e6 15.Rad1 Qa5 16.Bxg7 Kxg7. Grivas - Hebden, Kopavogur 1994 17.c4 Bxf3 18.Bxf3 Qxd2 19.Rxd2 Rfd8 20.d5!?) 13.Bxg7 Kxg7 14.Rfd1 Qd6 15.h3 Bxf3 16.Bxf3 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Na5 18.Qb2 Rc7 19.Rd3 Rfc8 20.Re1 Nc4 21.Qb3 b6 22.Be2 e6 23.Bf1 Qa3 24.d5 e5? (24...exd5 25.Rxd52) 25.Qxa3 Nxa3 26.Rxe5 Rxc3 27.Rxc3 Rxc3 28.d6 Rc8 29.Re3 Nb1 30.d7. Giffard - Hebden, Le Tonquet 1992.

 B) 9.Be2 Nc6 10.0-0 Nb6 11.Kh1 Nxd4 12.Nxd4 Qxd4 13.Qxd4 Bxd4 14.Rad1 e53.

 C) 9.Qb3 9...Nxc3 10.bxc3 Nc6 11.Be2 b6 12.0-0 Qd6 13.Rad1? e6 14.Nd2 Na5 15.Qb4 Qc7 (15...Qxb4 16.cxb4 Nc6 17.Bf3 Bb7 18.Nc4 18...h6 19.Bh4 Nd8 20.d5 g5 21.Bg3 Bxd5 22.Bxd5 exd5 23.Rxd5=) 16.Ne4 h6 17.Qe7 17...Qxe7 18.Bxe72 Smyslov - Martinovic, Groningen 1990.

 8.Qb3 dxc4 9.Bxc4 Nc6 10.d5 Na5 11.Qb4 Nxc4 12.Qxc4 e6 13.dxe6 Bxe6=. Djurhuus - Kotronias, Gausdal PG 1994.

 8.h3 Ne4 9.Bf4 Nxc3 10.bxc3 Nc6 11.Be2 dxc4 12.Bxc4 Qa53 = Velikov - Kaminski, Paris Championship 1996.

 8...Bxf6 9.Nxd5.

 9.cxd5 Black has a reasonably pleasant choice here.

A) 9...e6 A1) 10.Bc4 exd5 11.Nxd5 Re8+ (11...Nc6=) 12.Ne3 Nc6 13.0-0 Nxd4 14.Nxd4 Bxd4 15.Qb3 Be6= Szymczak - Kersten, Bundesliga 1994.

 A2) 10.dxe6 10...Bxe6 11.Qd2 (11.Be2 Nc6 12.d5 Bxc3+ 13.bxc3 Qxd53. Zaitseva - Dworakowska, FRA Championship 1996.) 11...Nc6 12.Rd1 Bg4 13.Be2 Bxf3 14.Bxf3 Re8+ 15.Be2 Nxd4 16.0-0 Qb6 17.Bc4 Qc5 18.Nd5 Bg7 19.Rc1 Rad8 20.Qg5 Kh8 21.b4 Qd6 22.Ne3 Re5 23.Qf4 Qe7 24.Rfd1 Re4 25.Qg3 Be5 26.Nd5 Rxd5 27.Qd3 Ne2+ 28.Qxe2 Rxe2 29.Rxd5 Rb2. Donk - Wiersma, Dieren 1991.

 B) 9...Bg4 B1) 10.Be2 Nd7 (10...Qb6 11.Qd2 Bxf3 12.Bxf3 Bxd4 13.Na4 Qf6 14.Rd1 Be5 15.Nc5 Qb6 16.Nxb7 Qxb7 17.d6 Nc6 18.Rc1 Bxd6 19.Bxc6 Qb6 20.0-0 Rfd8 21.Qe2 Rac8 22.Ba4 Qb4 23.Rxc8 Rxc8 24.Bb3 a5 25.g3 a4 26.Qa6 Rb8 = Sokolov - Nunn, EU Championship T Haifa 1989) 11.0-0 Bxf3 12.Bxf3 Qb6 13.Na4 Qxd4 14.Qxd4 Bxd4 15.d6! exd6 16.Rad1 Be5 = Pytel - Nunn, Ramsgate 1981.

 B2) 10.Bc4 Nd7 11.0-0 Qb6 12.Bb3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 Bxd4 14.Rad1 (14.Rfe1 Qf6 15.Qxf6 Bxf6 16.Rad1 Rfd8 17.Re2 Rac8 18.Ne4 Kf8 19.g3 Bg7 20.Kg2 h6 21.f4 Nc5 22.Nxc5 Rxc5 23.Kf3 Rd6 24.Rdd2 Ke8 25.Rc2 Rxc2 = Szymczak - Summermatter, Prague 1989) 14...Rac8 15.Rfe1 Bxc3 16.bxc3 Qd6 17.Qe3 Rfe8 18.Qxa7 Rxc3 19.Qxb7 Rc7 20.Qb5 Rec8 21.Qe2 Nc5 22.Qe3 Nxb3 23.axb3 Rb8 24.Qg3 Qxg3 = Sadler - Nunn, Oviedo 1992.

 B3) 10.Qd2 10...Bxf3 11.gxf3 Nd7 12.Bc4 (12.h4 Nb6 13.h5 Bg7 14.hxg6 hxg6 15.f4 Nxd5 16.f5 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Qd5u = Barbero - Brunner, Graz 1991.) 12...Nb6 13.Bb3 Rc8 14.Qd3 Qd6 15.a3 Qc7 16.Nb5 Qf4 17.Rd1 Rc1 18.0-0 Rxd1 19.Rxd1 Nxd5 20.Bxd5 Qg5+ 21.Kf1 Qxd5 22.Nxa7 Rd8 23.Nb5 Qh5 24.Kg2 Be5 25.h3 Qg5+ 26.Kf1 Qh4 27.Qe4 Qxh3+ 28.Ke2 Bf6 29.Qxb7 Vasyukov - Dzindzichashvili, Tbilisi 1973.


Here the knight at d5 usually retreats.



 A) 10...Nc6 11.d5 Qa5+ 12.Nd2 (12.Qd2 Bxb2 13.Qxa5 Nxa5 14.Rd1 Bc3+ 15.Nd2 b6 - + ... La6) 12...Bxb2 (12...Nb4 13.Qb3 Bd7 14.Be2 Na6 15.Qc2 Ba4 16.Qc1 Bd4 17.Nc2 Bxc2 18.Qxc2 Qb6 19.0-0 Qxb2 20.Qxb2 Bxb2 21.Rab1+/- Markowski - Kaminsky, POL Championship 1991.) 13.Rb1 (13.dxc6 Rd8) 13...Bc3 14.dxc6 Rd8 15.Nd5 Bxd2+ 16.Qxd2 Qxd2+ 17.Kxd2 bxc6 18.Bd3 cxd53. Knaak - Gruenberg, DDR Championship Zittau 1989.

 B) 10...Qa5+ 11.Qd2 Qxd2+ 12.Kxd2 Rd8 13.Bd3 Nc6 14.Nc2 Bg4 15.d5 Bxf3 16.gxf3 Ne53 = Lputian-Gufeld, Soviet Union 1981.

 10.Be2 Nc6 11.0-0.

Black has several defensive plans here..

 A) 11...e6 12.Nc3 Nxd4 13.Nxd4 Bxd4 14.Qb3 (14.Qd2?? Bxf2+. Bartosik - Kaminski, Warsaw 1993.

 14.Rc1 Qf6 15.Bf3 Rd8 16.Qc2 Rb8 17.Rfd1 b6 18.Nb5 Bb7 19.Nxd4 Rxd4 20.Bxb7 Rxb7 21.Rxd4 Qxd4= Buchert - Hengelage, Bundesliga 1995.) 14...Qe7 15.Bf3 Rd8 16.Rad1 a6 17.Na4 Rb8 18.c5 Be5 (18...e53) 19.Qe3 Bg7 20.Rxd8+ Qxd82. Chilese - Eynard, Lombardia 1990.

 B) 11...Bg4 12.Ne5 Bxe2 13.Qxe2 e6 14.Nxc6 bxc6 15.Nb4 Qxd43. Strenzwilk - Rogers, Philadelphia 1990.

 C) 11...Qd6 12.Nc3 Nxd4 13.Nxd4 Qxd4=. Kristinsson - Olafsson, Reykjavik 1984.


 10...Qb6 11.Qd2.

 A) 11...Bg4 12.Ne5 (12.Be2 Nc6 13.d5 Bxf3 14.Bxf3 Nd4 15.Be4 Qa6!3. Zaitseva - Volke, Berlin Summer 1992.) 12...Bxe5 13.dxe5 Be6 (13...Qe6!?) 14.Nd5 Bxd5 15.cxd5 Rd8 16.Bc42 = Krueger - Conrad, OLNN 1993.

 B) 11...Rd8 12.Be2 Bxd4 13.Nxd4 Rxd4 14.Qe3 Nc6 15.b3 Be6 16.0-0 Rad8 17.Nb5 Rd2 18.Qxb6 axb6 19.Bf3 Rb2 20.Nc3 Rdd2 21.Nb1 Rd3 22.Be4 = Rojas Sepulveda - Marin, Oakham 1986.

 10...Qa5 11.Be2 Nc6 12.0-0 Rd8 13.d5 Bxc3 14.bxc3 Qxc3 15.Qb3 Nd4 16.Nxd4 Qxd4 17.Qa3=. Inkiov - Winsnes, Gausdal Troll Masters 1991.

 11.Be2 Nc6 12.d5 Bxf3! 13.Bxf3.

Now which way should the knight go?.



 A) 14.Be2 A1) 14...Rc8?! 15.Qa4 Bxc3+ 16.bxc3 Rc5? (16...Qc7! 17.Rb1 Nxc4 18.Bxc4 Qxc4 19.Qxc4 Rxc4 20.Rxb7 Rxc3=) 17.0-0 Qc7 18.Rab12 Pachman - Andersson, Geneve 1977.

 A2) 14...Bxc3+! 15.bxc3 Qc7 16.Qd4 Rfc8! 17.Rb1! Nxc4 18.Bxc4 Qxc4 19.Qxc4 Rxc4 20.Rxb7 Rxc3 21.0 - 0=.

 B) 14.c5 14...Bxc3+ 15.bxc3 Rc8 16.c6 bxc6 17.dxc6 Nxc6 18.0-0 Ne5u. Skembris - Kotronias, Karditsa 1996.

 14.Be2 Rc8 15.Qb3 Qc7 16.0-0 Nxc4 17.Nb5 Qf4 18.g3 Qe4 19.Bd3?!.

 19.Bxc4 Qxc4 20.d6 Qxb3 21.axb3 exd6 22.Rxa7 d5=. Kovacevic - Gazarek, Makarska 1994.

 19...Qxd5 20.Rac1 Nb6! 21.Nxa7 Qxb3 22.axb3 Rxc1 23.Rxc1 Rd8.

Black has a clear advantage in this endgame. White's extra pawn is meaningless, and the bishops of opposite color are only of limited help with roooks and knights still on the board. 24.Be4 Rd4 25.Bf3 Rd3 26.Kg2 Rxb3 27.Bxb7 Rxb2 The queenside pawns are gone, so Black will have to make do with the kingside pawn majority. 28.Be4 f5 29.Bd3 Rd2 30.Bc2 Bd4 31.Bb3+ Kg7 32.Rc2 Rd3 33.Ba2 Bf6 34.Nb5 Nd5 35.Bc4 Rd1 36.Be2 Re1 37.Bc4 Nb4 38.Re2 Rc1 39.Bb3 Nd3 40.f4 A major concession. Now White's fortress is airy. 40...Rc5! 41.Na7 and here, after time control, Black missed the simple 41...Nc1 which would have wone quickly. Nunn did prevail in the end, however. White resigned.

Chapter 6: 6.cxd5 Nxd5!?

Karpov Miles
Amsterdam 1981

1.e4 c6 2.c4 d5 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.exd5 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nxd5 6.d4 g6 7.Bb5+.   This line is fairly obscure, but it is not nearly as good as Varnusz ndicates, and is not seen often..


 7...Bd7 is not as bad as its reputation.

A) 8.Bc4 This position is evaluated as clearly better for White by Varnusz, but I think that Black is just a tempo up n 7.Bc4 lines and is already slightly better. 8...Nb6! 9.Bb3 Bg7 10.Nf3 Nc6 11.Bg5 Na5 12.0-0 h6 13.Bf4 0-0 14.Bc2 Bg4 15.Be3 Nac4 16.Be4 Nd6 17.h3 Nxe4 18.Nxe4 Be6 19.Nc5 Bd5 with a strong position for Black, Willms - Wolf, Postal 1992.

 B) 8.Qe2 Nxc3 9.bxc3 Bg7 10.Nf3 0-0 (10...Qa5 and Black has the initiative.) 11.0-0 Bxb5 12.Qxb5 Qd7 13.a4 Qxb5 14.axb5 and Black is no worse, Kostin - Rada, Moravia Championship 1996.

 C) 8.Qb3 8...Nb6 9.Nf3 Bg7 10.Ne5 0-0 11.Nxd7 N8xd7 12.0-0 Nf6 (12...Re8 looks stronger, and I think Black can be satisfied with the position.) 13.Rd1 Ne8 14.a4 Nd6 15.a5 Nd7 16.Be22 and White is better, Martin - Seirawan, Biel, 1985, 0:1, 28,.


 8.Nf3 Bg7 offers no advantage to White. 9.Qa4 (9.Qb3 Nc7 10.Ne5 Bxe5 11.Bxc6+ bxc6 12.dxe5 Qd3 13.Be3 Ba6 14.Rd1 Qc4 15.Qxc4 Bxc4 16.Rd4 Ba6 17.f3 Nb5 18.Ra4 Nxc3 19.Rxa6 Nd5 20.Rxa7 0-0 21.Rxa8 Rxa8 22.Bd4 Ra4 and Black had strong counterplay in Holmsgaard - El Kher, Copenhagen 1996.) 9...0-0 10.Bxc6 Nb6 11.Qa5 bxc6 12.0-0 Be6 13.Re1 Bd5 14.Ne5 e6 15.Bf4 Re8 16.Rac1 f6 17.Ng4 h5 18.Ne3 g5 19.Nexd5 cxd53 Gobet - Klauser, Lenk 1989.

 8.Qb3 Nxc3 9.Bc4 Nd5 10.Bxd5 e6 11.Bxc6+ bxc6 12.Nf3 Bg7 13.Qc4 Qb6 and Black is at least equal, Moilanen - Salo, Turku 1990.

 8...Nxc3 9.bxc3.

 9.Bxc6+?! bxc6 10.Qxc6+ (10.bxc3 Qd5 = Ostermeyer - Lutz, Koln 1988) 10...Bd7 11.Qxc3 Rc8 gives Black sufficient compensation.

 9...Bg7 10.Nf3 0-0 11.0-0.


 11...Na5! is better. Black can later play ...a6 with a good game.

 12.Bxc6! bxc6 13.Ba3 Qc7 14.Rfe1 Rfe8 15.Ne5 Rab8 16.c4.

 16.Qxc6 loses to 16...Bxe5 - +.

 16.Nxc6 Qd7! 17.c4 Bxd4 18.Rad1 Rbc8 19.Rxd4 Qxc6 20.Qxc6 Rxc6 and Black is slightly better, though the outcomes is likely to be a draw.


 16...Bxe5 17.Rxe5 Red8 18.Bc5 (18.Re4=) 18...Rd7 19.Rae1 Rb2 20.a3 Qb7 and White has a minimal advantage at best.

 17.Bc5 Rb2 18.Qxc6.

 18.Nxc6 Bf6 19.Rad1 seems a straightforward way of maintaining the adantage.

 18...Rc8 19.Qa4 Qb7 20.Rad1!.

 Taking control of the d-file. The rook at b2 now has less room to roam..

 20...Bxe5 21.Rxe5 Qc6.

 21...Rb1 22.Ree1 Rb2 23.Re3 with the threat of Rb3.

 22.Qxa7 Rb7.

 22...Bxc4 23.Qxe7 Rxa2 24.Rc1 Be6 25.Rce1+=

 23.Qa3 Bxc4 24.Bxe7 Bd5 25.Rde1 Kg7.

 25...Bxg2? loses to 26.Rc5+-

 26.Qe3 Rcb8.

 26...Bxa2 is also hopeless. 27.d5 Bxd5 28.Qd4!.

 26...f6 just invites 27.Bxf6+ Qxf6 28.Rxd5.

 27.h4 Rb1 28.Rxb1 Rxb1+ 29.Kh2.


 29...Bxg2 allows the elegant 30.Qh6+! Kxh6 31.Bf8#.

 30.f3 Bxa2 31.Bc5.

 31.d5! Qc1 32.Qd4 Qd1 33.Bf6+! Kh7 (33...Kxf6 34.Re6+ Kf5 35.g4#) 34.Re8 Qxd4 35.Rh8#.


 31...Qf6? 32.Bf8+!+-.

 31...Bd5 32.h5+/- (32.Re8 Qc7+ 33.Qe5+ Qxe5+ 34.Rxe5 Bb7 is not likjely to be won by White.).

 32.d5! Qf6.

 32...Qd7 33.h5 rips open the remaining barrier to the king's fortress.


 Equally effective, and prettier!.


 33...gxh5 34.Bd4 Rb6 35.Bxf6+ Rxf6 36.Qe5 is a trivial win.

 34.Bd4 Qd6+ 35.Be5 Re8.

Here Karpov provides an impressive finish. 36.Qxh6! Qxe5+ 37.Rxe5 Rxe5 38.d6 Be6 39.Qd2 Bd7 40.Qd4 Re6 41.Qa7! Time control had been reached, and Black has no reason to continue. Black resigned.

Bisguier Larsen 
Palma de Mallorca 1971

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Nxd5 7.Bc4.   7.Qf3 Nf6 8.Bb5+ Nbd7 9.Nge2 Bg7 is very comfortable for Black. 10.0-0 0-0 11.Bf4 Nb6 12.Be5 Nfd5 13.Rad1 Bd7 14.Bxd7 Qxd7 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Ne4 Qf5= Small - Jadoul, Luxembourg 1988, 0.5.

 7...Nb6 8.Bb3.

 8.Bb5+ N8d7 9.Nf3 Bg7 has been successful for White in practice, although there should be little to fear as Black..

 A) 10.0-0 0-0 11.Re1 Nf6 12.h3 a6 13.Bf1 Nbd5 14.Bc4 e6 15.Bg5 Qd6 16.Qd2 b5 17.Bxd5 Nxd5 18.Bh6 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Bb7 20.Ne5 Rac8 21.Bxg7 Kxg7 22.f3 h5 23.a4 Rc7 24.axb5 axb5 25.Qb2 Qd5? A blunder in an otherwise equal position. (25...Bd5=) 26.Ra5 Bc6 27.c4 Qd8 28.d5. Garcia Gildardo-Van Parreren, Reykjavik 1994.

 B) 10.a4 10...a6 11.Be2 Nf6 12.Bf4 0-0 13.a5 Nbd5 14.Be5 Bh6 15.0-0 Nf4 (15...Be6 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 and I think BLack is better.) 16.Bc4 Bg4 17.h3 Bf5 18.Re1 N6h5 19.Qb3 Rc8 20.Ne4 Qd7 21.Nfg5 Rxc4 22.Qxc4 Qd5 23.Qxd5 Nxd5 24.g4 Bxe4 25.Nxe4+/-. Thomas - Rewitz, Esbjerg II 1988.


8...e6 9.Nf3 Nc6 10.Bg5 Be7 11.Bxe7 Nxe7 12.0-0 0-0 13.Qe22 Black has some worries on the dark squares of the kingside, but they are not easy to exploit. Kotzot - Jadud, Czech Republic Championship 1993.

 White has many paths to explore here..


 9.d5 0-0 10.Nf3 Bg4 (10...Na6 11.0-0 Nc5 12.Bg5 Nxb3 13.Qxb3 h6 14.Bf4 Bxc3 15.bxc3 Qxd5 16.Bxh6 Qxb3 17.axb3 Re8 18.Ra52. Gipslis - Kuempers, Cattolica 1992.) 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Qxf3 N8d7 should be fine for Black, despite the bishop pair. For example: 13.0-0 Nc5 14.Bg5 Qd7 15.Rfe1 Rfe8 16.Re2 h6 17.Be3 Nxb3 18.axb3 Nc8 19.Rd1 Nd6 20.Bd4 = Robatsch - Pachman, Havana 1963.

 9.Be3 0-0 10.a4 Nc6 11.Nge2 Na5 12.Bc2 Nac4 13.b3 Nxe3 14.fxe3 e5 (14...Bg4!?) 15.a5 Nd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.e4 Qb5 18.d5 Qc5 19.Qd2 Bg4 20.b4=. Rechmann - Niermann, Germany 1996.

 9.Nf3 0-0.

10.0-0 (10.h3 keeps the bishop off of g4. 10...Nc6 11.d5 Na5 12.0-0 Nxb3 13.Qxb3 Bxc3 14.Qxc3 Nxd5u. Rorvall - Ekstroem, SVE Championship 1977.

 10.d5 is rather committal. 10...Bg4 11.Bg5 N8d7 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 Nc5 14.Rd1 Qd7 15.0-0 Rac8 and Black's chances are no worse, Sigurjonsson-Gaprindashvili, Tbilisi 1974.) 10...Bg4.

 A) 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Qxf3 is the most direct approach. 12...Nc6 A1) 13.Be3 Nxd4 14.Bxd4 (14.Qxb7 Nf5 15.Rfd1 Qc8 16.Qf3 Nxe3 17.Qxe3 e6 18.Rac1 Qb7 19.Rd2 Rac8 20.Rcd1 Nc4 21.Bxc4 Rxc4 22.Qe2 Qb4 23.a3 Qb3 24.Ne4 Bxb2 25.Rxb2 Rxe4 26.Rxb3 Rxe2 27.Rb7 a5 28.Rb5 Ra8 29.Rd4 Ra2 30.Ra4 Rd8 31.Rbxa5 Rd1+ 32.Kh2 Rxf2 33.Rg4 Kf8 34.a4 h5 35.Rg3 Rff1 36.Rf3 Rxf3 37.gxf3. Del Rey - Arkell, Oviedo 1992) 14...Qxd4 15.Qxb7 Qd7 16.Qa6 Qc7 17.Rfe1 e6 18.Rac1 Qf4 19.Rc2 Rfc8 20.Re3 Qb8 21.Rce2 Rc7 22.Re1 Nd7 23.Qe2 Nc5 24.Bc4 Qb6 25.Nb5 Rc6 26.b4 Nb7 27.h4 a6 28.Na3 Nd6 29.h5 Nf5 30.hxg6 hxg6 31.Re4 Ng3. Littlewood - Dragojlovic, Cannes 1992.

 A2) 13.Rd1 13...Rc8 (13...a5 14.Be3 a4 15.Bc2 a3 16.bxa3 Rxa3 17.Bb3 Na5 18.Rab1 Nxb3 19.Rxb3 Rxb3 20.axb3 Qa8 21.Nd5 Nxd5 22.Qxd5 Qa6 23.Rc1 e6 24.Qd7 b5 25.Qc6 Qa3 26.Qxb5 Bxd4 27.Qa4 Qxa4 28.bxa4 Bxe3 29.fxe3 Ra8 30.Rc4 = Engelbert - Kunsztowicz, Hamburg Championship 1993) 14.Bg5 Qd7 15.Ne4 h6 16.Be3 Qf5 17.Qxf5 gxf5 18.Ng3 f4 19.Bxf4 Nxd4 20.Be3 Rfd8 21.Rd2 e6 22.Rad1 Nc6 23.Nh5 Rxd2 24.Rxd2 Na5 25.Nxg7 Nxb3 26.axb3 Kxg7 27.Rd4 Nd5 28.Rg4+ Kh7 29.Bd4 f6 30.Re4 e5 31.Bxa7 Rc2 32.Re1 Rd2 33.g3 Kg6 34.Bc5 Rxb2 35.Rd1 Nc7 36.b4 Na6 37.Rd7 Nxc5 38.bxc5 Rb5 39.Rc7 Kf5 40.Kg2 Ke4 41.h4 Kd5 42.Rh7 Rxc5 43.Rxb7 Rc6 44.h5 f5 45.Re7 e4 46.Re8 Rc2 = Kuijf - Pieterse, Netherlands Championship 1991.

 B) 11.d5 11...N8d7 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 Nc5 (13...Ne5 14.Qe2 Rc8 15.Bg5 Re8 16.Rac1 Nec4 17.Rfd1 Qd7 18.Bf4 Nd6 19.Be3 Nbc4 20.Ba4 b5 21.Nxb5 Nxb2 22.Nxd6 Qxa4 23.Nxe8 Rxe8 24.Rd2 Qxa2 25.Bg5. Gipslis - Kierzek, Dortmund 1978) 14.Rd1 B1) 14...a5 15.Bc2 Nc4 16.Qe2 Nd6 17.Be3 Rc8 18.Bd4 f6? (18...Bxd4 19.Rxd4 Qb63) 19.h4 Qd7 20.h5 g5 21.Re12 Rf7 22.Rac1 b5 23.Bxc5 Rxc5 24.Ne4 Rc7 25.Nxd6 exd6 26.Qe6 Rc5 27.Bf5 Qc7 28.Rxc5 Qxc5 29.Bxh7+. Jansa - Gaprindashvili, Vrnjacka Banja 1975.

 B2) 14...Nxb3 15.axb3 Qd7 16.Bg5 Rfe8 17.Rd2 Nc8 18.Ne4 Nd6 19.Re1 h6 20.Bf4 Rac8 21.Bxd6 exd63 = Dabrowska - Hawellek, Hamburg 1993.




 A) 10...N8d7 11.Be3 Ne5 12.Bd4 Bg4 13.f3 Bd7 14.0-0 Rc8 15.Rf2 Nec4 16.Bxg7 Kxg7 17.Qd4+ Kg8 A1) 18.Nf4!? Bf5 (18...Qc7 19.Re1 Nxb2?! 20.Rc2 N2c4 21.Rxe72 is given by Curt Hansen.) 19.Rd1 Qd7 20.g4 e5 21.dxe6 Bxe6 22.Nxe6 Qxe6 23.Re2+/-.

 A2) 18.Ne4?! 18...Bf5 19.Rd1 Bxe4 20.fxe4 Qd6 21.Nc3 Qe5 (21...a6!?3 is probably stronger.) 22.Bxc4 Qxd4 23.Rxd4 Nxc43 Sveshnikov - Huebner, Euiropean Cup Final 1992.

 B) 10...Na6 11.Be3 Bg4 (11...Re8 12.0-0 Bg4 13.f3 Bd7 14.Qd2 Rc8 15.Rfd1 Nc5 16.Nd4 e6 17.dxe6 Bxe6 18.Nxe6 Qxd2 19.Rxd2 Bxc3 20.bxc3 Nxb3 21.axb3 Rxe62 = Sveshnikov - Tregubov, Novgorod 1995.) 12.0-0 (12.f3 Bd7 13.0-0 Rc8 14.Bd4 Nc5 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Qd4+ f6 17.Nf4 Qc7. Palkovi - Gross, Budapest 1995.) 12...Rc8 (12...Re8 transposes to the previous note.) 13.Bd4 Bxd4 14.Qxd4 Bxe2 15.Nxe2 Qd6 and Black is better because the knight is better than the bishop at b3. Schmenger - Lytchak, German Championship U20 1996.

 C) 10...e6 11.dxe6 Qxd1+ 12.Nxd1 Bxe6 13.Bxe6 fxe6 and Black's minor weakness at f6 is not significant. = Dolmatov - Peelen, Amsterdam OHRA 1986.

 10.Be3 e6 11.Qd2 Nc6 12.Ne4 Nd5 13.Bh6 Qa5 14.N2c3 Qb4 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.0-0 - 0 Rd8 17.Nxd5 Qxd2+ 18.Rxd2 exd5 19.Nc3 Be6 and White had only the smallest advantage, Salimaki - Hytonen, Helsinki Championship 1996.


 10...Nc6 11.Be3 (11.d5 Na5 12.Bc2 Nac4 13.b3 Nd6 14.Bf4 Bg4 15.f3 Bf5 16.Rc1 Rc8 17.Be4 Bd7 18.a4 Na8 19.Be3 Qa5 20.Qd2 b5 21.Rfd1 bxa4 22.Nxa4 Qxd2 23.Rxd2 Rxc1+ 24.Nxc1 Bxa4 25.bxa4 Nc4u. Eriksson - Ziegler, Helsingborg 1991.) 11...Na5 12.Bc2 Bg4 (12...Nac4 13.Bc1 Be6 14.b3 Nd6 15.Be3 Nf5 16.Ne4 Bd5 17.Qd3 Bxe4 18.Qxe4 Qd5= Lehtioksa - Salo, Lahti 1997.) 13.f3 Be6 14.b3 Rc8 15.Rc1 Nd5 16.Nxd5 Bxd5 17.Qd2 Nc6 18.Be4 e6 19.Rfd1 Re8 = Kojtka - Schlenga, NWL-II 1987.

 11.d5 Na6 12.Be3.

 12.Nd4 is best met by 12...Bc8 for example 13.Be3 Nc5 14.Ndb5 Nxb3 15.Qxb3 a6 16.Na7!? Nd7 17.Nxc8 Rxc8 18.Qxb7 Rb8 19.Qxa6 Rxb2 20.Qa32


 The redeployment of the knight to d6 is a strong plan which gives Black a good game. The pawn at d5 is really only in White's way..

 13.Bd4 Bxd4.

 13...Bh6 14.Ng3 Nd6 15.Re1 Re8 16.Qe2 Bg7 17.Bxg7 Kxg7 18.Nxf5+ Nxf5 19.Ba4 Rf8 20.Bc2 Nd6 21.Qe5+2 Machulsky - Rastenis, Soviet Union Championship YM Vilnius 1978.(100).

 14.Qxd4 Qb6 15.Rad1 Nd6 16.Qh4 Nc5.

Black can be satisfied with the position. 17.Nd4 17.Qxe7 Nxb3 18.axb3 Bc2 19.Rc1 Bxb33 17...a5 18.Na4 Nxa4 19.Bxa4 Qxb2 20.g4 Be4 21.Qxe7 Ra6 22.Qe5 Qxa2 Black has dangerous queenside pawns and White's king is weak. 23.Bb3 Qb2 24.f3.

24...a4! 25.Rf2.

 25.fxe4 axb3 26.Rf2 Qc3 27.Rf3 Qc4 28.Nxb3 Re8 29.Qc3 Qxe4 30.h3 Ra2 and White cannot hold out for long.

 25...Qc3 26.Bxa4 Rxa4 27.fxe4 Nc4 28.Qe7 Qh3 29.Kh1 Raa8.

 29...Qxg4 30.Rg1 Qc8 31.Nf5 Ra6 32.d6 threatens Qf6, so Black's reply is forced. 32...Qe6 33.d7! Qxe7 34.Nxe7+ Kg7 35.Nf5+ Kh8 36.Nh6 Raa8 37.Rxf7 Ne5 38.Re7 Nc6 39.Rf7 Ne5 draws.

 30.Rf3 Qxg4 31.Rg1 Qh5 The difference here is that the back rank is better defended for Black and the rook at f3 is under supervision, so that the knight at d4 cannot come to f5. 32.Rf5 Qh6 33.Nf3 Rae8 34.Qc7.

 34.Qxb7 Nd6 35.Qc7 Nxf5 36.exf5 Qe3u.

 34...Ne3 35.Rf4 Rc8 36.Qd6 Rcd8 37.Qc7 Rxd5! 38.Re1.

 38.exd5 Nxd5 39.Qxb7 Nxf4 should be enough to win.

 38...Rd7 39.Qe5 Nc4 40.Qf6 Rd6 41.Qg5 Qxg5 42.Nxg5 Ne5 White resigned.

Rantanen Christiansen 
Tallinn, 1979

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Nxd5 7.Qb3.   This is the move Tal preferred. White steps up the pressure immediately.


 7...Nxc3 can lead to positions from the Gruenfeld Defense. On the other hand, exciting complications arise on the inntermediate move Bc4..

 A) 8.bxc3 Bg7 9.Nf3 (9.Bb5+ Bd7 10.Nf3 0-0 11.0-0 Nc6 12.Bf4 Rc8 13.a4 Be6 14.Qa3 a6 15.Be2 Na5=. Nieuwelink - Dorenberg, Eindhoven 1988.) 9...0-0 (9...Nc6 10.Bd3 0-0 11.0-0 Bg4 12.Ng5 Qc7 13.Re1 Rac8 14.Bd2 Na5 15.Qb4 Nc6 16.Qb3 Na5 17.Qb4 Nc6 = Oll-Epishin, Vilnius 1988) 10.Be2 Nc6 11.0-0 Na5 12.Qa3 b6 13.Re1 Re8 14.Bg5 Bf8 15.Qc1 Bb7 16.Bb5 Bc6 17.Bxc6 Nxc6=. Gavrilakis - Santos, Luzern Olympiad 1982.

 B) 8.Bc4 8...e6 (8...Be6 9.Bxe6 fxe6 10.bxc3 Qd5 11.Nf3 Bg7 12.0-0 Bf6 13.Re1 Qxb3 14.axb3 Kf7 15.Ne5+ Bxe5 16.Rxe5+/-. Maciejewski - Cichocki, Poznan 1984.) 9.bxc3 Nc6 (9...Bd6 10.h4 0-0 11.Bg5 Qc7 12.h5 Bf4 13.Bxf4 Qxf4 14.hxg6 hxg6 is better for White, because the Bc8 is very bad, and there are attacking chances on the kingside. Rantanen - Ostenstad, Nordic Championship 1985.

 9...Bg7 10.Nf3 0-0 11.0-0 Nc6 12.Qc2 b6 13.Ba3 Re8 14.Rfd1 Na5 15.Bb5 Bd7 16.Be2 Bc6 and Black is at least equal. Vajda - Kahn, Hungary 1993.) 10.Nf3 Bg7 11.Ba3 White's position looks menacing, because it is hard for Black to castle. But Black is not without resources. B1) 11...a6 12.Bd3 Ne7 13.0-0 0-0 14.Rfd1 (14.c4 Re8 15.Rad1 Nc6 16.Bc5 Qc7 17.Rfe1 Bd7 18.Rb1 Rab8 19.Qa32. Peptan - Danielian, Halle 1995.) 14...Qc7 15.c4 Rd8 16.Rac1 Nf5 17.d52. Mufic - Koznjak, Croatian Championship 1995.

 B2) 11...Bf8 12.0-0 (12.Bxf8 Kxf8 13.Bd3 Kg7=) 12...Bxa3 13.Qxa3 Qe7 (13...Ne7 might give Black a chance to castle.) 14.Qc1 0-0 15.Qh6 Qf6 16.Ng5 Qg7 17.Qh4 b6 18.d5! exd5 19.Bxd5 Bb7 20.f4 Na5 21.Bxb7 Nxb7 22.f5 h6 (22...Nd6 23.f6 Qh8 24.Qf4 Rad8 25.Rad1 Nf5 26.g4+/-) 23.f6 hxg5 24.fxg7 gxh4 25.gxf8Q+ Rxf8 26.Rf4 g5 27.Ra4 Na5 28.Rd1 Rc8 29.Rd5 Rxc3 30.Rxg5+ Kf8 31.h3 Nc6 32.Rxh4 Rc1+ 33.Kh2. Tal - Pohla, Soviet Union 1972.

 7...e6 deserves further tests. 8.Nf3 Nc6 9.Bc4 Bg7 10.Bg5 (10.Nxd5 exd5 11.Bxd5 0-0 12.0 - 02) 10...Nde7 11.d5 exd5 12.Nxd5 Qa5+ 13.Bd2 Qd8 14.0-0 Nxd5 15.Bxd5 0-0 16.Ng5 Qf6 17.Rae1 Nd4 18.Qc4 Bd7 19.a4 = Fossan - Egeli, Stavanger 1991.


 8.Bb5+ Bd7 9.a4 (9.Nf3 Bxb5 10.Nxb5 Bg7=. Doery - Weiss Hartvig, Tastrup 1990.) 9...Nc6 (9...a5 is an interesting option here. 10.h4?! Bg7 11.h5 Nc6 12.Be3 Be6 13.d5 Nxd5 14.0-0 - 0 Nxc3 15.Rxd8+ Rxd8 16.Qa3 Rd1+ 17.Kc2 Bf5+. Kuijf-Douven, Amsterdam 1987.

 9...Bxb5 10.Qxb5+ Qd7 11.Nge2 Bg7 12.Bg5 h6 13.Bh4 0-0 14.0-0 e6 15.Rfc1 Na6 16.Qxd7 Nxd7 17.Nb5 Nf6= Vehi Bach - Cramling, Barcelona Vulca 1989.) 10.Nf3 Be6 (10...Na5 is also good. 11.Qb4 Nc6 12.Qb3 Na5 13.Qa2 Bxb5 14.axb5 Nac4 15.0-0 Bg7 16.Re1 0-0 17.Bg5 Re8 18.Ne5 Rc8 19.Rad1 a6 20.bxa6 bxa6 21.Bc1 a5 22.h4 = Velimirovic - Gipslis, Amsterdam IBM 1976) 11.d5 Nxd5 12.Nd4 Nc7 13.Nxe6 Nxe6 14.0-0 Ned4 15.Bxc6+ bxc6 and White has nothing to show for the pawn. De Jong - Peelen, Wijk aan Zee II 1990.

 8.d5 This space-gaining thrust is very interesting. The support of the queen at b3 is important. 8...Bg7 9.Be3 0-0 10.Rd1.

Black has many plans of development here..

 A) 10...N8d7 11.Nf3 Nf6 12.Be2 Bf5 Many moves are good here, but I think this is the most reliable for Black. 13.0-0 Ne4 14.Bd4 Bxd4 15.Nxd4 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Bd7 17.Bb5 Rc8 18.Ne6 Bxe6 19.dxe6 Qc7 20.Bd7 Nxd7 21.Rxd7 Qxc3 22.Qxb7 fxe6 23.Rxe7 Qf6 24.h3 Rc2 25.Qxa7 Rxa2 26.Qxa2 = Groenegress - Saack, Bundesliga 1993.

 B) 10...Bg4 B1) 11.Nge2 Na6 12.h3 Bd7 13.Nf4 Rc8 14.Bxa6 bxa6 15.Ne6 fxe6 16.dxe6 Bxc3+ 17.bxc3 Ba4 18.Rxd8 Bxb3 19.Rxf8+ Kxf8 20.axb3 Rxc3 21.0-0 Rc6 (21...Rxb3 22.Ra1 Nc4 23.Bh6+ Ke8 24.Rxa62) 22.Bh6+ Ke8 23.Re1 Nd5 24.Re4 Rb6= Jepsen - Ledger, Bellinge 1991.

 B2) 11.Be2 11...Bxe2 12.Ngxe2 N8d7 13.0-0 Rc8 (13...Qc7 14.Qb4 Nf6 15.d6 exd6 16.Bxb6 axb6 17.Qxd6 Qc6 18.Rd2 Rfe8 19.Rfd1 Ne4 20.Qxc6 = Schulz - Jurgen-Lutz, Porz 1988) 14.Rfe1 Nc5 15.Qb4 Na6 16.Qb3 Nc5 17.Qb4 Na6 = Upleger - Borge, Lyngby 1989.

 C) 10...Bf5 11.Nge2 N8d7 12.Ng3 Qc7 13.Nxf5 gxf5 14.Be2 f4 15.Bd4 (15.d6 Bxc3+ 16.bxc3 exd6 17.Bxf4=) 15...Bxd4 16.Rxd4 Qe5= Kisova - Kaczorowska, Brno zt 1989.

 D) 10...Bd7 11.Nf3 Na6 12.Be2+=.

 E) 10...N6d7 11.g3 b6 12.Bg2 Bb7 13.Nge2 e5 14.0-0 Na6 15.f4 Nac5 16.Qc2 exf4 17.Bxf42 = Pirrot - Mowsziszian, German Championship 1993.

 F) 10...Na6 is very popular..

 F1) 11.Be2 Qd6 with:.

 F11) 12.Bf3 Nc5 13.Qb5 Nca4! 14.Ne4 (14.Nge2 Bd7 = Cherniaev - Gipslis, Gausdal Peer Gynt 1993) 14...Qd7 15.Qb3 Qc7! 16.Rd2 Bf5 transposes to Schulz-Miles West Germany 1983below. Or 13.Qa3!? 13...Nca4 14.Qxd6 exd6 15.Nxa4 Nxa4 16.b3 Nc3 17.Rd2 Nb1 18.Rd1 Nc33 = Blatny - Adorjan, Gijon-EACC 1988.


 B) 12.Nf3 12...Nc5 13.Qb5 F1b1) 13...Bxc3+ 14.bxc3 Nca4 15.Qb3 Bd7 16.0-0 Nc5 17.Qb4 Rfc8 18.Qh4 Ba4 19.Ng5 h5 20.Bxc5 Qxc5 21.Bxh5! Kg7 22.Bxg6 Rh8 (22...Kxg6 23.Qh7+ Kxg5 24.h4+ Kg4 25.Qxf7 Kxh4 26.Qg6! and Black gets mated!) 23.Qf4 Qxc3 24.Qxf7+ Kh6 25.Rd3 Qf6 26.Rh3+ Kxg5 27.f4+ Kg4 28.Rg3+ Kh4 29.Qxf6+ exf6 30.Bf5. Packroff - Bodis, Postal 1988.

 F1b2) 13...Nca4 14.Ne4 Qd7 15.Qb3 Qc7 (15...Nxb2 16.Rd23) 16.0-0 Bf5 17.Rc1 Qd8 18.Nc5 Nxc5 19.Rxc5 Qd6 20.Ra5 Be4 21.Bc5 Qxd5 22.Qb4 Qc6 23.Bxe7 Rfc8 24.Rc5 Qa4 25.Ng5 Qxb4 26.Rxc8+ Rxc8 27.Bxb4 Bd53. Schultz - Miles, BL 1983.

 F2) 11.Nf3 lets Black improve the position with 11...Qd6! 12.a3? (12.Bxa6 bxa6 13.Ne4 Qd8 14.d6 exd6 15.Nxd6/) 12...Nc5 13.Qb5 Nca4! 14.Ne4 Qd7.

Surprisingly, White is in serious trouble in this position. The b2-square is very weak. Therefore Barle tried the remaining candidate: 15.Qb3!? (15.Qa5 Nxb2! 16.Bxb6 axb6 17.Qxa8 Nxd1 18.Kxd1 Qxd5+ 19.Ned2 Bg4 20.Qa4 Bxf3+ 21.gxf3 Rd8 22.Qc2 Bh6 - +.

 15.Qb4 Nxb2 16.Rd4!% Bxd4 17.Bxd4 N2a4 18.d6 Qc6! 19.Bxb6 Nxb6 20.dxe7 Re8 and White cannot escape.

 15.b3 Nc3 16.Qxd7 Bxd7 17.Nxc3 Bxc3+ 18.Bd2 Rac8u.

 15.Qxd7 Bxd7 16.d6 Nxb2 17.Rc1 Rfe8!u) 15...Nxb2 16.Bb5 Qg4 17.Ng3 Nxd1 18.h3! Nxe3 19.hxg4 Nxg2+! 20.Kf1 Nf4u. Barle - Adorjan, Reykjavik 1988.

 F3) 11.Bxa6 11...bxa6 12.Nge2 a5! 13.Qb5 Rb8! (13...a4 14.Bd4 Bd7 15.Qb4 Rc8 16.0-0 Rc4 17.Qa5 Qb8 18.b3 axb3 19.axb3 Rc7 20.Ne4 Bf5 21.d6 exd6 22.Nxd6 Bc2 23.Bxg7 Bxd1 24.Bxf8 Bxe2 25.Bh6 Bxf1 26.Qe5. Sveshnikov - Seres, Nova Gorica 1997) 14.Qxa5 Nc4,, 15.Qxd8 Rxd8 16.b3 Nxe3 17.fxe3 Ba6(c).

 8.Be3 Bg7 9.Bb5+ Bd7 10.Nf3 0-0 11.Bxd7 N8xd7 12.0-0 Nf6 13.Rad1 Nfd5 14.Bc1 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Rc8 (15...Qc7!? might be stronger.) 16.Rfe1 e6 17.Ng5 Qd5 18.Ne4 Nc4 19.Bh6 Qc6 20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.Rd3 Rfd8= Berta - Kiss, Hungarian Championship 1994.

 8.Bf4 Bg7 9.Bb5+ Bd7 10.Be5 0-0 11.Bxg7 Kxg7 12.Bxd7 N8xd7 13.Nf3 Nf6 14.0-0 Qd6 15.Rfe1 Nbd5 16.Rac1 = Vajda - Ardeleanu, ROM Championship Herculane 1996



 9.Be3 0-0 10.Be2 Be6 11.Qd1 Nd5 12.0-0 Nc6 13.Qd2 Nxc3 14.bxc3 Na5 15.Qb2 Rc8 16.Nd2 a6 17.Qb4 b5 18.Qa3 Bd5 19.Rfc1 Re8 20.Nb3 Nc4 21.Bxc4 Rxc4 22.Qxa6 Qd7=. Juhasz - Arkell, Budapest 1992.


 9...N8d7 10.0-0 (10.a4 a6 11.Be2 Nf6 12.a5 Nbd7 13.0-0 0-0 14.Bf4 b5 15.axb6 Qxb6=. Pessi - Hristodorescu, Drobeta 1993.) 10...0-0 11.Re1 Nf6 12.h3 Qd6 13.Bg5 Be6 14.Qc2 (14.Qd1 Rac8 15.Qe2 a6 16.Bd3 Nbd5 17.Ne4 Nxe4 18.Bxe4 Qb6= Garcia - Becerra Rivero, Cienfuegos-A 1996.) 14...Rac8 15.a3 Nbd5 16.Bd3 a6 17.Qd2 Rfd8 18.Na4 Nd7 19.Rac1 b5 20.Nc3 Nxc3 21.Rxc3 Rxc3 22.Qxc3 Nb6= Tkachiev - Dzhumaev, USSR-jch Alma-Ata 1991.

 10.Ne5 This is the most ambitious move, but there is no shortage of alternatives..

 10.a4 is very popular because it threatens to dislodge the knight from b6. Black should not over-react, however. 11...a5 is not only unnecessary, but is quite weakening..

 A) 10...0-0 A1) 11.a5?! Be6 12.Qd1 Nd5 13.0-0 a6 14.Be2 Nc63 15.Qa4 Qd6 16.Ne4 Qb4 17.Nc5 Nxd4 18.Nxd4 Bxd4 19.Nxe6 fxe6 20.Bh6 Rfd83 (20...Bg7? 21.Bg4N Qd6 22.Qe4 e5 23.Rad1 Bxh6 24.Rxd5 Rf4=. Vuckovic - Schwarz, German Championship J 1991.).

 A2) 11.0-0 Be6 12.Qd1 a6 13.Be2 Nc6 and Black is at least equal. Vogelmann - Schlenga, NWL-II 1992.

 A3) 11.Bxd7 11...Qxd7 12.a5 Nc8 13.0-0 (13.0-0 = Minic - Ceskovski, Rovinj, Zagreb 1975) 13...Nc6 14.Rd1 Nd6 15.Bf4 Nf5 16.Ne5 Qc8 17.Nxc6 Qxc6 18.d5 Qd7 19.Ra4 Rac8= Ljubojevic-Tan, Manila IZ 1976.

 B) 10...Bxb5 11.Qxb5+ (11.axb5 0-0 12.0-0 a5 13.bxa6 Rxa6 14.Rxa6 bxa6= Kondou - Arkell, Athens SEV 1992.) 11...Qd7 12.Qb3 Qe6+ (12...Nc6 13.a5 Nc8 14.d5 Nd8 15.0-0 0-0 16.Re1 Nd6 17.Bf4 Re8 18.Qb4 Rc8 19.Bxd6 exd6 20.Rxe8+ Qxe8 21.Qxd6+/-. Kindermann - Derikum, Bundesliga 1984.) 13.Qxe6 fxe6 14.0-0 Nc6 15.Re1 Rd8 16.Rxe6 Bxd4 17.Bg5 Bxc3 18.bxc3 Rd5 19.a5 Nc4 20.a6 Kd7= Gluzman-Seirawan, Moscow Olympiad 1994.

 C) 10...Nc6 11.d5 Ne5 (11...Nd4 12.Nxd4 Bxd4 13.Bh6 a6=. De Jong-Wilterdink, Postal 1988.) 12.Nxe5 Bxe5 13.Bxd7+ Qxd7 14.a5 Nc8 15.Be3 Nd6 16.0-0 0-0 17.Rfe1 Bg7 is comfortable for Black. Bertino - Peluso, Postal 1986.

 D) 10...a5 11.Bxd7+ N8xd7 12.0-0 0-0 13.Bf4 Nf6 14.Be5 Ra6 (14...Nfd5 15.Rfd1 Nb4 16.Bxg7 Kxg7 17.d5 Rc83 Gligoric - Marovic, Zagreb 1965.) 15.Rfe1 Nfd5 16.Bxg7 Kxg7 17.Rac1 e6 18.Nb5 Nd7 19.Ne5 Nxe5 20.dxe5= Minic - Vukic, Sarajevo 1972.

 10.h4 is not as aggrewssive as it looks. 10...Bxb5 11.Nxb5 Na6 12.Nc3 Qc7 13.Ne5 Bxe5 14.dxe5 Qc4 15.Be3 Rd8 16.Bxb6 Qxb3 17.axb3 axb6=. Raaste - Nykopp, Kuopio 1985.

 10.0-0 0-0.

White has found it difficult to achieve any advanatage here. 11.Bg5 (11.Re1 Bxb5 12.Qxb5 Nc6 13.a4 a6 14.Qb3 Na53. Lanka - Antoms, Lettland 1991.

 11.Bxd7 Qxd7 12.a4 e6 13.a5 Nd5 14.Ne5 Bxe5 15.dxe5 Nxc3 16.Qxc3 Nc62. Banas - Tomcik, Topolcianky SVK Championship 1993.

 11.Rd1 Bg4 12.Be2 Bxf3 13.Bxf3 Nc6 14.Be3 Qd7 15.Ne4 Nxd4 16.Rxd4 Bxd4 17.Rd1 Rfd8 18.Bxd4+/-. Gobet - Brunner, SWZ Championship 1993.) 11...Bxb5 12.Qxb5 N8d7 13.Rad1 Nf6 14.Rfe1 Re8 15.d5 Qd7 16.Qb3 = Doery - Alber, Frankfurt 1988 16...Rad8=.



 11.Be3 Bxb5 and White is slightly worse regardless of which piece recaptures on b5. The d-pawn remains weak, and the bishop at e3 is too passive.

 11...N8xd7 12.0-0 Nf6 13.Rd1.

 13.Be3 is still passive..

 A) 13...Ng4 14.Be2 Nxe3 15.fxe3 e5 A1) 16.Rad1 Qe7 (16...exd4 17.exd4 Qe7 is a modest improvement, since now the advance of the pawn to d5 must be delayed.) 17.d5 Rad8 18.Ne4 Nc8 19.Kh1 Kh8 20.d6 Nxd6 21.Qa3 Nc8 22.Qxe7 Nxe7 23.Rxd8 Rxd8 24.Rxf7+/- = Gdanski - Urban, POL Championship Brzeg Dolny 1996.

 A2) 16.d5 16...e4 17.Nxe4 Qxd5 18.Nf6+ Bxf6 19.Rxf6 Qxb3 20.axb3 Rfd8= Frois - DeBoer, Lisboa 1986.

 B) 13...Nfd5 14.Rad1 (14.Nxd5 Qxd5 15.Qxd5 Nxd5= Rohs - Gruss, Hessenliga 1993.) 14...e6 15.Ne4 Rc8 16.Be2 Nxe3 17.fxe3 Qd5 18.Nc3 Qg5 (18...Qxb3 19.axb3 Rc73 and Black will follow with ...Rfc8.) 19.Rf3 Nd5 20.Nb5 a6 21.Nd62. Zude - Schmitzer, Hessen Championship 1989.

 C) 13...e6 14.Be2 (14.d5 Nbxd5 15.Bc5 Nxc3 16.Bxf8 Nxb5 17.Bxg7 Nd4 18.Qe3 Nf5 19.Bxf6 Nxe3 20.Bxd8 Nxf1 21.Ba5. Messing-Atanasov, Varna 1973) 14...Qd7 15.a4 h6 16.a5 Nbd5 17.Na4 b6 18.Rfc1 Rac8 19.Nc3 Rc7 20.Bd2 Rfc83. Bondarevsky - Vladimirov, Gorky USSR-sf 1955.

 13.a4 Nbd5 (13...Qxd4 14.a5 Nbd5 15.Rd1 Qb4 should be better for Black.) 14.a5 a6 15.Be2 Qd6 16.Bf3 e6 17.Bg5 Qb4 18.Bxd5 Nxd5 19.Qxb4 Nxb4 20.Be7 Nc2 21.Bxf8 Kxf8 22.Ra4 Nxd4 23.Rd1 Rd8 24.Kf1 e5 25.Rb4 Rd7 26.Ne2 Rd5 27.Nxd4 exd4 28.Rxb7 Rxa5 29.Ke2. Pyhala - Jaatinen, Heart of Finland 1996.


 13...Nc8 14.Bf4 (14.Be2 Nd6 15.Bf3 Rc8 16.Bf4 b6 17.Be5 Qd7 18.Re1 Rfe8=. Stein - Heinbuch, Bundesliga 1986.) 14...Nd6 15.Be2 Qd7 (15...Qa5 16.Bf3 Rfd8 17.Re1 Rd7 18.g4 Rc8 19.Be5 Qd8 White has a slight initiative, but Black's position is solid. Aulaskari - Jaatinen, Postal 1990.) 16.Bf3 Rac8 17.a4 Rfd8 18.a5! 2 Rantanen - Ermenkov, Malta Olympiad 1980.

 13...Ne8!? 14.a4 Nd6 15.a5 Nd7 16.Be2 Nb8 (16...Rb8 17.Bf4 a6 18.Nd5 b6 19.Qa3 bxa5 20.Bxa6+/- Reinderman - Mittelman, Leeuwarden 1995.) 17.Bf3 Nc6 18.Qa4 Rc8 with a good position for Black,. Martin Gonzalez - Seirawan, Biel izt 1985.


 A) 14.Bg5 h6 (14...Nc7 followed by ...Ne6 comes into consideration.) 15.Bh4 Rc8 16.Be2 Qd7 17.a4 a5 18.Bg3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Nd5 20.Rac1 e6 21.Bf3 Rfd8 and Black was able to hold the draw in Haapasalo - Salo, Salo 1993.

 B) 14.Be2 14...e6 15.a4 a5 16.Ne4 (16.Nb5 Qe7 17.Bd2 Rfc8= Del Rio - Schmitzer, Schoeneck 1991.) 16...Qe7 17.Bg5 Qb4 18.Qxb4 Nxb4 19.Be7 Rfc8 20.Bc5 N6d5 21.Nd6 Rc7 22.Bf3 Rd8 23.Nb5 Rcd7 24.Nc3 b6 25.Bxd5 = Veroci - Skacelova, Brno zt 1989.

 13...Rc8 is an obvious candidate. 14.Bf4 Nbd5 15.Be5 Bh6 16.Be2 Qd7 17.Bf3 e6 18.Bxf6 Nxf6 19.d5 e5 20.d6 Rfd8 21.Qxb7 Qxb7 22.Bxb7 Rb8 23.Ne4 Nxe4 24.Bxe4 = Veroci - Kondou, Athens SEV 1992.


This is a typical Tarrasch in reverse. The pawn at d4 is not without support, but Black can easily blockade at d5. If White does not obtain some activity, then Black can slowly organize an assault against d4. 14...Rac8.

 14...Nbd5 15.Qxb7 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Nd5 17.Bd2 Rfb8 18.Qa6 Qxa6 19.Bxa6 e5 20.dxe5 Bxe5 21.Bc4! Nb6 (21...Nxc3 22.Bxc3 Bxc3 23.Rac1 Bb2 24.Rc2 Bg7=) 22.Be2 Rc8 23.Rac1 Rc7 24.c4+/- = Markun - Podkriznik, SLO Championship 1994.

 15.Bf3 e6!? Black ignores the attack on the pawn at b7, but White is not afraid of comlications on the b-file, and this plan proves too optimistic..

 15...Qb8 16.Re1 e6 is passive, but more solid.

 16.Bxb7 Rb8.

17.Bf3 Rfc8 18.Nb5 Qd7 19.Bf4 Nbd5 20.Bxb8 Rxb8 21.a4 a6 22.Bxd5 Nxd5 23.Qg3 Rb7 24.Nd6?!.

 24.Nc3 Rxb2 25.Nxd5 Qxd5 26.Qc3 and Black has no real compensation for the exchange.

 24...Rxb2 25.Nc4 Rb4 26.Ne5 Qb7 27.h4 This square would have been better used by the queen. 27...h5 28.a5 Kh7 29.Rac1 Bh6 30.Rc5 Rb3!.

31.f3? This wraps things up quickly, but already White was in grave danger..

 31.Nd3 Nf4 32.Nxf4 Rxg3 33.fxg3 Qb3 and Black's queen is too strong.

 31.Nf3 Nc3 (31...Rb1 32.Rf1 Rxf1+ 33.Kxf1 Qb1+ 34.Ne1 Bd2 35.Qe5 allows the stunning 35...Ne3+! 36.Qxe3 Thre is nothing better. 36...Bxe3 37.fxe3 Qe4 and Black should win.) 32.Rxc3! Rxc3 33.Ng5+ Bxg5 34.Qxc3 Bxh4 35.d5 and White retains the advantage.

 31...Bf4 32.Qh3 Rb1 White resigned.

Chapter 7: 6.cxd5 Bg7 except 7.Bb5

Danailov Donev
Sofia Open 1988

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Nf3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Bc4 Nbd7.   There are many pathways to this position, including transpositions from the English Opening, King's Indian, and Sicilian Defenses..

 8...Na6 is suspect. 9.0-0 Nc7 10.Re1 Bg4?! (10...a6 11.a4 b6 12.Ne5 Bb7 13.Nc6+/-) 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Qxf3 a6 13.Bf4 b5 14.Bb32 Tal - Spiro, simul 1990.


 9.d6 declares White's plan rather early in the game. 9...exd6 10.0-0.

 A) 10...a6 may be Black' best plan. 11.a4 (11.Bf4 b5 12.Bd3 Nb6=. Vokac - Plesek, Pardubice 1995.) 11...Nb8 12.h3 Nc6 13.Re1 d5=. Susanu - Velicka, OL-BAY 1994.

 B) 10...Nb6 11.Bb3 d5 B1) 12.Re1 Bf5 (12...Be6! is stronger. Now 13.Ng5 Bg4 14.Qd3 Rc8 15.Qg3 Qd7 16.h3 Bf5 followed by ...Rfe8 gives Black a solid game.) 13.Bg5 Nc4 14.Qe2 Rc8 15.Ne5 h6 16.Bh4 Re8 17.Rad1 a6 18.Bxc4 dxc4 19.Qf3 b5 20.Qb7 Qe7 21.Qxa6+/- g5 22.Bg3 b4 B1.

 a) 23.Nd3!!.

This amazing move, winning the b-pawn, deserves a diagram. 23...Be6 24.Rxe6 (24.Bd6 Qd8 25.Nxb4 but the dependence of the bishop at d6 on the White queen allows Black to escape with a draw. 25...Ra8 26.Qc6 Rc8 27.Qa6 ) 24...Qxe6 25.Qxe6 Rxe6 26.Nxb4 Ne4! 27.Kf1 Nxg3+ 28.hxg3 f5 with a very complicated endgame. 23.Na4 23...c3 24.bxc3 bxc3 25.Nc5 c2 26.Rc1 Nd5 27.Nf3 Qf6 28.Qb5 Rxe1+ 29.Rxe1 Qb6 30.Qxb6 Nxb6 31.Nd3 Nd5 32.Nc1 Nc3 33.Kf1 Bf8 34.Ne5 Ba3 35.Ncd3 Bxd3+ 36.Nxd3 Nxa2. Zawadzka - Swiecik, POL Championship w Wroclaw 1987.

 B2) 12.Ne5 12...Be6 13.Bg5 Qd6! (13...h6 14.Bxf6 Qxf6 15.a4 Nc4 16.Nxd5 Bxd5 17.Bxc4 Bxc4 18.Nxc4 Qxd4 19.Qxd4 Bxd4= Kononenko-Gubernatorova, Yalta 1995.) 14.Re1 a6 15.Qd2 Ne4 16.Nxe4 dxe4 17.Bxe6 Qxe6 18.Bh6 Rfd8 19.Bxg7 Kxg7 20.Rxe4 f6 21.Rh4 g5 22.Re4 Nc4 23.Nxc4 Qxe4 24.Ne3 f5 25.f3 Qe6 26.d5 f4!u Ilijevski - Maric, Skopje 1968.

 9.Bg5 Nb6 10.Bb3 (10.Bxf6 Bxf6 11.Bb3 Bg4 12.0-0 Rc8 is no problem for Black, Proehl - Praet, EU Championship B-20 Siofok 1996.) 10...Nfxd5 11.0-0 Bg4 (11...Nxc3 12.bxc3 Re8 13.Ne5 Bxe5 14.dxe5 Qc7 15.Qf3 Nc4 16.Qe4 Be6 consolidates for Black.) 12.h3 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Bxf3 14.Qxf3 Qd7 15.Rfe1 and the pressure on the e-pawn gives White some advantage, Badestein - Schulz, OLNO 1993.



 10.Qb3 is another typical plan..

 A) 10...Bf5 11.Re1 Rc8 12.Bf1 Nfxd5 13.Bg5 h6 14.Bh4 g5 15.Bg3 Be6 16.Rxe6 fxe6 17.Ne4 Nf4 18.Bxf4 Rxf4 19.Qxe6+ Rf7 20.Nc5 Qd6 21.Bc4 Nxc4 22.Qxc8+ Rf8 23.Qe6+ Qxe6 24.Nxe6+/- Solmundarson - Polgar, Reykjavik 1988.

 B) 10...Nxc4 11.Qxc4 b6 12.Bg5 Bb7 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Ne5 Rc8 15.Qb3 Bg7 16.a4 Ba8 17.Rfe1 Qd6 18.a5 Rb8 19.a6! b5 (19...Rbd8 20.Nb5 Qxd5 21.Qxd5 Rxd5 22.Nxa7+/-. 19...Rfc8 20.Nb5 Qxd5 21.Qxd5 Bxd5 22.Nxa7 is similar.) 20.Ra5 b4 is a very interesting position, but more fun for White..

 B1) 21.Nb5 Qd8 22.Qxb4 Qxd5 23.f3 Rfd8 24.Qxe7 Bf8 25.Qxa7 Bb4 26.Nc3!! Qxd4+ (26...Qxa5 27.Qxf7+ Kh8 28.Qf6+ Kg8 29.Nf7 Bf8 30.Re7! Qa1+ 31.Kf2 Rxb2+ 32.Kg3 and White wins.) 27.Qxd4 Rxd4 28.Ra2+/-..

 B2) 21.Ne4 21...Qb6 22.Rc5 Rbd8 23.Qc4 e6 24.dxe6! fxe6 (24...Bxe5 25.e7! Rxd4 26.exf8Q+ Kxf8 27.Rc8+ Kg7 28.Qc5 Rxe4 29.Rxe4 Bxh2+ 30.Kxh2 Qxc5 31.Rxc5 Bxe4 32.Rc7 and White wins. 24...Qxe6 25.Qxe6 fxe6 26.Rc4 Rf4 27.f3+/-) 25.Nc6+/- Donev - Novkovic, Austrian Bundesliga 1994.

 C) 10...a5 11.a4 Qd6 12.Ne5 (12.Nb5 Qd8 13.d6 exd6 14.Bxf7+ Rxf7 15.Ng5 Nfd5 16.Nxf7 Kxf7 17.Bf4 Bf8= Paz-Hansen, Baguio WJ 1987.) 12...Bf5 13.Nb5 Qb4 14.d6 Nxc4 15.Qxc4 Qxc4 16.Nxc4 Bd3 17.dxe7 Rfe8 18.Ne5 Bxf1 19.Kxf1 Rxe73. Grigorov - Donev, Kula 1985.


 10...Nbxd5 is equally good.

A) 11.h3 b6 12.Bg5 Bb7 13.Re1 Nxc3 14.bxc3 Ne4=+ = Demirel - Claesen, Arnhem EU Championship J 1989.

 B) 11.Bg5 Nxc3 12.bxc3 Ne4=+. Kostin - Lenart, Szekszard 1994.

 C) 11.Re1 and now Black should develop the remaining bishop. C1) 11...Bf5 12.Ne5 Nb4?! (12...Rc8 is more sensible.) 13.Qf3 Nc6 14.Nxc6 bxc6 15.Qxc6 Qxd4 16.Rxe7 Rac8 17.Qf3+/-. Hoi-Rosenlund, Kobenhavn 1983.

 C2) 11...Bg4 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 e6 14.Bg5 Qb6 15.Rad1 h6 (15...Rac8 16.Na4 Qc6 17.Nc5 Nd7 18.Ne4 h6 19.Be3 Kh7 20.Rc1 Qb5 21.Rxc8 Rxc8 22.Qxf7+/-. Kupper - Maes, Wch students Leon 1996.) 16.Bh4 g5 17.Bg3 Rad8 18.Be5 a6 19.h4 g4 20.Qg3 h5 21.Nxd5 exd5 22.Bc7 Qb4 23.Bxd8 Rxd8 24.Qc7+/- Schubert - Bruening, Bundesliga 1986.

 C3) 11...Be6! is the toughest defense. 12.Bg5 Rc8 13.Qd2 Qd6 14.Bxf6!? (14.Ne5 Rfd8 15.Rad1 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Bxb3 17.axb3 Qa3 18.Qc2 Qa5 19.c4 Rxd4u. Ratcu - De Mie, Menorca 1996.) 14...exf6 15.Ne4 Qd8 (Black must try 15...Qb6!=.) 16.Nc5 Bg4 17.Nxb7+/-. Seger - Fabisch, Dortmund 1993.

 C4) 11...b6 12.Ne5 Bb7 is yet another possibility for the bishop. 13.Bg5 (13.Qf3 Rc8 14.Bg5 Ba8 15.Qh3 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Rc7= Barle - Osmanbegovic, Maribor 1994.) 13...Rc8 14.Qd3 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Nd5 16.c4 Nb4?! Black should settle for a good defensive position after 16...Nc7. 17.Qd2 Bxe5 18.Rxe5 f6 (18...Nc6 19.Rd5 Qe8 20.Re1 and White is better.) 19.Re2 fxg5 20.Qxb4 Qxd4 21.c5+. Keres - Beni, Luhacovice 1969.

 D) 11.Ne5.

 D1) 11...Be6 12.Re1 Rc8 (12...Nc7 13.Bg5 Nfd5 14.h4 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Qd6=. Kristiansen - Sapis, Goteborg 1989.) 13.Qf3 Qd6 14.Bg5 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Bd5 16.Qh3 b5 17.Bxf6 exf6 18.Nd7 Rfd8 19.Nc5 f5 Better is 19...b4, operating on the queenside and undermining the central White pawns. 20.Qd3 (20.Bxd5 Qxd5 21.Rab1 Qxa2 22.Rxb5 Qd2 23.Reb1 and the game is in precarious balance, but the connected passed pawns are a lasting concern.) 20...Bxg2 21.Qxb5 Ba8 22.Nb7 Qf6 23.Bd5 a6 24.Qb3 Rd7 25.Rab1 Rb8 26.Qc4 Bf8 27.Bc6 Rc7 28.Na5 Rxb1 29.Rxb1 Bxc6 30.d5 Qg5+ 31.Kh1 Ba8 32.Nc6 f4 33.f3 Bxc6 34.dxc6 Qf5 35.Rb8 Re7 36.c7 Re1+ 37.Kg2 Qg5+. Gonzalez - Cuartas, Colombian Championship 1988.

 D2) 11...Nxc3 12.bxc3 Nd5 13.Qf3 Be6 is similar to the previous note. 14.Re1 Rc8 15.Bd2 Qa5 This is a logical move, but it abandons the important d7 square, which is quickly exploited by White. Therefore I suggest 15...b5!? 16.Nd7! Rfd8 17.Nc5 Rxc5 18.dxc5 Qxc5 19.Rac1 b6 20.h3 Rc8 21.c4 Nb4 22.Bc3 Bxc3 23.Qxc3 Nc6 24.Qd2 Ne5 25.Re4 Nd7 26.Rxe6. Gonsior - Barczay, Warszawa-Cup A 1979.


 11.Be3 Bg4 12.h3 Bf5 13.Nxd5 Nxd5=. Fraumschiel-Kondou, Moscow Olympiad 1994.


 11...Bf5 is also worthy of regular use. 12.a3 (12.Nh4 Be6 13.Nf3 Nc7 14.Bg5 Re8 15.Ne4 Bxb3 16.Qxb3 Ne6 and Black is better. 17.Nc5 Nxd4 18.Nxd4 Qxd4 19.Rxe7 Rxe7 20.Bxe7 Re8 21.Rd1 Qe5 22.Qb5 Qxe7. Visser - Helvensteijn, Soest 1996) 12...Rc8 13.Nxd5 Nxd5 14.Bg5 Re8=. Santora - Simek, Czech Republic Championship 1988.

 11...Bg4 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 e6 is solid enough..

 A) 14.Ne4 h6 (14...Bxd4 15.Rd1 Bg7 16.Bg5 Qc7 17.Rac1 Qe5 and how does White follow up?) 15.Qg3 Ne7 16.Nd6 Nbd5 17.Nxb7 Qb6 18.Bxd5 Nxd5 19.Nc5 Rad8 20.Nb32 = Keres-Filipowicz, Tel Aviv Olympiad 1964.

 B) 14.Be3 14...Nxc3 15.bxc3 Qd7 16.Bf4 Rac8 17.Rac1 Nc4 18.Red1 = De Greef - Van Parreren, Oisterwijk-W 1990.


 12.Ne5 Nc7 13.Bc2 Nc4 14.Nf3 Nd5 15.Ng5 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Bd5= Ziegler - Sapis, Goteborg 1989.


 12...Re8 13.Rc1 Nxc3 14.bxc3 Bc4 15.Bxc4 Nxc4 16.Qb3 Nd6 = Malevinsky - Khalikian, Erevan 1977.

 13.Rc1 Re8 14.Qd2.

 14.Qe2 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Bc4 16.Qe4 Nd5 17.Bd2 b5=. Fink - Chilingirova, Dortmund 1988.

 14...Nc4 15.Qe2 Nxc3 16.bxc3 h6 17.Bh4.

17...Bd5? 17...b5! would have equalized. 18.a4 a6 19.axb5 axb5 20.Ne5 Bxe5 21.dxe5 Qc7. 18.Ba4! Now the play becomes double-edged and takes on a more forced character. 18...g5 Black has nothing better than sacrificing the exchange, but doesn't get enough for it. 19.Bxe8 Qxe8 20.Bg3 e6 21.h4! Black is in no position to defend the kingside. 21...g4 22.Ne5 h5 23.Nd3 Bh6 24.Bf4! This was the point behind Nd3. 24...Qf8 25.Bxh6 Qxh6 26.Nb4 Qf4 27.Nxd5 exd5 28.g3 Qf5 29.Qc2! Qxc2 30.Rxc2 The endgame is a simple win. 30...Kf8 31.Rce2 Rc7 32.Re8+ Kg7 33.R8e7 Rc6 34.Rxb7 Nd2 35.Re3 Ra6 36.Ree7 Rxa2 37.Rxf7+ Kg6 38.Rxa7 Black resigned.

Tal Wade 
Tallinn 1971

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Bg7 7.Bc4 0-0 8.Nge2.   The knight can often be more useful here than at f3. It cannot be pinned effectively by an enemy bishop, and can move to g3 and f4 as needed. 8...Nbd7.

 8...Na6 is an alternative which has been widely explored..

 A) 9.Bf4 Nc7 10.d6 exd6 11.0-0 Ne6=. Wolf - Vorotnikov, Giessen 1992.

 B) 9.a3 Nc7 10.Nf4 b6 (10...b5! would have equalized on the spot.) 11.h4 Bb7 12.h5 Qd6 13.hxg6 hxg6 14.Qf3/ = Pyhala - Hakulinen, Espoo 1993.

 C) 9.Qb3 Qb6 10.Qxb6 axb6 11.Bf4 Rd8 12.0-0 - 0 (12.0 - 02) 12...Bf5 13.Ng3 Nb4 14.Nxf5 gxf5 15.d6 e6 16.a3+/-. Berend - Haase, St.Ingbert 1994.

 D) 9.0-0 9...Nc7.

D1) 10.d6 Qxd6 (10...exd6 11.Bg5 Ne6 12.Bh4 Qa5 13.Qb3 Bd7 14.Bxf6 Bxf6 15.Qxb7 Rac8 16.Ne4+/- Schmidt - Schneider, Bundesliga 1995.) 11.Bf4 Qd8 12.Qb3 Nce8 13.Be5 Nd6 14.Bd3 Be6 15.Qa4 Bd7 16.Qd1 2 Tarjan - Csom, Cleveland 1975.

 D2) 10.Qb3 a6! D2.

 D21) 11.a4 b5! 12.Bd3 (12.axb5 axb5 13.Rxa8 bxc4 14.Qa4 Nxa8 15.Qxa8 Bg4 16.Qxd8 Rxd8=) 12...bxa4 13.Rxa4 Ncxd5=.

 D22) 11.d6 11...exd6 12.Bg5 b5 13.Bd5 (13.Bd3 Ne6 14.Bh4 Qb6 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Nd5 Qd8 17.Nxf6+ Qxf6 18.Qd5 Ra7= Haba) 13...Rb8 14.Bf3 Ne6 15.Be3 (15.Bxf6!? Bxf6 16.Rfd1 Re8 and I prefer Black.) 15...Bb7 16.Bxb7 Rxb7 17.a4 Ng4 18.axb5 Qh4 19.h3 Nxe3 20.fxe3 Bh6 is a position that has been analyzed in detail by theoretician Lubomir Ftacnik.

D2b1) 21.Rxa6!? Bxe3+ 22.Kh1 Nxd4 (22...Rfb8 23.Qd5+/-) 23.Qb4! Nf5 24.Qxh4 Nxh4 25.Rxd6 Nf5 26.Rd3 Bc5 and White is only a little better, since Black can make use of the dark squares.

 D2b2) 21.Rf3 21...axb5 22.Qd5 Re7! 23.Qxd6 Rd8 24.Qb6 An exchange of queens at g3 is not to White's advantae. 24...b4! 25.Qxb4 Ng5 D2b21) 26.Rf4 Nxh3+ 27.gxh3 Bxf4 28.Nxf4 (28.exf4 Rde8 29.Qc4 Re3,) RR28...Rxe3 29.Ng2 Rg3 30.Ne2 Rxg2+ 31.Kxg2 Qe4+ 32.Kf2 Re8 33.Ng3 Qe3+ 34.Kg2 Rc8 35.Qa4 Qd2+(c) Haba,P.

 D2b22) 26.Rg3 26...Ne4 D2b221) 27.Rg4!? is suggested by Ftacnik. 27...Qf2+ (27...Bxe3+?? loses to 28.Kh2+-) 28.Kh2 Nd6 29.e4 Rb7 30.Qa5 Rdb8 31.Qd5 Ne8,, 32.Ra8!? Rxb2 33.Ra7! and f7 is vulnerable. Or 27.Nxe4 27...Rxe4! 28.Qd2 Qxg3! 29.Nxg3 Bxe3+ 30.Kh1 Bxd2 31.Nxe4 Be3! and Black was able to hold the endgame in = Ftacnik - Haba, Ostrava 1994.

 D3) 10.Bg5 Ncxd5 11.Nxd5 Nxd5 12.Bxd5 Qxd5 13.Bxe7 Re8 14.Ba3 b6(c).

 D4) 10.Nf4 10...a6 11.a4 b6 12.Qb3 Rb8 (12...Bb7 13.Qxb6 Bxd5 14.Nfxd5 Ncxd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Qxd8 Rfxd82 = Kopp - Roosen, Hessen Championship 1994.) 13.Be2 b5 14.axb5 axb5 15.Nd3 Nfxd5 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Bf3 Be6 18.Nc5 Nc7 19.Qxe6 = Szabo - Clemens, Solingen 1974.

 8...b6 9.0-0 Bb7 is another logical strategy.

10.Nf4 Na6 Black will play ...Nc7 to continue to add fuel to the attack on the d-pawn..

 A) 11.Qb3 Nc7 12.a4 Qd6 13.a5 Rfd8 14.Be3 Rab8 15.axb6 axb6 16.Rfc1 h6 17.Qa3 g5 18.Nd3 Nfxd5 19.Qxd6 Rxd6= Gipslis - Drazic, Bard cup 1991.

 B) 11.Re1 Nc7 12.Qb3 (12.Re5 Nd7 13.Re2 Nf6 14.Qb3 Rb8 15.a4 a6 16.Bd2 b5 17.axb5 axb5 18.Bd32. Velimirovic - Drazic, Yugoslavia Championship Podgorica 1996.) 12...Qd6 13.a4 Ng4 14.Ne4 Qd7 15.Qh3 Rad8 16.Bb5 Nxb5 17.axb5 Bc8 18.Qb3 Bxd4= Vajda - I.Botvinnik, Homorod 1993.

 C) 11.Qe2 11...Nc7 12.Re1 Re8 13.a4 a6 14.Be3 Qd6 15.Rac1 Rac8 16.b3 Red8 17.h3 a5 18.Bd22. Vogelmann - Kassnitz, Bundesliga 1988.


 9.Bg5 Nb6 10.Bxf6 is an inappropriate plan. 10...Bxf6 11.Bb3 a5 12.a4 (12.0-0 Qd7 13.a4 Qg4 14.Qd2 Bd7 15.f3 Qh4 16.Ne4 Bg7 17.Nc5 Bc8 18.g32. Bouah - Soylu, Manila Olympiad 1992.) 12...Qd6 13.0-0 Bg7 14.Ne4 Qb4 15.Nc5 Rd8 16.Nd3 Qd6 17.Nc3 Bxd4 18.Ne4 Qd7 19.Qe2 Qg4 20.Qxg4 Bxg4 21.Nf4 Bxb2u. Dueball-Werner, West Germany 1982.

 9.0-0 Nb6 10.Bb3 Nfxd5 is good for Black. 11.Nxd5 (11.Bg5 Be6 12.Ne4 Bd7 13.Rc1 Bc6 14.Qd2 a5 15.a3 Re8 16.Rfd1 a4 17.Ba2 Nf6 18.Nc5 Nbd5 19.Nf4 Qd6 20.Bxf6 exf6 21.Nxd5 Bxd5 22.Bxd5 Qxd5= McTavish - Spraggett, Canada 1993.) 11...Nxd5 12.Bg5 b6 13.Qd2 Bb7 14.Rfe1 Rc8 15.Nc3 Re8 16.Rad1 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Qd7 18.Qf4 e6 19.Re3 a5 20.h4 a43. Janetschek - Seirawan, Baden 1980.


 9...a6 10.a4 b5 11.axb5 Nb6 12.Be2 a5 13.Bf3 Bb7 14.d6!? (14.0-0 Nbxd5 15.Nfxd5 Nxd5 16.Bg52) 14...Bxf3 15.Qxf3 Qxd6 (15...exd6 16.0-0 Re8 17.b32) 16.0-0 e6 17.Rd1 Rfb8 18.d5 e5 19.Nfe22. Tseitlin - Reshko, Soviet Union 1975.




 A) 11.0-0 Bg4 (11...g5 12.Nh5 Nxh5 13.Qxh5 Bf5 14.Be3 Qd7 15.Qe2 Rac8 16.a4 a5 17.Rfd1 Rfd8 18.Ra3 Bf8 19.Qb5 Qxb5 20.axb5 Nc4 21.Bxc4 Rxc4 22.Rxa5+/-. Salimaki - Melanko, Helsinki Championship 1995.) 12.Qd3 Qd7 13.h3 Bf5 14.Qf3 g5 15.Nd3 Bxd3 16.Qxd3 Nbxd5 17.Re1 e6 18.a3 Rfd8=. Loeffler - Wilde, Eppingen MB 1988.

 B) 11.h4 11...Bf5 12.0-0 Be4?! (12...Re8=) 13.Nxe4 Nxe4 14.Qd3 Nd6 15.h52. Wachinger - Klebel, Bayern Championship 1987.

 10...a5 is premature. This weakens b5. 11.a4 Bf5 12.0-0 Be4 13.Nxe4 Nxe4 14.Be32 Schlick - Derikum, Bundesliga 1988.

 10...Ne8 11.0-0 (11.a4 a5 12.0-0 Nd6 13.Re1 Bf5 14.h3 Re8 15.g4 Bd7 16.Qd3 White is somewhat better, though Black has counterplay at c4. Lehmann - Baumert, Berlin Summer 1993.) 11...Nd6.

A) 12.Be3 Bd7 (12...Bf5 13.Qe2 Rc8 14.Rac1 Rc7 15.Nd3 Bxd3 16.Qxd32 = Bohn - Kreutzkamp, Bundesliga 1995.) 13.Qe2 Rc8 14.Rfd1 a5 15.a3 Nbc4 16.Nd3 h5 17.Bxc4 Nxc4 18.Nc5 Nd6 19.Nxd7 Qxd7 20.Bf4 Nc4 21.a4 Rfd8 22.Bg52. Padevsky-Bilek, Nice 1974.

 B) 12.Re1 Bf5 13.Nfe2 Re8 14.Ng3 Rc8 15.Bf4 Nbc4 16.Bxc4 Nxc4 17.Nxf5 gxf5 18.Qh5 e6 (18...Nxb2 19.Re3 Qb6 20.d6! Qxd4 21.Ne2+/-.18...Bxd4 19.Qxf5 Qb6 20.Rxe7!) 19.b3 Bxd4 20.bxc4 Bxc3 21.Re3 Bxa1 22.Rg3+ Kf8 23.d6! Bg7 24.Qh6 Qf6 25.Qxf6 Bxf6 26.Bh6+ Bg7 27.Bxg7+ Kg8 28.Bf6+ Kf8 29.d7 Rxc4 30.Rg8+. Bierenbroodspot - Kox, Netherlands 1992.


 A) 11.Qf3 Rc8 12.0-0 Nc4 13.h3 Qb6 14.Bxc4 Rxc4 15.Qe2 Rfc8 16.Be3 (16.Qxe7 Re8 17.Qa3 Bf8 18.Qb3 Rb4 19.Qd1 Rxd4 20.Qf3 Bd6 remains double-edged.) 16...Ne4 17.g4 Nxc3 18.bxc3 Bd7 19.Bd2 Bb5 20.Rfb1 Qa6 21.Qxe7+/-. Kiik - Kiltti, Tampere 1997.

 B) 11.0-0 is well explored.

B1) 11...Be4 12.Nxe4 Nxe4 13.Qd3 (13.Qf3 Nf6 14.Bd2 a5 15.a32 = Lutikov-Bronstein, Soviet Union 1982.) 13...Nf6 14.Re1 Qd6 15.Bd2 Rfe8 16.Qf3 a5 17.a4 Red8 18.Ne6! Nfxd5 19.Nxd8 Qxd8 20.Bg5 f6 21.Bh4 Qd7 22.Rac1 e6 23.Bg3 Kf7 24.Bc7 Bh6 25.Bxb6 Bxc1 26.Bxd5. Gobet - Campora, Biel 1983.

 B2) 11...Qd6 12.Re1 h6 13.h3 g5 14.Nh5 Nxh5 15.Qxh5 a5 16.a3 a4 17.Ba2 Ra5 18.Bd2 Qd7 19.Qe2 Re8 20.Ne4 Rxd5 21.Bxd5 Nxd5 22.Nc3 Bxd4 23.Rad1+/-. Binham - Borik, Oslo Nordic 1983.

 B3) 11...h6 12.Re1 Re8 13.h3 g5 14.Nh5 Nxh5 15.Qxh5 Bg6 16.Qd1 Qd6 17.f42. Pyhala - Tikkanen, Finland Championship 1988.

 B4) 11...Ne4 12.g4 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Bc8 14.Re1 Qc7 15.Qf3 a5 16.Ba3 Bf6 17.d6!+/-. Lindgren - Skodvin, Gausdal 1989.

 B5) 11...Ne8 12.Re1 Nd6 13.Be3 Rc8 14.Rc1 a6 15.Qe2 Nbc4 16.Na4 Na5 17.Rxc8 Bxc8 18.Bc2 Bd7 19.Nc52 Homuth - Voigt, Postal 1991.

 B6) 11...Nc8 12.Re1 Nd6.

B61) 13.h3 Rc8 (13...h5 14.Qe2 Re8 15.f3 Bd7 16.g4 hxg4 17.hxg4 a5 18.Qd3 a4 19.Bc2 Nh7 20.Kg2 Nf8 21.Be3 b5 22.b3 Rc8 23.bxa4 Qc7 24.Nfe2 b4 25.Bb3 bxc3 26.Rac1 Nc4 27.Bf2 Nd6 28.Rxc3 Qa7 29.Rxc8 Bxc8 30.Nc3 Ba6 31.Qd2 Nd7 32.Ne4 Nc4 33.Bxc4 Bxc4 34.Nd6 exd6 35.Rxe8+ Nf8 36.Qb4 Qd7 37.Rxf8+. Blauert - Stenner, Bargteheide 1989) 14.Bd2 (14.g4 Bd7 15.Qe2 Re8 16.Be3 Qb6 17.Nd3 Bb5 18.Nxb5 Nxb5 19.Ne5 Red8 20.Nxf7 Kxf7 21.d6+ Ke8 22.Bf4 Rd7 23.Qe6 Nxd6 24.Bxd6 Qxd6 25.Qf7+ Kd8 26.Qxg7. Blaskowski-Neumann, Postal 1992) 14...Nfe4 15.Nxe4 Nxe4 16.Bb4 Qb6 17.Bxe7 Bxd4 18.Rxe4 Bxf2+ 19.Kh1 Bxe4 20.Bxf8 Rxf8 21.Qe2 Qe3 22.Qxe3 Bxe3 23.Ne6 fxe6 24.dxe6 Rf2 25.e7+ Kg7 26.e8Q Bxg2+ 27.Kg1 Bb6 28.Qe5+ Kh6 29.Kh2 Bc6+ = Tseitlin - Ritov, Soviet Union 1982.

 B62) 13.Nd3 B6b1) 13...Rc8 14.Bf4 Nde4 15.Nc5 Nxc3 16.bxc3 b6 (16...Nxd5 17.Nxb7 Qd7 18.Bxd5 Qxd5 19.Nc52 Raul Fernandez) 17.d6 e5 18.dxe5 Rxc5 19.Bg5 Rxc3 20.g4 Bxg4 21.Qd4 Rc5 Fernandez - Ekebjarg, Postal 1990 22.h4.

B6b11) 22...h6? 23.exf6 Bh3 (23...Bf3 24.Re7!+-) 24.fxg7 Rxg5+ 25.Kh2!+-.

 B6b12) 22...Rxe5!! has been overlooked by the commentators. 23.Rxe5 (23.Qxe5 h6 24.Bd2 Ne8 25.Bxf7+ Kh7 26.Qxe8 Rxe8 27.Rxe8 Qxe8 28.Bxe8 Bxa1 29.d7 Bf6 30.f4 Bxh43) 23...h6 24.Bxf6 Qxf6 25.Qxg4 Qxe5 26.Rd13.

 B6b2) 13...Nde4 14.Nc5 (14.Nxe4 Bxe4 15.Nc5 Bxd5 16.Bxd5 Nxd5 17.Nxb7 Qb6 18.Nc52) 14...Nxc3 15.bxc3 b6 16.Na6 Qc8 17.Nb4 Qxc3 18.Ba3+/-. Gobet - Quendro, Luzern Olympiad 1982.

 B7) 11...Rc8 12.Re1 (12.Qe2 Qd7 13.Be3 h6 14.h3 g5 15.Nh5 Nxh5 16.Qxh5 a5 17.a4 Qd6=. Lanka - Muetz, Munikh 1996.) 12...Qd7 (12...a6 13.h3 Rc7 14.Qe2 h6 15.a4 Bc8? 16.Nxg6 Nbxd5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Nxf8 Kxf8 19.Bxd5 Qxd5 20.Bf4. Blatny - Stefansson, World Junior ChampionshipBaguio City 1987) 13.h3 h5 14.Re5 Ne8 15.Qe2 Bf6 16.Bd2 Nd6=. Ehrler - Magg, Krumbach 1991.

 B8) 11...Qd7 is perhaps best.

B81) 12.a4 a5 13.h3 h5 14.Qe2 Ne8 15.Nd3 Bxd4 16.Nb5 Bf6 17.Bh6 Bxd3 18.Qxd3 Ng7 19.Be3 (19.d6!?) 19...Nc8 20.Rac1 Nd6 21.Nxd6 exd6 22.Rc2 Nf5 23.Bb6 Rfc8 24.Rfc1 (24.Rxc8+ Rxc8 25.Qd22) 24...Rxc2 25.Rxc2 Bd8=. Trabert - Horvath, Balatonbereny 1994.

 B82) 12.Re1.

 B821) 12...h6 13.Be3 g5 14.Nd3 Nfxd5 15.Nc5 Qc6 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Rc1 Nxe3 18.fxe32. Manca - Donrault, Cappelle la Grande 1993.

 B822) 12...Rac8 13.Qe2 Rfd8!? 14.Bd2 (14.Qxe7 Re8u 15.d6 Rxe7 16.Rxe7 Qxd6 17.Rxf7 Nc4 18.Bxc4 Rxc4 19.Rxb7 Rxd4 - +) 14...g5 15.Nh5 Nxh5 16.Qxh5 h6 Intending ...Bg4, trapping the queen. 17.Qe2 Bxd4 18.Qxe7 Rc7 19.d6 Qxd6 20.Qxd6 Rxd6 21.Re8+ Kg7=.

 B823) 12...a5 13.a4 Rfd8 (13...Rfe8 14.h3 h5 15.Re5 Rac8 16.Qe22. Kraut - Armstrong, Belfort 1989.) 14.h3 h5 15.Qe22. Szabo - Kostro, 1971.

 10...Bg4 is designed to provoke f3.

A) 11.f3 Bf5.

 A1) 12.g4.

 a) 12...Bd7 13.h4 (13.0-0 Rc8 14.Qd3 Qc7 15.Nfe2 Qd8 16.Re1 Ne8 17.Ng3 Nd6 18.Nge4 Nbc4 19.Nxd6 Nxd6 20.Bf4 Re8 21.Be5 Bf8 22.h4 Qb6 23.Kg2 Bb5 24.Nxb5 Qxb5 25.Qxb5 Nxb5 Blatny - Petran, Brno 1990) 13...h6 14.Qe2 Re8 15.Be3 Nc8 16.g5 hxg5 17.hxg5 Nh7 18.Ne6 fxe6 19.dxe6 Bc6 20.d5 Nd6 21.dxc6 bxc6 22.0-0 - 0. Kuijf-Faber, Strasbourg 1983.

 A2b) 12...Bc8 13.h4 Ne8 (13...Qd6 14.Qe2 Qb4 15.h5 g5 16.h6 gxf4 17.hxg7 Re8 18.Bd2 Qxd4 19.0-0 - 0 e5 20.Qh2 Kxg7 21.Qh6+. Kraut - Schwarz, Bundesliga 1993) 14.a4 Nd6 15.Qd3 Nd7 16.a5 Re8 17.h5 Nf8 18.hxg6 hxg6 19.Kf2 Bd7 20.Nfe2 e5 21.dxe6 Bxe6 22.d52. Marjanovic - Vukic, Beograd Rakovica 1977.

 A2) 12.0-0.

 A21) 12...Rc8 13.Re1 g5? (13...Ne8 14.Kh1 Nd6 15.Qe2! Qc7 16.Be3 Nbc4 17.Rac12) 14.Re5! Qd7 15.Ne6!!+/- Donev. Zakhariev - Donev, Albena 1986. Or 13.Qe2 13...a6 (13...Ne8 14.Be3 Nd6 15.Bf2 a6 16.Rfe1 Re8 17.Nd3 Bxd3 18.Qxd3 Nbc4 19.Qe2 Na5=. Kisova - Prochazkova, Frenstat 1989.) 14.Re1 Re8 15.g4 Bd7 16.g5 Nh5 17.Nxh5 gxh5 18.Qd32 = Stoica - Nehmert, Bath 1973.

 A22) 12...g5 13.Nfe2 h6.

14.f4 g4 15.Ng3 Qd7 16.Nxf5 Qxf5 17.d6 exd6 18.Bc2 Qh5 19.Ne2 Qd5 20.Ng3 Rfe8 21.Nf5 Bf8 22.a4 Nc8 23.Ra3 Ne7 24.Ne3 Qh5 25.f5 (25.Nxg4! Nxg4 26.Rh3+/-) 25...Bg7 26.d5 Rac8 27.Rc3 g3 28.hxg3 Qxd1 29.Rxd1 Rxc3 30.bxc3 Nexd5 31.Nxd5 Nxd5 32.Bxh6 Bxh6 33.Rxd5 Be3+ 34.Kf1 Bc5= Gipslis - Seoev, Spartakiada 1983. Or 19.Qd3 19...Rfe8 20.f5 Rac8 21.Bb3 d5 22.Ne2 g3 23.Nxg3 Qh4 24.Bd2 Ng4 25.h3 Ne3 26.Rf3 Qxd4 27.Rxe3 Rxe3 28.Qxd4 Bxd4 29.Bxe3 Bxe3+ 30.Kf1 Rc1+ 31.Rxc1 Bxc1 32.Ne2 Bxb2 33.Nf4 = Van Wijgerden - Ciocaltea, Amsterdam IBM 1976.

 11.Qd3 11...Bf5 12.Qe2 (12.Qf3 a5 13.a4 Qd6 14.0-0 Qb4 15.Ra3 Rac8 16.Ba2 Bg4 17.Qg3 Bd7 18.Nd3 Qxd4 19.Be3 Qxd3 20.Bxb6 Qc2 21.Bxa5 Qxb2 22.Rb3 Qc2 23.Rxb7 Nh5 24.Qg5 Bxc3 25.d6 Bf6 26.Qe3 exd6 27.Bd5 Qxa4 - +. Dorsch - Johnson, Chicago 1990.) 12...a5 13.a3 a4 14.Ba2 Bg4 15.f3 Bf5 16.g4 Bc8 17.h4 Ne8 18.h5 g5 19.h6 Bxd4 20.Nh5.

 B1) 20...Nc7 comes into consideration. 21.Bxg5 Nbxd5 (21...Bxc3+ 22.bxc3 Nbxd5 23.Rd1 Ra6 24.Nf4 Rd6 25.Nxd5 Nxd5 26.Bxd5 Rxd5 27.Rxd5 Qxd5 28.Bxe7 Re8 29.Rh5!+-) 22.Nxd5 Nxd5 23.Rd1 Nf6 24.Nxf6+ exf6 25.Be3 Qa5+! 26.Kf2 with 26...Bxe3+ 27.Qxe3 Qe5 (27...Ra6 28.Qe7 Rc6 29.Bxf7+ Rxf7 30.Rd8+ Qxd8 31.Qxd8+ Rf8 32.Qd4+/-) 28.Qxe5 fxe5 29.Rh5+/-. Or 26...Bb6 27.Rh5 Qa6 28.Bxb6 Qxb6+ 29.Kg2 Be6 30.Rb52.

 B2) 20...Bxc3+ 21.bxc3 Nxd5 22.Bxg5 Be6 (22...Nxc3 23.Qxe7+/-. 22...Qa5 23.Bxd5 Qxc3+ 24.Kf2 Qd4+ 25.Qe3 Qxd5 26.Bxe7+-) 23.Rd1 Qa5 (23...Nxc3 24.Rxd8 Rxd8 25.Qe5 Rd1+ 26.Kf2+/-) 24.Bxd5 Bxd5 25.Bxe7 Qxc3+ 26.Kf2 Bc6 27.Qe3 Qb2+ 28.Rd2 Qb5 29.Rc1 Nc7 30.Rc5 Qb3 31.Qg5+ Kh8 32.Bf6#. Epishin - Seoyev, Tallinn active 1988.

 11.0-0 Bd7.

 11...Bh6 12.g3 Bg7 13.Re1 Bd7 14.a4 Rac8 15.a5 Nc4 16.Qe2 Qb4 17.Bxc4 Rxc4 18.Nd3 Qd6 19.Bf4. Van Voorthuijsen - Stentebjerg Hansen, Lyngby 1988

 12.Re1 a5 13.a4.


 13...Rac8 may be stronger. 14.h3 h6 15.Re5 Nc4 16.Nd3 Bf5 17.Bxc4 Rxc4 18.Nb5 Qd8 19.Qb3 Bxd3 (19...Rc8! 20.Nc5 b6 21.d6 e63) 20.Qxd3 Rc8 21.Qb3 (21.Qb32) 21...Nd7 22.Re2 Nb6 23.d6 exd6 24.Bf42. Denman - Wade, British Championship 1973.

 14.h3 h6.

15.Re5 Nc4 16.Qe2!.

 Tal sacrifices the exchange for a powerful center and material advantage..

 16...Qb4 17.Ba2 Nxe5 18.dxe5 Nh5 19.Nd3!.

 19.Nxh5 gxh5 20.Qxh5 Rxc3! 21.bxc3 Qxc3 22.Rb1 Qe1+ 23.Kh2 Bxe5+ 24.f4 Bd4 25.Bb2 Qd2 (25...Bg1+?? 26.Kh1 and Black has no escape!) 26.Bxd4 Qxf4+ 27.Kh1 Qxd4 28.Rxb7 Rc8 29.Qxh6 Qe5! and White can only avoid the perpetual by retreating the rook. 30.Rb1 Qg7 31.Qxg7+ Kxg7 32.Re1 Bxa4 33.Re4 (33.Rxe7? Rc2!) 33...Bb5 34.Kh2 (34.Rxe7 Rc2 35.Bb3 Rb2u) 34...Rc7 35.h4 Rc2 36.Bb3 Rb2 37.Bd1 Rd2 38.Bf3 Kf8 39.Rf4 a4 40.Rb4 Be8/

 19...Qh4 20.g4 Qxh3 21.gxh5 Bg4.

22.Nf4 Qh4 23.Qe3 g5.

 23...Bxh5!? may have been playable. 24.Nxh5 Qxh5 25.e6 fxe6 26.d6! Qg4+ 27.Qg3 Qxg3+ 28.fxg3 Kf7 29.d7 Rd8 30.Bxh6! Bxh6 31.Rf1+ Kg7 32.Bxe6 Rf8 33.Nd5 Bg5 34.Rxf8 Kxf8 35.b3 and how can Black make progress? Even if Black sacrifices the rook for the knight and picks up the d-pawn, the endgame is still a draw.

 24.Nfe2 Qxh5 25.Ng3 Qh3 26.Bb1 Bxe5 27.Bd3 f6 28.Nce2 Rf8.

 28...Bxe2! would have been stronger.

A) 29.Nxe2 Qh2+ 30.Kf1 Qh1+ 31.Ng1 Qxd5u.

 B) 29.Bxe2 Bf4 30.Qd3 Bxg3 (30...Rxc1+ 31.Rxc1 Bxc1 32.Qg6+ Kf8 33.Bh5+-).

 C) 29.Qxe2 29...Bxg3 30.fxg3 Qxg3+ 31.Kh1 Qh3+ 32.Kg1 Rd8 33.Qe4 Kf8 34.Bf1 Qd7 35.Bg2 Kg73.

 29.Nd4 Bxd4 30.Qxd4 Bf3 31.Bf1.


 31...Qg4!? 32.Qd3 f5 33.d6 e5 34.d7 e4 35.Qd6 Kh7 36.Bd2 f4 37.Qe7+ Kg6 38.Qd6+ (38.Bxa5 fxg3 39.d8Q leads to a classic king hunt. 39...gxf2+ 40.Kxf2 Qh4+ 41.Ke3 Qf4+ 42.Kd4 Raxd8+ 43.Bxd8 Qd2+ 44.Kc4 Qc2+ 45.Kb4 Qxb2+ 46.Kc4 Be2+ 47.Bxe2 Qxe2+ 48.Kb4 Qb2+ 49.Kc4 Qc2+ 50.Kb4 Qd2+ 51.Kc4 Qd3+ 52.Kb4 Qd4+u) 38...Kh7 39.Qe7+=.

 32.Qd3 Qxd5 33.Qg6+ Kh8 34.Qxh6+ Kg8 35.Qg6+ Kh8 36.Ra3 g4?.

 36...Rac8! 37.Bd2 (37.Nf5 Rf7) 37...Bg4 38.Bxa5+=

 37.Qh6+ Kg8 38.Rc3! Qf7 39.Bc4 e6 40.Bxe6 Qxe6 41.Qg6+ Black resigned.

Chapter 8: 6.cxd5 Bg7 7.Bb5

Nunn Hickl
Dortmund, 1987

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Bg7 7.Bb5+!? Bd7?!.   This simple interpolation eliminates any real chance Black has of equalizing. the d7-square is needed for a knight, especially since c6 is not accessible..


 8.Qb3 Bxb5 9.Qxb5+ Qd7 10.Qxd7+ Nbxd7 11.Bf4 Nb6! 12.d6 Nh5! 13.Be5 f6 14.Bg3 Nxg3 15.hxg3 exd6 16.Nge2 Kd7 and Black is better in the endgame. The queen will come to b3 at the appropriate time, but it is too early here.

 8.d6 is interesting. 8...Bxb5 (8...exd6 9.Qe2+ Qe7 10.Bf4 Qxe2+ 11.Bxe2 d5 12.Nb5! 2 Velimirovic - Maric, Jugoslavija 1979) 9.Nxb5 Qa5+ 10.Nc3 exd6 11.Qe2+ Kd8 is not worse for Black. White has potential problems on the e-file and the king can eventually come to rest at c7 or b8.

 8...0-0 9.Qb3!.

 This is the only correct move..

 9.Nge2?! allows Black to play the powerful 9...b5!.

 A) 10.Bxb5 Bxb5 11.Nxb5 Qxd5!.

White has not fared well here..

 A1) 12.Qb3 Qxg2 13.Rg1 Qb7 14.Bf4 Nd5 (14...a6 15.Nc7 Qxb3 16.axb3 Ra7 17.Rc1 Rb7u) 15.Rc1 Nxf4 16.Nxf4 a6 and Black had a slight advantage in Kharitonov - Khaludrov, Russian-sf Arkhangelsk 1996.

 A2) 12.Nc7?? loses instantly to 12...Qa5+.

 A3) 12.Nbc3 12...Qxg2 13.Rg1 Qb7 14.Qa4 (14.Qb3 Qxb3 15.axb3 Nc6 16.Bf4 Rfd8 is also clearly better for Blacck, Perman - Vatanski, Laukaa 1996.) 14...Nbd7 15.Bf4 Nd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Qb3 Qa5+ 18.Kf1 Qa6 19.Rd1 e5! 20.dxe5 Nxe5 and Black has better attacking chances, Novak-Janata, Czechoslovakia 1981.

 B) 10.Nxb5 Bxb5 11.Bxb5 Qxd5 (11...Qa5+ 12.Nc3 Nxd5 13.Be2 Nxc3 14.Qd2/).

 C) 10.Bb3 b4 11.Na4 Bb5 12.0-0 Nxd5 and Black was better in Guido - Skembris, Genova 1989.

 D) 10.Bd3 10...b4 11.Ne4 Nxd5 12.Bg5 Nc6 13.Rc1 Rc8 14.0-0 h6 15.Bh4 Bg4 and Black has a strong position, Quinteros - Cardoso, Manila 1973.

 9.Nf3 Bg4 Black should also consider 9...b5, with strong counterplay. 10.h3 Bxf3 11.Qxf3 Ne8 (11...Nbd7 12.0-0 Nb6 13.Bb3 Qd7 14.Bf4 Rad8 15.d6 exd6 16.d5 gives White the typical advantage of more space and a more solid d-pawn, Rajcsanyi-Porubszky, Hungarian Team Championship 1994.) 12.0-0 Nd6 13.Bd3 Bxd4 14.Bh6 Bg7 (14...Re8 would have been safer.) 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Qe3 Nd7 17.Rfe1 and White had pressure in the center and a lot more space in Trzaska-Konieczka, BL 1988.


 9...Qc7 10.Nge2 Rc8 11.Bd3 a5 12.a4 Na6 13.Bf4 Qd8 14.Na2 Nh5 15.Bg5 Qe8 16.Bb5 Bxb5 (16...Nb4 17.Bxd7 Qxd7 18.Nxb4 axb4 19.Qxb4 Qxd5 would have been more acurate, and here Black is better.) 17.Qxb5 Qxb5 18.axb5 Nb4 19.Nxb4 axb4 20.Kd2 and White was better in Stojanovic - Luna, Bratislava 1993.

 9...Qb6 10.Nf3 and here Black cannot afford to exchange queens, since the bishop at d7 makes it much harder to reclaim the pawn at d5. 10...Na6 (10...Rc8 should be tried here.) 11.0-0 (11.Bf4 Rac8 12.0-0 Qb4 13.Bxa6 Qxb3 14.axb3 bxa6 15.Rfe1 Nh5 16.Rxe7 Nxf4 17.Rxd7 Rb8 18.Rxa7 Rxb3 19.Ne5 Rxb2 20.R7xa6 Rc2 was played in Schoenweitz - Ostermeier, St.Ingbert 1991, where White should have played 21.g3 Nh3+ 22.Kg2 Nxf2 23.R1a2!) 11...Qxb3 12.Bxb3 Rfd8 13.Re1 Kf8 14.Bf4 Bf5 15.a3 Rac8 16.h3 h5 17.Ng5 Ne8 18.Rad1 Nd6 19.Be5 Bh6 20.Bf4 Bg7 21.Nf3 and Black does not have enough counterplay, Doery - Froitzheim, Wiesbaden 1990.

 10.Qxb7 Nbd7 11.Bf4 Ne8.

 11...Qb6 12.Qxb6 Nxb6 13.Bb3 Rfd8 14.Bc7 Rd7 15.Bxb6 axb6 16.Nf3 is clearly better for White.

 12.Nf3 Nb6.

 12...Nd6 13.Qa6 >>b3, 1/4e2>>.

 13.Bb3 Bc8 Black has problems here no matter what he plays..

 13...Nd6 14.Qa6 Bc8 15.Qe2 a5 16.Bc2+/-.

 13...a5 14.Ne5! (14.Na4 Nxa4 15.Bxa4 Nd6 16.Qb3 Rb8 17.Qd1 Rxb2 18.0 - 02) 14...Bxe5 15.dxe5 a4 16.Be3+/-.

 14.Qc6 Nd6.

 14...Ba6 15.Qc5 Rc8 16.Qa5 Bc4 17.Bxc4 Nxc4 18.Qxd8 Rxd8 leaves Black down too much material.

 15.Qc5 Ba6.

16.Ne5 Black is lost here. 16...Re8 17.0-0 - 0 Bf8 18.Rhe1 Bb7 19.Kb1 Rc8 20.Qb4 Rc7 21.Qa5 Qc8 22.Bg3 Rd8 23.Rc1 Bh6 24.Rc2 Bg7?! 25.Qxa7 Nd7 26.Qa5 Nxe5 27.dxe5 Nc4 28.Qb4 Black resigned.

Jansa Burovic
Eupen (Active) 1996

1.e4 c6 2.c4 d5 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.exd5 Nf6 5.Bb5+ Nbd7 6.Nc3 g6 7.d4 Bg7 8.d6.   This advance is quite thematic, as we see throughout the Panov lines with ...g6. In this position, reached from the Accelerated Panov in the present game, Black has several choices, including the capture at d6, castling, and ...e6, and interesting move which ignores the d-pawn for now and concentrates instead on maintaining some control of d5..

 8...e6 9.Nf3 0-0.

 9...a6 10.Be2 Qb6 deserves a little more attention. 11.0-0 (11.Bf4 Nh53) 11...Qxd6 12.a4 0-0 and Black is doing fine. This plan can be reached via transposition below, too. The idea of ...0 - 0, ...a6, and ...Qb6 may prove to be a very effective plan for Black. 13.b3 Re8 14.Qd2 b6 15.Ba3 Qb8 16.Rfe1 Bb7 17.Ne5 Bf8 18.Bxf8 Rxf8 19.Bf3 Bxf3 20.Nxf3 Rd8 21.Qg5 Qd6 22.Ne4 = Sax - Vadasz, Hungary Championship 1976.


 10.Bf4 a6 11.Be2 b5 12.Ne5 Bb7 13.Bf3 Bxf3 14.Qxf3 b4 15.Ne4 Nxe4 16.Qxe4 Nf6= Kasparov - Nogueiras, Madrid active 1989.

 10.Ne5 Nb6 11.0-0 a6 12.Be2 Qxd6 13.Bf4 Nbd5 14.Bg3 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Qa3 (15...Ne4!=) 16.Nc4 Qe7 17.Bd6+/-. Zygouris - Kostic, Iraklio 1993.


 10...Nb6 11.Bf4 (11.Be2 Qxd6 12.Ne5 Nbd5 13.Nb5 Qd8 14.Bf3 a6 15.Nc3 Qd6 16.Qe2 b53. Vetter-Borik, West Germany 1982.) 11...Nh5.

 A) 12.Be5 a6 13.Be2 f6 14.Bg3 Nxg3 15.hxg3 Qxd6 16.Qb3 Nd5 (16...f5 17.Rad1 Nd5 18.Nxd5 exd5 19.Ne5 Be6 20.f4 Rfc8 21.Rc1 b5 22.Kh2 Bf6 23.Qe3 = Mooser - Brestian, Werfen 1989) 17.Ne4 Qb6 18.Bc4 Qxb3 19.Bxb3 Rd8 20.Rfe1 Kf7 21.Rac1 Bf8 22.Nc5 Bd6 23.Re2 b6 24.Na4 Rb8 = Wockenfuss - Goehring, Bundesliga 1983.

 B) 12.Be3 Qxd6 13.Rc1 Nf6 14.Qd2 Nbd5 15.Be2 Bd7 16.Ne5 Rfc8 17.Nxd7 Qxd7 18.Bf3 Nb6 19.Rfd1 Nfd5 20.Nxd5 Nxd5 21.Bxd5 Qxd53 Kovalevskaya - Voitsekhovsky, Moscow op-4 1996.

 C) 12.Bg5 12...Qxd6 13.Re1 h6 14.Be3 Bd7 15.Bf1 Nd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Ne5 Bb5 18.Bxb5 Qxb5= Hecht - Reefschlaeger, Bundesliga 1981.

 10...Qb6 11.d5 e5 12.Re1 Qxd6 13.Bxd7 Nxd7 14.Nb5 Qb6 15.a4 a6 16.Be3 Qd8 17.Nd6 Qe7=. Peters - Tomaszewski, Bundesliga 1991.


 There are a number of options for this bishop.

11.Be2 b5 (11...Nb6 12.Bf4 Nh5 13.Qd2 Nxf4 14.Qxf4 Bd7 15.Rfd1 Bc6 16.Ne5 Nd5 17.Nxd5 Bxd5 18.Bf3 Qxd6 19.Nxg6 Qxf4 20.Nxf4 Bxf3 21.gxf33 = Karaklajic - Vlasov, Beograd 1991.) 12.Ne5 Bb7 13.Bf4 Nb6 14.Bf3 Nfd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Bxd5 Bxd5 17.Qd2 f6 18.Nd3 Ra7 19.Rfe1 g5 20.Bg3 h5 gave Black a strong initiative in Sax-Bordonada, Nizza Olympiad 1974.

 11.Ba4 Nb6 12.Bb3 Qxd6 13.Qe2 Nbd5 14.Rd1 b6 15.Bg5 Bb7 16.Rac1 Rac8 17.Nxd5 Nxd53. Sicker - Sapis, Miedzybrodzie 1991.

 11.Bxd7 Qxd7 (11...Bxd7 12.Bf4 Nh5 13.Bg5 f6 14.Bd2 f5 15.Bg5 Bf6 16.Bxf6 Rxf6 17.Qb32. Lejlic - Hellastrom, Sollentuna 1995.) 12.Bf4 Nh5 13.Bg5 f6 14.Be3 f5 15.d5 e5 16.Bc5 b6 17.Bxb6 Qxd6 18.Na4+/-. DRoberts-Cafolla, Rathmines 1993.


 11...Ne8 12.Bf4 Ndf6 13.a4 Nxd6 14.a5 Nf5 15.Bxf5 gxf5 16.Qb3 Nd5 17.Nxd5 Qxd5 18.Qxd5 exd5 19.Rfc12 Smagin - Dybowski, Naleczow 1985.

 11...Nb6 12.Bf4 Nbd5 13.Nxd5 Nxd5 14.Bg3 Qb6 15.Bc4 Qxb2 16.Re1 Nc3 17.Qc1 Qb4 18.Re3 Qxc4 19.Rxc3 Qa4=. Jansa - Kucera, Usti ch-CR 1994.

 12.a4 b4 13.Ne4 Bb7.

 13...Qa5 14.Bd2 Bb7 15.Qe1 Nd5 16.Qe2 e5 17.dxe5 Rfe8 18.Neg5 Nxe5 19.Nxe5 Bxe5 20.Qf3+/-. Yurtaev - Burovic, Hartberg open 1991.

 14.Nc5 Nxc5 15.dxc5 Nd7.

White's c- and d-pawns are impressive, but it is difficult to get the queenside pieces into the game White offers a pawn to accelerate development..

 16.Be3 Bxb2.

 16...Rc8!? 17.c6! (17.Rc1 Bxb2=+) 17...Rxc6 18.Be4! Qa8 (18...Rxd6 19.Qxd6 Bxe4 20.Rfd1 Bd5 21.Qxb4+/-) 19.Bxc6 Bxc6 with some pressure at f3 and b2.

 17.Rb1 Bc3 18.Nd2 Rc8 19.Be4 Bc6 20.Bxc6 Rxc6 21.Ne4 f5.

 21...Qa5 comes into consideration.

 22.Nxc3 bxc3 23.Qb3 Nxc5 24.Qxc3 Qxd6 25.Bh6.

25...Rf7 26.Rfd1 Qc7?.

 26...Rb7! saves the day, and Black is no worse.

 27.Qe5 Nd7 28.Qxc7 Rxc7 29.Rb8+ Rf8 30.Rxd7 Rxb8 31.Rxc7 Rb1+ 32.Rc1 Rxc1+ 33.Bxc1 e5 34.Bb2 e4 35.Kf1 Kf7 36.f3 Black resigned.

Bashkov Zivcovic
Chelyabinsk, 1990

1.e4 c6 2.c4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.cxd5 Nf6 5.Bb5+ Nbd7 6.Nc3 g6 7.d4 Bg7 8.d6 0-0.   By castling Black invites White to capture at e7, an invitation which is always accepted. White then has a clear extra pawn, but Black has some compensating pressure..

 9.dxe7 Qxe7+.

 9...Re8 10.Nge2 Rxe7 11.0-0 a6 (11...Nb6 12.Bg5 a6 13.Bd3 h6 14.Bh4 Be6 15.Re1+/- = Vavra - Mitura, Czech 1994.) 12.Bxd7 Rxd7 13.Bf4 b5 14.Be5 Bb7 15.Qb32 = Stein - Filipowicz, Dortmund 1992.


 This is more useful than retreating the bishop to e2. 10.Be2.

 A) 10...a6 11.Nf3 b5 12.a3 Bb7 13.0-0 Qd6 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 Nh5 16.Ne5 Nxe5 17.dxe5 Qxd1 18.Rfxd1 Nf4 (18...Bxe5 19.Bxh5 gxh5 20.Rd32) 19.Bf1 g5 20.Bg3 Bxe5= Henris - Van Mil, Antwerpen 1995.

 B) 10...Nb6 11.Nf3 Be6 12.0-0 Rfd8 13.b3 Rac8 14.Bb2 Ng4 15.Bd3 Rxd4 16.Nxd4 Bxd4 17.Be22. Bartsch - Schwalfenberg, Bodenseecup 1996.

 C) 10...b5 11.Nxb5 Bb7 12.Kf1 Nd5 (12...Nb6 13.Bf3 Ba6 14.a4 Rad8 15.Ne2 Qd7 16.b3 Rfe8 17.h3 Bxb5 18.axb5 Qxb5 19.Rxa7+/- Ljubojevic-Wade, Teesside 1972.) 13.h4 N7f6 14.Rh3 Rfe8 15.Nc3 Rad8 16.Bg5 h6 17.Nxd5 Bxd5 18.Be3 Qb7 19.Bf3 Qxb2 20.Bxd5 Nxd53. Leblancq - Mercier, FRA Championship 1990.


10...Nb6 11.0-0 Nfd5 12.Re1 Qh4 13.Nxd5 Nxd5 14.Bc4 Be6 15.Bxd5 Bxd52 Hartman - Angqvist, Rilton Cup 1992.


 11.Bxd7 Bxd7 (11...Qxd7 12.Bf4 b5 13.0-0 Bb7 14.Be5 Rad8 15.h3 Rfe8 16.Qb3 Nd5 17.Bxg7 Kxg7 18.Rfe12. Doery - Bang, Tastrup II 1990.) 12.Bg5 (12.0-0 Bc6 13.Bg5 Rad8 14.Qb3 Qd7 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Rad1 b5 17.d5+/- Gogichaishvili - Nevednichy, Nab.Chelni 1988.) 12...Qd6 (12...Bc6 13.d5 Bd7 14.0 - 02 = David - Kaposztas, Poznan 1984.) 13.Bf4 Qb6 14.Be5 Rfd8 15.0-0 Bc6 16.Qd2 Ne4 17.Qf4 Nxc3 18.bxc3 Qb5 19.Bxg7 Kxg7 20.Rfe1+/-. Sveshnikov-Gipslis, Riga 1975.

 11.Bc4 b5 12.Nd5 Qe4 13.f3 Qe6 14.Nxf6+ Qxf6 15.Bd5+/-. Galyas - Simons, Budapest IM 1994.



 12.a3 Bb7 13.0-0 transposes below.

 12.Bg5 Bb7 13.f3 h6 14.Bh4 g5 15.Bf2 g4 16.Qd2 (16.0-0 gxf3 17.gxf3 Bxf3 would be asking for trouble.) 16...Rfe8 17.Qf4 Rac8 18.0-0 gxf3 19.gxf3 Nf8 20.Rae1 Ng6 21.Qf5 Qb4 22.Rb1 Rcd8 23.Ne4 Nd5 24.Be1 Qe7 25.Bd2 Qh4 26.Be1 Qe7 27.Bd2 Nb4 28.Bxb4 Qxb4 29.Nf6+ Bxf6 = Van Bemmel - Van der Mee, Netherlands Championship 1992.

 12...Bb7 13.a3.

 13.Bf4 b4 14.Na4 Nd5 15.Bd2 Qh4 16.Rc1 Rfc8 17.Rxc8+ Rxc8 18.Bc1 Bf8 (18...Bxd4 19.Nxd4 Qxd4=) 19.g3 Qh3 20.Be4+/-. Todorovic - Gurgenidze, Belgrade GMA-op 1988.

 13.Re1 b4 14.Na4 Qd6 15.Bf4 Qd5 16.f3 g5 17.Be3 Rae8 18.Ng3 Ng4 19.Be4 Nxe3 20.Rxe3 Qxd4 21.Nf5 Qxd1+ 22.Rxd1 Bxe4 23.Rxe4 Rxe4 24.fxe4 Nf6 25.e52.


 A) 13...Rfe8 14.a3 Rac8 15.Qd2 Nb6 16.Rad1 Qd7 17.Bh6 Nc4 18.Bxc4 Rxc4 19.Bxg7 Kxg7 20.f32 = Feller - Pineau, Thessaloniki Olympiad 1988.

 B) 13...Qd6 14.Qd2 b4 15.Nd1 Ne4 16.Qf4 Qd5 17.Be7 Rfe8 18.Ne3 Qe6 19.Bxb4+/- Chmelikova - Prochazkova, Czech Republic Championship w 1992.

 C) 13...h6!? 14.Bh4 b4 15.Na4 g5 16.Bg3 Ne4 17.Rc1 Rac8 18.Bc7 Qe6 19.Re1 Nxf2 Desperation or an ambitious try? In either case, White should prevail with accurate play. 20.Kxf2 Qd5 21.Nf4 (21.Rf1 Bxd4+ 22.Ke1 Be3 23.Rc4+/-) 21...gxf4 22.Be4 Bxd4+ 23.Kf1 Qb5+ 24.Qd3 (24.Bd3 Qg5 25.Be4 Bxe4 26.Rxe4 f3!u) 24...Bxe4 25.Qxb5 axb5 26.Rxe4 Be3. Bogar - Zemerov, Hungarian Championship T 1994.

 D) 13...Nb6 D1) 14.Qb3 Qd7 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Be4 Bxe4 17.Nxe4 Bxd4 18.Rad1 Qg4 19.Rxd4 Qxe2 20.Qg3 (20.Nf6+ Kg7 21.Re4! Qd2 22.Rd1 Qg5 23.Nd7 Nxd7 24.Rxd7 Rad8=) 20...f5 21.Ng5 Qe7 22.Rh4 h5 23.Nf32. Jansa - Dannevig, Gausdal PG 1989.

 D2) 14.Qd2 14...Rfe8 15.Ng3 Qd7 16.Nce2 Ne4 17.Bxe4 Bxe4 18.b3 Nd5 19.f3 = Bronstein - Gurgenidze, USSR 1972.


13...Nd5 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.Bf4 (15.Nf4!+/-) 15...Nb6 16.Re1 Qb7 17.f3 Rad8 18.Rc1 Nc4 19.Bxc4 Bxc4 20.Be3 Qb6 21.Kh1 = Stein - Bang, Copenhagen Obro 1989.

 13...Rfd8 14.Bf4 Nh5 15.Be3 Nb6 16.Qb3 Nd5 17.Bd2 Qh4 (17...Nxc3 18.bxc3 Bd5 19.Qc2+/-) 18.Rfe1 Ndf6 19.h3 Bc8 20.Qc2 Bxh3 21.gxh3 Ng4 22.hxg4 Qxg4+ 23.Kh2 and there was no way for Back to continue the attack effectively. Kveinys - Gross, Rimavska Sobota 1990.

 13...Rfe8 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 Rad8 16.Re1 Nf8 17.f3 Ne6 18.Be4 g5 19.Bf2 Bxe4 20.Nxe4 Qd7 (20...Nxe4!? 21.fxe4 Qb7 22.d5 Bxb2 23.Rb1 Bg7=) 21.N4g3 g4 22.Qd3 gxf3 23.Qxf3+/-. Vavra - Kupka, Czech Republic Championship T 1992.

 13...h6 14.Re1 Rfe8 15.Bd2 Qd6 16.Bf4 Qc6 17.f3+/-. Canal - Opochensky, Bad Sliac 1932.


 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 Rfd8 16.Qb3 Nbd5 17.Rfe1+/-. Djurhuus - Fossan, Randaberg ch-NO 1989.

 14...Qd7 15.Bf4.

 15.Bc2 Rad8 16.Qd3 Rfe8 17.Bf4 Qc6 18.Qh3 Nc4 19.b3 Nb6 (19...Nxa3! 20.Rxa3 b4 21.Raa1 bxc33) 20.Rac1 Bc8 21.Qh4 Bb7 22.f3 Qd7 23.Bg5 Qd6 24.Red1 Rc8 25.Qf4 Qxf4 26.Bxf4 Nfd5 27.Ne4 Nxf4 28.Nxf4 Rcd8 29.Ne2 Nd5 30.Bb1 f5 = Dahl - Blosze, Gausdal International 1992.

 15...Qg4 16.Bg3 Nh5 17.f3 Bxd4+ 18.Nxd4 Qxd4+ 19.Bf2 Qf6 20.Be4 Rfd8 21.Qb3 Rab8 22.Rad1 Nc4.

 22...Rxd1 23.Rxd1 Nf4 24.Bxb7 Qg5 25.Bg3 Rxb7 26.Ne4+/-.

 22...Nf4 23.Rxd8+ Qxd8 24.Bxb7 Rxb7 would have limited the damage.

 23.Bxb7 Rxb7 24.Ne4 Qe7 25.Nc5 Rxd1 26.Qxd1 Qc7 27.Nxb7 Qxb7 28.b3 Nb6. Drawn.

Varga Douven
Mitropa Cup 1995

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Bg7 7.Bb5+ Nbd7 8.d6 exd6.   White doesn't have much to build on in these lines..


 9.Bf4 6.cd5 Bg7 7.Bb5 Nbd7 8.d6 e6R 9...0-0 (9...Qb6 10.Qe2+ Kd8!?) 10.Bxd6 Re8+ 11.Nge2 Ne4 12.Nxe4 Rxe4 13.0-0 (13.Bd3 Re6 14.Ba3 Bxd4 15.Bc4 Bxf2+ 16.Kxf2 Qh4+ 17.g3 Qxc4 18.Rc1 Rf6+ 19.Nf4 Rxf4+ 20.gxf4 Qxf4+ 21.Qf3 Qxf3+ 22.Kxf3 Ne5+ 23.Kg3 Be6 24.Rc7 Rd8 25.Re1 Rd3+ 26.Kf4 f6 27.Rxe5 fxe5+ = Mathonia - Bastian, Bundesliga 1993) 13...Nf8 14.Bg3 h5 15.f3 Re6 16.Rc1 Bd7 17.Bc4 Re8 18.Qb3 Kh7 19.Qxb7 h4 20.Bd6 Be6 21.Be5 Bxc4 22.Rxc4 f6 23.Rc7 Ne6 24.Rd7 fxe5 25.Rxd8 Raxd8 26.dxe5 Nc5 27.Qb4 Rxe5 28.Qxh4+. Sax - Polgar, Hungary ch 1971.

 9.Bg5 Qe7+ 10.Nge2 0-0 11.0-0 a6 12.Bd3 b5 13.Re1 Nb6 14.Ng3 Qd7 15.Nce4 (15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Be4 Rb8 17.Bf3 d5=) 15...Ne8 16.Qd2 Nd5 17.Bh6 f5 18.Bxg7 Qxg73. Mooser-Gerlach, Nuernberg 1988.

 9.Nf3 0-0 10.0-0 a6 11.Bd3 b5 12.Ne4 Nxe4 13.Bxe4 Rb8= Kolcak - Kretek, Bratislava ch-CS 1991.


 9...Kf8 is a surprising move. Call me old-fashioned, but this king move just seems wrong-headed to me.

10.Nf3 (10.Bf4 is also good. 10...Nb6 11.Nf3 Kg8 12.0-0 h6 13.Rfe1 Kh7 14.Ne4 Nbd5 15.Bg3 Nxe4 16.Qxe42. Djurhuus - Bergstad, Norwegian Championship Steinkjer 1986.

 10.Qf3 Nb6 11.Nge2 d5 12.h3 Bf5 13.0-0 Be4 14.Qe3+= Sion Castro - Campora, Sevilla 1993.).

 A) 10...Nb6!? 11.0-0 a6 12.Bd3 Bd7 (12...Bd7 13.Bd2 Bc6 14.Ne4 Nxe4 15.Bxe4 Qe7!= Karaklajic - Dragojlovic, Yugoslavia Championship 1994.).

 B) 10...h6 11.0-0 (11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Bb3 Bd7 13.0-0 Bc6 14.d5 Nfxd5 15.Nxd5 Bxd5 16.Bxd5 Nxd5 17.Rd1(c). Velimirovic - Gliksman, Jugoslavija 1968.) B1) 11...Kg8.

B1) 12.Bc4! Nf8 (12...Nb6 13.Bb3 d5 14.Ne5+/-) 13.Re1 Be6 14.d5!? (14.Bxe6 Nxe6 15.d5 Nc7!2) 14...Bg4 15.h3 Bxf3 16.Qxf3 N6d7 (16...N8d7 17.Bf4!+/-) 17.Bb3 Nc5 (17...Ne5 18.Qg3+/-) 18.Bc2 Nfd7 19.b4!+/-.

 B2) 12.Re1 12...Kh7 13.Qe7 Ne5! 14.Ng5+! (14.Qxd8 Nxf3+ 15.gxf3 Rxd8 16.Re7 Kg8 17.Bd22) 14...hxg5 15.Qxd8 Rxd8 16.dxe5 dxe5 17.Bc4! (17.Bxg5? Be6= Shirov - Vyzmanavin, Tilburg 1992.) 17...Ng4 (17...g4 18.Bxf7 Bf5 19.Bg5 Rd4 20.Be3 Rd7 21.Bb32) 18.Bxg5 f6 19.Bc1 Rd4,,.

 B2) 11...Nb6 12.Bd3 Kg8 13.Bf4 Kh7 14.h3 Re8 15.Qd2 Nfd5 16.Bg3 (16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Bg3 Qb6=) 16...Nxc3 17.bxc3 Be6 18.Rab1!2 Lautier - Yusupov, Baden Baden 1992..


 10.Qxe7+?! is a poor choice, because White has no resources developed to pose a danger to the enemy king. 10...Kxe7.

 A) 11.Bf4 A1) 11...a6 12.Be2 Nb6 13.Bf3 Rb8 (13...Re8=) 14.0-0 - 0 Bf5 15.Nge2 Rhc8 16.Rhe1 Kd7/. Miezis - Pinkas, Bern 1992.

 A2) 11...Nb6 12.Nf3 Rd8 (12...h6 13.0-0 Be6 14.h3 Rac8 15.Rfe1 Nfd5 16.Bd2 Rc7 17.a4 Nb4 18.a5 N6d5 19.Ba4 a6 20.Bb3 Kd7 21.Ba4+ Kd8 22.Nxd5 Nxd5= Wockenfuss - Heinbuch, Bundesliga 1985.) 13.0-0 Kf8 14.Rfe1 h6 15.h3 a6 16.Bd3 Nbd5 17.Bh2 b5 18.a4 b4 19.Nxd5 Nxd5 20.Be4 Bb7 21.g4 Rac8 22.a5 Rd7 23.Rad1 Rc4 24.Nd2 Rxd4 25.Nb3 Rxe4 26.Rxe4 Bxb2u. Makropoulos - Gazis, Greece 1985.

 B) 11.Bg5 11...h6 12.Bh4 g5 13.Bg3 a6 14.Bd3 Nb6=. Ghinda - Lobron, Bochum 1981.


 10...d5 is poor for several reasons. 11.Bd6 (11.Bg5 11...Qxe2+ 12.Ngxe2 0-0 13.Bxd7! Bxd7 14.Bxf6 Bxf6 15.Nxd5+/- = Kirchner - Forgacs, Derbecen 1993).

A) 11...Qe6 12.Qxe6+ fxe6 13.Nf3 a6 14.Bd3 (14.Ng5 axb5 15.Nxb5 Nb6 16.Bc5 Kd7 17.Bxb6 Ne8 18.Bc5 b6 19.Ba3 Ba6 20.Nc3 Bxd4 21.Nf7 Rg8 22.Nh6 Rg7 23.Bf8+/-. Down - Borg, Walsall 1992.) 14...Bh6 15.h4 Nb8 16.Na4 Nfd7 17.Ng5 Bxg5 18.hxg5+/-. Tringov-Roos, Bulgaria 1985.

 B) 11...Qxe2+ 12.Ngxe2 (12.Bxe2 Bf8 13.Bxf8 Kxf8 14.Bf3 Nb6 15.Nge2 Kg7 16.0-0 Bf5 17.Ng3 Bd3 18.Rfe1 Rhe8 19.Re5 Rad8 20.Rae12. Pettinger - Luna, World Junior Championship1993.).

 B1) 12...Kd8 13.0-0 Ne8 14.Bb4 (14.Bg3 Nb6 15.a4 Be6 16.a5 Nc4 17.a6 b6 18.Bc6 Rc8 19.Bb7 Nc7 20.Bxc8 Kxc8 21.Rfc1+/-. Degerman - Lyrberg, Gausdal 1993) 14...Nc7 15.Nf4 Nf6 16.Rfe1 Be6 (16...Nxb5 17.Nxb5+/-) 17.Bd6 Nxb5 18.Nxb52 Miles - Oll, Adelaide 1990..

 B2) 12...Ne4 13.Ba3 Nxc3 14.Nxc3 a6 15.Nxd5 axb5 16.Nc7+ Kd8 17.Nxa8 b4 18.Bxb4 Re8+ 19.Kd2 b6 20.Bd6. Cativelli - Labollita, Buenos Aires 1997.

 B3) 12...a6 13.Ba4 b5 14.Bb3 Nb6 A2c1) 15.Nf4 Be6 16.a4 (16.0-0 0-0 - 0 17.Be5 Nc4 18.Bxc4 dxc4 19.Nxe6 fxe6 20.a42. Peters - Luechtemeier, Leipzig 1995.) 16...Nc4 17.Bxc4 bxc4 18.0-0 0-0 - 0 19.Be5 Nh5 20.Nxe6 fxe6=. Deutschmann - Trzaska, Bundesliga 1987. Or 15.0-0 15...Bb7 16.a4 Ne4 17.Nxe4 dxe4 18.axb5 axb5 19.Rxa8+ Bxa8 20.Ra1+/- Shamayev - Randviir, Leningrad 1949. (102).



A) 11...d5 12.Bd6 a6 13.Ba4 b5 14.Bb3 Nb6 15.0-0 Be6 16.Rfe1 (16.Nf4 g5 17.Nd3 Nc4 18.Bxc4 bxc4 19.Nc5 Nd7 20.Rfe1 Nxc5 21.Bxc5 Kd7 22.b4 Rab8 23.a4 = Jansa - Groszpeter, Budapest Tungsram 1978) 16...Kd7 17.Bc5 Nc4 18.Nf4 Bh6 19.Nd3 Bd2 20.Re2 Bxc3 21.bxc3 Ne4 22.Rc1 Rhc8 23.Bxc4 bxc4 24.Ne5++/- Arakhamia - Tsiganova, Kishinev 1995.

 B) 11...a6 12.Ba4 Ke7 13.0-0 (13.0-0 - 0 b5 14.Bb3 Bb7 15.Rhe1 Nb6 16.Ng1+ Kd7 17.Bxf7 b4 18.Be6+ Kc7 19.Nb1 Bxg2 20.f3 Nfd5 21.Bg3 Bh6+u Scherbin - Jarovik, Ekaterinburg 1996.) 13...Nb6 14.Rfe1 Be6 15.Bg3 Nxa4 16.Nxa4 b5 17.Nac3 b4 18.d5 bxc3 19.Nxc3 Rab8,, = Scheipl - Roeder, Augsburg 1987.

 C) 11...Ke7 White is likely to be a little better whichever side the king heads to.

C1) 12.0-0 - 0.

 C11) 12...Rd8 13.Rhe1 Nb6 14.Ng3+ Kf8 15.Nge4 (15.d5 a6 16.Bf1 Ne8 17.h3 h6 18.Nge4 Bf5 19.g4 Bxe4 20.Nxe4 Rac8+ 21.Kb12 Meister - Kranzl, Linz 1995.) 15...Nxe4 16.Nxe4 d5 17.Bg5 Bg4 18.Bxd8 Bxd1 19.Bxb6 axb6 20.Rxd1 dxe4 21.Kb1 Ke7 = Prochess-Schach 30, Utrecht 1992.

 C12) 12...Nb6 13.Rhe1 Be6 14.Kb1 a6 15.Bd3 Kd7 16.Ne4 Nbd5 (16...Nxe4 17.Bxe4 Nd5 18.Bd2 f5 19.Bf3 Rab8 20.Nf4 Nxf4 21.Bxf4= Prochess-The King 20, Utrecht 1992.) 17.Ng5 Rac8 18.f3 = Georgadze - Bagirov, Tashkent 1984.

 C2) 12.0-0 12...Nb6.

C21) 13.h3 a6 14.Bd3 Be6 15.Rfe1 Nfd5 16.Bg5+ Kd7 17.Be42 = Rogulj - Sarno, Roma 1990.

 C22) 13.Ng3 Rd8 14.Rfe1+ Be6 15.Rad1 Nbd5 16.Nxd5+ Nxd5 17.Bg5+ Bf6 18.Bh6 (18.Bxf6+ Kxf6 19.Ne4+ Ke7=) 18...a6 19.Bc4 Kd7 20.Ne4 Bh8 21.Ng52 Hangweyrer - Van der Werf, Vienna 1996.

 C23) 13.Rfe1.

 C231) 13...Be6.

C2311) 14.Bg5.

 C23111) 14...h6 15.Bh4 g5 16.Bg3 a6 (16...Rac8 17.Rac1 Rhd8 18.Bd3 a6 19.f3 Nfd5 20.Bf2 Kd7 21.b3 Nxc3 22.Nxc3 Nd5 23.Nxd5 Bxd5 24.Bf5+ Be6 25.Be4 d5 26.Bd3 = Schmittdiel - Hoffmann, Bundesliga 1996) 17.Bd3 Nfd5 18.Be4 Kd7 19.Rad1 f5 20.Nxd5 Nxd5 21.Bxd5 Bxd53. Paulic - Kostic, Belgrade 1989.

 C23112) 14...a6 15.Bd3 Kd7 16.Rad1 Nbd5 17.Be4 Rac8 18.Bxd5 Nxd5 19.Nxd5 Bxd5 20.Nc3 Rxc3 21.Re7+ Kc6 22.bxc3 Bxa2 23.Ra1 Be6(c). Sariego - Andres, Bayamo 1985.

 C2312) 14.a4 Rhc8 15.a5 Nbd5 16.g4 Nc7 17.h3 Nfd5 18.Nxd5+ Nxd5 19.Bg5+ Kf8 20.Rac1 = Martinez - Lobato, Spain Championship 1992.

 C2313) 14.Rad1 14...a6 15.d5 (15.Bd3 h6 16.h3 Nbd5 17.Bh2 Rac8 18.Nf4 Nxf4 19.Bxf4 d5 20.Re2 Rhd8 21.Be5 Ne8 22.Rde1 Bxe5 23.Rxe52. Ramirez Rio - Garcia, Catalynia Championship 1996.) 15...Nfxd5 (15...Nbxd5 16.Bc4 Nxc3 17.Bxd6+ Kd7 18.Nxc3 Ne8 19.Bb4+ Kc8 20.Rxe6 fxe6 21.Bxe6+ Kc7 22.Nd5+ Kb8 23.Nb6+/-. Lochte - Bilek, Budapest 1991.) 16.Nxd5+ Nxd5 17.Bc4 Nxf4 18.Nxf4 Be5 19.Nxe6 fxe6 20.f4 Bxf4 21.Rxe6+ Kd7 22.g3 Rac8 23.Bb3 Rc1 24.Rexd6+ = Nunn-Stean, ENG 1979.

 C232) 13...a6 14.Bd3 Be6 (14...h6 15.a4 Be6 16.Bg3 Nbd5 17.Nxd5+ Nxd5 18.Nc3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Kd7 20.Rab1+/-. Bartsch - Behling, Bundesliga 1985.) 15.Bg3 (15.Ne4 Nxe4 16.Bxe4 d5 17.Bd3 Rac8= Tringov-Meduna, Plovdiv 1982.) 15...Nh5 16.Bh4+ Bf6 17.Bxf6+ Nxf6 18.Nf42. Hernandez-Hennings, Havana 1971.

 11...Ke7 12.Bf3.

 12.Nf3 Nb6 13.0-0.

 A) 13...a6 14.Rfe1 Be6 15.Ng5 A1) 15...Nbd5 16.Bg3 Kd7 (16...Rac8 17.Nxd5+ Nxd5 18.Bg4 Nc7 19.d5 h6 20.dxe6 f5 21.Nf7 fxg4 22.Bxd6+ Kf6 23.Nxh8 Nxe6 24.Be5+ Kf5 25.Bxg7 Nxg7 26.Nf7. Kapetanovic - Karaklajic, 1991) 17.Bf3 Rac8 = Horvath - Soos, Budapest 1991.

 A2) 15...Kd7 16.Nge4 Nxe4 17.Nxe4 Nd5 18.Bg3 Bf8 19.Bf3 Rc8 20.Re2 Be7 21.Rae1 Rhe8 22.h3 b6 23.Rb1 Rc4 24.Nc3 Rxd4 25.Nxd5 Bxd5 26.Bxd5 Rxd5u. Gdanski - Bern, Slupsk 1987.

 B) 13...Nfd5 14.Bg5+ Bf6 15.Nxd5+ Nxd5 16.Rfe1 (16.Bc42) 16...Be6 17.Bc4 Nb6 18.Bb3 = Adamski - Hennings, Polanica Zdroj 1969.

 12.0-0 - 0 Rd8 13.Bf3 Nb6 14.h3 h5 15.Nge2 Rb8 16.Rhe1+/-. Short-Larsen, SWIFT Blitz 1987.

 12.Nb5 Ne8 13.Nf3 Nb6 14.0-0 Be6 15.Rfe1 a6 16.Nc3+=. Morvay - Pirisi, Hungarian Championship T 1991.


 12...Rd8 13.Nge2 Ne8 (13...a6 14.0-0 h6 15.h4 Nb8 16.Na4 Ra7 17.Nb6 Nbd7 18.Nxc8+ Rxc8 19.Rac1 Rxc1 20.Rxc12. Rasik - Oei, Cappelle la Grande 1994.) 14.0-0 Kf8 15.Rac1 Ndf6 16.b3 Rb8 17.h32 = Chiburdanidze - Thipsay, Jakarta-IZT 1993.

 12...Nf8 13.Nge2 Ne6 14.Be3 Bd7 15.0-0 Rac8 16.Rfe1+/-. Sher - Voigt, Hamburg 1993.


 13.0-0 - 0 is again risky.

 A) 13...d5 14.h3 (14.Be5 Bf5 15.Nge2 Rhc8 16.b3 Rc6 17.Kb2 Rac8 18.Bxf6+ Bxf6 19.Bxd5 Rxc3 20.Nxc3 Rxc3 21.Rhe1+ Kd6 22.Kxc3 Nxd5+ 23.Kb2 Nf4 24.Re8 Nxg2(c). Vetemaa - Seirawan, Seattle 1994.) 14...Be6 15.Nge2 Rhd8 16.Rhe1 Kf8 17.g4 Rac8 18.Kb1 a6 19.Bg3 g5 20.Bg2 h5 21.f4 hxg4 22.fxg5 Bf5+ 23.Ka1 Ne4 24.h4 (24.hxg4 Nxc3 25.Nxc3 Bxg4=) 24...Nc4,, Van de Oudeweetering - Bartels, Netherlands ChampionshipEnschede 1990.

 B) 13...Be6.

B1) 14.Bxb7 Rab8 15.d5! Rxb7 (15...Bf5? 16.Re1+ Kd8 17.Bc6+/-) 16.dxe6 Rc8! 17.Bxd6+ (17.exf7 Nfd5 18.Bg5+ Kxf7 19.Nge2 Nxc3 20.bxc3 Na4 21.Bd2 Nxc3 22.Nxc3 Bxc3 23.Bxc3 Rxc3+ 24.Kd2 Ra3u.

 17.Nge2 Nfd5 18.Bg5+ Kxe6 19.Rhe1 Kd7 20.Bh4 Nxc3 21.Nxc3 Bxc3 22.bxc3 Rxc3+ 23.Kd2 Rc4 24.Re7+ Kc6 25.Rxb7 Kxb7u) 17...Kxe6 18.Nh3?! (18.Nge2! Nfd5 19.Bg3 Nxc3 20.Nxc3 Bxc3 21.bxc3 Rxc3+ 22.Kb2 Na4+ 23.Ka1 f6=) 18...Nfd5 19.Nf4+ Nxf4 20.Bxf4 Bxc3 21.bxc3 Rxc3+ 22.Kd2 Ra3 Johansen - Rogers, Canberra 1995.

 B2) 14.Nge2 Nfd5=.

 B3) 14.Re1 Kd7 15.Bxb7 Rab8 16.Ba6 Nbd5 17.Nge2 Nxf4 18.Nxf4 Bh6=. Van de Oudeweetering - Sziva, Nederland 1993.

 B4) 14.d5 14...Bg4 15.h3 Bxf3 16.Nxf3 Rac8=+. Pazos - Sariego, Manzanillo 1991.

 13.b3!? Rb8 (13...d5 14.Nb5 Bg4 15.Bd6+ Kd7 16.Be5 Bxf3 17.Nxf3 Rhc8,,) 14.Nb5.

 A) 14...Rd8 15.Nxa7 Bd7 16.Be2 (16.Bd2 Re8 17.Ba5 Nbd5u) 16...Nbd5 17.Bd2 Re8.

 B) 14...Ne8 15.Ne2 a6 16.Nbc3 Nc7 17.0-0 - 0+= Miles - Beliavsky, Biel 1992.

 13.h3 Be6 14.Nge2 Nfd5 15.Bg3 Nxc3 16.Nxc3 Bxd4 17.Bxd6+ Kxd6 18.0-0 - 0 Kc5 19.Ne4+ Kd5 20.Ng5+ Kc5 21.Ne4+ Kd5 22.Ng5+ Kc5 = Forster - Campora, Switzerland Championship 1995.



 A) 14.a4 Nc4 15.0-0 Be6 16.b3 Nb6 17.Bxb7 Ra7 18.Bf3 Nbd5 19.Bg5 Kd7 20.Bxf6 Nxf6 21.b4 Rb8 22.b5 d5 23.Rfb1 Bf5 24.b6 Rab7 25.a5 Bxb1 26.Rxb1 Kd6 27.Na4 Re7 28.Nc5 Nd7 29.Nxa6 Ra8 30.Nc5 Bxd4 (30...Rxa5 31.Nb7+) 31.Nxd7 Rxa5 32.Nxd4 Rxd7 33.Nb5+ Kc6 34.Nc7 Kb7 35.Nxd5 Rdxd5 36.Rd1. Dzindzichashvili - Wessman, New York 1992.

 B) 14.0-0 14...Rb8 15.h3 (15.Rfe1 Be6 16.Ng3 Kd7 17.Nge42 Smagin-Vyzhmanavin, Tashkent 1984.) 15...Be6 16.Rfe1 Kd7 17.Bg5 Bc4 18.b3 Bxe2 19.Rxe2 h6 20.Bd2 Rhe8 21.Kf1 Nc8 22.Rc1 Ne7 23.Be3 Nf5 24.Na4 Nxe3+ 25.fxe3 d5 26.Nb6+ Kd6 27.Rc5 Ne4 28.Bxe4 dxe4 29.Rec2 Re7 30.Nc8+. Nielsen-Alsaker, Gausdal International 1990.

 13...Be6 14.0-0 (14.Bxb7 Rab8 15.Bf3 Nbd5 16.b3 Rhc8 17.Bd2 Nxc3 18.Nxc32 Haugli - Fossan, Norwegian Championship 1987.) 14...Nfd5 15.Rad1 (15.Bg5+ Kd7 16.Nxd5 Bxd5 17.Bxd5 Nxd5 18.Nc3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Rac8 20.Rab1 b6 21.Rfe1 Rhe8 22.Rxe8 Rxe83. Levi - Rutherford, Melbourne 1996.) 15...Kd7 16.Rfe12 = Tringov - Skembris, Asenovgrad 1986.


 A) 14.Bxb7 Rab8 15.Ba6 (15.Be4 Bxe2 16.Kxe2 Nxe4 17.Nxe4 Nc8 18.Kd3 Rb4,, Mann - Volke, Bundesliga 1994.) 15...Nfd5 16.a3 Nxf4 17.Nxf4 Bxd4 18.0-0 Bxc3 = Coull-Van Parreren, Moscow Olympiad 1994.

 B) 14.Bxg4 14...Nxg4 15.0-0 Bh6 16.a4 a5 17.Ra3 Nd7 18.Rb3 Ra6 19.Ne4 f5 20.N4c3 Bxf4 21.Nxf4 Ngf6 22.h4 = David - Claesen, Odessa 1990.

 13...d5 14.0-0 Be6 15.Rfe1 Rhd8 16.a4 Nc4 17.b3+=. Kveinys - Grabarczyk, Polanica Zdroj 1992.


 14.h3 Be6 15.Bxb7 Rab8 16.Bf3 Nfd5! (16...Nbd5 17.b3 Rhc8 18.Rc1 Nxf4 19.Nxf4 Nh7 20.Nfe2+/-) 17.Bd2 Nxc3 18.Bxc3 Na4 19.0-0 Rhc8 20.Rfe1 (20.d5 Bxc3 21.bxc3 Bf5 22.Rfe12) 20...Nxb2 21.Rab1 Na4 22.Rxb8 Rxb8 23.Ba1 Kf8 24.Bc6 Nb6 25.a4 Nd5 26.Rc1 Bf6 27.Bb5 Bg5 28.Rc6 Nb4 29.Rc7 a6 30.d5 Nxd5. Bergstrom - Rogers, Gausdal Troll 1996.


 14...Rb8 15.Nb5 Rd8 16.Nxa7 Nfd5 17.Nxc8+ Rdxc8 18.Bc1 Nb4 19.0-0 Nd3 20.Rd1+/- Efimov - Meduna, Prague 1985.

 14...a6 15.0-0 Rb8 16.a4 Be6 17.Rfe1 Kd7 18.a5 Nbd5 19.Bxd5 Nxd5 20.Nxd5 Bxd5= Doncevic - Bilek, Budapest 1985.

 14...Be6 15.Bxb7 Rab8 16.Bf3 Nbd5 17.Bc1 Nb4 18.0-0 Nd3 19.d5+/-



 15...d5? 16.Bc7 (16.Be5 Be6 17.Nf4+=.

 16.Nb5 Be6 17.Nc7 Rac8) 16...Rd7 17.Be5 &tm;f4>>.

 16.Rfe1 a6.

 16...Be6 17.Rad1 (17.d5 Bg4 18.Bxg4 Nxg4 19.Ng3+ Kf8 20.Nge4 Ne5 21.Nxd6? Nd3!) 17...Kf8 (17...Kd7? 18.d5 Bg4 19.Bxg4+ Nxg4 20.Nb5 Nc8 21.Rc1+/-) 18.Nb5 Nc8 19.Nec32 Stohl - Bagirov, Gausdal 1991.

 16...Bg4 17.Bxg4 Nxg4 18.Ng3+ Kd7 19.Nge4 f5%.

 17.a4 Kf8.

 17...Bg4 18.Bxg4 Nxg4 19.a5 Nc8 20.Nd5+ Kf8 21.f3 Nf6 22.Nxf6 Bxf6 23.Bxh6++/- Cigan - Kranzl, Austrian Bundesliga 1989.

 18.a5 Na8.

 18...Nc4 19.b3 Nb2 is risky, but may only be slightly worse for Black. 20.Nc1 Bf5 21.Re3 Ng4 22.Bxg4 Bxg4 23.f3 Be6 24.Rb1 Bxd4 25.Bxh6+ Ke7 26.Rxb2 Rh8 27.Bg5+ f6 28.Nd5+ Kf7 29.Rd2 Bxe3+ 30.Bxe3 Rxh4 31.Nf42.

 19.Rac1 Nc7 20.Ne4 Nce8.

 20...Nxe4 21.Rxc7 Nf6 22.Nc3+/-

 21.Nxf6 Nxf6 22.Rc7 Ne8!.

This holds Black's game together. 23.Rc4 Bd7 24.Rb4 Bb5 25.Nc3 Nc7 26.Ne4 Ne8 27.Nc3 Nc7 28.Rc1 h5 29.g3 Ne6? 29...Rd7 would have left White with only a minor advantage. 30.Nxb5 axb5 31.Be3 d5 32.Rxb5 Nxd4 33.Bxd4 Bxd4 34.Bxd5 Bxb2 34...Rd7 35.a6 b6 36.Ra1 Ra7+/- 35.Rc7+- f5 36.Bf7 Rd1+ 37.Kg2 Bd4 38.Bxg6 Rd2 39.Rxf5+ Kg8 40.Bf7+ Kh8 41.Rxh5+ Kg7 42.Bd5+. Black resigned.

Walsh,C Botvinnik,M 
Munich Olympiad 1958

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.cxd5 Bg7 7.Bb5+ Nbd7.   Here we examine a few lines which are alternatives to the most common variations. Many of these games arise from various Sicilian Defenses. White cannot hope for any advantage with these moves. 8.Nge2 is a major alternative. Some less significant ones:

 8.Qf3 0-0 9.Nge2 Nb6 10.Nf4.

10...Bg4 11.Qg3 Bf5 12.Qf3 Bc2= Acs-Gelle, Hungarian Team Championship 1994.

 8.Bf4 0-0 9.d6 is also seen.

9...Nb6 (9...a6!? 10.Ba4 Nb6 11.dxe7 Qxe7+ 12.Nge2 Nxa4 13.Qxa4 b5 14.Qb3 b4. Adoamnei - Sasu, ROM Championship w Bucharest 1992 and Black has a sufficient initiative for the pawn.) 10.dxe7 Qxe7+ 11.Nge2 Nfd5 12.Qd2 (12.0-0 Nxf4 13.Nxf4 Rd8 14.Re1 Qg5 15.Qf3 Bxd4= Lodes-Mooser, Nuernberg 1988.) 12...Nxf4 13.Qxf4 Bf5 14.Qd2 a6 15.Bd3 Bxd4 16.Bxf5 Rad8 (16...Bxc3 17.Qxc3 gxf5/) 17.Bd3 Nc4 18.Qc2 Bxf2+ 19.Kxf2 Qf6+ 20.Ke1 Ne3 21.Qd2 Nxg2+ 22.Kd1 Qf3 23.Kc2 Ne3+ 24.Kb3+-. Lane - Donaldson, Malme 1986.

 8.Bxd7+ Qxd7 9.Qf3 b6 10.Nge2 Bb7 11.Nf4 Rd8 12.Be3 Nxd5 13.Nfxd5 Bxd5 14.Nxd5 Qxd5 15.Qxd5 Rxd53.



 9.0-0 Nb6 10.d6 (10.Bg5 a6 11.Bd3 Nbxd5 12.Qd2 Bg4 13.Rfe1 Bxe2 14.Rxe2 Qd7 15.Rae1 e6= Boricsev - Kaposztas, Eger Agria 1992.) 10...exd6 11.Bg5 h6 12.Bh4 g5 13.Bg3 Nh5 14.Rc1 a6 15.Bd3 f5 16.f4 Nxg3 17.Nxg3 Bxd4+3. Berenyi - Kaposztas, Budapest 1990.

 9.d6 exd6 10.Bf4 (10.0-0 a6 11.Bd3 b5 12.Bf4 Nb6 13.Ne4? Nxe4 14.Bxe4 d5 15.Bf3 g5. Keller - Szabolcsi, Eger 1994) 10...Nb6 11.0-0 Nfd5 12.Bg3 a6 13.Nxd5 Nxd5= Buchnicek - Zpevak, Czech Championship 1993.

 9.Bxd7 Qxd7 10.Nf4 b6 (10...g5 11.Nh5 Nxh5 12.Qxh5 g4 13.h3 g3 14.Be3 gxf2+ 15.Bxf2 a5 16.g4 Ra6 and Black has a strong initiative. 17.g5 Qf5 18.h4 b5 19.Rf1 b4 20.Nb5 Rb6 21.Nc7 Qf4 22.d6 Bg4 23.Qxg4 Qxg4 24.dxe7 Re8 25.Nxe8 Re6+. Piber - Basagic, Bled 1993) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Be3 Nxd5 13.Nfxd5 Bxd5 14.Nxd5 Qxd53. Dorkin - Ovetchkin, Russian Championship Podolsk 1993.

 9.Qb3 Nb6 10.Bc4 Bf5 11.Ng3 Bc2 12.Qxc2 Nxc4 13.b3 Nb6 14.0-0 Nbxd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd53. Skalli - Birens, Cappelle la Grande 1995.

 9...Nb6 10.Qb3 Qd6 11.0-0.

 11.Be2 Rd8 12.0-0 Nfxd5 13.Nfxd5 Nxd5 14.Nxd5 Qxd5=+. Berenyi - Kaposztas, Hungarian Championship T 1991.

 11...a5 12.a3 Rd8 13.Re1 Bf5 14.Bd2 g5 15.Re5 gxf4 16.Rxf5 Nfxd5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Qf3.

 18.Be8!? Bf6 19.Qf3 e6 20.Bxf4 Qe7! 21.Qg4+ Kf8 22.Bb5! Bg7 23.Bg5 f6 24.Rf3+/-

 18...e6 19.Rh5 f5 20.Bc4 Rac8=. Szopka - Praszak, Poland Championship 1986. Walsh - Botvinnik, Munich Olympiad 1958.

Chapter 9: 6.Qb3 Introduction

Alekhine Euwe
Bern 1932

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5.   In this section we consider some odds and ends..


 7...Nbd7 aims to get in ...Nb6 as rapidly as possible..

 A) 8.Nh3 0-0 9.Be2 Qb6 10.Qd1 Ne8 11.Be3 Ndf6 12.Nf4 Qxb2 13.Rc1 Nd6 14.0-0 Bd7 15.Nd3 Qa3 16.Nc5 Rfc8 17.Qd2 Qa5 18.Qb2 Rab8 19.Bf4 Bf8 20.Be5 Qd8 21.Qb3 Bf5 22.h3 h5 23.f4 h4 24.Rfe1 Bh6 25.Bf3 Qa5 26.N3e4 Bxe4 27.Bxe4 b6 28.Qf3 bxc5 29.Bxf6 exf6 30.Bxg6 fxg6 31.Qg4 Bg7 32.Re7 Nf5 33.Re6 Qa3 34.Rf1 Qg3 35.Qe2 Nxd4 36.Qe4 f5. Janosevic - Hort, Moscow 1966.

 B) 8.Bf4 Nb6 9.Bb5+ Bd7 10.d6 0-0 11.Bxd7 Qxd7 12.dxe7 Qxe7+ 13.Nge22. Pinchuk - Shamsiev, UZB Championship 1969.

 C) 8.g3 Nb6 9.Bg2 Bf5 (9...0-0 10.Nge2 Bf5 11.0-0 Qd7 12.a4 Bh3 13.Bxh3 Qxh3 14.Nf42 Emms - Bass, Sevilla 1989.) 10.Qb5+ Bd7 11.Qa5 0-0 12.Nge2 Bg4,, 13.Nf4 Ne8 14.Be3 Nd6 15.b3 Rc8 16.Rc1 Qc7 17.0-0 Qb8 18.h3 Bf5 19.Rfd1 Rc7 20.Nfe2 h6 21.Nb5 Rxc1 22.Rxc1 Nxb5 23.Qxb5 Qd6 24.Rc5 g5 25.a4 Qg6 26.Qb4 Be4 27.Bxe4 Qxe4 28.Nc3 Qf3 29.Rc7 Nc8 30.Qxb7 Nd6 31.Qa6 Bf6 32.Qe2 Qf5 33.g4 Qg6 34.b4 Ra8 35.b5 Kg7 36.Qd1 h5 37.gxh5 Qh6 38.Qg4 Kh7 39.Ne4 Nxe4 40.Qxe4+ Kg7 41.Qg4 Rd8 42.h4 Rxd5 43.Rc5. Wahls - Kosten, Altensteig 1989.

 D) 8.Be2 8...Nb6 9.Bf3 Bg4!.

D1) 10.Bxg4 Nxg4 11.Nge2 Qd7 (11...Nf6 12.d6 Qxd6 13.Bf4 Qd7 14.0-0 0-0 15.Rac1 Nbd5 16.Be5 Rac8 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.h3 Rfd8 19.Bxg7 Kxg7 20.Rfe1 b6 = Nieminen - Skare, Rilton Cup 1996) 12.0-0 (12.Bf4 0-0 13.a4 Nf6 14.d6 exd6 15.a5 Nc8 16.0-0 Ne7 17.Ra4 Ned53 = Laine - Salo, Espoo 1994.) 12...0-0 13.h3 Nf6 14.Nf4 Rfd8 15.Re1 Nfxd5 16.Nfxd5 Nxd5 17.Nxd5 Qxd5 18.Rxe7 Qxb3 19.axb3 Bxd4 20.Rxb72. Kosten - Bass, Budapest 1989.

 D2) 10.a4 10...Bxf3 11.Nxf3 0-0 12.a5 Nbxd5 13.Qxb7 Nxc3 (13...Qd6 14.Qb5 Rfc8 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.0-0 Rab8=. Martin-Bass, Benasque 1989.) 14.bxc3 Qc8 15.Qxc8 Rfxc8 16.Bd2 Ne4 17.Ke2 Nxc3+ 18.Bxc3 Rxc3 19.Rhc1 Rac8 20.Rxc3 Rxc3 21.Rb1 Rc7= Estrin - Abramson, corr- WCH 1965.


 8.h3 e6?! (8...Nbd7 9.Nf3 Nb6 10.Bd3 Nbxd5 11.0-0 b6=+) 9.dxe6 Bxe6 10.Qxb7+/- Re8 11.Be2 Nbd7 12.Qa6 Nd5 13.Nf3 Nb4 14.Qa4 Nd3+ 15.Kf1 Nb6 16.Qd1 Nxc1 17.Rxc1 Rc8 18.Bb5 Bc4+ 19.Bxc4 Nxc4 20.b3 Nd6 21.Ne2 Rxc1 22.Qxc1 Qe7 23.Ng3?! (23.Qd2 Ne4 24.Qd3+/-) 23...Nb5 24.d5 (24.Qc5 Nxd4 25.Qxe7 Rxe7 26.Nxd4 Bxd4 27.Ne2 Bb6(c)) 24...Nc3 25.a4 Nxd5 26.Kg1 Qb7 27.Qa3 Rb8 28.Kh2 Qxb3 29.Qxb3 Rxb3 30.Rd1 Nb6 = Flammiger - Straschewski, Postal 1990.

 8.Be3 Nbd7 9.g3 Nb6 10.Bg2 Qd6 11.Rc1 Rd8 12.Nb5 Qd7 13.Nc7 Rb8 14.Rc5 Qa4 15.Ne2 (15.Qxa4 Nxa4 16.Rb5 Bd7 17.Rb4 Rdc8 18.Nb5 Bxb5 19.Rxb5 Rc2(c)) 15...Qxb3 16.axb3 Bf5 17.0-0 a6 18.Rfc1 Bf8 19.Ra5 Rd7=. Feher Polgar - Kretschmer, Postal 1991.

 8.a4 a5 9.Nf3 Nbd7 10.Bg5 Nb6 11.Bxf6 exf6 = Kjeldsen - Larsen, DEN Championship 1991.

 8.Bg5 allows Black to equalize in a variety of ways..

 A) 8...Na6 9.Bc4 Nc7 10.a4 b6 11.Nf3 Bb7 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.0-0 Qd6 (13...Rc8= The d6 square should remain available to the knight, which can get there via e8.) 14.a5 Rab8 15.axb6 axb6 16.Qa3 b5 17.Qxd6 exd6 18.Bb3+/- = Dely - Varnusz, Hungary ch 1966.

 B) 8...Qa5 9.Bxf6 exf6 10.0-0 - 0 Nd7 11.Kb1 Nb6 12.Bd3 Bg4 13.Rc1 Bh6 14.Rc2 Rad8 15.h3 Rfe8 16.Nge2 Bxe2 17.Rxe2 Rxe2 18.Bxe2 Nxd5 19.Nxd5 = Vasiukov - Bronstein, Soviet Union 1968.

 C) 8...Nbd7 C1) 9.g3 Nb6 10.Bg2 Bf5 11.Rd1 a5 (11...Qc8 12.Nge2 Bh3 13.0-0 Bxg2 14.Kxg2 Qd7 15.Nf4 Rfd8 16.Rfe1 Nfxd5 17.Ncxd5 Nxd5 18.Nxd5 Qxd5+ 19.Qxd5 Rxd5 20.Bxe7 Rxd4 21.Rxd4 Bxd4 22.Ba3 = Zier - Seeger, Bundesliga 1984. 11...Rc8=) 12.a4 Qd6 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Nge2 Qb4 15.Qxb4 axb4 16.Ne4 Rxa4 17.Nxf6+ exf6 18.0-0 Ra2 19.Nf4 Rxb2u. Ciganikova - Buchnicek, Horni Becva 1993.

 C2) 9.Be2 9...Re8 10.0-0 - 0 Nb6 11.Bxf6 exf6 12.Nf3. Here 12...Nxd5 looks a bit risky, but might be playable. 13.Bc4 Bh6+ 14.Nd2 Nxc3 15.Bxf7+ Kg7 16.bxc3 (16.Bxe8 Nxd1 17.Qf7+ Kh8 18.Rxd1 Bf5 - +) 16...Re2 17.Rhf1 Qc7(c). More reliable is 12...Bf5 13.Rde1 Qd6 14.g3 Rac8 15.Kd1 Bh6 16.Nh4 Be4= Diener - Scheeren, Postal 1984.

 D) 8...b6 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Bf3 Qd7 11.Nge2 Na6 12.0-0 Nc7 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Ng3 Rab8 15.Rad1 Rfd8 16.d6 Qxd6 17.Nge4 Bxe4 18.Nxe4 Qf4 19.g3 Qf5 20.Nxf6+ Qxf6 21.d5 a6 (21...Na6!=).

 D1) 22.Rc1 Nb5 23.Rc6 (23.Bg2=) 23...Qe5!.

 D2) 22.Rfe1 Nb5 23.Bg2 Rbc8 24.Re4+=.

 D3) 22.Qc3 22...Qxc3 23.bxc3 Nb5 24.Rc1 Rdc8 25.c4 Nd63. Papastolu-Zinn, Varna Olympiad 1962.


 8...Re8 9.Nge2 e6 10.dxe6 Bxe6 11.d5 Bf5 12.0-0 Nbd7 13.Be3 (13.Ng3+/-) 13...Ng4 14.Nd1 Rc8 15.h3 Nge5 16.Bb5 Bc2(c). Kuban - Klueting, Nuernberg Weilburg 1995.

 9.Nge2 Nb6 10.0-0 Nxc4.

 10...Bf5 11.Ng3 Bc2 12.Qxc2 Nxc4 13.Bg5 Rc8 14.Bxf6 Bxf6(c). Hohm - Lang, Bad Neustadt 1990.

 11.Qxc4 b6 12.Bg5.

 12.Bf4 Bb7 13.d6 exd6 14.Qb4 d5 15.Be5 Re8 16.Rfe1 Qd7=. Pavlovichev - Glatman, Moscow 1966.

 12...Bb7 13.Nf4 Qd7 14.Rfe1 Rfd8.

 Some database sources give 14...Rfe8 here, but that would turn the game into gibberish at move 19..

 14...Rac8 15.Qb3 Rfd8 = Marosi - Szell, Budapest 1980.


 15.Qe2?! Nxd5 16.Ncxd5 Bxd5 is given by Euwe.

 15...Qg4 16.Bxf6 Bxf6 17.Re4 Qf5 18.g3 e6 19.Nxe6.

 This complicates matters, but objectively it was a bad idea.


 19...fxe6 20.Rf4 Qg5 21.Ne4 Be7! 22.d6 Bxe4 (22...Bxd6 23.Nxd6 Qe7 24.Rf7 Qxd6 25.Qxd6 Rxd6 26.Rxb7 Rxd4 27.Rc1+/-) 23.dxe7 Re8 24.Rxe4+/-.

 19...Rxd5! was correct..

 A) 20.Nxd5 Bxd5 (20...Qxe4?? 21.Nxf6+) 21.Rf4 Qxe6 22.Re1 Qc6u.

 B) 20.Nc7 20...Rd7.

 B1) 21.Rf4 Qh3 22.Ne4 allows the beautiful 22...Rxd4!! This was an improvement by Euwe on analysis by Sozin. 23.Qe1 (23.Nxf6+ Kh8! 24.Qxd4 Qg2#) 23...Be5 24.Rh4 Rxe4 (24...Qxh4 25.gxh4 Rxe4 26.Nxa8 Rg4+ 27.Kf1 Ba6+ 28.Qe2 Bxe2+ 29.Kxe2 Rxh4 is also winning, but more slowly.) 25.Rxe4 Bxc7 - +.

 B2) 21.Nxa8 21...Bxe4 22.Re1 Be7 is given by Euwe as winning for Black. I don't think so. 23.Qc4! Bxa8 24.Qc8+ Kg7 (24...Rd8 25.Qxf5 gxf5 26.Rxe7+/-) 25.Qxa8 Bf6 26.Qe4 Re7 (26...Qxe4 27.Rxe4 Bxd4 28.Kg2 does not give Black serious wining chances.) 27.Qxe7 Bxe7 28.Rxe7 does not look winnable to me.


 20.Rf4 Qxe6 21.Nxd5 Qxd5 22.Rxf6 Qxd4 23.Qxd4 Rxd4=+.

 20...Bxe4 21.Nxe4 Rxd8.

 21...Qxe4 22.Re1 Qxe1+ (22...Qd5 23.Re8+ Kg7 24.Qf8#) 23.Qxe1 Rxd8 24.Qe4 Rxd4 25.Qa8+ Kg7 26.Qxa7+/-.

 22.Nxf6+ Qxf6 23.Rd1 Rd5 24.Re1

 The mating theme of Re8 and Qf8 returns..

 24...h5 25.Re8+ Kh7 26.Qe7.

 26.Re4 Kg7 27.h4!? might have been more effective.

 26...Qf3 27.Qf8 Qf6 28.Qe7 Qf3 29.Rd8 Rf5 30.Qe3 Qd1+ 31.Kg2.

Black is still struggling, but now finds a way to open a path on the kingside..

 31...h4! 32.h3.

 32.gxh4 Qg4+ 33.Qg3 Qe4+ 34.Kf1 Qb1+ 35.Kg2 Qe4+=.

 32.Rd7 h3+! 33.Kxh3 Qf1+ 34.Kg4 Rxf2 35.h4 Rh2 36.Rd5 (36.Rxa7 Qf5#) 36...Rh1! and White has no defense to ...Qh3+.

 32...hxg3 33.Qxg3 Qd2?.

 Now the pendulum swings back to White. Euwe provided the following drawing line. 33...Qc1 34.Kh2 Kg7 35.Qh4 Rh5 36.Qe7 Qf4+ 37.Kg1 Rg5+ 38.Kf1 Qc1+ 39.Ke2 Qxb2+ 40.Ke3.

 34.Qh4+ Rh5 35.Qf6.

 Now the queens must come off.

 35...Qg5+ 36.Qxg5 Rxg5+ 37.Kf3 Ra5 38.a3 Rb5 39.Rd7 Kg7 40.Rxa7 Rxb2.

A tough endgame for Black, but one which does offer drawing chances to Black. Euwe conducts the remainder of the game with considerable skill and earns his half point. 41.Re7 Kf6 42.Re2 Rb3+ 43.Re3 Rb2 44.h4 Rd2 45.Ke4 Rxf2 46.Rb3 Re2+ 47.Kd5 Re6 48.Rc3 Ke7 49.Rc7+ Ke8 50.a4 g5 51.hxg5 Rg6 52.Rb7 Rxg5+ 53.Kc6 Rg6+ 54.Kc7 f5 55.d5 Rg7+ 56.Kxb6 Rxb7+ 57.Kxb7 Kd7 58.a5 f4 59.a6 f3 60.a7 f2 61.a8Q f1Q 62.Qc8+ Ke7 63.Qe6+ Kd8 64.Qd6+ Ke8 65.Qc6+ Kd8 66.Qd6+ Ke8 67.Kc7 Qf7+ 68.Kb8 Qd7 69.Qe5+ Kf8 70.d6 Kf7 Drawn.

Goudsword Arkell,S
Guernsey 1987

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Bf4.   8...Nbd7.

 8...e6 presents a direct challenge to the pawn at d5. Capturing at e6, as played by Reshevsky, is probably the best way to proceed..

 A) 9.d6 A1) 9...Ne8 10.d7 (10.Qa3 Nc6 11.Nf3 Nxd4 12.Nxd4 e5 13.Bg3 exd4 14.Nd5 Be6 15.Ne7+ Kh8 16.h4 Qd7 17.h5 g5 18.h6 Bf6 19.Bd3 Nxd6 20.Bxd6 Rfe8u. Lputian-Veingold, Soviet Union 1979.) 10...Bxd7 11.Nf3 Nc6 (11...Bc6!3) 12.Rd1 Nf6 13.Be2 Na5 14.Qa3 Nd5 15.Bd6 Re8 16.0-0 b5 17.Nxb52 Ragozin - Barcza, Budapest-Moscow 1949.

 A2) 9...Nc6 10.Nf3 Nh5 11.Be5 f6 12.Bg3 Nxg3 13.hxg3 Qxd6 14.0-0 - 02 Inkiov-Honfi, Trstenik 1979.

 A3) 9...Nh5 10.Be5 f6 11.Bg3 Nxg3 12.hxg3 Qxd6 13.0-0 - 0 Nd7 14.Nf3 Nb6 15.Bd3 Nd5 16.Rh4 f5 17.Kb1 Bd7 18.g4 Nxc3+ 19.bxc3 fxg4 20.Rxg4 Qd5 21.Be4 Qxb3+ 22.axb3 Bf6 23.Ne5 Bxe5 24.dxe5 Bc6 25.Bxc6 bxc6 26.f3 Rad8 27.Rxd8 Rxd8= Kluger - Barcza, Hungary ch 1946.

 B) 9.dxe6! Nc6 (9...fxe6 10.Nf3 Nc6 11.Be5 Nxe5 12.dxe5 Ng4 13.Rd1 Qe7 14.Be2 Nxe5 15.0 - 02) 10.exf7+ Kh8 11.Nf3 Nxd4 12.Nxd4 Qxd4 13.Be3 Qe5 14.Be2+/-. Reshevsky - Szabo, SWZ ct 1953.

 C) 9.Nf3 9...Nxd5 10.Be5 Nc6 11.Bxg7 Kxg7=. Grau - Mikenas, Buenos Aires Olympiad 1939.

 8...a5 9.Nf3 a4 10.Nxa4 Nxd5 11.Bd2 Nc6 12.Bc4 Na5 13.Bxa5 Qxa5+ 14.Nc3 Nxc3 15.bxc3 b5 16.Bd52. Mikhalchishin-Bagirov, Soviet Union Championship I 1979.

 8...Na6!? 9.Nf3 Nc7 10.Bc4 a6 and Black is no worse, Kozakov - Zavarsky, Sala 1994.


 9.g3 Nb6 10.Bg2 e6 11.d6 Nh5 12.Be3 Qxd6= Bogoljubow - Cortlever, Munich 1941.

 9.d6 e6 10.Be2 Nb6 11.Be5 Ne8 12.Qa3 Bd7 13.Nf3 Bc6= Rybak - Hosek, Czech Championship 1995.

 9...Nb6 10.d6 exd6 11.Rd1.

 11.Qa3 Re8 12.Nb5 Nc4 13.Qb4 Nd5 14.Qxc4 Nxf4 15.Nc7 Be6 16.Nxe6 Rxe6u. Gatine - Vogel, Duisburg 1992.


Black has a better game here, because White is still working to get the kingside developed. 12.Nf3 Ne4 13.Nxe4 Rxe4 14.Be3 Be6 15.d5 Bd7 16.Qd3 16.Rc1 might be better, with a subsequent retreat of athe queen to d1. 16...Bf5 17.Qb3 Bd7 18.Qd3 Rb4 19.b3 Rc8 20.Rc1 Bb5 21.Qd1 Rxc1 22.Qxc1 Bxe2 23.Kxe2 Nxd5 White is busted. 24.Qd2 Nc3+ 25.Kf1 Qa5 26.g3 d5 27.Nd4 Ne4 28.Qe1 Bxd4 29.Bxd4 Qa6+ White resigned.

Fuchs Bronstein
Berlin 1968

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.g3.   The fianchetto supports d5 and also makes White's development task easier, but it has failed to secure any clear pathways to an advantage..


 This follows the plan of aiming for ...Nb6 and regaining the pawn quickly..

 8...Na6 9.Bg2 Qb6 10.Qxb6 axb6 11.Nge2 Nb4 12.0-0 Rd8 13.d6! Rxd6 (13...exd6 14.Bg5!+/-) 14.Bf4 Rd7 15.Rfd1.

 A) 15...Nfd5 16.a3 Nxf4 17.Nxf4 Nc2 18.Rac1 Nxd4 19.Nfd5+/-.

 B) 15...Nbd5 16.Be5+/- Bh6? (16...Rd8!? 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxg7 Kxg7 19.Nc3 Nxc3 20.bxc3 Ra3=) 17.a3 e6 (17...Rd8 18.Nxd5 Nxd5 19.Nc3 Nxc3 20.bxc3) 18.Nxd5 Nxd5 19.Rd3 Bg5 (19...f6? 20.Bxd5) 20.Bxd5! B1) 20...Rxd5 21.Nc3 Rda5 22.Ne4+/- (22.Bc7 R5a6 23.d5+/-).

 B2) 20...exd5 21.h4 Bd8 22.Rc1 Re7 23.Nf4 Be6 24.Rdc3! Bd7! (24...Re8 25.Nxe6 fxe6 26.Rc7!+/-) 25.Nxd5 Re6 26.Bc7 Kg7 27.Bxd8 Rxd8 28.Ne32 Spassky - Petrosian, Wch-Moscow 1966.

 C) 15...e6 16.a3 Nbd5 17.Be5 Ne7 18.Nf4 Nc6 19.Bxf6 Bxf6 20.d5 exd5 21.Nfxd52 = Jansson - Marx, Postal 1972.

 8...e6 This is the most interesting plan, challenging the pawn at d5. However, since Black cannot really respond to the capture, it is not to be recommended..

 A) 9.Bg2 Nxd5 10.Nge2 Nc6 11.0-0.

A1) 11...Qb6 12.Qxb6 Nxb6 13.Rd1 Rd8 14.Bf4 Nd5 15.Bg5 f6 16.Bd2 Ndb4 17.Rac1 Nd3 18.Rb1 Nxd4 19.Nxd4 Rxd4 20.Be3 Rd7 21.Rd2 Ne5 22.Rbd1 Rxd2 23.Rxd2 Nf7 24.Nb5. Tukmakov - Diebert, USSR Championship students 1967.

 A2) 11...b6 12.Nxd5.

A1) 12...Na5 13.Qb5 Bd7 14.Qd3 exd5 15.Bxd5 Rc8 16.Bf4 Re8 17.Nc3 A2a1) 17...Bf5 18.Qf3 (18.Be4 Bxe4 19.Nxe4 Nc4 20.b3 Nb2 21.Qe2 f5 22.Qxb2 Rxe4 23.Rad1 Rxd4 24.Rxd4 Bxd4 25.Qd2=) 18...Bxd4=. Or 17...Bh3 18.Qf3! Qd7 19.Ne4!? Rxe4?! (19...Bxf1 20.Rxf1 Nc6 21.Nd6 Nxd4 22.Qd1 Ne6 23.Bxe6 Qxe6 24.Nxc8 Rxc83) 20.Bxe4 Bxf1 21.Rxf1 Qxd4 22.Rd1 Qxb2 23.Rd7 Qxa2 24.Bd5 Nc4? A2a21) 25.Bh6 Ne5 (25...Qb1+ 26.Kg2 Qf5 27.Qxf5 gxf5 28.Rxf7 Bxh6 29.Rc7++-) 26.Qxf7+ Nxf7 27.Bxa2 Bxh6 28.Bxf7+ Kf8 29.Rxa7= or 25.Kg2+/-. Kassebaum - Valkyser, West Germany Championship 1988.

 A2) 12...exd5 13.Qxd5 (13.Bxd5? Na5 14.Qb5 a6 - +) 13...Bb7 14.Be3 Qxd5 15.Bxd5 Nxd4 16.Bxb7 Nxe2+ 17.Kg2 Rad8 18.Ba6 Nd4= Suba - Boehm, Dortmund 1985.

 A3) 11...Nxd4 12.Nxd4 Bxd4 13.Nxd5 exd5 14.Bxd5 Qb6=.

 A4) 11...Na5 12.Qc2 b6 13.Nxd5 exd5 14.Bf4 Ba6=. Neves - Mehta, Paranagua 1993.

 A5) 11...Nb6 12.Rd1 Qe7= Gipslis-Seleznev, 1961.

 B) 9.d6 Nc6 10.Nf3 Nd5 11.Nxd5 exd5 12.Bg2 Re8+ 13.Be3 Qa5+ (13...Qxd6=) 14.Qc3 Qa6 15.Qc5 Qd3 16.Rd1 Rxe3+!? 17.fxe3 Qxe3+ 18.Kf1 b6 19.Qb5 (19.Qa3! Qxa3 20.bxa3+/-) 19...Nxd4 20.Qd3 Qxd3+ 21.Rxd3 Ba6 22.Ne1 Nc2 23.Kf2 Nxe1. Timpel - Kettler, Hessen Championship 1988.

 C) 9.Nge2 Nxd5 10.Nxd5 exd5 11.Bg2 Nc6 12.Be3 (12.0-0 Bg4 13.Nc3 Nxd4 14.Qxd5 Qxd5 15.Bxd5 Rad8 16.Bxb7 Rb8 17.Be4 Ne2+ = Knazovcik - Petrzelka, Prerov 1994) 12...Qa5+ 13.Qc3 Be6 14.Qxa5 Nxa5 15.b3 Rac8 16.Kd2 Nc6 17.Rhc1 Rfe8=. Cerna - Prochazkova, Czech Republic Championship W 1992.

 D) 9.dxe6! After this Black cannot hope to equalize. 9...Nc6 (9...Qxd4 10.exf7+ Kh8 11.Nge2 Qd8 12.Bg2 Nc6 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Nf4 Rxf7 15.Be3+/-. Pulkkinen - Hartio, Finland Championship 1992. 9...Re8 10.Be3 Rxe6 11.d52) 10.exf7+ Kh8.

Despite White's backward development, The pawn at f7 confers a serious advantage. 11.Nge2 (11.Be3 Nxd4 12.Bxd4 Qxd4 13.Nge2+/-. Schoenthier-Goy, Leichlingen 1987. 11.Qd1 should wait one more move, perhaps. 11...Nxd4 12.Be3 Ng4 13.Bc4 Bf5 14.Rc1 Rc8 15.Be2 h5 16.Nf3 Nxe3 17.fxe3 Nxe2 18.Qxd8 Rcxd8 19.Nxe2 Rxf7 20.Nfd42. Hennigan - Arkell, Hastings open 1991.) 11...Qe7 12.Qd1 Rd8 (12...Nxd4 13.Qxd4 Ng4 14.Qe4 Qxf7 15.f4+-. Hennigan-Spraggett, Lugano 1988.) 13.Be3 Ng4 14.Qd2 Nce5 15.Bg2 Qxf7.

Black is still two pawns down. 16.b3 Nf3+ 17.Bxf3 Qxf3 18.0-0 - 0 Re8 19.Rhe1+/- Hennigan-Arkell, British Championship 1991.

 8...b6 9.Bg2 Bb7 10.Nge2 (10.Bg5 Na6 11.Nge2 Nc7 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.0 - 02. Michor - Raubal, Lienz 1988.).

 A) 10...Qd7 11.0-0 Na6 12.Nf4 Nc7 13.Re1 Rae8 14.h4 Kh8 15.a4 e6 16.dxe6 Nxe6 17.Nxe6 Bxg2 18.Kxg2 fxe6 19.Bf42 (19.a5 Ng4 20.f3 Qxd4 21.Ne4 Ne5/. Bremond - Guidez, FRA Championship T 1989.).

 B) 10...e6 11.Bg5 Nbd7 12.0-0 exd5 13.Nxd5 Rb8 14.Nec3+/-. Saunina-Szymanska, DDR 1979.

 9.Bg2 Nb6 10.Nge2 Bf5!.

 Black plan ...Bd3 and ...Bc4, after which the d-pawn is recovered with a solid position..


 11.Nf4 Rc8 12.0-0 Rc4 and the d-pawn is weak.

 11.a4?! Bd3.

A) 12.a5 Bc4! 13.Qb4 Nfxd5 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.Bxd5 Qxd5 16.0-0 Nc4 17.Nc3 (17.Rd1? Ne5!u) 17...Qxd4 18.Re1=.

 B) 12.d6 12...Re8 13.0-0 exd6 14.a5 Nc4 15.a6 bxa6! 16.Qd1 Bxe2 17.Nxe2 Rb8 18.Rxa6 d5 19.Nc3 Ne4 20.Rxa7 (20.Nxe4?! dxe4 21.Rxa7 Nxb2u 22.Qc2 Bxd4 23.Rc7 Nd3 24.Be3 Nb4 25.Qc4 Nd5 26.Bxd4 Nxc7 27.Ba1 Qe7 28.Re1 Qb4! 29.Qc1 Nd5 30.Rd1 Rbc8 31.Qh6 Nc3 32.Bf1 e3 33.fxe3 Rxe3! 34.Qxe3 Nxd1 35.Qd3 Qe1! 36.Bd4 Rd8 37.Qc4 Ne3. Hase - Bellon Lopez, Skopje Olympiad 1972) 20...Nxb2 21.Bxb2 Rxb2 22.Nxe4 dxe4 23.d5 Qb6 24.Qa4=.


11...Bd3 is the most consistent move, trying to get the bishop to c4. 12.d6.

A) 12...Qxd6 13.Bxb7 Rad8.

 A1) 14.Be3 Qd7 15.Bf3 Qf5 16.Kg2 Nc4 17.Qa4 (17.Bf4 e5 18.dxe5 Nxe5 19.Bxe5 Qxe5 20.Rfe1+/-) 17...Ng4 with 18.Nd1? Nxh2. Beer - Hughes, Postal 1986 or 18.Bxg4 Qxg4 19.h3 (19.Rfe1 Be4+ 20.Nxe4 Qxe4+ 21.Kg1 Nxe3 22.fxe3 Qxe3+ 23.Kg2 Qe4+u) 19...Qe6 20.Rfe1 Nxb2 21.Qxa7=, but not 18.Bf4 18...Bxd4 19.Rad1 Nxb2u.

 A2) 14.Bf4 14...Qd7 15.Bf3 Qf5 16.Kg2 g5 17.Be3 g4 18.Bc6 Rd6 19.Bb5 Bc2 20.Qa3 Nfd5 21.Kg1 Qf3 22.Bf4 Nxf4 23.Nxf4 Rxd4 24.Qxe72. Abbasov - Berescu, Bratislava 1993.

 B) 12...exd6 13.Bxb7 Rb8 14.Bf3.

 B1) 14...Qd7 15.Re1 Nc4 16.Qd1 Qf5 17.Nf4 Bc2 18.Qe2 Rfe8 19.Be3 Nxe3 20.fxe3 Rxb2 21.Rac1 Rc8 22.e4 Qa5 23.Rxc2 Rxc2 24.Qxc2 Rxc3 25.Qd2 Qa3 26.Bd1 Nd7 27.Bb3 Qb4 28.Rd1 Nf6= (28...a5?? 29.Nd5. Schulz - Vogel, Germany 1993).

 B2) 14...Qc8 15.Nd5 Qc4 16.Ndf4 Be4 17.Qxc4 Nxc4 18.Bxe4 Nxe4 19.b3+/- Franklin - Golombek, Tel Aviv Olympiad 1964.


 12.d6 exd6 and now:.

 A) 13.a4 Be6 (13...Bh3 14.Bxh3 Qxh3 15.Nf4 Qd7 16.a5 Nc8 17.Ra4 Ne7 18.Rb4 Nc6 19.Rxb7 Qc8 20.a6 Nxd4=. Fernandez-Hennings, Havana 1971.) 14.d5 Bh3 15.a5 Bxg2 16.Kxg2 Nc8 17.Bf4 Ne7 18.a6 Rfb8 (18...b6!=) 19.Bxd6 Qxd6 20.axb7 Rxb7 21.Qxb7+/- Janosevic - Vukic, Sarajevo 1969.

 B) 13.Nf4 13...g5 14.Nfd5 Nfxd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Qxd5 h6 17.Be3 Be6 18.Qxb7 Qxb7 19.Bxb7 Rab8 20.Bg2 Rxb2 agreed drawn in Witkowski - Kostro, Polanica Zdroj 1967, but White does have some problems to solve. 21.d5 Bf5 22.a4 a53.

 12...h6 13.a4 Rad8 14.d6 Qxd6 15.Nb5 Qd7 16.Nxa7 Nbd5 17.Nb5 Be4 18.Nf4 Bxg2 19.Kxg2 b6 20.Qf3 Nb4 21.Re2 Rfe8 22.Be3 g5.

23.Nh5?? 23.Bd2 Nc2 24.Rc1 Nxd4 25.Nxd4 Qxd4 26.Bc3 Qxa4 27.Bxf6 Bxf6 28.Nd5 Qd4 29.Nxf6+ (29.Rd1 Qxd1 30.Nxf6+ Kg7 31.Nxe8+ Rxe8 32.Qc3+ Kg83) 29...Qxf6 30.Qxf6 exf6 31.Rxe8+ Rxe8 32.Rc6 Re6 33.Rc8+ Kg7 34.Rb83. 23...g4 24.Nxf6+ exf6 25.Qf4 Nd5. Fuchs-Bronstein, Berlin 1968 White resigned.

Tal Bronstein
Soviet Championship 1961

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.d4 cxd5 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Nf3.   The development of the knight at f3 is natural, but it is not clear whether that square should be reserved for a bishop or a knight. Therefore 8.Be2 is to be preferred. Nevertheless, there are many interesting possibilities for both sides in this common continuation..


 This seems to be the best move, though 8...Qb6 also has deserves attention..

 8...Qb6 9.Qxb6 axb6 10.Bb5?! Rd8 11.Bc4 Na6 12.Bg5 Nb4 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.0-0 Bg4 15.Ne5 Bf5 16.Rad1 (16.f4 Nc2 17.Rac1 Ne3u) 16...Rac8 17.Bb3 Bc2 18.Bxc2 Nxc2 19.Na4 Nxd4 20.Rxd4 Bxe5 21.Rb4= Jaszczuk-Donev, Varna 1983.

 8...b6 9.Bc4 (9.a4 Bb7 10.Bc4 Na6 11.Ne5 Qd6 12.0-0 Nc7 13.a5 Bxd5 14.axb6 axb6 15.Rxa8 Rxa83. Koskinen - Tiitta, Heart of Finland 1993.) 9...a6 (9...Bb7 10.0-0 Na6 11.Bg5 Nc7 12.Bxf6 exf6 13.Rfe1+/- = Schroeder Wilfried-DybalaMarek, Berlin 1993.) 10.a4 Ne8 11.0-0 Nd6 12.Bf4 Nd7 13.Rfd1 (13.Bxd6 exd6 14.Ne42) 13...Nxc4 14.Qxc42. Einarsson-Josteinsson, Reykjavik 1984.

 8...Na6 9.Bc4 (9.Bf4 Nc7 10.Bc4 a6 11.a4 Nce8 12.h3 Nd6= Tuominen - Kiltti, Tampere TampY 1990.) 9...Qb6.

 A) 10.Qxb6 axb6 11.0-0 Nb4 12.Bf4 b5 (12...Rd8 13.Bc7 Rd7 14.d6 exd6 15.Bxb6 Re7 16.Rae1 Rxe1 17.Rxe1 Be6 18.Bxe6 fxe6 19.Rxe6 Nxa2 20.h3+/- Namyslo - Prueske, Dortmund op-A 1992.) 13.Bb3 Rd8 14.Bc7 Rd7 15.d6 exd6 16.Nxb5 Ne8 17.Bb62 Rott - Prueske, Dortmund 1990.

 B) 10.0-0 10...Bg4 11.Qxb6 axb6 12.Ne5 Nb4 13.Bg5 Bf5 14.g4 Nxg4 15.Nxg4 Bxg4 16.Bxe7 Rfc8(c) Kesseler - Hoge, NWL-II 1990..


 9.Bc4 Nb6.

A) 10.Bf4 Bf5 11.d6 (11.Be5 a5 12.a4 Rc8 13.Be2 Nfxd5 14.Bxg7 Kxg7 15.Nxd5 Nxd53. Razik-Velimirovic, Budva 1981.) 11...Nxc4 12.Qxc4 exd6 13.0-0 Qb6 14.Na4 Qa5 15.Bd2 b5 16.Bxa5 bxc4=. Bertaccini - Perez, Acasusso 1991.

 B) 10.Ne5 Bf5 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Be2 Nfxd5 13.Bf3 Be6 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.Bxd5 Qxd5 16.Qxd5 Nxd5u. Delphine-Piankov, Massy 1993.

 C) 10.Be3 Bf5 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Nd2 Nxc4 13.Nxc4 Bd3u. Goudsmit - Galje, Haarlem 1995.

 D) 10.0-0 allows Black to equalize by capturing at c4. 10...Nxc4 11.Qxc4 D1) 11...b6 12.Bg5 Bb7 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Ne5 Rc8 (14...Qd6 15.Nc6 Bxc6 16.dxc6 Qxd4 17.Qxd4 Bxd4 18.Rac1 Rfc8 19.Rfd1 Bxc3 20.Rxc3 Rc7 21.b4 b5= Hebden - Morris, Le Tonquet 1992.) 15.Qb3 Qd6 16.Rfe1 Rfd8 17.Rac1 Kg7 18.Nc4 Qd7 19.Ne5 Qd6 = Kuzmin - Sichinava, Voroshilovgrad 1989.

 D2) 11...e6 12.dxe6 Bxe6 13.Qd3 Rc8 14.Re1 (14.Be3 Bc4. Knoek-Blokland, cr 1986) 14...Bc4 15.Qd12.

 9.a4 is of no help here. 9...a5 (9...Nb6 10.a5 Nbxd5 11.Bc4 Nxc3 12.bxc3 Ne4 13.0-0 Nd6 14.Be2 Be6 15.d5 Bg4u Horak - Meister, Mlada Boleslav 1993.) 10.Be2 Nb6 11.d6 Qxd6 12.Nb5 Qd8 13.Ne5 Be63 Farago - Piankov, Budapest IM 1994.

 9.Bf4 Nb6.

A) 10.h3 Nfxd5 11.Be5 f6 12.Nxd5 Nxd5 13.Bf4 Be6 14.Bd2 Qd6 15.Bc4 a6 16.Bb4 Qd7 17.0-0 b5 18.Bxd5 Bxd5 19.Qe3 Rfe8 20.Bc5 Qb7 21.Rfe1 Bxf3 22.gxf3 Qd5 23.Qe6+ Qxe6 24.Rxe6 f5 25.a4 Kf7 26.Rb6 Rab8 27.Rxa6 bxa4 28.Ra2 Rb3 29.R6xa4 Reb8 30.Ra7 Bf6 31.d5 = Gerlach - Chemnitz, Germany 1990.

 B) 10.d6 exd6 11.Be2 (11.h3 Re8+ 12.Be2 Be6 13.Qd1 Nbd5 14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.Bc1 Nb4 16.a3 Bc4 17.Be3 Bxe2 18.Kxe2 Nd5u. Sedonja - Stojnic, Slovakian Championship B18 1996.) 11...Be6 12.Qb4 Nbd5 13.Qxd6 Qa5 14.Bd2 Rfd8.

 B1) 15.Nb5 Rxd6 16.Bxa5 Rc6 17.Na3 Bf8 18.Bb5 Rcc8 19.Ba4 (19.0 - 0!2) 19...Nf4 20.Rd1 Nxg2+ 21.Kf1 Nf4 22.Bd2 Bh3+ 23.Kg1 Ne2#. Jensen - Marcussen, Gladsaxe 1993.

 B2) 15.Nxd5 15...Nxd5 16.Bxa5 Rxd6 and White has a slight advantage, though Black is likely to create enough pressure to hang on.

 C) 10.Be5 10...Nfxd5 11.Nxd5 Nxd5 12.Bc4 Qa5+ 13.Kf1 Nb6 14.Bc7 Bd7 15.Ne5 Bxe5 16.dxe5 Ba4 17.Bxb6 axb6 18.Qe3 Rac8 19.Bd3 Rfd8 20.e6 Rxd3 21.exf7+ Kg7 22.Qxe7 Rf8u. Feldmann - Overesch, NWL-I 1989.

 9.Bd3 Nb6 10.d6 Qxd6 11.0-0 Be6 12.Nb5 Qd7 13.Ne5 Qd83 Coppin - Spraggett, Canada 1993.

 9.Be2 Nb6 10.a4 (10.0-0 Nfxd5 11.Ne4 Be6 12.Qd1 Nb4 13.Nc5 Bd5 14.a3 Nc6 15.Nxb7 Qc7 16.Nc5 Rad8 17.Nb3 a5 18.Be3 Nc4 19.Nbd2 Nxd2 20.Qxd2 = Berkvens - Olthof, Netherlands Championship 1996) 10...Nbxd5 11.0-0 b6 12.Ne5 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Bb7 14.a5 Bd5 15.c4 Be4 16.Be3 bxa5 17.Qa4 Ne8 18.Nd7 Bc2 19.Qxc2 Qxd7 20.Rxa52 Horvath - Kahn, Hungarian 1993.

 9.d6 exd6 10.Be2 Nb6.

A) 11.Bg5 Bf5 (11...Re8 12.0-0 Be6 13.Qd1 h6 14.Bh4 Nbd5 15.Re1 Qb6 16.Na4 Qa5 17.Bg3 Ne43 = Vereb - Muller, Gyongyos 1995.) 12.0-0 d5 13.Ne5 Rc8 14.Rac1 a6 15.Bf3 Be6 16.Na4 Nxa4 17.Qxa4 Qb6 18.Qd1 Qxb2 19.Rb1 Qxa2 20.Rxb7 Ne4 21.Bxe4 dxe4 22.Nd7 Bxd7 23.Rxd7 Qe6 24.Re7 Qd5 25.Be3 Rfe8 26.Rxe8+ Rxe8 27.Qa4 Qb5 28.Qc2 a5 29.Rb1 Qd5 30.Qa4 Ra8 31.h3 h5 32.Rb5 Qd8 33.d5 f5 34.Bd2 Qc7 35.Rxa5 Rxa5 36.Bxa5 Qc1+ 37.Kh2 Qf4+ 38.Kg1 Qc1+ = Naegler - Spindel, RLN 1982.

 B) 11.Bf4 Be6 12.Qb4 d5 13.Nb5 Ne8 14.Rc1 Nc4 15.b3 a5 16.Qc3 Ncd6 17.0-0 Nxb5 18.Bxb5 Nd6 19.Be2 Rc8 20.Qb2 Qb6 21.h3 Nf5 22.Be5 Bh6 23.Rxc8 Rxc8=. Fodre-Koopmann, Dortmund 1988.

 C) 11.0-0 Be6 12.Qb5 (12.Qc2 Rc8 13.Bg5 h6 14.Bd2 Nbd5 15.a3 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Bc4 17.Bxc4 Rxc4 18.Rab1 Qc7 19.Qa2 Rc8 20.Rb4 Ne4 21.Rxc4 Qxc4 22.Qxc4 Rxc4 23.Rc1 Bxd4 24.Nxd4 Nxd2u = Bali - Vajda, Eger 1995. 12.Qb4 Nfd5 13.Nxd5 Bxd5 14.Bf4 Re8 15.Rfe1 Re6= Hajnal - Hevesi, Sarospatak 1996.) 12...Rc8 13.Bg5 d5 14.Qa5 a6 15.Rac1 Nc4 16.Qxd8 Rfxd8= Nickl - Stifter, Graz 1993.

 D) 11.d5 11...Re8 12.Be3 Ng4 (12...Bf5 13.0-0 Ne4 14.Bb5 Rf8 15.Rfd1 Nd7 16.Nxe4 Bxe4 17.Bd4 Bxf3 18.Qxf3 Bxd4 19.Bxd7 Bxb2 20.Rab1 Qxd7 21.Rxb2 Rfe8u Carmel - Shrentzel, Ramat Hasharon 1990.) 13.Bd4 (13.Bg5 Qc7 14.h3 h6 15.Bf4 Ne5 16.0-0 g5 17.Nb5 Qd8 18.Be3 Bf5 19.Rac1 Re7 20.Nxa7 Nxf3+ 21.Bxf3 Rxe3 22.Qxe3 Rxa7 23.Be4 Bxe4 24.Qxe4 Be5u. Oei - Strating, Netherlands Championship1995.) 13...Bxd4 14.Nxd4 Qh4 15.g3 Qf6 16.Nf3 and White resigned without waiting for 16...Qxf3. Raffalt - Roth, Austrian Championship 1981.


 9...h6 10.Bh4 g5 11.Bg3 Nb6 12.Bc4 Bf5 13.h4 g4 14.Ne5 Rc8 15.Be2 h5 16.0-0 Nfxd5 17.Rad1 e6 18.Nc4 Nxc3 19.bxc3 = Malevinsky - Beznosikov, Russian Yaroslavl 1995 19...Nxc4 20.Bxc4 Qb6 looks better for Black.


 White really cannot afford to give up the bishop pair in this position. 10.Bxf6 Bxf6.

A) 11.Bd3 e6 (11...Qd6 12.0-0 Rd8 13.Rfe1 Bd7 14.a4 Be8 15.a5 Nxd5 16.a6 Nxc3 17.axb7 Ne2+ 18.Bxe2 Rab8 19.Ra6 Qc7 20.Rxa7+/- = Zakic - Kaposztas, Trnava 1989.) 12.dxe6 Bxe6 13.Qc2 Bxd4 14.Nxd4 Qxd4 15.0-0 Nd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Be4 Qb5 18.f4 Rac8 19.Qf2 f5= Just - Kosnar, Czech Championship 1995.

 B) 11.0-0 - 0 Bg4 12.Be2 Qd6 13.h3 Bf5 14.g4 Qf4+ 15.Rd2 Be4 16.Nxe4 Qxe4 17.Qd3 Qxd53 = Bosboom - Hendriks, HLD Championship 1992.

 C) 11.Be2.

It is possible that Black can get away with 11...e6 here. In any case, that is the most promising path since the alternatives have been doing well for White..

 C1) 11...Qd6 12.0-0 Rd8 13.Rac1 (13.Rfe1 Kg7 14.Ne5 Nxd5 15.Nxd5 Be6=. Motwani - Schmidt, Cappelle la Grande 1992.) 13...Bf5 14.Rfd1 g5 15.Bd3 Bxd3 16.Rxd3 Rac8 17.Re1 Rc4 18.Ne4 Qxd5 19.Nfxg5 Rxd4 20.Nxf6+ exf6 21.Rxd4 Qxb3 22.Rxd8+. Ferstl - Schmidt Brauns, Baden Baden 1990.

 C2) 11...Bf5 12.Ne5 Qd6 13.0-0 Bxe5 14.dxe5 Qxe5 15.Rfe1 Qf6 16.Rad1 Rad8 17.a4 Bc8 18.a5 Nd7 19.Ne4 Qf4 20.Bf1 Nf6 21.g3 Qf5 22.Nc3 Ng4 23.f4 Qh5 24.Qc2 (24.h3 Nf6 25.Re5+/-) 24...Rfe8 25.Qg2 Bd7 26.h3 Nf6 27.Re52. Biro - Lengyel, Matra 1993.

 C3) 11...Bg4 12.Rd1 Bg7 13.0-0 Qd6 14.h3 Bf5 15.Nh4 (15.Rfe1 Rfd8 16.Bf1 Kf8 17.Ne5 Rac8 18.Nc4 Nxc4 19.Bxc4 Bc2 20.Qxc2 Rxc4 21.Qe2+/- Buchnicek - Krejci, Moravka opJ 1994.) 15...Bd7 16.Nf3 Bf5 17.Ne1 Rad8 18.Bf3 g5 19.Nc2 Bg6 20.a4 a6 21.Ne3 f5 22.a5 f4 23.axb6 fxe3 24.fxe3+/-. Buchholz - Pruefer, German Championship JT Leipzig 1995.

 C4) 11...e6 12.d6 (12.dxe6 Bxe6 13.Qd1 Nc4 14.b3 Na5 15.Rc1 Nc6 16.0-0 Nxd4 17.Nxd4 Bxd4 18.Bf3 Qf6 19.Ne4 Qe5 20.Re1 Rad8= Drolet - Leveille, Quebec 1991. 12.0-0 exd5 13.h3 Be6 14.a4 Qd7 15.Bb5 Qd6 16.a5 Nc4 17.Bxc4 dxc4 18.Qxb7 Rfb8 19.Qe42. Mazzoni - Birens, Hyeres 1992.) 12...Qxd6 13.Ne4 Qf4 14.Nxf6+ Qxf6 15.0-0 Bd7= Gergs - Zeisner, West Germany 1980.

 10.Be2 Nbxd5 11.0-0 Nb6 12.Rfe1 Be6 13.Qa3 a6 14.Rac1 Qd6 15.Qxd6 exd6 16.h3 Nbd5 17.Bd3 Rac8 18.Ne4 = Kocsis - Wozny, Zalakaros 1996.


10...a5 11.a4 Qd6 12.0-0 Qb4 13.Ne5 Nfd7 14.Nxd7 Nxc4 15.Qxb4 axb4 16.Nxf8 bxc3 17.Nxg6 hxg6 18.bxc3 f6 19.Bf4 g5 20.Bc7 Bf5 21.a5 Rc8 22.Bb6 Nxb6 23.axb6 Rxc3 24.Rfe1 Kf7 25.Rac1 Rxc1 26.Rxc1 Be4u. Meszaros - Alber, Berlin 1988.

 10...Nxc4 11.Qxc4 Bf5 12.0-0 Ne4 13.Rfe1 Nxg5 14.Nxg5 e6 15.Nf3 exd5 16.Qxd5 Qb6 17.Qb5 Bxd4 18.Nxd4 Qxd4 19.Re72. Nurul - Santos, Manila Olympiad 1992.


 11.Bxf6 Bxf6 12.Rd1 (12.0-0 Rc8 13.Be2 Qd7 14.Rad1 Rfd8 15.Ne5 Qd6 16.Bf3 Bxe5 17.dxe5 Qxe5 18.Rfe1 Qf6= Shrentzel - Stangl, Tel Aviv 1987.) 12...Rc8 13.Bd3 Bg4 14.Be4 Nc4 15.h3 Bxf3 16.Bxf3 Qa5 17.Rd3 Nd6 18.0-0 Rc4 19.Ne4 Rb4 20.Nxf6+ exf6 21.Qc3 Ra4 22.Qxa5 Rxa5 23.a3+/- Tal - Lein, Soviet Championship 1961.

 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Bxf6 exf6 13.Bb5 a6 14.Be2 Qd6 15.Nd2 Rfe8 16.Bf3 Bd3 17.Nce4 Bxe4 18.Nxe4 Rxe4 19.Bxe4 f5 20.Bf3 Bxd4 21.Rac1+/- Meyers - Bobzien, Dresden 1992..

 11...Ne4 12.0-0 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Rc8.

White's play is now rather limited. 14.Bb5.

 14.Bd3 Bxd3 15.Rxd3 h6 16.Bh4 Nxd5 17.Qxb7 g5 18.Bg3 Nxc3 19.Re1 Nd5 20.Ra3 a5 21.Be5=.

 14...h6 15.Bh4 g5 16.Bg3 Qxd5 17.Qb4 Bg4.

 Black has the advantage now..


 18.Rd3 Qxa2 19.Qxe7 Qb3 20.Qb4 Qxb4 21.cxb4 a6 22.Bd6 axb5 23.Bxf8 Bxf8u

 18...Bxf3 19.gxf3 e6 20.Bd3 Qxf3 21.Rd2 Rfd8 22.Re3 Qc6 23.Bb5 Qd5 24.Rde2 Nc4 25.Bxc4 Rxc4 26.Qb2 Rdc8 27.Be5 Bxe5 28.Rxe5 Qc6 29.R2e3 b6 30.Qa3 Rxc3 31.Qxa7 Rxe3 32.Rxe3 Ra8 33.Rc3 Qe4 34.Qc7 Rxa2 35.Rc1 Qxd4 36.Qg3 Kg7 37.h4 Qxh4 38.Qc3+ Kg6 39.Qd3+ Kh5 40.Qe3 Ra4 White resigned.

Tal Botvinnik 
Soviet Union 1966

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Nge2.   8...Na6 This is a familiar plan by now, but there are other approaches..

 8...Re8 aims to open the e-file quickly..

 A) 9.Nf4.

 B) A1) 9...e5 10.dxe6 Bxe6 11.Nxe6 Rxe6+.

A11) 12.Be3 Nc6 (12...Ng4 13.Bc4 Rb6 14.Qd1 Nxe3 15.fxe3 Qg5 16.Qf3+/-. Wernert - Schoetzig, OLO-A 1993.) 13.Rd1 Na5 14.Qa4 (14.Qb5 Ng4 15.Qe2 Nxe3 16.fxe32) 14...Ng4 15.Be2 Rxe3! 16.fxe3 Nxe3 17.Kf2 Nxd1+ 18.Rxd1 Nc6u. Helm - Dors, Postal 1987.

 A12) 12.Be2 12...Nc6 13.Be3 Nxd4 14.Bxd4 Qxd4 15.0-0 Rb6=. Kantjev - Lepsenyi, Postal 1984.

 A2) 9...Ng4 10.Bb5 e5 11.dxe5 Rxe5+ 12.Be2+/- = Kauranen - Kopilov, Postal 1974.

 B) 9.Bg5 e6 10.dxe6 Bxe6 11.d5 Bf5 12.0-0 - 0+/-. Zude - Schmitzer, Hessen Championship 1991.

 C) 9.g3 9...e6 (9...Nbd7 10.Bg2 Nb6 11.0-0 Bg4 12.Nf4 Rb8 13.Be32 = Voss - Neumann, Hessenliga 1993.) C1) 10.d6 Nc6 11.Bg2 Qxd6 12.Bf4 (12.0-0 Nd5 13.a3 Nxc3 14.bxc3 e5 15.d5 Na5 16.Qa4 Qd8 17.Bg5 f6= Tseitlin - Bukhman, USSR 1973.) 12...Qb4 13.Qxb4 Nxb43 = Tringov - Bukic, Belgrade 1969.

 C2) 10.Bg2 exd5 11.0-0 Nc6.

C21) 12.h3 h6 13.Be3 Na5 14.Qd1 Nc4 15.Bc1 g5 16.g4 Ne4 17.b3 Nxc3 18.Nxc3 Nb6 19.f4 Qf6 20.Nb5 Qc6 21.Na3 f5 (21...Qg6=) 22.fxg5 fxg4 23.gxh6 gxh3 24.Bf3 Bxh6 25.Bh5 Qc3 26.Kh1 Re3 27.Bf7+ Kg7 28.Qh5 Qc6. Adams - Abravanel, Cannes A 1990.

 C22) 12.Bf4 Na5 13.Qd1 b6 14.Be5 Ba6 15.Re1 Bb7 16.Nf4 Nc6 17.Nfxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Bxe5 19.dxe5+/-. Voss - Henzner, Hessenliga 1993.

 C23) 12.Be3 12...Na5 13.Qc2 Bf5 14.Qc1 Rc8 15.Re1 Qd7 16.Nf4 b5 17.Qd1 Nc4 18.Ncxd5 Nxd5 19.Nxd5/. Guillaumont - Labarthe, Chanac 1989.

 C3) 10.dxe6 10...Bxe6 11.Qxb7 Nbd7 12.Bg2 Rb8 13.Qa6 (13.Qxa7 Bc4 14.Bf3 Nd5 15.Qa4 N7b6 16.Qc2 Qf6 17.Bxd5 Nxd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Rf1 Qxd4u. Iym - Shereshevski, Soviet Championship Kharkov 1967.) 13...Nb6 14.b3 Nfd5 15.0-0 Nxc3 16.Nxc3 Qxd4 17.Bf4 Qxc3 18.Bxb8 Rxb8 19.Qxa72 = Falk - Neumann, HL 1993.

 8...b5 9.Qxb5 Ba6 10.Qb3 Nbd7 11.Nf4 Bxf1 12.Kxf1+=. Nicevski-Stanojevic, Yugoslavia 1978.

 8...a5 9.Nf4 Na6 10.Be2 Bf5 11.a3 Rb8 12.0-0 Nc7.

A) 13.Bc4 b5 (13...a4?! 14.Qb6+/-) 14.Bxb5 Nfxd5! 15.Nfxd5 Be6 16.Nxe7+ (16.Bf4 Bxd5 17.Nxd5 Rxb5 18.Bxc7 Qxd5 19.Qxd5 Rxd5 20.Rfd1 Rc8 21.Be5= Tkachenko - Dolgov, Postal 1991) 16...Qxe7 17.d5 Nxb5 18.Nxb5 Bd7 19.a4+/-.

 B) 13.Bf3 13...b5 14.Be3 h6 15.a4 b4 16.Nb5 Nxb5 17.axb5 Rxb53 Yurtaev-Guseinov, Volgodonsk 1983.

 8...b6 9.g3 Bb7 10.Bg2 Qd7 (10...e6 11.Bg5 h6 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.0-0 e5 14.Rad1 Nd7 15.d6 Bxg2 16.Kxg2 exd4 17.Nxd4+/-. Cooper - O'Brien, Hastings 1995.) 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Nf4 g5 13.Nd3 Nxd5 14.Ne5 Bxe5 15.dxe5 Nxc3 16.Qxc3 Bxg2 17.Kxg22 = Iskov - Bang, Kobenhavn 1988.

 8...Ne8 9.g3 Nd6 10.Bg2 b6 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Bf4 Na6 13.Rac1 Qd7 14.Rfe12. Sevtsenko - Rotov, EST Championship 1996.

 8...Nbd7 9.Nf4.

A) 9...Qb6! 10.Qa4 (10.Be3 Qxb3 11.axb3 Nb6 12.Be2 Rd83. Kharlov - Malisauskas, Berlin 1994.) 10...Rd8 11.Bd3 Nf8 12.0-0 h6 13.Qc4 Bd7 14.Qc5 Rac8 15.Qxe72. Neumann - Kuehne, Postal 1987.

 B) 9...Nb6 is more traveled, but less good. 10.Be2 (10.a4 a5 11.Bd3 Qd6 12.0-0 Qb4=. Kharlov - Velasco, Iberia 1994.) B1) 10...Bg4 11.Bxg4 (11.f3 Bd7 12.Be3 Ne8 13.a4 Nd6 14.a5 Nf5 15.Bf2 Nc8!= Abashev - Deviatkin, Moscow op - 12 1996.) 11...Nxg4 12.h3 (12.0-0 Bxd4 13.h3 Nf6 14.Rd1 Be5 15.a4 Qc7 16.a5 Nc4 17.Nb5 Qc8 18.Nd3 a6 19.Nxe5 axb5 20.Nxc4 bxc4=. Adams-Rechlis, Oakham 1988.) 12...Nh6 13.g4 Bxd4 14.Nh5 Nf5 15.gxf5 gxh5 16.Bh6+/-. Anikaev - Seoev, Beltsi 1979.

 B2) 10...g5?! 11.Nd3! Nfxd5 12.Bxg5 Nxc3 (12...Bxd4!? 13.Nb5 Bg7=) 13.bxc3 Be6=. Larsson - Soerensen, Postal 1982.

 B3) 10...a5 11.a4.

B31) 11...Bf5.

 B311) 12.0-0 Qd6 (12...g5 13.Nd3 h6 14.h4 gxh4 15.Nf4 Rc8 16.Re1 Kh8 17.Bf3 Rc4 18.Re5 Rb4 19.Qd1 Qd7 20.b3 Rc8 21.Bb2 Ng83. Blocker-Pinto, New York 1985.) 13.Nb5 Qd7 14.d6 exd6 15.Be3 d5=. Bendel - Lutz, Switzerland 1993.

 B312) 12.Bf3 12...g5 13.Nfe2 g4 14.Ng3 Bg6 15.Be2 Nbxd5 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Bxg4 Nb4 18.Bf5 Qxd4 19.0-0 e6 20.Bxg6 hxg6 21.Rb13 = Groenegress - Preker, Bundesliga 1983.

 B32) 11...Bg4 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.h3 Nf6 14.0-0 Rc8 (14...Qd6 15.Re1 Qb4 16.Qd1 = Gersov-Seoev, Moscow8 cat4 1996) 15.Re1 Rc4 16.Qb5 Rxd4 17.Be3 Rb4 18.Bxb6 Qxb6 19.Qxb6 Rxb6 20.Rxe7 Rxb2 21.Rd1,, Bendel - Birke, Switzerland 1993.

 B33) 11...Qd6 12.0-0 Qb4 13.Qd1 (13.Ra3 Rd8 14.Qa2 Bf5 15.Be3 Rac8 16.Rb3 Qd6= Kestler - Reefschlaeger, Bundesliga 1987.) 13...Rd8 14.Nd3 Qd6 15.Bf4+/-. Janosevic-Gliksman, Yugoslavia 1967.


 9.Nf4 Nc7 10.g3 Rb8 11.a4 b6 12.Bg2 Bb7 13.0-0 g5 14.Nd3 Nfxd5 15.Bxg5 Bxd4 16.Rad1 Qd6 17.Nf4 Nxf4 18.Bxf4 e5 19.Bxb7 Rxb7 20.Ne22. Webb - Arkell, Telecom Dublin 1991.

 9...Qb6 The offer to exchange queens is of course appropriate here, too..

 9...b6 10.Bg2 Bb7 11.0-0 (11.Bg5 Nc7 12.Bxf6 exf6 13.0-0 Qd6 14.Nb5 Nxb5 15.Qxb5 Rfd8 16.Nc3 a6 17.Qb3 f5= Lohou - Zoister, Donau 1996.) 11...Qd7 (11...Qd6 12.Bf4 Qd7 13.d6 Bxg2 14.dxe7 Bf3 15.exf8Q+ Bxf8 16.Be5+/-. Meade - Bonner, British Championship 1967.).

 A) 12.a4 Nc7 13.Nf4 Rad8 14.d6 Nce8 15.dxe7 Qxe7 16.d5 Nd6 17.Nd3+/- Birnboim - Lederman, Israel 1984.

 B) 12.Re1 Rfe8 13.a4 Nc7 14.Nf4 Rad8 15.d6!? exd6 16.Rxe8+ Rxe8 17.Bxb7 Re1+ 18.Kg2 Ne6 19.Nce2 (19.Bf3 Nxd4 20.Qc4 Nxf3 21.Kxf3 Qb7+ 22.Nfd5 Re53) 19...Qxb7+ 20.Qf3 Nxf4+ 21.Nxf4 Rg1+. Linnemann - Kasnitz, Bundesliga 1988.

 C) 12.Bf4 Rfd8 13.Rfe1 Nxd5 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.Bxd5 Qxd53. Thuesen - Hansen, Copenhagen 1990.

 D) 12.Bg5 Ne8 13.a4 Nd6 14.Bf4 Nc7 15.Rfd1 Rfd8 16.a5 b5 17.Na2 Nde8 18.Bxc7 Nxc7 19.Nb4 Bxd5 20.Nxd5 = Altounian - Jones, California Championship 1995.

 E) 12.Nf4.

 E1) 12...Rfd8 13.Be3 Rab8 14.Bh3 (14.Nb5 Ba8 15.Rac1 h6 16.d6 exd6 17.Nxg6 Bxg2 18.Kxg2+/- = Salmensuu - Tiitta, Espoo 1994.) 14...Qe8 15.Qc4 h6 16.a4 g5 17.Nd3 Nxd5 18.Nxd5 Rxd5=. Murey - Jahin, Moscow 1964.

 E2) 12...Nc7 13.Re1 Rfe8 14.h4 Qd6=. Buecker-Lohmeier, Dortmund 1987.

 9...Nc7 10.Bg2 Rb8 11.Bf4 b5 12.a4 Nfe8 13.axb5+/- = Jansa - Csom, Budapest 1970.


 10.Bg2 Qxb3 11.axb3 Nb4 12.0-0 Bg4= Adorjan - Bezgodov, Balatonbereny 1996.

 10...axb6 11.Bg2 Nb4 12.0-0 Rd8.


 13.Bg5 Nbxd5 14.Nxd5 Nxd5=. Walther - Petrosian, Zurich 1961.


 13...Rxd6 14.Bf4 Rd7 15.Rfd1 (15.a3 Nd3 16.Bc1 Rc7 17.Nf42. Claus - Von Wersch, Hessen 1990.) 15...Nbd5 (15...Nfd5 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Be5 f6 18.Bf4 Nxf4 19.Nxf4= Simacek - Krejci, Moravka opJ 1994.) 16.Be5 Rd8 17.Nf4 Nxc3 18.bxc3 g5 19.Bxf6 exf6 20.Nd5+/-. Buecker - Fette, Eger 1989.

 13...e6 14.a3 (14.Bg5!+=) 14...Nbd5 (14...Nd3 15.Bg5! h6 16.Bxf6 Bxf6 17.Rab1+-.

 14...Nc6 15.Bf4 Nh5 16.d5!+/-) 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Bxd5 exd5 17.Bf42. Novik - Dziuban, USSR 1989.

 14.Bg5 Re8 15.a3.

 15.Nf4 Ra5 16.Bxf6 Bxf6 17.a3 Nc6 18.Ne4 Bxd4 19.Nxd6 Rd8 20.Nxc8 Rxc8= Zude - Baumhus, NRW-Hessen 1991.

 15...Nc6 16.Rfe1 Bg4 17.Bxf6 Bxf6 18.Nd5 Bd8.

Black has a rather passive bishop, but the other pieces are more active than their White counterparts..

 19.Nec3 Rxe1+ 20.Rxe1.


 20...Nxd4 21.Re8+ Kg7 22.Nxb6 Rb8 23.Nc4+=.

 20...Be6 21.Nb5 Bxd5 22.Bxd5 is given by Karklins. White wins a pawn, but is it enough? 22...Ra5 23.Re8+ Kg7 24.Bxc6 bxc6 25.Rxd8 Rxb5 26.Rxd6 Rxb2 27.Rxc6 Rb3 28.a4 Rb4 29.d5 Rxa4 30.Rxb6 Rd4 and Black should be able to hold.

 21.Ne3 Bd7 22.Nc4 Ra8 23.d5 Nd4 24.Nxd6 White has a clear advantage now and cleans up without difficulty. 24...Rb8 25.Nce4 f6 26.Nc4 Kf8 27.h3 Nb3 28.Bf1 b5 29.Ncd6 f5 30.Re3 fxe4 31.Rxb3 Ke7 32.Nxe4 Rc8 33.g4 Rc1 34.Kg2 Re1 35.f3 Rd1 36.d6+ Kf7 37.Bxb5 Be6 38.Rc3 Rd4 39.Rd3 Rxd3 40.Bxd3 Bd5 41.Nc5 b6 42.Be4 Be6 43.Nd3 Bb3 44.f4 Ke6 45.f5+ Black resigned.

Kobalija Turov European Under 18 Championship, 1996

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Nge2 Nbd7 9.g3 Nb6.   White adopts the sensible plan of kingside fianchetto and castling. Of course we have seen many similar positions in preceding chapters..

 9...Qb6 10.Bg2 (10.Qc4 Ne8 11.Bg2 Nd6 12.Qd3 Nf5 13.0-0 Nxd4 14.Be3 Nxe2+ 15.Qxe2 Qb4=. Siepelt - Krauss, Bad Neustadt 1990.) 10...Ne8 (10...Qxb3 11.axb3 Nb6 12.Bf4 Ne8 13.0-0 a6 14.Rfe1 h6 15.h4 Nd6 16.Be52. Penrose - Wood, British Championship 1968.) 11.Qxb6 Nxb6 12.Bf4 Nd6 13.0-0 Bf5 14.b3 Rac8 15.Rac1 Rfd8 16.Rfd1 h6 17.h3 g5 18.Be32. Penrose - Golombek, British Championship 1967.

 10.Bg2 Bf5.

 10...e6 11.dxe6 Bxe6 12.Qd1 Nfd5 (12...Nbd5 13.0-0 Rc8 14.Bg5 b6 15.Qd2 Re8 16.Rfe1 Qd7 17.Rac1 h5 18.Nf4 Nxf4 19.Bxf4 Nd5 20.Be5 f6 21.Bf4 Bf7 22.h4 Kh7 23.Rxe8 Rxe8 24.Nxd5 Bxd5 25.Rc7 Qe6 26.Bxd5 Qxd5 27.Bh6 Rg8 28.Rxa7. Nowik-Hirschinger, St. Petersburg 1992) 13.0-0 Nxc3 14.bxc3 Bd5 15.Nf4 Bxg2 16.Nxg2 Rc8 17.Qb3 Qc7 18.Bd2 Nc4 19.Bf4 Qc6 20.Rac1 Rfd8 21.Rfd1 Na5 22.Qb4 b6 23.Rd3 Rd5 24.Qe7 Bf8 25.Qe4 Re8 26.Qf3 Qc4 27.Ne3 Qxd3 28.Qxd5 Ba3 29.Rd1 Qxc3 30.Qd7 Qc8 31.Qxa7 Qb7. Blazi - Zollbrecht, Ansbach Bayern Championship 1985.


 A) 11.0-0 Nfxd5 12.Nf4 Nxf4 13.Bxf4 Qd7 14.d5 Rac8 15.Rac1 Rfd8 16.f3 Bh3 17.Rfd1 Bxg2 18.Kxg2 Bxc3 19.bxc3 Nxd5 20.Bh6 Qc6 21.Rd4 e5 22.Rh4 Qb6 23.c4 Qxb3 24.axb3 f6 25.cxd5 Rxc1 26.Bxc1 Rxd5 27.Rc4 Rd7 28.f4 Kf7 29.fxe5 fxe5 30.b4 Ke6 31.Kf3 b6 32.Ke4 Re7 33.b5 Kd7 34.Bb2 Rf7 35.Rc2 h5 36.Bxe5 Rf5 37.Kd5. Lemmers - Van der Mee, Netherlands Championship 1992.

 B) 11.Nf4.

 B1) 11...Bf5.

 B11) 12.0-0 g5 13.Nfe2 h6 14.a4 Bd3 15.a5 Nbxd5 16.Re1 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Ba6 (17...Rb8=) 18.Ba3 Qc7 19.Bc5 Rfe8 20.Nc1 Nd7 21.Bb4 e5 (21...Rac8=) 22.d5 Nc5 23.Qa3 Rac8 24.d6 Qxd6 25.Nb3+/- = Shrentzel - Hetey, Budapest IM 1994.

 B12) 12.Be3 12...h6 13.0-0 g5 14.Nfe2 Bd3 15.Qd1 Ba6 comp . Richter - Hannel, Postal 1988.

 B2) 11...Ne8 12.Be3 Nd6 13.0-0 Nbc4 14.Ne4 Qa5 15.Nxd6 Nxd6 16.Rac12. Cabrilo - Kostic, Yugocup 1993.

 C) 11.d6 11...exd6 12.Bxb7 Rb8 13.Bg2 Re8 comp (13...Re8 14.Qd1 Qe7 15.f3 Bf5 16.0-0 Nc4 17.b32 = Salmensuu - Hartio, Tampere 1993).

 10...Ne8 11.Bf4 Nd6 12.0-0 Bf5 13.h3 (13.Nb5 Qd7 14.Bxd6 exd6 15.Nxa7 Rxa7 16.Qxb6+/- = De Wit - Jansen, Dieren Netherlands Championship 1990.) 13...h5 14.a4 Rc8 15.Qd1 Qd7 16.Kh2 Nbc4 17.b32 = Eising-Smeets, Guernsey 1987.

 10...Qc7 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Bf4 Qc4 13.Qxc4 Nxc4 14.b3 Nd6 15.Be5 Bf5 16.Rfd1 Rac8 17.Rac12 = ZudeArno-Schulze, Bundesliga 1988.


 A) 11.a4 Qd6 12.0-0 Qb4.

A1) 13.Qa2 Qd6 (13...Bf5 14.b3 Qd6 15.Ba3 Qd7 16.d6 exd6 17.Nb5 Rfc8 18.Rac1 Bf8 19.Rfe1 Nbd5 20.Qd2 Ne4 21.Rxc8 Qxc8 22.Qc1+/- Totsky - Pavlenko, Smolensk 1991.) 14.Bf4 Qd7 15.Be5 Rd8 16.Nf42 = Schulz - Lohou, Porz 1990.

 A2) 13.Qd1 13...Rd8 14.Nf4 Bg4 15.Qd3 (15.Qc2 Rac8 16.Nd3 Qc4 17.Ne5 Qxd4 18.Be3 Qxe5 19.Bxb6 Rd6= Altgelt-Dorner, West Germany 1986.) 15...Rac8 16.h3 Bf5 17.Qe2 g5 18.Nh5 Nxh5 19.Qxh5 h63 = Hatlebakk - Ostenstad, Norwegian Championship Gausdal 1985.

 B) 11.Bf4 11...a4 12.Qb5 Re8 13.0-0 Bd7 14.Qb4 Bg4 15.d6 exd6 16.Rfe1 d5 17.Be52 ..., ??, = Iskov - Backwinkel, Hamburg 1984.


 11.d6 exd6.

A) 12.Bxb7 Rb8 13.Bg2 Nbd5 14.Qd1 Re8 (14...Nb4 15.0-0 Nc2 16.Rb1 Nb4 17.Ra1=) 15.0-0 Qa5 16.h3 Nxc3 17.Nxc3 Ne4 18.g4 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Be4 20.Bxe4 Rxe4=. Stefanov - Donev, Sofia Student Championship 1985.

 B) 12.0-0 12...d5 13.Nf4 Re8 14.a4 Be4 15.Nxe4 Nxe4 16.Rd1 (16.a52) 16...Rb8 17.Qd3 Rc8=. Botterill - Bonner, British Championship 1968.

 11.Bf4 Bd3 (11...Qd7 12.d6 exd6 13.Qb5 Rad8 14.Qxd7 Rxd7=. Hass - Cichocki, Bydgoszcz 1990.) 12.d6 exd6 13.0-0 Qd7 14.Rfe1 Bc4 15.Qb4 Rfd8= Kovac-Vukic, Sarajevo 1969.

 11.a4 a5 12.Nf4 Rc8 (12...h6 13.h4 Qd6 14.Nb5 Qd7 15.Nc3 Nc8 16.0-0 Nd6 17.Re1 Ng4 18.Be3 g5 19.hxg5 hxg5 20.Nfe22. Schmitz - Kveinys, St.Ingbert 1990.) 13.h3 h5 14.0-0 Rc4 15.Qb5 Qd6 16.Qxa5 Nfd7 17.Nb5+/-. Jordan - Hill, AUS Championship Melbourne 1991.


 A) 11...Bd3 12.d6 exd6 13.Bxb7 Rb8 14.Bg2 (14.Bf3 Qd7 15.Qd1 Qf5 16.Bg22 = Vargyas - Bastian, Balatonbereny 1988.) 14...Re8 15.Qd1 Ba6 16.Re1 Qd7 17.b3 Qf5 18.Bf4 = Biro-Marosi, Hungarian 1985.

 B) 11...Qd7 B1) 12.a4 Bd3 (12...Bh3 13.Bxh3 Qxh3 14.Nf42) 13.d6 exd6 14.a5 Bc4 15.Qb4 Bxe2 16.Nxe2 Nbd5 17.Qb3 Rfe8 18.Nc3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Rab8 20.Bf42. Liberzon - Gurgenidze, Soviet Union 1969.

 B2) 12.Rd1 h6 13.a4 Rac8 14.a5 Nc4 15.Ra4 Nd6 16.Bf4 Nfe8 17.Be5 g5 18.Bxg7 Kxg7 19.Nc12 = Nurmi - Vranesic, Montreal zt 1981.

 B3) 12.d6 exd6 13.Nf4 g5 14.Nfd5 Nbxd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Qxd5 h6= Line Teopitny-Hort, Orebro 1966.

 B4) 12.Re1.

B41) 12...Bd3 13.d6 (13.Nf4 Bc4 14.Qb4 Rfe8 15.d6 = Howell - Ledger, British Championship 1992) 13...exd6 14.d5 Bc4 15.Qd1 Rfe8 16.Be3 Ng4 17.Bxb6 axb6=. Kawaciukova - Van Parreren, Prague Bohemians-W 1991.

 B42) 12...Rfd8 13.d6 (13.Nf4 g5 14.d6 Qxd6 15.Nfe2 h6 16.Nb5 Qd7 17.Nxa72. Kremenietsky - Glatman, Moscow 1966.) 13...exd6 14.a4.

 B421) 14...Be6! 15.Qb5 (15.d5 Bh3 16.a5 Nc8 17.Bxh3 Qxh3 18.Nf4 Qd7 19.Be3 Ne7 20.Rac1 Rdc8 21.Nb5 Rxc1 22.Rxc1 a6 23.Nc7 Rc8 24.Qxb7 Ne8 25.Bb6 Bxb23) 15...Bc4 16.Qxd7 Rxd7 17.a5 (17...Nc8?! 18.Bg5 Ne7 19.Nf4 d5 20.Rxe7! Rxe7 21.Bxf6 Bxf6 22.Ncxd5 Bxd5 23.Nxd5+/-. Novik - Sapis, Katowice 1990.) 17...Nbd5! 18.a6 (18...Rb8!/.) 18...bxa6? 19.Ra4 Bb3 (19...Rc8 20.Rxc4+-. 19...Nxc3 20.Nxc3 Rc8 21.Bh3+-) 20.Ra3 Bc4 21.b3 Nxc3 22.Nxc3+-.

 B422) 14...d5? 15.a5 Nc8 16.Bg5 Ne7 17.Nf4 Be6 18.Na4! b6 (18...Rdc8 19.Nc5 Rxc5 20.dxc5 Rc8 21.a6 Rxc5 22.axb7 Nc6 23.b8Q+. Polakova - Skacelova, Pardubice 1991) 19.axb6 axb6 20.Nxe6 fxe6 21.Qxb6+- +- Novik - Dzhanaridze, Berlin 1989.


 11...a5 12.0-0 g5 13.Nfe2 h6 14.Re1 Rc8 15.h3 Rc4 16.g4 Rb4 17.Qd12 Matanovic - Bukic, Yugoslavia Championship 1967.

 11...Ne8 12.Be3 Nd6 13.0-0 Qd7 (13...Nbc4 14.Nb5 Na5 15.Qb4 Qb6 16.Bd2 Nxb5 17.Qxa5 Qxa5 18.Bxa5 Bxd43 = Anbuhl - Sack, Bundesliga 1981.) 14.Rad1 Rac8 15.Nd3 Rc7 16.Nc5 Qc8 17.Nb5 Bc2 18.Nxd6 Bxb3 19.Nxc8 Bxd1 20.Nxa7+/-. Dely-Petran, Budapest 1968.

 11...Qd6 12.h4 Rac8 13.0-0 Rfd8 14.Re1 a6 15.Be3 Rc4 16.a3 h6 17.Nxg6 Bxg6 18.Bf4+/-. Schaefer - Schmidt, Wiesbaden 1992.

 11...h6 12.h4 Rc8 13.0-0 Qd7 14.a4 Nc4 15.a5 Rfd8= Sokolov - Tsiganova, Helsinki 1992.


 12.0-0 g5 13.Nfe2 h6 14.Rd1 Rfd8 15.d6 exd6 16.d5 Bh3 17.Be3 Bxg2 18.Kxg2= Shivohin - Taubin, Moscow Championship 1996.

 12.Be3 g5 13.Nfe2 h6 14.h4 Ng4 15.Bd2 Bd3 16.hxg5 hxg5 17.Bxg5+/- Qf5 18.Bf4 Bc2 19.Qb5 Bd3 20.Qxd3 Qxd3 21.Be4 Nxf2 22.Kxf2 Bxd4+ 23.Kg2 Qc4 24.Bh7+ Kg7 25.Nxd4 Qxd4 26.Bh6+ Kh8 27.Bf5 Kg8 28.Rh4. Kharlov - Radoja, Cheliabinsk 1990.

 12...Rac8 13.0-0 Rfd8 14.a5 Nc4 15.Rd1 Nd6.

 15...Ne8 16.Nfe2 Ned6 17.Bf4 h6 18.Ra4 Kh7 19.Rda1 g5=. Herschel-Lepsenyi, Postal 1986.

 16.Nd3 Bxd3 17.Rxd3 Qf5 18.Qd1 Nde4 19.Qe2 Nxc3 20.bxc3 Nxd5 21.Bd2 Qd7 22.Bxd5 Qxd5 23.Qxe72.

23...Re8 24.Qg5 Qb3 25.Re3 Rxe3 26.Qxe3 Qb5 27.Qe4 Qb2 28.Rd1 b5 29.axb6 Qxb6 30.Rb1 Qa5 31.Qb7 Re8 32.Qb5 Qd8 33.Ra1 Qa8 34.Rxa7 Qe4 35.Qb7 Qe6 36.Ra8 Bf8 37.Rxe8 Qxe8 38.Be3 h5 39.h4 Bg7 40.Qd5 Kh7 41.Kg2 Qc8 42.c4 f5 43.c5 Qa6 44.c6 Qb6 45.Qc5 Qb1 46.c7 Qe4+ 47.Kh2 Black resigned.

Chapter 10: 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2

Shamkovich Kristiansen 
Esbjerg 1982

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.d4 cxd5 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2.   In this game we consider the less common replies to 8.Be2..


 8...Ne8 9.Nf3 (9.Be3 Nd7 10.Nh3 Nd6 11.Nf4 Rb8 12.a4 Nf5 13.Rd1 a6 14.0-0 Qa5 15.Qa3 Re8 16.Ne42 = Payen - Eliet, French Championship 1996.) 9...Nd6 (9...Nd7 10.Bf4 Qb6 11.0-0 a6 12.Rfe1 Nd6 13.Bd3+/- Lindberg - Bergstrom, Borlange JSM 1992.) 10.Bf4 Bg4 11.Rd1 Bxf3 12.Bxf3 Nd7 13.0-0 Nb6 14.Rfe1 +/- Vasiukov - Doda, Belgrade 1961.

 8...e6 is clearly dubious here. 9.dxe6 Bxe6 10.Qxb7 Qa5 (10...Nbd7 11.Nf3 Nb6 12.0 - 0+/-. Mork - Hanson, Randaberg 1991.) 11.b4 Qb6 12.Bf3 Na6 13.Qxb6 axb6 14.Bxa8 Nxb4 15.Bf3 Nc2+ 16.Kd2 Nxa1 17.Bb2 Ng4 18.Bxg4 Bxg4 19.Nge2 Rd8 20.Bxa1 Bxd4 21.Nxd4 Rxd4+ 22.Ke3+-. Zeller - Rabl, Wuert Championship Zell 1991.

 8...Qb6 9.Qxb6 axb6.

This structure should be defensible for Black, but I doubt Black can hope for more than a draw..

 A) 10.h3 Na6 11.Bg5 Nb4 12.Rc1 Bf5 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.g4 Bg5 15.Rd1 Bc2 16.Ra1 Bb3 17.Rb1 Nxa2 18.Nf3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Bc2 20.0-0 Bxb1 21.Rxb1 Bf4 22.Rxb6 Rfb8u. Stephens - Laird, EU-Cup Baile Herculane 1994.

 B) 10.Nf3 Rd8 11.Bc4 Na6 12.0-0 Nb4 13.d6 exd6 14.Bg5 d5 (14...Bg4!?) 15.Bb3 Be6 16.Rfd1 h6 17.Bf4 Ne8 18.h3 g5 19.Be52 Smejkal - Beikert, Viernheim 1995.

 C) 10.Bf4 C1) 10...Rd8 11.Bc7 Rd7 12.Bxb6 Nxd5 13.Nxd5 Rxd5 14.Bc4 Rg5 15.Nf3 Rf5 16.0-0 Nd7 17.Bc7 b6 18.Rfe1 Kf8 19.Ne5 Bxe5 20.Bxe5 Nxe5 21.dxe5 Ra5 22.e6 f6 (22...b5=) 23.Rad1 Rac5 24.Bb3+/- Villarreal - Urchipia, Martinez I 1993.

 C2) 10...Na6 11.d6 e6 12.Nf3 Nb4 13.0-0 Nbd5 14.Be5 Rd8 15.Bc4 Nxc3 16.bxc3 Ne4 17.Rfb1 Nxc3 18.Rxb62 Christ - Reschke, Laenderkampf 1992.

 D) 10.Bf3 10...Na6 11.Nge2 Nb4 12.0-0 Rd8 13.d6! (13.Bg5 Nbxd5 14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.Rfe1 h6 16.Bd2 Be6=).

 D1) 13...exd6 14.Bg5 with.

 D11) 14...h6 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.a3 Nc6 17.Rfd1 Bf5 18.Nd5 Bg5 19.Nxb6 Ra6 20.Nd5 Bc2 21.Re1 Bb3 22.Ne3 Re8 23.Nc3 Nxd4 24.Bxb7 Rb6 25.Be4 Re5 26.Ned5 Bxd5 27.Nxd5 Rxb2 28.f4 Ne2+ 29.Rxe2 Rxe2 30.fxe5 Rxe4 31.exd6 Re5 (31...Rd4 32.Nc3 = Morovic-Bellon, Santa Catalina 1987) 32.Nc3 = Moroz - Bellon Lopez, Santa Catalina 1987.

 D12) 14...Re8 15.a3 Nc6 16.Rfe1 Bg4 17.Bxf6 Bxf3 18.Bxg7 Bxe2 19.Rxe2 Rxe2 20.Nxe2 Kxg7 is not significantly worse for Black.

 D2) 13...Rxd6 14.Bf4 Rd7 15.Rfd1 Nfd5 16.Bg3 g5 17.h4 h6 18.Rac1 f5 (18...Nxc3 19.bxc3 Nxa2 20.Ra1 Ra53) 19.Be5 Nxc3 20.Nxc3 Bxe5 21.dxe5 Rxd1+ 22.Rxd1 Be6 23.Bxb7 Ra7= Bitman - Donev, Ruse 1983.

 8...Re8!? is not bad, at first glance: 9.Nf3 Nbd7 10.Bg5 Nb6 11.Bxf6 Bxf6 12.0-0 Bg4 13.Bb5 Rf8 14.Ne5 Bf5=. Kroeger - Niermann, NRW-II 1996.


 A) 9.Bf3 Na6.

 A1) 10.a3 Nc7 (10...Ne8 11.Nge2 Nd6 12.0-0 b5 13.Bf4 Nc7 14.Rac1 Bf5 15.Qd12. Sorensen - Rewitz, Aarhus 1991. 10...e5 11.dxe5 Nc5 12.Qd1 Nfd7 13.Be3 b6 14.e6 Ne5 15.exf7+ Rxf7 16.Be2+/-. Polgar - Schmedders, Hastings 1993.) 11.Nge2 Qd7.

 A11) 12.0-0 Rd8= (12...a4 13.Qc4 Ra5 14.Bd2 b5 15.Qc5+= = Hansen - Hector, Vejle 1994.).

 A12) 12.Bf4 12...Rd8 13.Na4! Ncxd5 14.Be5 e6 15.Nec3 Qe8 16.0-0 Korolev - Ceoev, Postal 1985 16...b5 17.Nxb5 Ba6 18.Nd6 Rxd6 19.Bxd6 Bxf1 20.Rxf1+/-.

 A2) 10.Nge2!? 10...Nb4 11.0-0 Bf5.

 A21) 12.Bf4 Bc2 13.Qa3 Bd3 14.Rac1 Re8 15.Rfd1 Bf8 16.Qa4 Nh5 17.Be5 Bh6 18.Bxh5 Bxc1 19.Rxc1 gxh5 20.Nf4 Bg6(c) Santa Maria-Hansen, Gausdal WCJ 1986.

 A22) 12.Be3 Bc2 13.Qa3 Re8 14.Rac1 Bf8 15.d6 exd6 16.d5 Nd7 (16...Bd33) 17.Nd4 Bd3 18.Be2 Ne5 19.Qb3 Bxe2 20.Ncxe2 Ned3 21.Rc3 (21.Rcd1 Nc5 22.Qc4 Rc8 23.a3 Ne4 24.Qb3 Nc5=) 21...Nc5 22.Qc4 Ne43 Justo - Celis, GEBA Federal II 1993.

 A23) 12.Bg5 12...Bc2 13.Qa3 h6 (13...Bd3 14.Rac1 h6 15.Be3 g5 16.h3 Ne8 17.Qb3 Nd6 18.a3 Bc4 19.Qd1 Nd3 20.Rb1 Ba6 21.Qc22 Bella - Caprano, Italian Championship 1985.) 14.Be3 Rc8 15.Rac1 b6,, / Bellin - Bronstein, Hastings 1975.

 B) 9.a4 Na6 10.Nf3 Nb4 11.0-0 Nfxd5 12.Nxd5 Qxd5 13.Bc4 Qf5=. Kjetsae - Stelting, 1987.

 C) 9.Nf3 9...Na6 10.Bg5 Bf5 (10...Nc7 11.Bxf6 Bxf6 12.0-0 a4 13.Nxa4 Nxd5 14.Bc4 Qa5 15.Nc5 Nb6 16.Bb5 Rd8 17.a4 Nd5 18.Bc4 e6 19.Bxd5 exd5 20.Nxb7 Bxb7 21.Qxb7+/- Hebden - Skembris, Vrnjacka Banja 1989.) 11.a3 Ne4 12.Bf4 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Be4 14.Qxb7 Bxd5 15.Qb2 Nc7 16.0-0 Ra7 17.Qd2 Qa8 18.Bh6 Rb8 19.Bxg7 Kxg7 20.c4 Be4 21.d5 Bf5 22.Nd4 Rb6 and in Hebden-Trzaska, Hastings 1995, Black resigned without waiting for 23.Nxf5+ gxf5 24.Qd4+, picking up the rook at b6.


 9.Nh3 Qb6 (9...Nb6 10.Nf4 Bg4 11.Bxg4 Nxg4 12.h3 Nf6 13.0-0 Qd7 14.d6 Qxd6 15.d5 Rfd83 Janosevic - Cortlever, Wijk aan Zee 1970.) 10.Nf4 Qxb3 11.axb3 Nb6 12.Ra5 Rd8 13.Be3 a6 14.0-0 Bf5 15.Bf3 Bg4 16.d6 Bxf3 17.dxe7 Rd7 (17...Rd5 18.Rc52) 18.gxf3 Re8 19.Rc1 (19.d5 Nc8 20.Rc1 Nxe7/) 19...Rexe7 20.Ncd5.

 A) 20...Nbxd5 21.Nxd5 Re8 (21...Nxd5 22.Rc8+ Bf8 23.Bh6 Re1+ 24.Kg2 Nf4+ 25.Bxf4+/-) 22.Nb6 Rd6 23.d5 Bf8 24.Bd4 Nh5 25.Rd1 Rdd8! Bade(25...Ng7? 26.Bc5 Rdd8 27.d6 Re6 28.Nc4 Nf5? 29.d7 Bxc5 30.Rxc5 Kf8 31.Rc7 Ke7 32.f4 f6 33.Kg2 b6 34.Rb7 b5 35.Nb6 Rc6 36.Nc8+ Kf8 37.Kf3 h5 38.Rb8 Rc7 39.Ra8 Ne7 40.Nb6. Bade,U - Potthammel, Postal 1976).

 B) 20...Rxd5!? 21.Nxd5 (21.Rxd5 Nbxd5 22.Nxd5 Re8 23.Nb62) 21...Nbxd5 22.Rc8+ Bf8 23.Bh6 (23.Rxd5 Rxe3! 24.Rdd8 Rxb3 25.Rxf8+ Kg7 unclear, according to U.Eade. 26.Ra8 Rxb2 27.Rfb8 Nd5 28.Ra7 Rb1+ 29.Kg2 Nf4+ 30.Kg3 Ne2+ and White gets mated!) 23...Ne8! 24.Bxf8 Re1+ 25.Kg2 Nf4+ 26.Kg3 Ne2+ 27.Kh4 Kxf8 28.Re5 g5+!/ Bade 29.Kh5 Nf4+ 30.Kxg5 f6+ 31.Kxf4 fxe5+ 32.dxe5 Re2 33.Rb8 b5 34.Ra8 Rxf2 35.Rxa6 Rxb2 36.Rh6 Kg8u.

 9.d6 exd6 10.Bf4 Nb6 11.Nf3 Re8 12.0-0 Be6 13.Qa3 Bf8 14.Bb5 Bd7 15.Bg5 Bxb5 16.Nxb5 Qd7 (16...d5) 17.Qb3 Nfd5 18.Rfe1 h6= Vaiser-Cseshkovsky, Barnaul 1984.

 9.h3 Nb6 10.Bf3 e6 11.dxe6 Bxe6 12.Qd1 Nbd5 13.Nge2 Rc8 14.0-0 Qb6 15.Na4 Qd6 16.Nc5 b6 17.Nxe6 Qxe6 18.Qb3 Rfd8 19.Nf4 Nxf4 20.Bxf4 Qxb3 21.axb3 Rxd4 22.Be5+/-. Hetenyi - Petro, Sarospatak 1994.


 9...Qb6 10.Nge2 Ne8 (10...Rd8 11.Bf4 Ne8 12.0-0 Bxd4 13.Nxd4 Qxd4 14.Bg52. Brynell - Bergstrom, Rilton Cup 1991.) 11.Bg5 Ndf6 12.h3 Nd6 13.0-0 Bd7 14.Rfe1 Rfc8 15.Ng3 Bf8 16.Nge4 Nfxe4 17.Nxe4 Qxb3 18.axb3 b6 19.Nxd6 exd6 20.Bf62 Zaitsev - Bronstein, Grozny Championship 1969.

 9...h6 10.Nge2 g5 11.h3 Rb8 12.a4 a6 13.Ng3 b5 14.axb5 axb5 15.Nf5 b4 16.Nd1 Nb6 17.Nxg7 Kxg7 18.Ne3+/- = Jerez - Mateu, Catalynia Championship 1996.


10...Nd6 11.g3.

 11.0-0 Nf5 12.Rd1 Nh4 13.Be4 Nf6 14.Bg5 Nxe4 15.Nxe4 Nf5 16.Rac12. Salazar-Roose, Oostende 1985.

 11...Nf6 12.0-0 b6 13.Bf4 Bb7.

14.Be5 Qd7 15.Nf4 Rfd8 16.Rfe1 Nf5 17.Rad1 Rac8 18.Bg2 Ba6 19.Qa3 Bc4 20.b3 Bf1 21.Rxf1 Rxc3 22.Rc1 Rdc8 23.Qb2 Rxc1 24.Rxc1+/- g5 25.Nd3 Nd6 26.Nb4 Rxc1+ 27.Qxc1 Qf5 28.Nc6 Bf8 29.h3.

 29.Nxa7 Ng4 30.Qb2 would have been more effficient.

 29...a5 30.g4 Qg6 31.Bf3 h6 32.Kg2 Qd3 33.Qe3 Qc2 34.a4 Kg7 35.Bh2 Nde4 36.Bxe4 Nxe4 37.Ne5 Nd2 38.h4 f6 39.Nf3 Nxb3 40.hxg5 hxg5 41.Qe6 Nd2.

42.Nxg5! Qg6 43.Bf4! Nc4 44.Nf3 f5 45.Qxg6+ Kxg6 46.Ne5+ Nxe5 47.dxe5 fxg4 48.d6 exd6 49.exd6 Kf7 50.d7 Ke7 51.Bd6+. Black resigned.

Ochsner Poley
Randers, 1996

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 b6.   Black often plays this move in conjunction with a plan of ...Bb7, ...Na6 and ...Nc7. In this game we look at the material that starts with 8...b6, while 8...Na6 is treated in the next game..


 9.Bg5 was popular in the 1980s but it has worn out its welcome. White intends to capture on f6. 9...Bb7.

A) 10.Bf3 h6?! (10...Nbd7=) 11.Bxf6 exf6 12.Nge2+=. Eberth - Gelle, Hungarian Championship 1995.

 B) 10.Bxf6 10...Bxf6 11.Nf3 (11.Rd1 Na6 12.Bf3 Qd7 13.Nge2 Rab8 14.0-0 Nc7 15.Nf4 Rfd8= Kristensen - Hansen, Danish Championship 1988.) 11...Na6 12.Ne5 B1) 12...Qd6 13.f4 (13.0-0 Bxe5 14.dxe5 Qxe5 15.Bxa6 Bxa6 16.Rfe1 Qd6 17.Qa4 Bb7 18.Rad1 Rfd8=. Winsnes-Hansen, Gausdal Arnold Cup 1990.) 13...Nc7 14.Bf3 Rad8 15.Ne4 Bxd5 16.Nxd6 Bxb3 17.Nb7 Rxd4 18.axb3+/-. Hebden-Weiler, 1984.

 B2) 12...Nc7! 13.Bf3 Ne8= Black will follow with ...Rac8 and ...Nd6, with a good game.

 9.Bf4 Bb7 10.Bf3 Na6 (10...Qd7 11.Be5 Rd8 12.Bxf6 exf6 13.Nge22. Mainka - Kasnitz, Bundesliga 1989.) 11.Nge2 Qd7 12.0-0 Rfd8 13.Qa3 Bf8= Haas - Cocozza, Cattolica 1993.

 9...Bb7 10.Nge2.

 10.Be3 Qd7 11.Nge2.

 A) 11...Rd8 12.Nf4 Na6 13.0-0 Rab8 14.Qa3 (14.Rfe1+=) 14...Bf8 15.b4 Nxb4 16.Qxb4 e5 17.Qb3 exf4 18.Bxf4 Rbc8= Vlassov - Botvinnik, Minsk 1993.

 B) 11...Na6 12.h4 (12.d6 exd6 13.Bxb7 Qxb7 14.0-0 Nc7 15.Bf4 Rfd8=. Naidoski - Maljutin, Moscow 1992.) 12...Rfd8 13.Nf4 Rab8 14.h5 g5 15.Nd3 h6 16.Ne5 Qd6 17.Nc6 Bxc6 18.dxc6 Nc7 19.Nb5 Nxb5 20.Qxb5 Nd5 21.0 - 02. Belov - Nikonov, Vladimir 1966.

 10.Bf4 Na6 (10...Qd7 11.Rd1 Rd8 12.d6 exd6 13.Bxb7 Qxb7 14.Nf3 Re8+ 15.Kf1 Nc6 16.Bxd6 Rad8 17.Bf4 Ne4 18.Be3 Ne7 19.Nxe4 Qxe4 20.Qxf7+ Kxf7 21.Ng5+ Kg8 22.Nxe4+/- = Civin - Stluka, Czech Championship 1995.) 11.d6 exd6 (11...Bxf3 12.Nxf3 exd6 13.0-0 d5 14.Rac1 Qd7 15.Ne52. Kurth - Heisterhagen, Kassel 1994.) 12.Bxb7 Qe7+ 13.Nge2 Qxb7 14.0-0 Rfd8 15.Nb5 Ne8 16.Rac1 Nac7 17.Nxc7 Nxc7 18.Qg3 Ne6 19.Bxd6 = Vratonjic - Drazic, YUG-CUP Budva 1996.

 10...Qd7 The normal move. Black is going to develop the knight at a6, where it can transfer to v7 or b4 and attack the pawn at d5. This plan can be implemented right away, too..


A) 11.0-0 Qd7 12.Bg5 Nc7 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Rad1 (14.a4 Rab8 15.d6 exd6 16.Bxb7 Rxb7 17.Rfd1 d5 18.Nb5 Ne6 19.Qf3 Bg7 20.Rac1 Rd8 21.Qg3 a6 22.Nbc3 b5 23.axb5 axb53 = Coull-Jensen, Novi Sad Olympiad 1990.) 14...Rfd8 15.d6 Ne6 16.Bxb7 Qxb7 17.dxe7 Bxe7 18.Rfe1+/-. Salbert - Morgenstern, SEM MBT 1992.

 B) 11.Be3 11...Nc7 12.Nf4 Qd6 13.h4 Rfd8 14.h5 is far too aggressive. 14...g5 15.Nfe2 h6 16.Ng3 Ncxd5 17.Nf5 Qd7 18.Bxd5 Nxd5 19.Nxd5 Bxd5 20.Qxd5 Qxd5 21.Nxe7+ Kf8 22.Nxd5 Rxd52. Broederdoerp - Butze, Postal 1970.


 We see time and time again how White can get into trouble by leaving the king on the e-file. In this position, castling is clearly the most logical move. Nevertheless, it is often postponed..

 11.Bf4 Rd8 12.Rc1 Na6 13.Qa3 has been very popular, but it does not lead to any advantage for White. On the contrary, many of White's pieces are awkwardly placed..

 A) 13...Ne8?! 14.0-0 (14.b4 Nd6 15.Bxd6 Qxd6 16.Rb1 Nc7 17.Qb3 Nxd5 18.a3 e6 19.0-0 Nxc3 20.Qxc3 Rac8 21.Qd3 Bxf3 22.Qxf3 Qd5 23.Qxd5 Rxd5u. Sardini - Simonini, ITA Master Championship 1985.) 14...Nd6 15.Rfd1 Nc7 16.Bxd6 exd6 17.Ng32. Koster - Jansen, Dieren ch-NL W 1991.

 B) 13...Bf8 B1) 14.Be5 Ne8 15.0-0 (15.Qb3 Nac7 16.Bxc7 Nxc7 17.d6 Ne6 18.Bxb7 Qxb7 19.dxe7 Qxe7 20.0-0 Nxd4 21.Nxd4 Rxd4 22.Rfe1 Qg5 23.Rc2 = Benjamin - Raud, Rilton Cup 1996) 15...Nac7 16.Bxc7 Qxc7 17.Ne4 Qb8 B1.

 a) 18.N2c3 e5 (18...Nd6 Kruszunski,W 19.Nxd6 Rxd6 20.Nb5 Rd7 21.d6 exd6=) 19.Qa4 Bh6 20.Rcd1 f5 21.Ng3 e4 22.Be2 Nf6 23.Bb5 Nxd5 24.Nxd5 Bxd53 Poulsen - Bang, Copenhagen Obro 1990.


 b) 18.N4c3 18...Nf6 19.Qb3 Rd7 20.Rc2% h5 21.g3 Qd8 22.Nf4 Bg7= Kruszynski - Hansen, Lyngby 1989.

 B2) 14.0-0 e5 15.dxe6 Bxa3 16.exd7 Bxf3 17.bxa3 Bxe2 18.Nxe2 Nd5 19.Bg3 Rxd7 20.Rc22 = Sziraki - Gelle, Budapest 1992.

 B3) 14.b4?! is met by 14...Nc7! and White cannot even maintain equality..

 B31) 15.Bxc7 Qxc7 16.Ne4 (16.d6 Qd7 17.Bxb7 Qxb7 18.dxe7 Bxe7 19.0-0 a53) 16...Qd7 17.Nxf6+ exf6 18.Qb2 Qb5! 19.a3 a5 20.0-0 axb4 21.axb4 Ra4! 22.Rc7 Rxb4 23.Qc1 Ba8u.

 B32) 15.d6 Ne6! 16.Bxb7 (16.Be5 Bxf3 17.gxf3 Ne8u) 16...Qxb7 17.Be5 (17.dxe7 Bxe7) 17...Ng4! (17...Qxg2 18.Rg1 Qb7 19.Nb5!,,. 17...Ne83) 18.0-0 Nxe5 19.dxe5 exd6 20.exd6 Rxd6u.

 11.Bg5 Na6 (11...Rd8 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.0-0 Na6= Raubal - Burmakin, Oberwart 1995.).

 A) 12.Rd1 Rfd8 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.0-0 Rab8 (14...Rac8 15.h3 h5 16.Ng3 Ba8 17.Nge4 Bg7 18.Qa3 Nc7 19.d6 exd6 20.Qxa7 f5u Liepold - Stiller, Bundesliga 1994.) 15.h3 Nc7 16.d6 Qxd6 17.Bxb7 Rxb7= Koster - Jansen, Netherlands Championship W 1989.

 B) 12.0-0 12...Rfd8 (12...Nc7 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Rad1 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Bg5 16.h3 Bh6 17.Nc1 Bxc1 18.Rxc1 Rab8 19.Re52. Polgar - Drazic, Novi Sad 1990.) 13.Rfe1 Rac8! (13...Nxd5 14.Bxd5 Bxd5 15.Qa3 Nc7 16.Nf4 Qf5 17.Qxe7 Rd7 18.Nfxd5 Nxd5 19.Qe8+. Zinn-Bruemmer, DDR 1964) 14.Rac1 h6 15.Bxf6 Bxf6=.



 12.Bg5 Nxd5 13.Nxd5 Bxd5 14.Qxd5 Qxd5 15.Bxd5 Rxd5 16.Be3 Nc63. Alekhine - Tampboelon, Moersid, S, Bandung 1933.

 12...Na6 13.Re1.

 13.a4 Rab8 14.a5 bxa5 15.Qa3 Nb4 16.Qxa5 Nfxd5 17.Nfxd5 Nxd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Bxd5 Qxd5 20.Qxd5 Rxd5 21.Rxa7 Bxd4 = Kopal - Stluka, Klatovy-Cup 1996.

 13...Rab8 14.Qa3.

 14.Bd2 Nc7 15.Qa3 Bf8 16.Qb3 Nfxd5 17.Ne4 Bg7=+. Alava - Tiitta, Jyvaskyla 1993.

 14...Bf8 15.b4 Nc7 16.Qxa7.

White has two pawns, but Black has considerable compensation..

 16...Ba6! 17.d6.

 White needs to control a8..

 17...Qxd6 18.b5.

 18.Na4 Qxd4 19.Be3 Qxb4 20.Nxb6 Qd6 21.Rac1 Nfe8 22.Red1 Black can now sacrifice the queen, because the White queen will eventually be trapped. 22...Qxd1+ 23.Bxd1 (23.Rxd1 Rxd1+ 24.Bxd1 Rb7 25.Qxb7 Bxb7 is slightly better for White, but likely to end in a draw.) 23...Rb7 24.Qxb7 Bxb7 25.Bb3 e5=

 18...Bxb5 19.Be3 Bc6 20.Bxc6 Qxc6 21.Qa4 Qxc3 Now it is the Black queen's turn to be inconvenienced. 22.Rec1 Qb2 23.Rab1 Ra8 24.Qc4 Qxa2 25.Qxc7 Nd7u 26.h3 Rac8 27.Qb7 Rb8 28.Qc7 b5 29.Nd3 Qa8 30.Ra1 Qb7 31.Qxb7 Rxb7 and Black eventually won the endgame. White resigned.

Dolmatov Burmakin 
Russian Championship 1995

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Na6.   The knight heads for c7 or b4 to attack the pawn at d5. White normally supports the pawn with a bishop at f3, though there are other plans, most of which can be met by ...Qb6..


 9.Bg5 Qb6 10.Qxb6 axb6.

This plan works well against the Bg5 strategy..

 A) 11.Nf3 Nb4 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.0-0 (13.Kd2 Bf5 14.h3 h5 15.Rhg1 h4 16.g4 hxg3 17.fxg3 Bg7 18.Bc4 Rac8 19.Bb3 Bh6+ 20.Ke2 Bd3+(c) Blatny - Douven, Alma-Ata 1989.) 13...Rd8 14.Bc4 Bf5 15.Rfd1 Rac8 16.Bb3 Nd3 17.Rd2 Nxb2 18.Rxb2 Rxc33 Norris - Seret, Malta Olympiad 1980.

 B) 11.d6 exd6 12.Nf3 Nb4 13.0-0 Be6 (13...Nbd5 14.Nb5 Rd8 15.Bc4 h6 16.Bh4 Nf4 17.Rfe1 d5 18.Bb3 g5 19.Bg3 N6h5 20.Nc7 Ra5 21.Ne5 Bf5 22.a4 Nxg3 23.hxg3 Nd3 24.Nxd3 Bxd3=. Dubinski - Evseev, Moscow op - 12 1996.) 14.Nb5 Ne4 15.Be7 Rfc8 16.Nxd6 Nxd6 17.Bxd6 Nc2 18.Rad1 has been played a couple of times. 18...Rxa2 (18...Bxa2 19.Be5 Nb4 20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.Rd2 Bd5 22.Ne5 f6 23.Nd7? Rc6 24.Bb5 Rd6u. Kaczmarczyk - Suder, Postal 1992.) 19.d5 Bf5 20.Be5 Bxe5 21.Nxe5 Re8 22.Bc4 Rxb2u. Wahls - Hansen, Hastings II 1987.

 C) 11.Bxf6 Bxf6 12.Rd1 Nb4 13.Nf3 Bg4 14.0-0 Rfd8=.

 D) 11.a3 11...Rd8 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.Rd1 Bf5.

D1) 14.Bc4 Rac8 15.Bb3 b5.

 D11) 16.Nxb5 Bc2 17.Bxc2 Rxc2 comp 18.Ne2.

 D1a1) 18...Rxd5 19.Nbc3 Rd8 20.b4 Bxd4! 21.0-0 (21.Rxd4 Rxd4 22.Nxd4 Rxc3u) 21...e53.

 D1a2) 18...Rxb2 19.Nec3 Rd7 20.d6 exd6 21.0-0 d5 22.Rb1 Rxb1 23.Rxb1=. Zolnierowicz - Donev, Trinec 1990.

 D12) 16.Nf3 16...b4 17.axb4 Nxb4 18.Ke2 Bc2 19.Bxc2 Nxc2 20.Kd3 Nb4+ 21.Ke4 was a bold king march played by no less than Bobby Fischer! 21...Rd6 22.Ne5 Bg7 23.g4 f5+ 24.gxf5 gxf5+ 25.Kf4 Rf8 26.Rhg1 Nxd5+ 27.Nxd5 Rxd5 28.Nf3 Kh8 29.Rge1 Bf6 30.Ne5 e6 31.h4 Rc8 32.Nf7+ Kg7 33.Ng5 Bxg5+ 34.Kxg5 Rc6 35.Re5 Rcd6 36.Rxd5 Rxd5 37.f4 Rb5 38.Rd2 Rb3 39.d5 h6+ 40.Kh5 exd5 41.Rxd5 Rxb2 42.Rd7+ Kf6 43.Rd6+ Kf7 44.Rxh6 Rg2 45.Rb6 Rg4 46.Rxb7+ Kf6 = Fischer - Yanofsky, Netanya 1968.

 D2) 14.Bf3 14...Nc7!? (... [currency]e8-d6-c4) 15.Nge2 Ne8 16.Ne4 (16.g42) 16...Bg7 17.N2c3 Bxe4! 18.Bxe4 Nd6 19.Bf3 Nc43 Piliposjan-Dolgov, corr. 1991, 92.


 A) 9...Qb6 10.Qxb6 axb6.

A1) 11.Rc1 Nb4 12.d6 Re8 (12...Nxa2 13.Nxa2 Rxa2 14.dxe7 Re8 15.Bd6 Rxb2 16.Bf3!+/-) 13.dxe7 Rxe7 14.Be5 Bf5 (14...Nfd5!? 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Bxg7 Kxg7 Dolgov. Voitelev - Dolgov, Postal 1991 17.a32) 15.Nf3 Nd3+ 16.Bxd3 Bxd3 17.Kd2 Bc4 18.Bxf6 Bxf6 19.Ne4 Rxe4 20.Rxc4 Rxa2 21.Rb42 Kg7 22.Re1 Rf4 23.Ke3 g5 24.Rxb6 Ra8 25.Rxb7 Re8+ (25...Bxd4+ 26.Ke2! Re8+ 27.Kf1 Rc8 28.Rb4+/-) 26.Kd2 Rd8 27.Kc1! g4 28.Ne5 Bg5 29.Kb1 Rdxd4 30.f3!+/- Inkiov - Hodgson, Palma de Mallorca GMA 1989.

 A2) 11.d6 11...exd6 12.Nf3 Nh5 13.Bxd6 Rd8 14.Be5 Bxe5 15.dxe52 = Fernandez Aguado - Bellon Lopez, Albacete 1989.

 B) 9...Qa5 10.Nf3 Nb4 11.0-0 Nbxd5 12.Be5 b6 13.Ng5 Bb7 14.Bf3 Rad8 15.Rfe1 h6 16.Nge4 Nxc3 17.Qxc3 Qxc3 18.bxc3 Nd5= Matanovic - Petrosian, Belgrad JUG-URS 1961.

 9.Nf3 Nc7 10.0-0 Ncxd5 11.Ne5 Nb6 12.Rd1 Be6=+ = Sokolov-Krzisnik, Yugoslavia Championship Vrnjacka Banja 1962.

 9.a4 Nc7 10.Bc4 b6 11.Nge2 Bb7 12.Nf4 Qd6=+. Andrykowski - Dors, Postal 1991.


 9...Qa5 deserves coonsideration against White's slow plan. 10.Nge2.

 A) 10...Rd8 11.a3 (11.0-0 Qb4 12.Qd1 Nc7 13.a3 Qc4 14.Nf4 Nb5 15.Nxb5 Qxb5 16.Re1 Kf8 17.a4 Qb6 18.a5 Qd6 19.b32 = Mainka - Schwab, Oberwart 1991.) 11...Nc7 12.Bd2 (12.d6 Rxd6 13.Bf4 Rd8 14.0-0 Nfd5 15.Bg3 Qb6 16.Qxb6 axb6 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Rac12 = Gradwohl - Schwab, Oberwart 1996.) 12...Qb6 13.Qxb6 axb6 14.d6 Rxd6 15.Bf4 Rd7 16.Be5= Bengfort - Prueske, Dortmund 1987.

 B) 10...Qb4 11.Qxb4 Nxb4 12.0-0 Rd8 13.Bg5 Nbxd5 = Schigan - Schwab, Austrian Championship Finkenstein 1990.

 C) 10...Nb4 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Bg5 Nbxd5 13.Nxd5 Nxd5 14.Bxd5 Qxd5 15.Qxd5 Rxd5 16.Bxe7 b6 17.Rfe1 Ba6 18.Bb4 Bxe2 19.Rxe2 Rxd4 20.Bc3 Rd7 21.Bxg7 = Pogats - Bilek, Hungarian Championship 1962.

 9...Bg4 10.Bg5 (10.Bxg4 Nxg4 11.Nge2 Qb6 12.Qxb6 axb6 13.0-0 Nf6 14.Bf4 Rfd8 15.d6 exd6 16.Nb5 Ne8 17.Nec32 = Wahls - Lutz, Deutschland Cup 1989.) 10...Qd7 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Nxf3 b5 13.0-0 Nc7 14.Bxf6 exf6 15.a42. Diaz - Schmitzer, Hessen Championship 1989.

 9...Nc7 10.Bf4 (10.Nge2 Bg4 11.Bxg4 Nxg4 12.Bf4 b6=. Berenyi - Zoister, Balatonbereny 1993.).

 A) 10...Nfe8 11.Nge2 Nd6 12.0-0 b6 13.Be5 Bb7 14.Nf4 (14.Bxg7 Kxg7 15.Rac12) 14...Qd7 15.Rfe1 Rfd8 16.Rad1 Rac8 17.h3 Bf8 18.a42. Alavkin - Ovetchkin, Russian-sf Kazan 1995.

 B) 10...Nce8 11.Nge2 Nd6 12.0-0 h6 13.g3 (13.Rac1+=) 13...g5 14.Be5 b6 15.Rad1 Bb7 16.Bg22. Carbonnel - Bouchot, FRA Championship 1990.

 9...e6 10.dxe6 Re8 11.Nge2 Bxe6 12.Qxb7 Qa5 13.Qb5 Qxb5 14.Nxb5+/-. Brodie - Heurung, Chicago 1991.

 9...Rb8 10.Bf4 Nc7 11.Qc4 Nfe8 12.Nb5 Nxb5 13.Bxb8 Nxd4 14.Rd12 = Georg - Krojanski, Dortmund 1991.


 10.Qd1 Rd8 11.Nge2 Nb4 12.Nf4 (12.d6 Rxd6 13.Bf4 Rd8 14.0-0 Nbd5 15.Na4 Qb5 16.Nec3 Qe8= Zeit. Nordsieck - Hoppe, NWL-II 1991.) 12...Qxd4 13.Qe2 g5 (13...Bg4? 14.Bxg4 Nxg4 15.0-0!. 13...e5 14.dxe6 Bxe6 15.Nxe6 Nd3+ 16.Kf1 fxe6 17.Qxe6+ Kh8 18.Be3) 14.a3 gxf4 15.axb4 e5 16.0-0 Re8 17.Qb5 a6? (17...e4! 18.Rd1 Qe5 19.Nxe4 Nxe4 20.Bxf4 Nd6!u) 18.Qc5 Qd3 19.d6= Estrin - Konstantinopolsky, Postal 1966.

 10.Nge2 Qxb3 (10...Rd8 11.0-0 h6 12.h3 g5 13.Nb5 Ne8 14.Nec3 Bd7 15.Re1 Bf6 16.d6 e6 17.Be3 Bxb5 18.d5 Nc5 19.Bxc5 Qxc5 20.Nxb5+/-. Thiel - Petzold, Bundesliga 1996.) 11.axb3 Nb4 12.0-0.

A) 12...Bg4!? 13.Bxg4 (13.d6!? Bxf3 14.dxe7 Rfe8 15.gxf3 Nc2 16.Ra5 Rxe7 17.Bg5 h6 18.Rc1!? Nxd4 19.Nxd4 hxg5 20.Rxg5 Rd83) 13...Nxg4 14.Ra4 Nd3 15.h3 Nf6 16.Rd1 Nxc1 17.Rxc1 Rfd8 18.Rca1 a6 19.Ra5 Rd7 20.b4 Rad8 21.b5 axb5 22.Rxb5 Nxd5 23.Nxd5 Rxd5 24.Rxb7 e5 25.Raa7 exd4 26.Rxf7 Be5 27.f4 (27.Rxh7 d3 28.Nc3 Bxc3 29.bxc3 d2 30.Rag7+ Kf8 31.Rf7+=) 27...Bh8 28.Kf1 d3 = Kaverin - Dolgov, St.Petersburg Championship 1991.

 B) 12...Rd8! 13.Ra5 (13.Bg5 Nfxd5 14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.Bxd5 Rxd5 16.Bxe7 Bg4 17.Rfe1 Bxe2 18.Rxe2 Rxd4 19.Kf1= Sanchez Almeyra - Soppe, Brasilia zt 1995.) 13...a6 (13...Ne8 14.Bg5 Kf8 15.Rd1 h6 16.Bd2 Bf5 17.Rb5 a5 18.Ra1 Nc2 19.Ra2 Nd6 20.Rbxa5 Rxa5 21.Rxa52 = Grjasew - Dietrich, Dortmund op-A 1993.) 14.Bf4 (14.Bg5) 14...Bg4 15.d6 (15.Bxg4 Nxg4 16.Rc5 Nf6 17.d6 exd6 18.Rc7 Rab8=. Acs - Smetankin, Rimavska Sobota 1996.) 15...Bxf3 16.dxe7 Rd5 17.Nxd5 Bxd5 18.Nc3 Bxb3u. Nixon - Wall, Redcar 1995..



 11.Bf4 Nb4 (11...Bg4 12.d6! Bxf3 13.Nxf3 exd6 14.Bxd6+/- Boleslavsky) 12.Kd2.

 A) 12...Ng4 13.Bxg4 (13.Be3 e5 14.dxe6 Bxe6 15.Bxb7 Ra7 16.Bf3 Rd8 17.Nge2+/- Boleslavsky) 13...Bxg4 14.h3 Bf5 15.g4 Bd3 16.d6 e6 17.Nf3 Bc4 18.Ne5 Bd5 19.Rhc1 Rfd8 20.a3 Na6 21.Nxd5 exd5 22.b4+/-. Love - Metge, NZD Championship 1987.

 B) 12...Bf5 13.Nge2 Nd3 14.g4 Bxg4 15.Bxg4 Nxf4 16.Bf3 Nxe2 17.Kxe2 Ne8 18.Kd3 Nd6 19.a4 Rfd8 20.Rhe1 Kf8 21.Bg4 h5 22.Bh3 g5 23.b3 g4 24.Bg2 Rac8 25.Rac1 Bh6 26.Rc2 Rc7 27.Ree2 h4 28.h3 g3 29.Ne4 Rxc2 30.Rxc2 Nf5 31.Nc3 Rc8 32.Be4 Nd6 33.Bf3 f5 34.fxg3 hxg3 35.Re2 Bg5 36.Re6 Kg7 37.Ne2 Rh8 38.Bg2 f4 39.Re5 Kf6 40.Re6+ Kf7 41.Re5 Bf6 42.Re6 Rh4 43.Bf3 Rxh3 44.Nxf4 Rh2 45.Re2 Nf5 46.d6 Nxd4 47.d7 e5 48.Bd5+ Ke7 49.Rxh2 gxh2 50.Nh5 Nxb3. Malaniuk - Horvath, Sverdlovsk 1989.

 C) 12...Rd8! 13.Bc7 Rd7 14.Bxb6 (14.Be5 Nfxd5 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Nge2 Nf6 17.a3 Nc6 18.Ke3 Rd8 19.Rac1 Ra5 20.h3 e5 21.Bxc6 bxc6 22.Rhd1 exd4+ 23.Rxd4 Re5+ 24.Kd2 Rxd4+ 25.Nxd4 c5 26.Nf3 Re6 27.Re1 Rd6+ 28.Kc1 Bb7 29.Re3 Nd5 = San Marco - Gollain, Paris 1991) 14...Nbxd5(c) ... ...e5.

 11.d6 Nb4 12.dxe7 Re8 13.Kd1 Rxe7 14.Be3 Bf5 15.Kd2 Nc2 16.Rc1 Nxd4 17.Bxd4 Rd8 18.Nge2 Bh6+ 19.Kd1 Red7 20.Ra1 Rxd4+ 21.Nxd4 Rxd4+ 22.Ke1 Rd2 23.Nd1 Nd7 24.Ne3+/-. Klinger - Wall, Cappelle le Grande 1994.

 11...Nb4 12.0-0.


 12...h6 13.d6 exd6 14.Bf4 Rd8 15.Nb5 Ne8 (15...Bf8 16.Bd2 d5 17.Bxb4 Bxb4 18.a3 Bf8 19.Nc7 Rb8 20.Nc3 g5 21.Rfe1 g4 22.Bxd5 Nxd5 23.N7xd5 Be6 24.Nf6+ Kg7 25.Nh5+ Kh8 26.Rad1+/-. Svendsen - Richter, Kiekrz 1995.) 16.Rfd1 Bf5 17.g4 Bd7 18.Nec3 Bc6 19.d5 Bxb5 20.Nxb5 g53 = Hippler - Herr, Birkenfeld 1990.


 13.Bg5 Nbxd5 14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.Bxd5 Rxd5 16.Bxe7 Bg4 (16...Bd7 17.Rfe1 Re8 18.Ba3 Bxd4 19.Rad1 Rxe2 20.Rxe2 Bxf2+ 21.Kxf2 Rxd1 22.Bb4 Bc6 23.a3 h6 24.Rd2 Rh1 25.h3 f6 26.Bc3 Kf7 27.Rd6 g5 28.Rxf6+ Ke7 29.Rxh6 Rh2 30.Rxc6. Fodre - Brem, Dortmund 1989) 17.Rfe1 Re8 18.Nc3 Rxd4 19.Bg5 Rxe1+ 20.Rxe1 Be6= Salazar Jakob - Garcia Palermo, Santiago 1981.


 13...exd6 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Rfd1 Bg7 (16...Kg7 17.a3 Nc6 18.Nd5 Ra6 19.Rac1 Bd7 20.Nxf6 Kxf6 21.Nc3 Kg7 22.Nb52 = Wahls - Hickl, EU-Cup qual 1989.) 17.a3 Nc6 18.Nd5 Ra6 19.b4 b5 20.Nc7 Rb6 21.a4 bxa4 22.Nd52. Arnlind - Snajdr, Postal 1966.

 14.Bf4 Rd7.


 15.Rad1 Nbd5 16.Be5 Rd8 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Rxd5 19.Nc3 Rd8 20.a3 (20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.d5 Bf5 22.Rd4 Ra5 23.Re1 Kf8= Apsner - Kiefhaber, Bundesliga 1992.) 20...Bf5 21.Bxg7 Kxg7 22.d5 Bc2 23.Rd4 Bb3 24.Rb4 Bxd5 25.Nxd5 = Franzen - Meduna, Trnava 1982.


 15...Nbd5 16.Be5 Rd8.

 A) 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Rxd5 19.Nc3 Rd8 20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.d5 (21.f3 e6 22.Kf2 Bd7 23.d5 exd5 24.Rxd5 Bc6 25.Rxd8 Rxd8= Sanchez Almeyra - Bauza, Brasilia zt 1995.) 21...e6 (21...Ra5) 22.a3 Bd7 23.f3 exd5 24.Rxd5 Bc6 25.Rxd8 Rxd8 26.Rd1 Rxd1+ 27.Nxd1= Sveshnikov - Adorjan, Moscow 1989.

 B) 17.h3 Be6 18.a3 Rd7 19.Na2 h5 20.Nac1 Bh6 21.Nd3 Rc8 22.Nef4 Bf5 = Ginzburg - Soppe, ARG-sf 1996.

 C) 17.Nf4 17...Nxf4 18.Bxf4 Bg4.

C1) 19.Bxb7 Ra7 (19...Bxd1 20.Bxa8 Bg4 21.Bb7 Rxd4 22.Be3 Rd7 23.Ba6 Rd6 24.Rc1 Nd5 25.Nxd5 Rxd5 26.b4 Bb2 27.Rf1 Bd4 28.a4 Bxe3 29.fxe3 Rd2 30.Bc4 Be2 31.Bxe2 Rxe2 32.Ra1 Rxe33 = Wahls - Adorjan, Altensteig 1989.) 20.Bf3 Bxf3 21.gxf3 Nh5 22.Be5 Rad73.

 C2) 19.Bxg4 Nxg4 20.h3 Nf6 (20...e5 21.hxg4 exf4 22.d5+=) 21.Bc7 Rdc8 22.Be5 Rc4 23.Rd3 Rd8 24.Rad1 Nd5 25.Nxd5 Rxd5 26.Bxg7 Kxg73. Zagema - Bo Hansen, Groningen open 1988.

 C3) 19.Bc7 19...Bxf3 20.gxf3.


 C31) 21.Be5 e6 (21...Ra5!? 22.a4 Nd5=+) 22.d5 Nxd5 23.Nxd5 exd5 24.Bxg7 Kxg7 25.Rxd5 Rc23 Dolgov = Sujatinov - Dolgov, Postal 1991.

 C32) 21.Bxb6 21...Nd7 22.Nd5 Bf8!=+ = Hunter - Kopilov, Postal 1974.


 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Be5 Rd8 18.Rac1 Be6 19.a3 Bh6 20.Bxd5 Bxd5 21.Bf4 Bxf4 22.Nxf4 Bc6 23.d5 Ba4 24.Rd3 (24.Re1 g5 25.Nh5 Kf8 26.Rc7 Rd7 27.Rxd7 Bxd7 28.d6 Re8 29.dxe7+ Rxe7= Heinisch-Rossner, Postal 1989.) 24...Rac8 25.Re1 Rc7 26.h4 Rdc83 Janosevic - Bronstein, Beograd 1964.


 16...Ra5 17.a3 Nxc3 18.bxc3 Nc2 19.Rab1 b5 20.Rb3 e6 21.Nf4 Rxa3 22.Rdb1 b6 23.Be4 Ra2 24.Rxb5 Na3 25.R5b2 Nxb1 26.Rxa2 Nxc3 27.Ra8 Nxe4 28.Rxc8+ Bf8u. Wallinger - Sehn, Postal 1989.

 16...e6 17.Nb5 (17.a3 Nxc3 18.bxc3 Nc2 19.Rab1 Ra6 20.a4 Na3 21.Rb3 Bf8= Sermek - Brunner, SWZ Championship 1994.) 17...Rd8 18.a3 Na6 19.Rac1 (19.Nd6 Bf8 20.Nc4 b5 21.Bxd5 bxc4 22.Bxc4 Bd7 23.Be5 Nb8 24.Nc3 Rc8 25.Ne4 Be7 26.Rac1 Nc6 27.Nf6+ Bxf6 28.Bxf6+/-. Hendriks - Peelen, Sas van Gent ECI 1994.) 19...Bd7 20.Nd6 Bc6 21.Nc3 Nac7 22.h3 Bh6 23.Rc2 Nxc3 24.Rxc3 Nd5=. Szewczyk - Suder, Postal 1992.

 17.bxc3 Nc6 18.Nf4 Ra5!.

Chances are aboute even here. Black aims for an early e5, to break up the strong pawn wedge c3-d4. 19.h4 Kf8 20.a4 e5 21.dxe5 Nxe5 22.Bd5 Nc6 23.Bb3 Bxc3 24.Rac1 Rxd1+ 25.Rxd1 Be5 26.Kh2 Bf5 27.Ne2 Bxg3+ 28.Nxg3 Ke7 29.Nxf5+ Rxf5 Black has the advantage in this game but it is not easy to make much of it. 30.Kg3 b5 31.axb5 Rxb5 32.Bd5 Rc5 33.Be4 b5 34.Ra1 Kd6 35.Kf4 h6 36.Rd1+ Kc7 37.Bd5 f6 38.Ke4 Ne7 39.Bf7 g5 40.hxg5 hxg5 41.f4 Nc8 42.Kd4 Rc2 43.fxg5 fxg5 44.Bd5 Ne7 45.Be4 Nc6+ 46.Kd5 Rc4 47.g4 Kb6 48.Bf5 Rf4 49.Bd7 Ne7+ 50.Kd6 Ng6 51.Bf5 Drawn.

Chapter 11: 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 Introduction

Estrin Gabdrachmanov 
Kazan, 1985

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.a4 a5.   When Black plays ...a5, the b5 square becomes weak. We have already seen a number of examples of this positional factor in previous chapters. In this concrete position, Black has basically two forms of counterplay. The bishop can go to f5, and infiltrate at d3, or extend to g4 and try to undermine the support of the pawn at d5..


 11.Nge2 is the primary alternative.

A) 11...Bf5.

 A1) 12.0-0 Bd3 (12...Bg4 13.Bxg4 Nxg4 14.Bf4 Nf6 15.d6 exd6 16.Nb52. Sariego - Li, Villa Clara 1995.) 13.d6.

 A11) 13...Qxd6 14.Nb5 (14.Bxb7 Rab8 15.Bf3 Bc4 16.Qc2 Rbc8 17.Bf4 Qb4 18.Bb7 Rcd8 19.Bc6 Rxd4 20.Nxd4 Bxf1 21.Rxf1 Qxd4=. Weigel - Blum, Bad Worishofen 1993.) 14...Bxb5 15.Qxb5 Nfd5 16.Bd2 Nc7 17.Qb3 Ne6 18.Bxb7 Ra7 19.Bf3 Nxd4 20.Nxd4 Bxd4 21.Rfd12. Needham - Arkell, London 1986.

 A12) 13...exd6 14.Bxb7 Rb8 15.Bf3 (15.Bc6 Nbd5 16.Qd1 Nb4 17.Bb5 Bc2 18.Qd2 Ne4 19.Nxe4 Bxe4 20.Ra32. Rogulj - Markotic, CRO Championship Porec 1994.) 15...Nbd5 16.Qd1 Bc4 17.Bg5 Qb6 18.Nb5 (18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Qd3!2) 18...Bxb5 19.axb5 Qxb5 20.Bd2 Qxb2 21.Rxa5 Rb5 22.Bc1 Qb4 23.Ra6 Rb6 24.Qd3 Rxa6 25.Qxa6 Qb6 26.Qxb6 Nxb6 27.Bf4 Rd8 28.Rb1 Nbd5 29.Bd2 Re8 30.g3 h5 = Zheliandinov - Hort, Prague 1966.

 A2) 12.d6 12...exd6 13.Bxb7 Rb8 14.Bf3 Nbd5 15.Qd1 Nb4= Licina - Markovic, Ptuj 1993.

 B) 11...Qd6 12.0-0 (12.Nb5 Qb4+ 13.Qxb4 axb4 14.d6 exd6 15.Nxd6 Rxa4 16.Rxa4 Nxa4 17.0 - 0+/- = Behling - Derikum, Bundesliga 1984.) 12...Bg4 (12...Qb4 13.Qa2 Rd8 14.b3 Qd6 15.Nb5 Qd7 16.Nec3 Qf5 17.Ba32. Metz - Steinmacher, Waldshut MA 1991. 12...Bf5 13.Nb5 Qd7 14.Nbc3 Ra6 15.d6 exd6 16.Nf4 Bg4 17.Bxg4 Nxg4=. Barendse - Dorenberg, HLD Championship 1992.) 13.Ne4 Nxe4 14.Bxg4 Nxd5 15.Bf3 Nef6 16.Bd2 b6=. Lyell - Armstrong, Edinburgh open 1989.

 11.h3 Bf5 12.Nge2 Bd3 13.d6 Qxd6 14.Bxb7 Rab8 comp . Videki - Kiss, Budapest 1991.

 Here Black must make a fundamental decision on where to station the light-squared bishop..


 11...Bf5 12.Rd1 Rc8.

A) 13.Nge2 Rc4 14.Qa2 (14.0-0 Rb4 15.Qa2 Bc2 16.Ra1 Bb3 17.Qb1 Nfxd5 18.Bd2 Nc4 19.Be1 Nxc3 20.Bxc3 Rb6 21.Qc1 Qd73. Faure-Miralles, Zug 1987.) 14...Qd7 (14...Qc8 15.0-0 Rd8 16.Rc1 Qd7 17.Rfd1 h6 18.h3 g5 19.Be5 Rb4 20.Ng3 Bg6=. Maciejewski - Praszak, Lodz 1989.) 15.b3 (15.h3 Rfc8 16.0-0 Nfxd5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Qxd5u = Svendsen - Reinhard, Postal 1990.) 15...Rcc8 16.d6 exd6 17.0-0 Rfe8 (17...d5 18.Qd2 Ne4 19.Bxe4 dxe4 20.Nb5 e3 21.Qxa5 exf2+ 22.Rxf22. Klusek - Gasik, Bydgoszcz 1990.) 18.Qd2 Ne4 19.Nxe4 Bxe4 20.Bxe4 Rxe4 21.Qxa5 Nxa4? 22.Be3 Rc2 (22...Nb2 23.Rd2+-) 23.Ng3. Archipklin-Ivlans, Soviet Union 1980.

 B) 13.Qb5 Bd7 (13...Rc4 14.Nge2 Rb4 15.Qxa5 Nbxd5 16.Qxd8 Rxd8 17.Bc1 Bc2 18.Rd2 Bb3 19.0-0 Bh6 20.Rd3 Bc2 21.Nxd5 Nxd5 22.Rc3 Nxc3 23.bxc3 Bxc1 24.cxb4 Bd2= Maciejewski - Urban, Czestochowa ch-PL 1993.) 14.Qxa5 Ra8 15.Qb4 Bxa4 16.Nxa4 Nbxd5 17.Qb3 Nxf43. Dzindzichashvili - Kamsky, New York exh 1989.

 C) 13.d6 13...exd6 14.Nge2 Rc4 15.Qb5 Rb4 16.Qxa5 Rxb2 17.0-0 Qd7 18.Qa7 Nc8 19.Qa5 Nb6 (19...b63) 20.Qa7 Nc8 21.Qa5 = Giorgadze - Jansa, Dortmund 1979.

 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.Nf3 Nf6 14.d6 exd6 15.0-0.


 15...Rc8 16.Qb5 Ra8 17.Rac1 Re8 18.Qb3 Ra6 19.Rfe1 h6 20.Rxe8+ Nxe8 21.Nd5 Nxd5 22.Qxd5 Qe7= Grabics - Kustar, Balatonbereny 1993.

 16.Nb5 Ne8 17.Rfe1 d5.

White has much more active pieces here.

 18.Rac1 Nc4 19.Ne5 g5 20.Bg3 Nd2 21.Qa2 Ne4 22.Ng6 Nxg3 23.Ne7+ Kh8 24.hxg3 Nd6 25.Nc7 Rb8 26.Qxd5 Bf6 27.Ng6+.

 27.Nf5 Nxf5 28.Qxf5 Bxd4 29.b3 Qf6=

 27...fxg6 28.Ne6 Qb6!.

 This makes White work for the point. At first, the position looks good for Black but the kingside weakness is too great..

 29.Nxf8 Rxf8 30.Re6 Qxb2 31.Rce1 Bxd4 32.Qxd6.


 32...Rxf2!? 33.Re8+ Kh7 34.R1e7+ Rf7+ 35.Kh2 Rxe7 36.Rxe7+ Bg7 37.Qc7 b6 38.Re6 b5 39.Qf7 Qb1 40.axb5+-

 33.Kh2 Bc5 34.Qd5.

34...Kh7 35.Qxb7+ Rf7 36.Qe4 Black may have lost on time here, since the positon is not by any means clear yet. Black resigned.

Chapter 12: 6.Qb3 Main Line with 10.Bg5

Portisch Wade 
Palma de Mallorca, 1966

1.c4 c6 2.e4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Bg5 Nbd7 9.Be2 Nb6 10.Bf3 a5.   Here White adopts the Bg5 plan and Black responds with ...a5. Again transpositions are possible into previous chapters. There are several independent lines, however. The first involves an immediate challenge to the bishop at g5, and the other uses the eventual advance of the a-pawn, which White often prevents by playing a4..

 10...h6!? 11.Bxf6.

 A) 11...exf6 12.Nge2 f5 may be playable, but it is risky to leave the d-pawns with a clear path to d8. 13.0-0 h5 14.a4 (14.Rfe1!+/-) 14...a6 15.a5 Nd7 16.d6 Nf6 17.Na4 Qxd6 18.Nb6 Rb8 19.Rac1 Rd8 20.Nxc8 Rdxc8 21.Rxc8+ Rxc8 22.Nc3 Ng4 23.Bxg4 hxg43. Sahovic - Campora, Tuzla 1983.

 B) 11...Bxf6 12.Nge2 Bf5 13.Rd1 Qc8 (13...Qd7 14.h3 h5 15.Ng3 Nc8 16.Nxf5 Qxf5 17.Qxb7 Nd6 18.Qa6 Rfb8 19.Qe2 Rb4 20.0-0 Rab8 21.b3 Bxd4 22.a3 Rxb3 23.Rxd4 Rxc3 24.Qxe7+/-. Sermek - Ivacic, Ljubljana 1992.) 14.0-0 Bg4 15.Ne4 Bg7 16.Rc1 Qf5 17.N2g32. Hebden - Miles, ENG 1982.

 10...Re8 11.Nge2 Bg4 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.a4 (13.0-0 h6 14.Bh4 g5 15.Bg3 Nf6 16.d6 exd6 17.Rfe1 Qd7 18.Rad1 Ne4 19.Nxe4 Rxe43 Vreeken - Jansen, Dieren ch-NL W 1989.) 13...h6 14.Bh4 a5 15.0-0 Qd6= Lane - Fuller, British Championship Brighton 1984.



A) 11...Bf5.

 A1) 12.Rd1 Qd6 (12...Rc8 13.Nge2 Rc4 14.Qa2 Qc8 15.0-0 h6 16.Bd2 g5 2 Scher-Sawitsch, Postal 1978) 13.Nb5 Qb4+ 14.Qxb4 axb4 15.d6 exd6 16.Nxd6 Bc2 17.Rc1 b3(c). Vreeken - Riemslag, Dieren 1989.

 A2) 12.Qb5 12...Nc8 13.Be2 Nd6 14.Qb3 Nfe8 15.Nf3 Bg4 16.0-0 Bxf3 17.Bxf3 Bxd4= Steiner - Napolitano, Postal 1974.

 B) 11...Qd6 12.Nge2 Qb4 (12...Rd8 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Ne4 Qb4+ 15.Qxb4 axb4 16.Nxf6+ exf6 17.0-0 Nxd5 18.Rfc1 Be6 19.Rc52. King - Hillyard, London 1979.) 13.Qa2 (13.Qxb4 axb4 14.Ne4 Nbxd5 15.0-0 Nxe4 16.Bxe4 e6 17.Rfc1 Bd7 18.Bxd5 exd5 19.Rc7 Bc6=. Hall - Wade, British Championship 1973.) 13...Bg4 14.Bxg4 Nxg4 15.0-0 h6 16.Bd2 Rfd8 17.b3 Qd6 18.Bf4 Qd7 19.d6 exd6 20.Nb5 Bf8 21.Nec3 Rac8=. Dely - Danov, Skopje 1967.

 11.Rd1 a4 12.Qb5 Ne8 13.Nge2 Nd6 14.Qb4 Bd7 15.0-0 (15.Bxe7 Qxe7 16.Qxb6+/-) 15...Nbc8 16.Ng3 Re8 17.Rfe12 Pinter - Bronstein, Budapest Tungsram 1977. (117).

 11.Nge2 a4 (11...Qd6 12.a3 a4 13.Qb5 Bd7 14.Qc5 Rfc8 15.Qxd6 exd6 16.0-0 Nc4 17.h3 h6 18.Bc1 Ra6 19.Na2 Na5 20.Nb4 Rb6 21.Be3 Nc4 22.Rac1 Nxb2 23.Rxc8+ Bxc8 24.Rc1+/- Kosten - Arkell, British Championship Brighton 1984.) 12.Qb5 Bd7 (12...Re8 13.0-0 Bd7 14.Qb4 h6 15.Bxf6 exf6 16.d6 Bf8 17.Rfe1 Bc6 18.d5 Bxd6 19.Qh4 Bd7 20.Qxh6 f5 21.Ng3 Qc7 22.Rad1 Rxe1+ 23.Rxe1 Bf4 24.Qh4 Re8 25.Rxe8+ Bxe8 26.Nce2+/- Kosten - Markotic, Cannes 1989.) 13.Qb4 Bf5 14.0-0 (14.d6 exd6 15.Bxb7 Rb8 16.Bf3 Bd3 17.0-0 Re8 18.Rfe1 h6 19.Bf4 Nc4 20.Qxa4 Nxb2 21.Qa3 g5 22.Bg3 Nc4 23.Qc1 Rb2/).

 A) 14...Qd6!? 15.Qxd6 exd6 16.Ng3 Bd3.

 A1) 17.Rfd1 Bc4 (17...Ba6 18.Nge4 Nxe4 19.Nxe4 Nc8 20.Bf4 Rd8 21.Rac1+/-. Hunt - Thipsay, Yerevan Olympiad 1996.) 18.Nge4 Nxe4 19.Nxe4 Nc8.

 A11) 20.Nf6+ Kh8 (20...Bxf6 21.Bxf6 Ra5 22.Re1 Bxd5 23.Bxd5 Rxd5 24.Rac1+/-) 21.Nd7 Rg8.

 A12) 20.Nd2 20...Bb5 21.Nb1 h6 22.Be3 f5 23.g3 g5 24.Na3 Ba6 25.Rac1 f4 26.gxf4 gxf4 27.Bd2 Bxd4 28.Bc3 Bxc3 29.Rxc3/ = Kuczynski - Sapis, Polska ch 1993.

 A2) 17.Rfe1 17...h6 18.Bf4 Rfd8 19.Re7 Ba6 g5.

 B) 14...Bd3 15.Rfe1 Qd6 16.Qxd6 exd6 17.Nf4 Ba6 18.Be2 h6 19.Bxf6 Bxf6 20.Bxa6 Rxa6 21.Rad12 Minic - Ermenkov, Pamporovo 1982..


 11...exf6 12.Nge2 Bf5.

I don't really trust this structure for Black..

 A) 13.Qd1 Nc4 (13...Re8 14.0-0 g5 15.g4 Bg6 16.Ng3 Nc4 17.Nce4 Nd6 18.Nxd6 Qxd6 19.Qd2+/-. Spieringshoek-Straathof, Postal 1994.) 14.b3 Nb2 15.Qd2 Nd3+ 16.Kf1 Nb4 17.a3 Na6 18.h3 Re8 (18...g5 19.g4 Bg6 20.Ng3 Qb6 21.Kg2 Qxb3 22.Nce42. Hobusch-Kirchner, Postal 1986.) 19.g4 Bd7 20.Ng3 Qb6 21.Kg2 Rac8 22.Rab1 f5 23.Rhd1 fxg4 24.hxg4 Bf8 25.Nce4! Bg7 (25...Bxa3 26.Qf4 Be7 27.d6!2) 26.Qf4+/-. Grabczewski - Zaitsev, Albena 1970.

 B) 13.Rd1 Bh6 14.0-0 Rc8 15.Ng3 Bd7 16.Nge4 a4 17.Qb4 Re8 18.d6 Bf8 19.Nxf6+ Qxf6 20.Qxb6 Qxd6 21.Qxd6 Bxd6 22.Ne4 Be7 23.Nc5 Bxc5 24.dxc5 Bb5 25.Bxb7 Rxc5 26.Rfe1 Rxe1+ 27.Rxe1 Rc2 28.Rb1 Bc4 = Zaitsev - Spiridonov, Polanica Zdroj 1971.

 C) 13.Qb5 13...Nc8 (13...Qd6 14.0-0 Rfc8 15.Ng3 Bd7 16.Nge4 Qb4 17.Qe2 f5 18.a3 Qf8 19.Nc5 Bxd4 20.Nxd7 Nxd7 21.Nb5 Be5 22.Rad1 Bd6 23.Nxd6 Qxd6 24.Rfe1 Kf8 = Christiansson - Svensson, Postal 1976) 14.0-0 Nd6 15.Qb3 Bd3 16.Rfd1 Bc4 17.Qc2 f5 18.Nf4 Rc8 19.Be2 b5 20.Bxc4 Rxc4 21.b3 Rxd4 22.Nfe2 Rxd1+ 23.Rxd1 Qb6=. Bagirov - Gurgenidze, USSR 1969.


 12.Qd1 Bf5 13.g4 Bd7 14.Nge2 Nc4 15.b3 Nd6 16.Qd2 a4 17.Rb1 axb3 18.Rxb3 Qa53 = Martin - Faldon, Postal 1987.



 13.Qd1 Nc4 14.b3 axb3 15.Qxb3 Nd6 16.0-0 Bf5 17.Rfd1 Qa5 18.Ng3 = Grabczewski-Dely, Kecskemet 1975

 13...Bf5 14.0-0 Bd3 15.Rfd1 Bxe2 16.Nxe2 Qd6.

Black's blockade is not sufficient here..

 17.Qb5 a3 18.b3 Bg5 19.Nc3 f5 20.Re1 Rf6 21.Qd3 Qb4 22.Nb5 Ra5 23.Nc7 Rd6 24.Rad1 Kf7 25.g3 Bf6 26.Qe3 Rd7 27.Ne6 Qd6 28.Qh6 Black resigned.

Hebden Liesecke 
Guernsey Open, 1990

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6.   White now usually plays 10.Nge2, but there are a number of other plans to be considered..

 10.Bg5 Bf5 11.Rd1.

 11.Bxf6 Bxf6 12.Rd1 Qc8 13.Nge2 Qc4 14.Qxc4 Nxc4 15.g4 Bc8 16.b3 Nd6 17.0-0 Bg5 18.Ng3 f5 19.gxf5 gxf5 20.Bg2 Bd7 21.f4 Bf6 22.Nh5 Bh8 23.Rf3 Rac8 24.Rg3+ Kf7 25.Rd2 Rc7 26.Kf2 Rfc8 27.Ne2 Rc2 28.Ke1 Bb5 29.Re3 Rxd2 30.Kxd2 Bxe2 31.Rxe2 Bxd4 32.Ng3 Bb2 33.Bh3 Bc1+ 34.Ke1 Bxf4 35.Nxf5 Rc1+ 36.Kf2 Nxf5 = Pokojowczyk - Pribyl, Makarczyk 1978.

 11.Nge2 Bd3 12.d6 exd6 13.0-0 Bc4 14.Qa3 Qd7 15.Bf4 Rfd8 16.Rfd1 h6 17.h3 Ba6 18.Rac1 Rac8 19.Ng3 Nc4 20.Qb3 g5 21.Bd2 Nxd2 22.Rxd2 Rc7 23.Qd1 d5 24.Rdc2 b6 = Zimmermann - Werner, Oberursel 1989.



 A) 12.Nge2 Bg4 (12...Rfd8 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.0-0 Rac8 15.Ng3 Rc4 16.a4 Rxd4 17.a5 Rxd1 18.Rxd1 Nc8 19.Nxf5 gxf5 20.Nb5 a6 21.Nd4 Nd6 22.g3 Rc8 23.Be2 Rc5 24.Qf3 Rxa5 25.b4 Ra2 26.Bf1 Qa4 27.Rd3 Bxd4 28.Rxd4 Ra1 29.Rf4 Qd1 30.Qxd1 Rxd1 31.Kg2 Rxd5 32.Be2 Rd2. Smejkal - Rogers, Czech Championship 1995) 13.Bxg4 Qxg4 14.Bxf6 exf6 15.0-0 f5 16.Rfe1 Rad8 17.f3 Qh4 18.a4 Rfe8 19.g3 Qh5 20.Kg2 Re3 21.Rf1 Nxd5 22.Qxb7 Re7 23.Qc6 Ne3+ 24.Kg1 Nxf1 25.Rxf1 Qg5 26.d5 Qe3+ 27.Kg2 Red7 28.Rd1 Rd6 29.Qc4 a6 = Bailey - Bonner, British Championship Rhyl 1969.

 B) 12.h3.

 B1) 12...h5 13.Nge2.

 B11) 13...Nc8 14.0-0 Nd6 15.Ng3 Rac8 16.Rfe1 Rfe8 17.Bf4 b6 18.Be2 h4 (18...Red8 19.Ba6 Rc7 20.Bxd6 exd6 21.Bb5 Bc2 22.Qa3 Qc8 23.Rd2 Bf5 24.Bc6 Bh6 25.Nxf5 Qxf5 26.Rde2 Bf8 27.Qa6 Qc8 28.Qa3 a6 29.Re3 b5 30.Qa5 Kg7 31.Ne4 Nd7 32.Ng5 Nb8 33.Be8 Be7 34.Rxe7 Rxe7 35.Rxe7 Qc1+ 36.Qe1 Qxg5 37.Rxf7+ Kh6 38.f4 Qxd5 39.Qe7. Sermek - Ivacic, Slovakia Tch 1993) 19.Nxf5 Qxf5 20.Be5 Qd7 21.Ba6 Rcd8 22.Re2 Nh5 23.Qc2 Rf8 24.Qd2 Nf5 25.Bb5 Qc8 26.Qc2 Bh6 27.Bd3 Nhg7 28.Bxg7 Nxg7 29.Rxe7 Bg5 30.Re2 Bf4 31.Re4 Bb8 32.Rxh4 Qd7 33.Qd2 Qd6 34.g3. Mainka - Nielsen, Germany 1989.

 B12) 13...Rfd8.

 B1b2 15.Bxb7 Rab8 16.Bf4+/-) 15.0-0 d5 16.Ng3 Be6 17.Rfe1 ... Sf1, Se3.

 B122) 14.Bxf6 14...Bxf6 15.Ng3 (15...Rac8 16.0-0 Rc4 17.d6 Rxd4 18.dxe7 Qxe7 19.Nxf5 gxf5 20.Bxh5 Kg7 21.Bf3 Nc4 22.Rxd4 Rxd4 23.Ne2 Rh4 24.Ng3 Kg6 25.Nxf5 Kxf5 26.Bg4+ Kg6 27.Qxc4 Bxb2 28.Qc2+. Hebden - Ravikumar, England 1983.) 15...Nc8! 16.Nxf5 Qxf5 17.Qxb7 Nd6 18.Qa6 (18.Qb3 Rab8,,) 18...Qc2,,.

 B2) 12...h6 13.Bxf6 exf6 14.Nge2 g5 15.0-0 Bg6 16.Qb5 Qxb5 17.Nxb5 Rfd8 18.Rfe1 Bf8 19.Ng3 f5 20.Rc1 a6 21.Nc3 Bd6 22.Nf1 Rac8 23.Nd2 Rc7 24.a3 Rdc8 25.Ne2 Rc2 26.Red1 Rxb2 27.Rxc8+ Nxc8 28.Nc4 Rc2 29.Nxd6 Nxd6 30.Rb1 Kf8 31.Nc1 f4 32.Ra1.

 B3) 12...Qd8 13.a4 a5 14.Bf4 h6 15.g4 Bd7 16.Nge2 Ne8 17.Qc2 Nd6 18.b3 Rc8 19.Qd2 g5 20.Be5 Be8 21.h4 f6 22.Bg3 Bg6 23.0-0 Qd7 24.Nc1 Na8 25.h5 Bf7 26.Bxd6 exd6 27.Qd3 Nc7 28.N1e2 Rb8 29.Ra1 Na6 30.Ng3 Nb4 31.Qd2 Rfc8 32.Rac1.

 B4) 12...Qc7 13.Nge2 h6 14.Bf4 Qc4 15.d6 exd6 16.Bxd6 Rfd8 17.Be5 Qxb3 18.axb3 Nfd5 19.Nxd5 Nxd5 20.Bxd5 Rxd5 21.Nc3 Rd7 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.Rd2 Re8+ 24.Kd1 Red8 25.d5 Be6 = Dely - Filep, Hungary 1962. 11...Qc8 12.h3 Qc4 13.Qxc4 Nxc4 14.g4 Bc2 (14...Bc8 15.b3 Nd6 16.Nge2 b6 17.0-0 Bb7 18.Bg2 = Banas - Plachetka, Havirov 1970. 14...Bd7 15.b3 Nd6 16.Nge2 Rfc8 17.0-0 Rc7 18.Rfe1 Rac8 19.Rd3 Bb5 20.Nxb5 Nxb5 21.Ng3 h6 22.Bf4 Rc3 23.Rxc3 Rxc3 24.Bg2 Bf8 25.Be5 Ne8 26.Ne4 Rc2 27.a4 Nbd6 28.Nc5 Rd2 29.Rc1 Bg7 30.Kf1 Bf6 31.Bf3 Bg5 32.Rc3 Bh4 33.Nd3 Ra2 34.Bf4 Kg7 35.Be3 b5 36.Nc5 Nf6 37.Rc1 bxa4 38.bxa4 Bg5 39.Bg2 Ra3 40.Ke2 Ra2+ 41.Kf1 Ra3 42.Ke2 Nc8 = Hebden - Bass, New York 1983) 15.Rd2 Nxd2 16.Kxd2 Be4 17.Nxe4 Nxd5 18.Nc3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 e5 20.Ne2 Rac8 21.Bxb7 Rc7 22.Rb1 Rb8 23.Be4 Rxb1 24.Bxb1 Rb7 25.Bc2 Rb2 26.a4 exd4 27.Nxd4 Ra2 28.Be3 Ra1 29.h4 a6 30.h5 Bf6 31.hxg6 hxg6 32.g5 Bd8 33.Nc6 Bc7 34.Nb4 a5 35.Nd5 Bd6 36.c4 Bb4+ 37.Nxb4 axb4 38.Bc5. Vasiukov - Gurgenidze, Alma Ata 1968.

 11...h6 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.Nge2 a5 (13...Nc8 14.Qxb7 Nd6 15.Qa6 Bc8 16.Qa3 Qb6 17.b3 Ba6 18.0-0 Rfc8 19.Na4 Qa5 20.b4 Qd8 21.Nc5 Bc4 22.Bg4 a5 23.Qe3 Rcb8 24.bxa5 h5 25.Bh3 Rxa5 26.Rfe1 Rxa2 27.Nd7 Rb3 28.Nxf6+ exf6 29.Nc3 Rc2 30.Qh6 f5 31.Na4 Qh4 32.Re6 Qxf2+ 33.Kh1 Qxd4 34.Rxg6+ fxg6 35.Qxg6+ Qg7 36.Qxd6 Rxh3 37.Qe6+ Kh8 38.Qc8+ Qg8 39.Qxg8+ Kxg8 40.gxh3 Be2 41.Rd4 = Llanos - Panzeri, Pehuajo ch-ARG u26 1983) 14.Ng3 a4 15.Qb4 Rc8 16.Nxf5 gxf5 17.Nxa4 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Qxd5 19.0-0 Qxa2 20.Nb6 Rcd8 21.Rfe1 Qa7 22.d5 Qb8 23.d6 exd6 24.Nd5 Be5 25.Ne7+ Kh7 26.Nxf5 Rfe8 27.Qh4 Bg7 28.Re7 Rxe7 29.Qxe7 Qc8 30.Qxf7 Rd7 31.Qe6.

 11...Ne8 12.Nge2 Nd6 13.0-0 Rc8 14.Rfe1 Rc4 15.Bf4 a5 16.a3 a4 17.Qa2 Bc2 18.Rd2 Bb3 19.Qb1 Nf5 20.d6 Nxd6 21.Bxd6 exd6 22.Bxb7 Qg5 23.Qd3 Bh6 24.f4 Qa5 25.Qf3 Rc7 26.Nc1 Nc4 27.Rde2 Bg7 28.Nxb3 axb3 29.Nd1 Bxd4+ 30.Kh1 Nxb2 31.Qxb3.

 11...Rc8 12.Nge2.

 A) 12...Qd7 13.h3 h5 14.0-0 Rfd8 15.Bxf6 Bxf6 16.Ng3 Rc4 A1) 17.d6 exd6 (17...Rxd4 18.dxe7 Qxe7 19.Nxf5 gxf5 20.Bxh5 Kg7 21.Bf3 Nc4 22.Rxd4 Rxd4 23.Ne2! Nd2? 24.Nxd4 Bxd4 25.Qd3+-) 18.Nd5!+-.

 A2) 17.Nxf5 Qxf5 18.Qa3 Nc8 19.Qb3 Nd6 20.Nb5 Qc2 21.Nxd6 Rxd6 22.Qxb7 Rb6 23.Qxa7 Rxb2 24.d6 exd6 25.Rd2 Qxd2 26.Bd5 Rc8 27.Qxf7+ Kh8 28.Qxf6+ Kh7 29.Qxd6 Kh6 30.Be4 Rg8 31.h4 Rg7 32.a3 Ra2 33.Qf8 Kh7 34.Qf3 Kh8 35.d5 Qb2 36.d6 Rxa3 37.Qf4 Qd4 38.Rb1 Kh7 39.Bxg6+. Grosar - Ivacic, Portoroz 1993.

 A3) 17.Be4 17...Bxe4 18.Ngxe4 Bg7 19.d6 Rxd4 20.Rxd4 Bxd4 21.Rd1 Bg7 22.Nc5 Qe8 23.Nxb7 Rd7 24.Qb5 exd6 25.Na5 d5 26.Nb3 d4 27.Nc5 Rd8 28.Qxe8+ Rxe8 29.Nb1 Re2 30.Nd3 Nd5 31.Kf1 Rc2 32.Rc1 Rxc1+ 33.Nxc1 Kf8 34.Nd3 Ke7 35.Ke2 f5 36.h4 Bf6 37.g3 f4 38.Nd2 fxg3 39.fxg3 Ke6 40.Nc4 Kf5 41.Kf3 Be7 = Kindermann - Sandmeier, Bad Neuenahr 1978.

 B) 12...h6 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.0-0 Rc4 15.Ng3 Bc8 16.Nge4 Bg7 17.Qa3 a6 18.d6 e6 19.Ne2 Nd5 20.Rc1 Rb4 21.Nc5 Rb6 22.Na4 Rb5 23.Nec3 Nxc3 24.Nxc3 Rf5 25.Ne2 Rb5 26.Rc7 e5 27.Nc3 exd4 28.Nxb5 axb5 29.Re1 Re8 30.Rxe8+ Qxe8 31.Re7 Qd8 32.Bd5 Bf8 33.Rxf7 Kh8 34.Qd3. Adams - Tan, Manila 1992.

 11...Qd6 12.Nge2 Rfd8 13.Bf4 Qd7 14.d6 exd6 15.d5 Rac8 16.h3 Re8 17.0-0 Rc4 18.Be3!? Rxe3!? 19.fxe3 Bxh3! 20.gxh3 Qxh3 21.Qc2!! Ng4 22.Nf4 Nxe3 23.Nxh3 Nxc2 24.Rd3 Nb4 25.Rd2 Be5 26.a3 Na6 27.Bg2 Nc5 28.Kh1 f5 29.Ne2 Nb3 30.Rd3 Nc5 31.Rd2.


 12.a4 Qd6 (12...Rc8 13.Nge2 Rc4 14.Qa2 Rb4 15.0-0 Bc2 16.Rc1 Bb3 17.Qa3 Nfxd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Bxd5 Qxd5 20.Bxe7 Rxa4 21.Nc3 Rxa3 22.Nxd5 Rb3 23.Nxb6 Rxb6 24.Bxf8 Kxf8 25.Rfd1 Rxb2 26.d5 a4 27.Rc8+ Ke7 28.d6+ Ke6 29.d7 Bf6 30.Re8+ Kf5 31.Rd5+ Kf4 32.g3+. Martinovsky - Hayward, North American 1980) 13.Bxf6 (13.Nge2 Qb4 14.Qxb4 axb4 15.Nb5 Nfxd5 16.Ra1 h6 17.Bd2 Bd3 18.0-0 Rxa4 19.Rxa4 Nxa4 20.Ra1 Nab6 21.Ra5 Nc4 22.Nc1 Nxa5 23.Nxd3 Nb3 24.Bxd5 Nxd2 25.Nxb4 Rc8 26.g3 Rc1+ 27.Kg2 b6 28.Nd3 Ra1 29.Na3 e6 30.Bc6 Nb3 31.d5 exd5 32.Bxd5 Nc5) 13...Bxf6 14.Ne4 Qb4+ 15.Qxb4 axb4 16.Ne2 Rxa4 17.0-0 Ra2 18.Nc1 Rxb2 19.Nd3 Rc2 20.Nxf6+ exf6 21.Nxb4 Rc4 22.Nd3 Bxd3 23.Rxd3 Rd8 24.Rb1 Nxd5 25.g3 Nc7 26.d5 Na6 27.Rb6 Rc1+ 28.Kg2 Nc5 29.Re3 f5 30.Re7 Nd3 31.Be2 Nc5.

 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 (12...exf6 13.Nge2 g5 14.0-0 Nc8 15.Ng3 Nd6 16.Nxf5 Nxf5 17.Be4 Nd6 18.Qc2 Nxe4 19.Qxe4 Qd7 20.g4 Rfe8 21.Qf3 Rad8 22.Rfe1 Kf8 23.Re4 Rxe4 24.Qxe4 b5 25.d6 Re8 26.Qf5 Qxd6 27.Nxb5 Qe6 28.Qxe6 fxe6 29.Rc1 f5 30.gxf5 exf5 31.Kf1 f4 32.Rc5) 13.Nge2 Rc8 (13...Qd6 14.Ng3 a4 15.Nxf5 axb3 16.Nxd6 bxa2 17.Ra1 exd6 18.0-0 Bxd4 19.Rxa2 Bxc3 20.Rxa8 Rxa8 21.bxc3 Ra5 22.Rb1 Nxd5 23.g3 Nxc3 24.Rxb7 Rc5 25.Kf1 Kg7 26.Rb6 Nb5 27.Bc6 Nc7 28.Bf3 d5 29.h4 h5 30.Kg2 Kf8 31.g4 hxg4 32.Bxg4 Ke7 33.h5) 14.Qb5 Nc4 15.Ne4 Bd7 16.Qb3 Nb6 17.Nc5 Bf5 18.0-0 a4 19.Qb5 a3 20.bxa3 Qc7 21.Ne4 Nc4 22.Nxf6+ exf6 23.Rc1 Bd7 24.Qb4 b5 25.a4 Qa7 26.axb5 Qxa2 27.Nc3 Qd2 28.Rfd1 Qf4 29.Ne4 Nb6 30.Rc5 g5 31.Rxc8 Rxc8 32.Qe7 Nxd5 33.Qxd7 Rc1 34.Qxd5 Rxd1+ 35.Bxd1 Qc1 36.Qd8+ Kg7 37.Qxf6+ Kg8 38.Qxg5+. Perez Fungueiro-Miguel, Pontevedra 1992.


 12...Rc8 13.Ng3 a4 (13...Bd7 14.a3 a4 15.Qa2 Nc4 16.Be2 Na5 17.0-0 Nb3 18.Rd3 h6 19.Bf4 h5 20.h4 Ng4 21.Bxg4 hxg4 22.Qb1 Nxd4 23.Qd1 Rc4 24.Bg5 f6 25.Be3 Nf5 26.Nxf5 Bxf5 27.Rd4 = Kindermann-Maric, Mitropa Cup 1978) 14.Nxa4 Bc2 15.Qxb6 Bxa4 16.Qxd8 Rfxd8 17.b3 Bb5 18.Be2 Bxe2 19.Nxe2 Nxd5 20.0-0 = Love - Spiller, NZD Championship 1991.

 13.Qb5 Ne8.

 13...Nc8 14.Ng3 Nd6 15.Qe2 Bd7 (15...Bc8 16.0-0 b5 17.Rfe1 b4 18.Nce4 Ba6 19.Qc2 Bb5 20.Nxd6 exd6 21.Qd2 Bc4 22.b3 axb3 23.Qxb4 Ba6 24.axb3 Qd7 25.Qd2 Bb7 26.Bxf6 Bxf6 27.Qf4 Be7 28.Re2 Qd8 29.Qd2 Ba6 30.Ree1 Bg5 31.Qc2 Rc8 32.Qa2 Ra8 33.Ra1 Bf6 34.Qd2 Qb6 35.Rad1) 16.0-0 Re8 17.Rfe1 Qa5 18.Nge4 Nfxe4 19.Nxe4 Nf5 20.Nc5 Bb5 21.Qe4 b6 22.Bd2 Qa7 23.Nd3 Nd6 24.Qe3 Nc4 25.Qf4 Nxd2 26.Rxd2 Bxd3 27.Rxd3 b5 28.h4 Rac8 29.d6 e6 30.b3 Red8 31.h5 a3 32.hxg6 hxg6 33.Qg5.

 13...h6 14.Bxf6 exf6 15.0-0.

 A) 15...Re8 16.d6.

 A1) 16...Be6.

 A11) 17.Bxb7 Bc4 18.Qc6 (18.Qc5 Rb8 19.Bf3 Bf8 comp ) 18...Rb8 (18...Bxe2 19.Nxe2 Rxe2 20.Bxa8 Nxa8 21.Rfe1 Rxe1+ 22.Rxe1 Kf8 23.d7 Nc7 24.Qxc7+-) 19.Rfe1 Re6(c).

 A12) 17.Rfe1 17...Bc4 18.Qb4 Bf8 19.Nb5 a3! 20.Nec3 (20.b3 Bxe2 21.Rxe2 Rxe2 22.Bxe2 Nc8 23.Bf3 Qb6=) 20...Bxb5 21.Nxb5 Rxe1+ 22.Rxe1 Ra4! 23.Qb3 axb2 Line Pasko - Sapis, Postal 1993.

 A2) 16...Bd7 17.Qb4 Bc6 18.Bxc6 (18.d5 Bd7 19.Nd4 Nc8 20.Nc6 Qb6 21.Qxb6 Nxb6 22.Ne7+ Kh8 23.Rd4 Nc8 24.Nxc8 Rexc8 25.Rb4 Rcb8 26.Be2 a3 27.Bb5 Bf5 28.g4. Iodice-Alberio, Postal 1987) 18...bxc6 19.d5 cxd5 20.Nf4+/-.

 A3) 16...Qxd6 17.Bxb7 Rab8 18.Bf3 Nd7 19.Qc6 Qxc6 20.Bxc6 Rec8 21.d5 Ne5 22.Nd4 Bd3 23.Rfe1 Rb4 24.Bd7 Rc7 25.Nc6 Rxb2 26.Be8 Bf5 27.d6 Rxc6 28.Bxc6 Nxc6 29.d7 Rc2 30.Nxa4 Rxa2 31.Nb6 Rb2 32.Rc1 Rd2 33.Rxc6 Bxd7 34.Nxd7 Rxd7 35.g4 Kh7.

 B) 16.Ng3?! 16...Bd7 17.Qd3 f5 (17...h5 18.Rfe1 Rxe1+ 19.Rxe1 Bg4 20.Bxg4 hxg4 21.Qb5 f5 22.Nge2 Qd6 23.a3 Bf6 24.Qc5 Qxc5 25.dxc5 Nd7 26.c6 bxc6 27.dxc6 Nb6 28.Rc1 Kf8 29.Rc2 Ke7 30.f3 gxf3 31.gxf3 Ra5 32.Na2 Kd8 33.Nb4 Kc7 34.Nf4 Be7 35.Nfd3 Nd5 36.Kf2 Nxb4 37.Nxb4 Bxb4 38.axb4 Rb5 39.Rc4 Rb6 40.Ke3 Rxc6 41.Kd4 Rxc4+ 42.Kxc4 g5 43.Kd5 Kb6 44.Ke5 Kb5 45.Kxf5 Kxb4 46.Kxg5 = Holzvoigt - Geers, Postal 1991) 18.Rfe1 (18.d6!) 18...Nc8 19.Rxe8+ Bxe8 20.Nf1 (20.Nge2 Nd6 21.Nc1 Rc8 22.b3 Qa5 23.Nxa4 Bxa4 24.bxa4 Qxa4 25.Qb3 Qa5 26.Ne2 Rc4 27.h4 Ra4 28.Rb1 Rxa2 29.Qb6 Qxb6 30.Rxb6 Ra1+ 31.Kh2 Bf8 32.Nc3 Nc4 33.Rxb7 Bd6+ 34.g3 Ra3 35.Be2 Rxc3 36.Rd7 Bxg3+ 37.fxg3 Rc2 38.Rd8+ Kg7 39.Re8 Nd6 40.Re3 Rd2 41.Kg1 Rxd4 42.Bf3 f4 43.gxf4 h5. Nicevski-Tomaszewski, Lesko 1985) 20...Nd6 21.Nd2 b5 22.a3 Qb6 23.Ne2 Rc8 24.g3 b4 25.axb4 Bb5 26.Qa3 Rc2 27.b3 Bxe2 28.Bxe2 Bxd4 29.Nc4! Qa7! 30.Kf1 Qe7 31.Re1 Bxf2 32.b5 Bxe1 33.Bd3 Rxc4. Larsen - Jensen, Postal 1987.

 14.Ng3 Nd6 15.Qe2 Re8 16.0-0 Rc8 17.a3 Qd7 18.Rfe1 Nbc4 19.Na2 Na5 20.Nb4 Nb3. +/-

King Arkell,K 
London , 1988

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.Bg5 Bg4.   11.Bxf6 Bxf3 12.Nxf3.

This forcing continuation has been explored in detail, but there are still new ideas to be found..

 12.Bxg7? Bxg2 13.Bxf8 Qxf8u.


 12...exf6 remains a popular alternative. 13.0-0 Qd7 (13...Qd6 14.Rfe1 Rfd8 15.Rad1 a5 16.a3 a4 17.Qb5 Nxd5 18.Nxd5 Qxd5 19.Re8+. Schoonen - Sadoughian, Postal 1995).

 A) 14.Rfe1.

 B) A1) 14...Rfe8 15.a4 Rxe1+ 16.Rxe1 Rc8 17.h3+/-. Broberg - Hahn, Postal DDR-M 1979.

 A2) 14...Rad8 15.Qa3 Nc4 16.Qxa7 Nxb2 17.Reb1 Qc8 18.Rxb2 Qxc3 19.Rbb1 (19.Qxb7+/-) 19...Rxd5 20.Qxb7+/- Martin-Benet, Benasque 1989.

 A3) 14...Rfd8 15.Rac1 (15.a4 Bf8 16.Ne4 Kg7 17.d6 Bxd6 18.Nc5 Qc6 19.a5 Bxc5 20.dxc52 = Kosten - Arkell, Hastings 1991. 15.Nd2 f5 16.Nf3 Qd6 17.Re2 Bf6 18.Rae1+/-. Mortensen - Kristensen, Aabybro Nordic 1989.) 15...Bh6 16.Rc2 Rac8 17.a4 Qc7 18.Rce2 Qc4 19.Qxc4 Nxc4 20.Ne42. Souleidis - Hoeren, Porz 1990.

 B) 14.Rad1 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Bf8 16.Rxe8 Rxe8 17.Re1 Rd8 18.Ne4 Kg7 19.d6 Bxd6 20.Nxd6 Qxd62. Gergs - Bobzin, OLNN 1992.

 C) 14.Rac1.

 C1) 14...Rad8 15.Rfe1 Nxd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Qxd5 Rxd5 18.Rc7 Rb5 19.b3 a5 20.Ree7+/-. Di Salvio - Simonini, Italy 1989.

 C2) 14...Rfd8 15.Rfe1 (15.Rfd1 Nxd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Qxd5 Rxd5 18.Rc72. Schoenherr-Reynolds, Postal 1980.) 15...Bf8 16.Ne4 Kg7 17.Nc5 (17.d6 Bxd6 18.Nxd6 Qxd6 19.Rc5 Rd7 20.Qc2 Nd5 21.Rc4 Nb4 22.Qc3 Nd5 23.Qc1 Nf4 24.Ne5 fxe5 25.dxe5 Nd3 26.exd6 Nxc1 27.Rcxc1 Rxd6 28.Rc7 Re8 29.Kf1 Rxe1+ 30.Kxe1 Rb6 31.Rc2 = Urban - Lesky, Postal DDR-JFSM 1973) 17...Qxd5 18.Qe3 Rac8 19.b3 Na8 20.Ne4 Ba3 21.Rxc8 Rxc8 22.Qf4 f5 23.Ng3 f6 24.h4 Bd6 25.Qd2 Nc7= Hebden - Ledger, Eastbourne 1991.

 C3) 14...Bh6 15.Ne4 Kg7 16.Rc5 Bf4 17.Rb5 Rfd8 18.Nc3 Rab8 19.a42 = Dubuc - Girouard, Postal ch-Quebec 1993.

 C4) 14...Rfe8 15.Rfe1 (15.d6 Bf8 16.a4 Bxd6 17.a5 Nc8 18.Nd5 Kg7 19.Rfe1 Rxe1+ 20.Rxe1 Rb8 21.h32. Rosenhahn - Hahn, Postal DDR cup 1978.) 15...Nxd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Rxe8+. Pieretti - Simonini, Italy 1988.


13.a4 a5 14.0-0 Qd6 (14...Ra6 15.Ra3 Kg7 16.Rd1 Qd6 17.Nb5 Qd8 18.Nc3 Qd6 19.Nb5 Qd8= Martin - Watson, Postal GB 1990.) 15.Ne4 Qb4 16.Qxb4 axb4 17.d6 Nxa4 18.Rfc1 Nb6 19.Rxa8 Rxa8 20.g4 Bg7 21.dxe72. Wolff - Arkell, London 1989.


 13...Rc8 seems dubious..

 A) 14.a4 Qc7 15.a5 Nc4 16.Nb5 Qb8 17.Ra4 Nd6 18.Rb4 (18.Nxd6 exd6 19.Nd2 Rfe8 20.Qf3 Bg7 21.Qf4 Qc7 22.Nc4 Rcd8 23.b3 f5 24.f3 Qf7=. Green Krotki - Coudari, Toronto zt 1978.) 18...Nxb5 19.Rxb5.

 A1) 19...Rc7 20.d6!? (20.h3 Rd8 21.Re1 Qc8+=) 20...exd6 21.Qd5 Re7=.

 A2) 19...Qc7 20.Rxb7 Qxa5 21.Ne5 Bxe5 22.dxe5 Rc5 23.Rxe7 Rxd5 24.e62. Lind - Porth, Hamburg HSK 1980.

 B) 14.Rfe1 14...Qc7 15.Ne5 a6 16.Rad1 Rcd8 17.Rc1 Rc8 18.g3 Rfd8 (18...Bg7 19.Ne4 Qxc1 20.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 21.Kg2+/-) 19.d6 Rxd6 20.Ne4 Qxc1 21.Qxf7+ Kh8 22.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 23.Kg2. Euwe - Van den Hoek, The Hague 1942.

 13...Qd7 14.Rfe1 Rfd8 15.Rad1 Nxd5 16.Ne5 Bxe5 17.dxe5 e6 18.Nxd5 exd5 19.Rd4 Rac8 = Grabczewski - Filipowicz, Polanica Zdroj 1965.

 13...Qc7 14.a4 Qc4 15.Qxc4 Nxc4 16.Ne4+=.


 14.Rfe1 Rfd8 15.Ne5 (15.Rad1 Rab8 16.Nd2 Nxd5 17.Nde4 Qc6 18.Nxd5 Rxd5 19.Nxf6+ exf6 20.Re72 Coleman - Arkell, England 1992.) 15...Rab8.

 A) 16.Re4 Nxd5 17.Rae1 e6 18.h4 Qb6 19.Qc2 Nb4 20.Qe2 Rxd4 21.Nxf7 Kxf7 22.Rxe6 Qd8 23.Nb5 Rd3 (23...Rd7u) 24.Qg4 Nc6?! (24...Nc2 25.Rc1 a6u) 25.Qf4! Kg7 26.Nd6 Qf8 27.h5 gxh5 28.Nf5+ Kh8 29.Rxf6 Qd8 30.Rxc6. Coleman - Arkell, Eastbourne 1991.

 B) 16.Nc4 Nxc4 17.Qxc4 b5 18.Nxb5 Qxd5 19.Qxd5 Rxd5 20.Nxa7 Rxb2 21.Nc6 Rd6 22.Rec1 Bxd4 23.Nxd4 Rxd4 24.Rcb1 Rc2 25.Rc1 Rb2 = Kosten - Shovel, British Championship 1985.

 C) 16.Ne4 16...Qxd5 17.Nxf6+ exf6 18.Qxd5 Nxd5 19.Nf3 Rbc8 20.Re2 Re8 21.Rd2 Kf8=. Jacobs - Arkell, London 1987.

 14.Ne5 Rfd8 15.Rac1 Bxe5 16.dxe5 Qxe5= Hebden - Ledger, Norwich 1994.

 14...a5 15.Ra3.

 15.Ne4 Qb4 16.Qxb4 axb4 17.d6 Nxa4 18.Rfc1 Nb6 19.Rxa8 Rxa8 20.g4 Bg7 21.dxe7+/-. Wolff - Arkell, London 1989.

 15...Rfd8 16.Ne4 Qb4 17.d6 Nc4 18.Qxb4 axb4 19.Rb3 Rxa4.

20.Nc5 Ra2.

 20...Na5 21.Re3 Ra2 22.dxe7 Re8 23.Ne4 Kg7 24.Nd6 Rxe7 25.Ne8+ Rxe8 26.Rxe8 Rxb2 27.g4 h6 28.h4 g5 29.hxg5 hxg5 30.Kg2 b3 31.Rh1!+/-. Sermek - Burovic, Bled 1993.

 21.dxe7 Bxe7 22.Rxb4 Nxb2 23.Rxb7 Bxc5 24.dxc5.


 24...Rc8 25.Ne5 Rxc5 26.Nxf7 Nd3 27.Rd1 Rcc2 28.g4 Rab2 (28...Rd2 29.Rxd2 Rxd2 30.Nh6+ Kh8 31.Rb8+ Kg7 32.g5 is the same as the game.) 29.Nh6+ Kh8 30.Rxb2 Nxb2 31.Rd8+ Kg7 32.g5. Berg - Molvig, Copenhagen 1994.

 25.c6 Rc8.

 25...Rc2?? and in Hebden-Arkell, London 1987, Black resigned without waiting for Rd7.

 26.Rb3 Nf4 27.Ne5 f6 28.Ng4 Rxc6 29.Rb8+ Kf7 30.Rb7+ Ke6 31.Rxh7 f5 32.Ne3 Ne2+ 33.Kh1 Rc1 34.g3 Rxf1+ 35.Nxf1 Nc3 36.Rc7 Rxf2 37.Rxc3 Black resigned.

Chapter 13: 6.Qb3 Main Line with 10.Bf4

Ehlvest Timman
Riga 1995

1.e4 c6 2.c4 d5 3.exd5 Nf6 4.Nc3 cxd5 5.d4 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.Bf4.   In this game we examine plans with Bf4, which controls important dark squares along the b8-h2 diagonal..

 10.a4 a5 11.Bf4 Bg4 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.Nf3 Nf6 14.d6 exd6 15.0-0 h6 (15...Nh5 16.Bg5 Bf6 17.Bxf6 Nxf6 18.Rac1 Nfd7 19.Nb52. Gromotka - Vodep, Postal 1988. 15...Rc8 16.Qb5 Ra8 17.Rac1 Re8 18.Qb3 Ra6 19.Rfe1 h6 20.Rxe8+ Nxe8 21.Nd5 Nxd5 22.Qxd5 Qe7 23.Re1 Nf6 24.Qb5 Qc7= Grabics - Kustar, Balatonbereny 1993.) 16.Nb5 Ne8 17.Rfe1 d5 18.Rac1 Nc4 19.Ne52. Estrin - Gabdrakhmanov, Kazan 1985.


 Black has a number of options here..

 10...e6 is also played. Now capturing at e6, successful in many other positions, is useless here so White must push past. 11.d6.

 A) 11...Ne8 12.Nge2 Nxd6 13.0-0 Ndc4 14.Rad1 Bd7 15.Qc2 Bc6 16.Bxc6 bxc6 17.Ne42 Kotov - Krogius, Soviet Union Championship Riga 1958.

 B) 11...Nfd5 12.Bxd5 (12.Bg3 Bxd4 13.Nge2 Bc5 14.0-0 Bxd6 15.Rfd1 Bxg3 16.hxg3 Qf6 17.a43 = Bellin - Hodgson, British Championship Brighton 1984.) 12...exd5 13.Nge2 Re8 14.0-0 Bf5 15.a4 Bd3 16.Rfe1 Bc4 17.Qb4 Bf8 18.b3+/-. Petrosian - Grigorian, SSSR Championship 1977.

 C) 11...Bd7 12.Be5 Nbd5 C1) 13.Bxd5 exd5 14.Nf3+= (14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.Qxd5 Bc6u).

 C2) 13.Nge2 13...Bc6 14.Nxd5 Nxd5 15.0-0 Qg5! (15...Bxe5 16.dxe5 Qg5 17.Bxd5 Bxd5 18.Qg3 Qd2 19.Nf4 Qxb2 20.Nh5+/- --Ftacnik.) 16.Bg3 Rfd8 17.Nc3 Nxc3 18.bxc3 Bf8 (18...Bxf3 19.gxf3 h5 20.h4+/- --Ftacnik.) 19.c4! Bxd6 20.d5+/-. Sveshnikov - Gipslis, USSR 1988.

 10...a5 11.Nge2 a4 12.Qb5.

12...Bd7 (12...Kh8 13.Rc1 Bd7 14.Qb4 Bg4 15.Bxg4 Nxg4 16.d6 exd6 17.Bxd6 Re8 18.0-0 Rc8 19.Bc5 Nd5 20.Qxb7 Nxc3 21.Nxc3 Bxd4 22.Bxd4+ Qxd4 23.h3+/-. Jansa - Spiridonov, Baille Herculane 1982.) 13.Qb4 Bg4 14.Bxg4 Nxg4 15.d6 e5 (15...exd6 16.Bxd6 Re8 17.0-0 a3 gives Black some compensation, but not enough for equality.) 16.dxe5 Nxe5 17.Rd1+/- Sziraki - Lenart, Hungary 1992.

 10...Bg4 is just as popular as 10...Bf5..

 A) 11.Be5 Bxf3 12.Nxf3 Nfxd5 13.Bxg7 Kxg7 14.0-0 Rc8 (14...Nxc3 15.bxc3 Qd5 16.Rab1 e6 17.Rfe1 Rac8 = Mahner-Stanescu, Wuerzburg 1987) 15.Rfe1 e6 16.Rac1 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Qd5 18.Ne5 Rfd8 19.c4 Qxd4u. Farinha - Santos, Portugal Tch 1993.

 B) 11.d6 exd6 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.Nge2 Re8 14.0-0 d5= Tonteri - Tocklin, Helsinki We 1996.

 C) 11.Bxg4 11...Nxg4 12.Nf3 Nf6 13.d6 (13.0-0 Nfxd5 14.Bg3 Bh6 15.Rfe1 Re8 16.a4 a5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Qxb72 = Lepeshkin-Timofeev, Soviet Union 1962.) 13...exd6 14.0-0.

C1) 14...Nh5 15.Bg5 (15.Be3 d5 16.a4 Rb8 17.Ne5 Nf6 18.a5 Nbd7 19.Nf3 Qc7 20.Nxd5 Nxd5 21.Qxd5+/-. Karasev - Krishilovsky, St.Petersburg Chigorin 1996.) 15...Qd7.

C11) 16.Rfe1 Rfe8 17.Nb5 (17.Qb5 Bf8 18.Qxd7 Nxd7 19.Nd5 Ng7 20.Kf1 Rxe1+ 21.Rxe1 Ne6 22.Be3 Rc8 23.Rc1 Rxc1+ 24.Bxc1 Bg7= Morales - Cortlever, Buenos Aires Olympiad 1939.) 17...a6 18.Nc3 Qc6 19.d5 Qc7 20.Rac1 Nc4 (20...Nc4 21.Rxe8+ Rxe8 22.Nb1 b5 23.Nbd2 h6 24.Be3 Rc8 25.a4 Qa5 26.Nxc4 Rxc4 27.Rxc4 bxc4 28.Qxc4 Bxb2 29.Bxh6+/-. Orlov - Burovic, Leningrad URS-JUG 1991.) 21.Rxe8+ Rxe8=. Orlov-Burovic, Leningrad 1991.

 C12) 16.Qb5 Rfc8 (16...Bf6 17.Qxd7 Nxd7 18.Nd2 Rfc8 19.Rac1 Nb6 20.b3 a6 21.a4 Bd8 22.Rfe1 Nf6 23.Bf4 = Ivkov - Karaklajic, Belgrade 1962. 16...Qxb5 17.Nxb5 d5 18.Rfc1 f6 19.Bd2 Nc4 20.Rxc4 dxc4 21.g4+/-. Mikhalchishin - Jansa, Vrnjacka Banja 1978.) 17.Qxd7 Nxd7 18.Rac1 Nf8 (18...Bf8 19.Nd5 f6 20.Be3 Rc6 = Shaitar - Lilienthal, Moscow-Prague 1946) 19.Nd5 f6 20.Be3 = Sajtar-Lilienthal, "Moscow-Prague" Prague 1946.

 C13) 16.Nd5 16...Nxd5 17.Qxd5 h6 18.Be3 Nf6 19.Qb3 Rac8 20.Rac1 Rxc1 21.Rxc1 Rc8 22.Rxc8+ Qxc8 = Martyshin - Grinis, Simferopol 1989.

 C2) 14...a6 15.a4 d5 16.h3 Ne4 17.Rfc1 Rc8 18.a5 Nxc3 19.Rxc3 Rxc3 20.Qxc3 Nc4? 21.Qb4 Qd7 22.b3 Nb2 23.Qd2. Schwind - Pettersson, Postal 1964.

 C3) 14...Re8 15.Rfe1 Qd7 16.a4 Rxe1+ 17.Rxe1 Re8 18.Rxe8+ Nxe8= Brynell - Arkell, Leningrad 1989.



 11...a5 12.a4 Rc8.

A) 13.Nge2 Rc4 14.Qa2 (14.0-0 Rb4 15.Qa2 Bc2 16.Ra1 Bb3 17.Qb1 Nfxd5u. Faure-Miralles, Zug 1987.

 14.h3 Rb4 15.Qa2 Bc2 16.Rc1 Bb3 17.Qb1 Nfxd5 18.Nxd5 Nxd5 19.Bd2 Rxa4u. Baranowski - Was, Postal ch-Cracow1990.) 14...Qd7 15.b3 (15.h3 Rfc8 16.0-0 Nfxd5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Qxd5u = Svendsen - Reinhard, Postal 1990.) 15...Rcc8 16.d6 exd6 17.0-0 Rfe8 (17...d5 18.Qd2 Ne4 19.Bxe4 dxe4 20.Nb5 e3 21.Qxa5 exf2+ 22.Rxf2 Nd5 23.Bd62. Klusek - Gasik, Bydgoszcz 1990.) 18.Qd2 Ne4 19.Nxe4 Bxe4 20.Bxe4 Rxe4 21.Qxa5 Nxa4 22.Be3 Rc2 23.Ng3. Arkhipkin - Kivlans, USSR 1980.

 B) 13.Qb5 B1) 13...Rc4 14.Nge2 Rb4 15.Qxa5 Nbxd5 16.Qxd8 Rxd8 17.Bc1 Bc2 18.Rd2 Bb3 19.0-0 e6 (19...Bh6 20.Rd3 Bc2 21.Nxd5 Nxd5 22.Rc3 Nxc3 23.bxc3 Bxc1 24.cxb4 Bd2= Maciejewski - Urban, Czestochowa 1993.) 20.g3 b6 21.Kg2 Bc4 22.Re1 Ba6 23.Rc2 Bd3 24.Nxd5 Nxd5 25.Rc6 Bxe2 26.Rxe2 Bxd4 27.Bxd5 Rxd53. Reinderman - Ravikumar, Dieren 1990.

 B2) 13...Bd7 14.Qxa5 Ra8 15.Qb4 Bxa4 16.Nxa4 Nbxd5 17.Qb3 Nxf4 18.Nc3 Ra6 19.Nge2 Rb6 20.Qc2 Nxe2 21.Qxe2 Re6 22.Ne4 Nxe4 23.Bxe4 f5 24.Qc4 Qd6 25.0-0 fxe4 26.Rfe1 Kh8 27.d5 Ref6 28.Re2 Qb6 29.Rf1 e3 30.f3 Rf4. Dzindzichashvili - Kamsky, New York 1989.

 11...Qc8 12.h3 (12.d6 exd6 13.Bxd6 Re8+ 14.Nge2 Bg4 comp ) 12...Qc4 13.Rc1 (13.Nge2? Qxb3 14.axb3 Bc2 15.Ra1 Bxb3u. Bhend - Smyslov, Tel Aviv Olympiad prel 1964.) 13...Qxb3 14.axb3 Rfe8/.


White is going to try to remove the bishop by playing g4. This is clearly the best move..

 12.Nge2 Rfd8 13.d6 exd6 14.0-0 d5 (14...Bg4 15.Bxg4 Qxg4 16.a4 d5 17.Bc7 Re8 18.h3 Qe6 19.Bxb6 Qxb6 20.Qxb6 axb6 21.b3 Rac8 22.Rfe1 Bf8 23.Rd3 Bb4= Taher - Marchand, Ireland 1992.) 15.Be5 Bg4 16.Bxg4 Nxg4 17.Bxg7 Kxg7= Cottarelli-Moncelli, Postal 1984.

 12.a4 Rac8 13.Nge2 Rfd8 14.d6 exd6 15.0-0 d5=. Modainki - Thipsay, Calcutta 1994.


 12...h6 13.Nge2 g5 14.Be5 = Zolnierowicz - Kranzl, Prague 1990.


 13.Be5 Rfd8 14.Bxf6 exf6 15.Nge2 Rac8 16.0-0 Nc4 17.Ng3 Nd6 18.Rfe1+/-. Levenfish - Botvinnik, SSSR 1937.


 13...Rad8 14.d6 (14.0-0 Nfxd5 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Be5 Be6 17.Qa3 a6=. Pomar Salamanca - Hort, Palma de Mallorca 1969.) 14...exd6 15.0-0 d5 16.Ng3 (16.Nb5 Nc4 17.Nec3 b6 18.Nc7 Be6 19.Nxe6 fxe6 20.Rde1 Nh7 21.Bc1 Nd6 22.Rxe6 Rxf3 23.Rxd6 Qxd6 24.gxf3 Kh8(c) Sharma - Soman, Calcutta 1996.

 16.Rfe1 Nh7 17.Be3 Rfe8 18.Nf4 Nf6 19.Rc1 Ne4 20.Red1 Nxc3 21.Rxc3 Be4=. Gotthilf - Botvinnik, Leningrad 1938.).

 14.d6 exd6 15.0-0.



 A) 16.Bg5.

A1) 16...Rac8 17.Rfe1 (17.Nf4 Rc6 18.Rfe1 Rd6 19.Re2 a6 20.a4 Qc6 21.Re72. Meera - Thipsay, Salem ch-IND wmn 1996.) 17...Re8 18.Bxf6 Bxf6 19.Bxd5 Nxd5 20.Qxd5 Qxd5 21.Nxd5+/- = Zifroni - Pieterse, Ramat Hasharon 1990.

 A2) 16...Bg4! 17.Bxg4 hxg4 18.h4! Re8 19.Nf4 Ne4 20.Nfxd5 Nxd5 21.Nxd5 Nxg5 22.hxg5 Rad8 23.Nf6+ Bxf6 24.gxf6= Georgadze - Vaganian, URS, 1983,.

 B) 16.Be5 16...Bg4 (16...Ne4 17.Bxg7 Kxg7 18.Bxe4 Bxe4 19.Nxe4 dxe4 20.Nc3 f5= Belkhodja - Arkell, Paris Apsap MI 1994.) 17.hxg4 hxg4 18.Bxf6 Bxf6 19.Ne4 (19.Be4 dxe4 20.Nxe4 Bg7 21.N4c3 Qf5 22.d5 Be5 23.Ng3 Qf4 24.Nce43 Mainka - Jadoul, Luxembourg , 1988.) 19...dxe4 20.Bxe4 Kg7 21.Nc3 Qe7 22.Bd5 g3 23.Rfe1 gxf2+ 24.Kxf2u Sveshnikov - Burovic, Torcy op, 1991.


 16.Rfe1 Re8 17.Ng3 Rxe1+ 18.Rxe1 Bd3 19.Qd1 Ba6= (19...Ba6 20.Bg5 Re8 21.Nge4 Nxe4 22.Nxe4 Bc4 23.Nf6+ Bxf6 24.Rxe8+= Dorfman - Tukmakov, Soviet Union 1978, ).

 16...Rc4 17.Bg5 Rdc8.

 17...d5 18.Bxf6 Bxf6 19.Nxd5!+- Ftacnik.


18...Be6? 18...R4c7 19.Bxf6 Bxf6 20.Nxf5 Qxf5 21.Nb5+/-. 19.d5! 19.Bxc4 Bxc4 20.Qc2 Bxf1 21.Nxf1 Nfd53 Ftacnik. 19...Bxh3 19...Nfxd5 20.Nxd5 Bxd5 21.Rxd5+-. 20.Bxc4 Rxc4 21.Bxf6 Bxf6 22.Nce4 Be5 23.gxh3 Qxh3 24.f4 Bg7 24...Bd4+ 25.Rxd4 Rxd4 26.Nf6+ Kh8 27.Re1 Qh4 28.Re8+ Kg7 29.Nfxh5+ Kh7 30.Qc3 gxh5 31.Qc2++- --Ftacnik. Checkmate is inevitable. 25.Ng5 Qg4 26.Qf3+- Bd4+ 27.Rxd4 Rxd4 28.Qe3 Black resigned.

Chapter 14: 6.Qb3 Main Line with 10.Nge2

Dolmatov Adams Hastings 1989

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.Nge2 Bf5.   This is the most popular alternative to the main lines with 10...Bg4. The play remains more complex, with ideas like ...Bd3 available to Black. On the other hand, the bishop at f3 can become a popular weapon, and White has been scoring well here..


 11.Bf4 is often played first, but both moves are essential to White's plan and transpositions are almost unavoidable..

 11.a4 is not as appropriate here..

 A) 11...a5 12.Qb5.

A1) 12...Ne8!? is playable and should be about equal. 13.Bf4 Nd6 14.Bxd6 Qxd6 15.0-0 Rfc8 16.Rfd1 Rc4! puts a lot of pressure on White's center. 17.Qb3 (17.Re1 is more accurate, as the e-file is more important than the d-file right now.) 17...Rb4 18.Qa2 Bc2 19.Rd2 Bb3 20.Qb1 Bh6 21.Rd3 Rc8 22.Ne4 Qd8 23.Nc5 Bc4 24.b3 Nxd5 25.Rd1 Bxe2 26.Bxe2 Nc3 27.Qd3 Qxd4. Durban Piera - Rogers, Las Palmas 1995.

 A2) 12...Bd7 13.Qc5 Bf5 14.Bf4 Ne8 (14...Rc8 is more logical.) 15.0-0 Nd6 16.b3 Nd7 17.Qa3 Qb6 18.Rac1 Bd3 19.Rfd1 Ba6 20.Re1 h6 21.h3 g5 22.Bxd6 exd6 23.Ne4 Bxe2 24.Rxe2 Ra6 25.Rd2? White is much better here, but accuracy is required. (25.Ng3! exposes all of the weaknesses of the light square, and after either capture at d4, Nf5 is very powerful.) 25...f5 26.Nc3 Bxd4 27.Nb5 Bc5 28.Qb2 Ne5 29.Re1 g4 30.Bd1 g3 31.Nd4 gxf2+ 32.Kxf2 Nc4 33.Qc3 Nxd2 34.Qg3+ Kh8. Justo - Celis, Buenos Aires FMDA 1993.

 B) 11...Bd3 12.a5 Bc4 13.Qb4 Bxe2 14.Kxe2 Nbxd5 15.Qxb7 e6 16.Ra4 Re8 17.g3 Rc8 18.Qb3 Nxc3+ 19.bxc3 e5 20.dxe5 Rxe5+ gives Black more than enough compensation for the pawn. 21.Be3 Bh6 22.Rd1 Qe8 23.Rd3 Nd7 24.Re4 Rxe4 25.Bxe4 Qxe4 26.Rxd7 Qg4+ 27.Ke1 Qxd7 28.Bxh6 Qd3 29.Be3 a6 30.Bd4 Re8+ 31.Be3 h5 32.Qb4 Re4 33.Qb8+ Kg7 34.Qc7 Qd5 35.Ke2 Ra4 36.Bd2 Qe4+ 37.Kd1 Ra1+ 38.Bc1 Qd3+. Berg - Ravikumar, Esbjerg 1982.

 11.Nf4 can lead to interesting play after 11...g5!?.

A) 12.Nh5 Nxh5 13.Bxh5 e6 (13...h6 is also good, since 14.h4 can be met by 14...g4 ) 14.g4 A1) 14...Bd3 15.dxe6 is complicated, but better for White. 15...Bc4 16.exf7+ Kh8 (16...Bxf7 17.Bxf7+ Rxf7 18.Be3 Bxd4 19.0 - 0! is much better for White.) 17.Qc2 Nd5 18.Be3 Nb4 19.Qd2 Nd3+ 20.Kd1 Bxd4 21.Bxd4+? (21.Bxg5 Qb6. 21.Kc2! was best, and Black would have great difficulty equalizing.) 21...Qxd4 22.Kc2 Nb4+ 23.Kc1 Qxd2+ 24.Kxd2 Rad8+ 25.Kc1 Bxf7 26.a3? (26.Bxf7 Nd3+ 27.Kc2 Rxf7 would have been only slightly worse for White.) 26...Bxh5 27.axb4 Bxg4 28.Rxa7 Rxf2 29.Nd1 Rc8+ 30.Kb1 Rd2 31.Nc3 Bf3 32.Rg1 g4 33.Ra5 Rxh2. Bonet-Codina, Postal 1988.

 A2) 14...Bg6 15.dxe6 Bxh5 16.gxh5 Qxd4 17.Bxg5 Qg4 18.Be3 Nc4 19.h6 Nxe3 20.hxg7 Ng2+ 21.Kf1 Ne3+ 22.Ke1 was drawn in Klaic-Koshil, Postal 1992.

 B) 12.Nfe2 12...g4 13.Ng3 Bg6 14.Be2 Nfxd5 (14...Qd7 Black does not have to rush to recapture the pawn. 15.0-0 h5 16.Re1 Nbxd5 17.Bd2 e6 18.Bb5 Qd8 was fine for Black in Kindermann-Brestian, Vienna 1991.) 15.Bxg4 Bxd4 16.Nce2 Be5 17.f4 Bd6 18.f5 Bb4+ 19.Nc3 Qc8 20.0-0 Bxc3 21.bxc3 h5 22.Bf3 Bh7 23.Ba3 Ne3 24.Bxe7 Re8 25.f6 Nxf1 26.Rxf1 Qc4 27.Bd5 Qxd5. Laren-Bernhardsson, Postal USA 1990.

 11.d6 is premature. 11...exd6 12.Bxb7 Rb8 13.Bf3 Nbd5 14.Qd1 Nxc3 15.bxc3 Qa5 gave Black equality in Dolmatov-Tomaszewski, Polanica Zdroj 1987.


 11...Bd3 is no longer considered adequate in view of 12.d6!.

A) 12...Qd7 13.dxe7 Rfe8 14.Qd1 Bc4 15.b3 Bxe2 16.Bxe2 Rxe7 17.Ba3 is much better for White, Pilgaard-Bauner, Denmark 1990.

 B) 12...Qxd6 13.Bxb7 B1) 13...Bc4 14.Qd1 Rad8 15.b3 Bxe2 16.Qxe2 Nbd5 17.Nxd5 Nxd5 18.Bxd5 Qxd5 19.Bb2 Qb7 (19...Bxd4 20.Bxd4 Qxd4 21.Qxe7 Rfe8 22.Qg5 Re2 gives Black some counterplay, and it seems to me that White will have difficulty winning.) 20.Qe3 Rd7 21.Rac1 Rfd8 22.Rc4 Qb6 23.g3 e5 24.dxe5 Qxe3 25.fxe3 Re8 26.Rc5 h5 27.Bd4 Re6 28.Ra5 a6 29.Rc1 f6 30.exf6 Bxf6 31.Bxf6 Rxf6 32.Rc2 Rd1+ 33.Kg2 Re1 34.Re5 Kg7 35.Rd2 Rc6 36.Kf3 Kf6 37.Red5 Re6 38.Re2 Rf1+ 39.Kg2 Rc1 40.Ra5 Rb1 41.e4 Rc1 42.Kf3 Rcc6 43.Kf4 Rc1 44.e5+ Kg7 45.Ke4 Rcc6 46.Kd5 Kf7 47.Rc5. Sher - Avetisian, Erevan 1996.

 B2) 13...Rad8 14.Rd1 Bc4 15.Qc2 Bxe2 16.Qxe2 is also clearly better for White, Manyai-Wozny, Zalakaros 1991.

 C) 12...Ba6 13.dxe7 Qxe7 14.Re1 Rfe8 15.Bg5 Bc4 16.Qd1 Rad8 17.Ng3 Qb4 18.Qd2 Be6 19.d5 Rd7 20.Bxf6 Bxf6 21.Qc2 Red8 22.dxe6 Rd2 23.exf7+ Kg7 24.Qb3 Qf4 25.Re8. Gordienko - Labutin, Russian Championship J16 Kaluga 1996.

 D) 12...exd6 13.Bxb7 Rb8 14.Bf3 D1) 14...Qd7 15.Qd1 Ba6 16.b3 (16.Re1 looks stronger, and I am not sure Black has any hope of equalizing soon.) 16...Rfe8 17.Re1 Rbc8 18.Ba3 d5 19.Qd2 Ne4 20.Bxe4 dxe4 21.Rad1 h5 22.Bc5 Kh7 23.Qf4 Qb7 24.Qg3 Nd7 25.Na4 Qc6 26.Bxa7 Bxe2. Milos-Kamsky, Palma de Mallorca 1989.

 D2) 14...Re8 15.Qd1 Ba6 16.Re1 is clearly better for White, but Black has been able to survive. 16...Rc8 (16...Qd7 17.b3 Rbc8 18.Bf4 d5 19.Rc1 Ne4 was played in Merklinger-Merkel, Germany 1993 and here 20.Bxe4 or 20.Bd2 would have provided White with a serious advantage.) 17.Ng3 Rxe1+ 18.Qxe1 Qd7 19.Bf4 Re8 20.Qd2 Re6 21.b3 d5 22.Re1 Rc6 23.Be5 Bf8 24.Nce2 and again Black is just a pawn down, though Hort-Dolmatov, Amsterdam 1980 was eventually drawn,.

 11...Qd7 has struggled against 12.a4! (12.Bg5 h6 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Rad1 g5 15.h3 Nc8 16.Ng3 Nd6 17.Nxf5 Qxf5 18.Rfe1 Qg6 19.Ne4 h5 Black has a bit of counterplay, but the quality of this game degenerates quickly. Make of it what you can! 20.Nxd6 exd6 21.Qxb7 Rab8 22.Qxa7 Rxb2 23.Qa3 Qc2 24.Qe3 h4 25.Be4 Qa4 26.Bb1 Kg7 27.Qd3 Rh8 28.Re4 Qb5 29.Qxb5 Rxb5 30.Bc2 Rxd5 31.Bb3 Rb5 32.Rg4 Rc8 33.f4 Rc3 34.d5 Rg3 35.fxg5 Bxg5 36.Rxg3 hxg3 37.Rd3 Bf4 38.Kf1 Rc5 39.Ke2 Rc1 40.a4 Be5 41.Rd1 Rc3 and after a series of misadventures the game Rozentalis-Blankenau, New York Open 1997 was eventually drawn.) 12...Bd3 (12...Rfd8 13.d6 is "quite effective", according to Belyavsky.) 13.d6 Bc4 14.Qb4.

 A) 14...Qxd6 may be playable: 15.Qxd6 exd6 16.Bxb7 Rab8 17.Bf3 Rfd8 18.Ra3 (18.Re1 is more promising, and deserves practical tests.) 18...Nbd5 19.Bg5 Nxc3 20.Rxc3 Bxe2 21.Bxe2 Rxb2 22.Bf3 Rb4 23.Bc6 Rc8 24.Rcc1 h6 25.Bd2 Rb2 26.Bf4 = Wolff - Odendahl, Philadelphia W 1988.

 B) 14...Bxe2 15.Nxe2 Nbd5 16.Qa3 exd6 17.Qb3 Rfe8 18.Re1 Ne7 19.Qxb7 Qxb7 20.Bxb7 Rab8 21.Ba6 Nf5 22.Rd1 Nd5 23.Bc4 and White eventually won in Milos Championship ristiansen, Szirak 1987.


This is the most logical move. White takes control of the d6-square..

 12.a4 Qd6 13.Nb5 Qd7 14.d6 exd6 15.Bf4 Be6 16.Qd1 Ne8 17.d5 Bg4 18.Nec3 Bxf3 19.Qxf3 Nc4 20.Qe2 Rc8 21.Rfe1 Nf6 22.b3 Nh5 23.Bg5 Rfe8 24.Qc2 Qg4 25.bxc4 Qxg5 26.Nxd6 Nf4 27.g3 Qg4 28.Rxe8+ Rxe8 29.Nxe8 Bxc3 30.Qxc3 Ne2+ 31.Kf1. Van Baarle - Gaprindashvili, Amsterdam 1976.

 12.d6 is possible: 12...exd6 13.Bxb7 Rb8 14.Bf3 Nbd5 15.Qd1 and White has the extra pawn. 15...Nb4 16.Ng3 Bd3 17.Be2 Bxe2 18.Ngxe2 d5 19.b3 Re8 20.h3 Ne4 21.Na4 Rc8 22.a3 Nc6 23.Ra2 Nd6 24.Bb2 Nf5 25.Bc3 Qd6 26.Qd2 (26.g4!? might be better.) 26...Re4 27.Rb1 Rce8 and Black had the initiative. 28.Qd1 Ncxd4 29.Bxd4 Nxd4 30.Nac3 Nxe2+ 31.Nxe2 Qe6 32.Kf1 Qa6 33.Rd2 Bc3 34.Rc2 d4. Norevall - Carlqvist, Postal 1985.

 12...Bd3 13.d6!.

The return of the pawn brings several concrete positional advantage. White enjoys control of greater space and the bishops can be very useful, raking the a8-h1 and b8-h2 diagonals. I don't know why anyone would want to suffer the Black side, when the ...Bg4 lines allow White much less action. Still, it is not all that easy to win as White here..

 13...exd6 14.Qd1.

 14.Bxb7 is an error, 14...Rb8 15.Bf3 Nbd5 16.Bxd5 Rxb3 17.Bxb3 gives White rook, bishop and pawn for the queen but after 17...Re8 Black's initiative swings the balance in favor of the second player.

 14...Ba6 15.b3 h6.

 15...d5 is an instructive error. As Belyavsky points out, Black should not play this move because e5 and c5 are weakened. 16.Re1 Rc8 17.Rc1 Rc6 18.Ng3 Qd7 19.a4 Rfc8 20.Qd2 Bf8 21.Na2 Rxc1 22.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 23.Qxc1 Qc8 24.Bd2 Qxc1+ 25.Nxc1 Nc8 26.Bxa5 and White went on to win in Noskowicz-Zabczyk, Postal 1992.

 16.h3 Nh7? This move just doesn't make sense to me, and Adams returns the knight to f6 shortly. 16...Rc8 followed by ...Qd7 and ...Re8 is more in keeping with the spirit of the position..

 17.g3 Rc8 18.Bg2 Re8 19.Re1 Nf6.

 In spite of Black's waste of time White has no more than a minimal advantage. The bishop n a6 is out of play, and there is no source of counterplay for Black..

 20.Rc1 Qd7.

 20...g5 would be reasonable here.

 21.Qd2 Kh7 22.Be3.

22...d5? A positional mistake. Black is hard pressed to find a constructive plan, and is running out of waiting moves. Retreating the queen to d8 would have been stronger. 23.Nf4 Rc7 24.Nd3! The weakness of e5 and c5 is obvious, and this powerful night must be eliminated. 24...Bxd3 25.Qxd3 Rcc8 26.a4! The pawn at a5 is very weak. If Black reorganizes with ...b6, then the light squares are vulnerable, and Black has no light-squared bishop to defend them. 26...Bf8 27.Bd2 Rxe1+ 28.Rxe1 Qd8 29.Ne2 Black must now act to defend the a-pawn. 29...Na8 30.Nf4 b6 31.Qb5 Rc2 An attempt top create some counterplay in a strategically hopeless position. 32.Be3 Bb4 33.Rc1 Rxc1+ 34.Bxc1 Kg7 35.Be3 Although this is a bad bishop, it is useful in defending the d-pawn, freeing all the other White pieces for more ambitious projects. 35...Bd6 The d-pawn is lost in any case. 35...Nc7 36.Qxb6 Nd7 37.Qa7 and there is no way to trap the White queen. 36.Nxd5 Nc7 37.Nxc7 Qxc7 38.Qc6! Qe7 The endgame after the exchange of queens would have been hopeless. 39.Qxb6 Bxg3 40.Qxa5! 40.fxg3 Qxe3+ 41.Kh2 Nh5 would have let Black off the hook.40...Bd6 41.Qb5 g5 42.a5 Black resigned.

Polgar,S Gipslis 
Brno 1991

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.Nge2.   White normally sets up the pieces in this formation, which keep maximal control of important central squares. Black reacts by exchanging light-squared bishops, since the Bc8 is not destined for an active future anyway..


 10...Bf5 11.Nf4 Rc8 12.h3 g5 13.Nfe2 h6 14.g4 Bd3 15.h4+/- Polgar - Bass, New York op, 1988, , ,.

 11.Bxg4 Nxg4 12.a4.

This is the main line of the modern handling of the 5...g6 defense. White plans to advance the a-pawn and force the knight to relocate, reducing the pressure at d5. The only drawback to this plan is that the White queenside becomes somewhat loose. Aivars Gipslis has been a leading exponent of the Black side, while Sofia Polgar has been seen handling the White pieces..

 12.0-0 is the most popular alternative.


 A) 13.a4 Qd7 14.d6 Qxd6 15.a5 Nbd5 16.Nb5 Qb4 17.Qxb4 Nxb4 18.Bd2 Nfd5 19.Ra4 Nd3 20.Bc3 Rfc8 21.a6 bxa6 (21...b6 would have left White with serious problems in the endgame.) 22.Rxa6 Nxb2 23.Bxb2 Rab8 24.Nxa7 Rc2 was equal in Speck-Byrne, Australian Championship 1991.

 B) 13.Nf4 is met by 13...Qd7 and more pressure is coming on the d-file. 14.Re1 (14.Be3 Rfd8 15.d6 Qxd6 16.Rad1 e6 17.Nb5 Qb8 18.Nxa7 Qxa7 19.d5 Nfxd5 20.Nxd5 Rxd5 21.Bxb6 Qxa2 22.Qf3 Rxd1 23.Rxd1 Qxb2 24.Qxb7 Ra1 25.Qb8+ Bf8 26.Rf1 Qb1! and White resigned in Bryson-Santos, Europe 1989.) 14...Rfd8 15.Nd3 Nfxd5 16.Ne5 Qd6 17.Bd2 e6 18.Ne4 Qe7 19.Qh3 Rf8 20.Ng5 h6 21.Ngf3 h5 22.g4 hxg4 23.Nxg4 Nf6 24.Bg5 Nbd7 25.Qh4 Rfc8 was seen in Negele-Unzicker, Ingelstadt 1991, where 26.Ne5 would have won easily.

 12.Bf4 ams at an early d6. 12...Nf6 13.d6 exd6.

White has three distinct plans here, and all have had some success at the board. In the light of objective analysis, however, there is little to boast about..

 A) 14.d5 Re8 15.Be3?! This is too ambitious. Instead, 15...Qc7 or 15...Ng4 should give Black the advantage. 15...Rxe3 and it looks like Black's attack is fizzling, but after 16.fxe3 Ng4 17.Nd1 Qg5 18.e4 Re8 19.0-0 Rxe4 20.Qf3 f5 21.Nec3 Nxh2 22.Kxh2 Qh6+ 23.Kg1 Bd4+ 24.Nf2 Re3 25.Qd1 Be5 26.Nh3 Rg3 27.Ne2 and Black has more than enough compensation for the double exchange. 27...Qxh3 28.Nxg3 Qxg3 29.Rf3 Qh2+ 30.Kf2 Qh4+ 31.Ke2 (31.Kf1 Bxb2! would have maintained the balance.) 31...Qg4 32.Kf1 Bxb2 33.Rb1 Be5 34.Rc1 Qh4 35.Rh3 Qf4+ 36.Kg1 Bd4+ (36...Qe4?) 37.Kh1 Nxd5. Petersen-Rewitz, Denmark 1993. 38.Rc4 Ne3 39.Rxd4 looks at least equal for Black.

 B) 14.a4 a5 15.0-0 Re8 16.Rad1 Rc8 17.Qb5 Rc4 (17...Nc4 18.b3 Na3 19.Qxb7 Nh5 20.Bg3 Nc2 and White is better, Dolmatov-O'Cinneide, Bern 1994.) 18.Bg5 h6 19.Bxf6 Bxf6 20.b3 Rb4 21.Qxa5 Rxb3 22.Rb1 Rxb1 23.Rxb1 Nc4 24.Qd5 is solid enough for Black.

 C) 14.0-0 14...Re8 was better for White in Odendahl-Calogridis, Dallas (Pinfork) 1996. C1) 15.Ng3 Qd7 16.Rac1 Rac8 (16...h5 17.h3 h4 18.Nge2 Ne4 19.Nxe4 Rxe4 20.Be3 Rae8 21.Nc3 Rxe3 22.fxe3 Rxe3 23.Qb4! and Black is a little better, as the pawn at d5 has more support than the pawn at d4, Bednarska-Kaczorowska, Polish Women's Championship 1992.) 17.Rfd1 h5 18.Bg5 d5?.

 C2) 15.Rfe1 15...Nh5 16.a4 and White was in trouble in Moberg-Madebrink, Helsingborg 1991. 16...Nxf4 17.Nxf4 Bxd4 Black does not have to play 12...a5 immediately because the advance of the a-pawn is not a threat since Black threatens to capture the pawn at d5.

 12...Nf6 will usually transpose below after Black plays ...Nf6..

 12...a5. Weigel - Delander, German Championship sen 1996.

 A) 13.Bf4 Nf6 14.d6 exd6 15.Nb5 (15.0-0 Nh5 16.Be3 Rc8 17.Rac1 Nc4 18.Nd5 Nxe3 19.Rxc8 Qxc8 20.Ne7+ Kh8 21.Nxc8 Nxf1 22.Nxd6/ Polgar,Zsofia-Belotti Biel 1987) 15...Nfd5 16.Bxd6 Re8 and Black is better, Neelakantan - Arpi, Calcutta 1996.

 B) 13.h3 Nf6 14.Nf4 Qd6 15.0-0 Rfd8 16.Be3 Nbxd5 17.Nfxd5 Nxd5 18.Qxb7 Rab8 19.Qxd5 Qxd5 20.Nxd5 Rxd5 21.Rfd1 Rxb2 is an interesting alternative.

 C) 13.0-0 13...Qd6 and now White will have more possibilities after 14.Bf4 Qb4 15.Qd1!.

 C1) 15...Rfd8 16.Bc7+/- (16.d6 e5+/-) 16...Rd7 17.d6 exd6 18.Bxb6 Qxb6 19.Nd5 Qa7 (19...Qc6 20.Nef4 Nf6 21.Rc1 Qxd5 22.Nxd5 Nxd5 23.Qg4!?. 19...Qa6 20.Nec3!3) 20.Nec3+- Qxd4 21.h3 and here instead of (21.Qxd4 Bxd4 22.Nb5 Nf6+-) 21...Nh6 (21...Qxd1 22.Raxd1 Nf6 23.Nb6 Polgar - Skembris, Korfu 1990.) 22.Qxd4 Bxd4 23.Nb5 Bxb2 24.Ra2 and White wins, Black should retreat the bishop to e5 at move 24 instead, as the advance of White's f-pawn to f4 would only create a weakness. 24...Bg7 25.Nb6 Rad8 26.Nxd7 Rxd7 27.Rd1 Bf8 (27...Nf5 28.g4 Nh4 29.Rxd6!? where White can try) 28.Rad2 Nf5 29.g4 Nh4 30.Rd5 b6 31.Kh2 h6 32.Kg3 g5 33.Nxd6 Re7 34.Nf5 Re4.

I think that Black will find it hard to achieve full equality here, and certainly practical experience has not been pleasant: 35.R1d4! and the bishop comes to a3 with devastating effect:.

 C2) 15...Nf6 16.d6 was seen in Ricardi-Glavina, Salta 1987 and here 24.Qd2 or 24.Rfe1 would have left Black in a miserable position. 16...exd6 17.Nb5 led to a win for White in Swan-Williams, Postal 1992. 17...Rfd8 (17...Ne8 18.b3 d5 19.Bc1 is Laine-Ledger, Hastings 1994. By placing a rook on c1 or e1 White would have had a huge advantage. 19...Qe7 20.Ba3 Qd7 21.Rc1 Nc8 22.Bxf8 Bxf8 23.Qc2 Nb6 and Black has not been able to hold the position. Two examples: 17...Qc4 18.b3 Qc6 19.Rc1 Qe4 20.Bxd6. Kiefhaber-Schaack, Germany 1990. 17...Nc8 18.b3 d5 19.Bc1 Qe7 20.Ba3 Qe4 21.Bxf8 Bxf8. Carlier-Sibbing, Netherlands 1985.) 18.b3 Ne4 19.f3 g5 20.fxe4 gxf4 21.Nxf4 d5 22.e5 and White is better, Oral - Nikolaidis, EU-Cup Olomouc 1996. 22...Nc8 (22...Qe7 23.Nh5 Kh8 24.Nxg7 Kxg7 25.Nd6 Rxd6 26.exd6 Qxd6 27.Qh5 Rf8 28.Rf3 Nd7 29.Qg4+ Kh8 30.Rg3 Qf6 31.Rf1.

This is the main line. The immediate advance of the a-pawn is one of the popular alternatives.) 23.Nc7 Ra7 24.Ncxd5 Qf8 25.Qg4 Kh8 26.Ne6 gives Black an initiative.


 12...Qd7 13.a5 Nc8 14.Bf4 Nf6 15.0-0 Rd8 16.Rfc1 Nd6 17.Bxd6 Qxd6 18.Qxb7 puts enough pressure on c3 to make up for the pawn.

 13.Nf4 was agreed drawn in Winsnes-Gipslis, Berlin 1991..

 13.a5 Nbxd5 14.Qxb7 Qd6 15.Qb3 Rab8 was about equal in Winterstein-Jonitz, Giessen 1991. 16.Qd1 Rfc8 (16...e5 17.0-0 Rfd8 18.dxe5 Qxe5 19.Qd4 Qxd4 20.Nxd4 Nxc3 21.bxc3 Rbc8.

Although Black is a pawn down, I'd rather be sitting on that side of the board. The pressure at d5 is intense, and the long diagonal can be used by Black. 22.a6 Ne4 23.Nb5 Nxc3 24.Nxc3 Bxc3 25.Ra2 Bd4 26.g3 h5 27.Kg2 Rc6 28.Rd1 Bb6 29.Re1 Rdc8 30.Be3 Re8 31.Bxb6 Rxe1 32.Bxa7 Ree6 33.Bb6 Rxb6 34.a7 Ra6 35.a8Q+ Rxa8 36.Rxa8+ Kg7 37.h4? Wrong knight. After 27...Nbd5 Black would have all the chances.) 17.0-0 Rc6 (17...e6 18.Re1 Qa6 19.Ra4 h6 20.h3 Rb7 21.Nxd5 Nxd5 22.Ng3 Qb5 23.Ne4 Rc6 24.Nc5 Rbc7! and White went on to win in Polgar - Arkell, London 1988.) 18.h3 Ra6 19.Qd3 Nb4 20.Qf3 Qc6 21.Qxc6 Nxc6 22.d5 Nb4 23.Rd1 Rd8 24.Bg5 Rad6 is not so effective here. After 25.Bf4 R6d7 26.d6 e6 27.Na4 Nfd5 Black plays 28.Bg3 Rb7 29.Nec3 Nxc3 30.bxc3 Nc6 31.a6!.

 13.d6! with a good game, for example 13...Qxd6 14.Bf4 Qd7 15.Be5 Rac8 16.0-0 Rfd8 17.Rfd1. Karacsony-Lepsenyi, Budapest 1995. 17...Nfd5.

Black does not have to play this move, but it is a good idea. 18.Bxg7 Kxg7 19.Ne4 Qg4 is not solid enough after 20.f3 Qe6 21.Qd3 Nc4 22.Nc5 Qe3+ 23.Qxe3 Ncxe3 24.Nxb7 Nxd1 25.Nxd8 N5e3 26.Nb7 Rc2 27.Nf4 g5 28.Nd3 Rxg2+ 29.Kh1 Rd2 30.Nbc5 Nc2 31.Rc1 Nxd4 32.Ne1 Nf2+!.

13...a5. Kobalija - Ponomariov, Rimavska Sobota 1996..

 13...Qd7 14.a5 Nc8 15.0-0 Nd6. Hort-Gipslis, Prague 1974. 16.Re1. Wright - Moore, Postal 1986. (16.Rd1 Rac8 17.Nd3 Nfe4 18.Be3 Nxc3 19.bxc3 Qb5 20.Ra3 Rc4 21.Ne5 Rc7 22.c4 Qxb3 23.Rxb3 f6 24.c5 fxe5 25.cxd6 exd6 26.dxe5 Bxe5 27.Bxa7 Ra8 28.Bb6 Rc2 29.g3 Rac8 30.Be3 R8c7 31.Kg2 Ra2 32.Rb5 h5 33.Rdb1 Ra4 34.Kh3 Ra2 35.Kg2 Ra4 36.h3 Rf7 37.Rc1 Bd4 38.Bxd4 Rxd4 39.Rc3 Kg7 40.Rf3 Ra4 Black's position is a mess, and the extra piece is not enough compensation for the pressure and pawns.) 16...Nf5 (16...Rfe8 17.h3 Rad8 18.Ra4 Nf5 19.Rb4 g5 20.Nfe2 Nxd5 21.Rxb7 Qc6 22.Qb5 Qe6 23.Nxd5 Qxd5 24.Qxd5 Rxd5 25.Rxa7 Nxd4 26.Nc3 Rc5 27.a6 Nc6 28.Rc7 Ra8 29.Be3 Rc4 30.Nd5 Rxa6 31.Nxe7+ Kf8 32.Nf5 Ra8 33.Bxg5 Ne5 34.Rb7 Ng6 35.Rxf7+. Hort-Hennings, East German 1972. 16...Rac8 17.Ra4 Rc7 18.h3 Rfc8 19.Nd3 Qd8 20.Bf4 Nfe8 21.Ne5 Ra8 22.Rb4 Rcc8 23.a6+/-) 17.Ra4 Ne8 18.Be3 Ned6 19.Nd3 Rfc8 20.Ne5 Qd8 21.Bf4 g5 22.Bxg5 f6 23.Bf4 fxe5 24.dxe5 Nf7 25.d6.

Black's formation is quite solid and the extra doubled d-pawn is of little significance. White usualy gives it up before long by advancing to d6, returning the material for positional considerations. 25...Rc5 26.Qe6 exd6 27.Qxf5 dxe5 28.Ne4 Rxa5 29.Bg5 Qb6 30.Rxa5 Qxa5 31.Rc1 Qb4 32.h4 Rf8 33.Rc7 Qb6 34.Nf6+ Bxf6 35.Bxf6 Qb4 36.Rc8 This is the only move for White which can cause Black any problems.

 13...g5 14.Nfe2 h6 15.h4 and Black has enough pressure to compensate for the pawn, Van der Sterren - Egmond, Nuremberg 1977.

 14.0-0 Qd6 15.Nb5!.

 15.Re1 Rfe8 16.Be3 Qb4 17.Ra3 Rad8 18.Nd3 Qxb3 19.Rxb3 Nfxd5 20.Nxd5 Nxd5 21.Rxb7 Rb8 22.Rxb8 Rxb8 Black now has a permanent weakness at d6, while White's pawn at d5 is easy to defend.

 15.Rd1 Rfd8 16.Nb5 Qd7 17.d6 exd6 18.Nc3 Ra6 19.Be3 Rc8 20.h3 Rc4 21.Nd3 Qc8 22.Ne5 dxe5 23.dxe5 Qe8 24.exf6 Rb4 25.Qc2 Bxf6 26.b3 Qe6 27.Rab1 Ra8 28.Nb5 Rc8 29.Qd3 Rh4 30.Qd2 Rb4 31.Qd3 Rh4 An obvious move, defending the knight at b6 and preparing a pivot square at d7. Nevertheless, I think that the dropping the knight back to a8 would be wiser, and see no clear way for White to gain an advantage.

 15...Qd7 16.d6 exd6 17.d5!.

 17.Be3 Rfc8 18.Rac1 Rxc1 19.Rxc1 Rc8 20.Nc3 Qd8. Liedtke - Salo, Mlada Boleslav 1992 21.h3 d5 22.Qb5 Bf8 23.Qxa5 Qd6 24.Qb5 Qb4 25.Qe2 (25.a5 Rxc3 26.Qxb6 Qxb6 27.axb6 Rb3 28.Rc8 Kg7!.

This is the correct rook to place at c8. The pawn at a5 remains defended, and White has no way to make progress. In the long run, the superiority of the bishop at g7 over White's dark-squared bishop becomes apparent.) 25...Nxa4 26.Nd3! Qb3 27.Nc5 Nxc3 28.Rxc3 Qa2 29.Bg5 Nd7 30.Nxd7 Rxc3 31.Qe8 Black has a small but persistent advantage. Both minor pieces are better placed and the c-file is controlled by the heavy artillery.


Black removes one pair of queenside pawns to create a target on the queenside. 18.Qd3 Ne8 19.Ra2 Nc4 20.b3 Ne5 21.Qd1 Nc7!? Now the d-pawns are removed, eliminating White's spatial advantage. 22.Nxc7 Rxc7! 23.Ba3 b5.

Black now has the advantage of bishop against knght. 24.axb5 Rb7 25.Ne2 Qxb5 26.Nc1 Nd7 Black can easily cope with White's threats. 27.Bxd6 Nb6 28.Bf4 Nxd5 29.Bd2 Nc3? On the last move of time control, White chooses to weaken the position. 30.Bxc3 Bxc3 would have been less commital. 31.Qf3 Rc8 32.Rc2 Rbc7 33.Rd1 Kg7 34.h3 Bf6 35.Rxc7 Rxc7 36.Ne2 h5 37.Rd6 Qe5! This is no time for an endgame. The queen has work to do! 38.Rd5 Qa1+ 39.Kh2 h4 40.g3?! 40.Qg4 would have offered considerably more resistance and it is not clear that Black has enough to win. 40...Qf1 41.Rd2 Be5 42.Qg2 Qe1!.

43.Ra2 Re7 44.Qg1 Qb4 45.Qd1 Qe4 46.Rd2 Rb7 47.Rd3 a4 48.Re3 Qf5 49.f4 Bf6 50.bxa4 Rb2 51.Qd6 Qb1 52.Qd5 Qe1 White resigned.

Hazai Lenart
Hungary, 1993

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Qb3 Bg7 7.cxd5 0-0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Bf3 Nb6 10.Nge2.   In this game we examine alternatives to the main lines which involve the early development of the bishop to g4 or f5..


 10...Ne8 11.0-0 Bf5 12.Re1 Rc8 13.Bf4 Nd6 14.Rac1 looks to be only marginally better for White.

 10...h6 11.0-0 g5 12.h3 Qd6 13.Bd2 a6 14.Ng3 a5 15.a4 Qb4 16.Qc2 Nc4 17.Bc1 Nd6 18.Re1 Re8 19.Bd2 (19.b3!? Qxd4 20.Be3 Qb4 21.Bd2 Qh4 22.Nb5 Nxb5 23.axb5 might give White some advantage.) 19...Qxd4 20.b3 Qc5 was equal in Troltenier-Fuchs, Germany 1988.


 11.a4 is an obvious reply. Black can transpose to the main lines with either ...Bf5 or ...Bg4, but there are some independent paths. 11...Qd6 is the most interesting.

A) 12.0-0 Qb4 (12...Bf5 13.Nb5 Qd7 14.Nbc3 Ra6 15.d6 exd6 16.Nf4 Bg4 17.Bxg4 Nxg4 18.h3 Nf6 19.Be3 Rc8 20.Rfc1 Rc4 21.Ncd5 Rxc1+ 22.Rxc1 Nfxd5 23.Nxd5 Nxd5 24.Qxd5 h6 25.Rc5 Rb6 26.Rxa5 Rxb2 27.Ra8+ Kh7 28.a5 Rb5 29.Qa2 Qf5 30.a6 bxa6 31.Rxa6 d5 32.Ra7 Rb4 33.Ra5 Bxd4 34.Rxd5 Rb1+ 35.Kh2 Be5+ 36.g3 Qe4 37.Qxb1 Bxg3+ 38.fxg3 Qxb1 39.Rd2 Qe1 40.Bf4 g5. Barendse - Dorenberg, Enschede 1992) 13.Qa2 Rd8 14.b3 Qd6 15.Nb5 Qd7 16.Nec3 Qf5 17.Ba3 Bf8 18.Rfe1 Qf4 19.Bc1 Qb8 20.g3 Ne8 21.Bf4 Nd6 22.Nxd6 exd6 23.Bg5 Rd7 24.Re8 f6 25.Bh6 Rf7 26.Nb5 Nd7. Metz - Steinmacher, Waldshut 1991.

 B) 12.Nb5 12...Qb4+ 13.Qxb4 axb4 14.d6 exd6 is a bit better for White. 15.b3 (15.Nxd6 Rxa4 16.Rxa4 Nxa4 17.0-0 Be6 18.Nf4 Rd8 19.Nxb7 Rxd4 20.Nxe6 fxe6 and Black was able to draw in Behling-Derikum, Germany 1984.) 15...Be6 16.Nc7 Rab8 17.Nxe6 fxe6 18.Bd2 Nbd5 19.0-0 Kf7 20.Rfc1 Rfc8 21.g4 Nc3 22.Nxc3 bxc3 23.Rxc3 Rxc3 24.Bxc3 and White went on to win in Dolmatov-Halldorsson, Reykjavik 1988.

 11.Bf4 is one of two moves that invite the advance of Black's a-pawn, 11...a4 12.Qb5.

 A) 12...Bf5 13.h3 Ne8 14.g4 Bd7 15.Qd3 Nd6 16.h4 Qc8 (16...Nbc4!? comes into consideration.) 17.Rc1 Bxg4 18.Nxa4 Qf5 19.Qxf5 Nxf5 20.Bxg4 Nxa4 21.Bxf5 gxf5 22.Rg1 and White had an attack on the kingside, Drugda-Cech, Postal 1992.

 B) 12...Bg4 is quite playable here, leading to positions similar to that of the Main Lines with ...Bg4.

 C) 12...Bd7 13.Qb4 Bg4 14.Bxg4 Nxg4 15.d6 e5 16.dxe5 Nxe5.

This is an interesting position. Black has some potential compensation along the a1 - h8 diagonal, and the pawn at d6 is very weak. So it seems White should bring a rook to d1, either directly or by castlng queenside. The latter seems far too risky to me, as the king will come under a ferocious attack. So I think that 17.Rd1 is best, but that move has yet to be tested..

 C1) 17.0-0 Nd3 18.Qe4 Nxf4 19.Qxf4 Re8 20.Rad1 Be5 21.Qb4 Re6 22.Nb5 Rc8 23.f4 Rc4 24.Qd2 Bg7 25.Rf3 (25.Nec3 would create real problems for Black. White will advance the f-pawn and undermine Black's kingside pawn stucture.) 25...Rce4 26.Nec3 Nc4 27.Qf2 Ne3 28.Rc1 Ng4 29.Qc5 This loses by force. (29.Qg3 would have maintained control of the e1 - square and Black would have nothing better than 29...Qb6+ 30.Kh1 Bxc3 31.Nxc3 Qxb2 and after 32.Rg1 Black has problems with the knight at g4 and pawn at d6.) 29...Re1+ 30.Rxe1 Rxe1+ 31.Rf1 Qh4 32.h3 Ne3 33.Rxe1 Qxe1+. Rota-Gagliardi, Postal 1985.

 C2) 17.Bxe5 17...Bxe5 18.Rd1 Rc8 19.Nd5 Nxd5 20.Rxd5 Qg5 21.Qe4 Rce8 22.d7 Re6 23.Qd3 Rd8 24.0-0 Qe7 25.Rd1 Bxb2 26.Ng3 Ba3 27.Rd4 Re1+ 28.Rxe1 Qxe1+ 29.Nf1 Bc5 30.Qe4 was drawn in Jensen-Du Jardin, Denmark 1984.

 11.Bg5 also allows the effective advance of the a-pawn. 11...a4 12.Qb5 Bd7 13.Qb4 Bf5 14.0-0 Nfxd5 (14...Rc8 is also sensible.) 15.Nxd5 Nxd5 16.Qxb7 Be6 17.Nf4 Nxf4 18.Bxf4 Qxd4 19.Be3 Qxb2 20.Qxe7 and Black was at least equal, Berg-Derikum, Germany 1985.


 11...Qd6 12.Bf4 Qb4 13.Rfe1 Nc4 14.Na4 Nd2 15.Bxd2 Qxd2 16.Nb6 gave White a clear advantage in Sadilkova-Skacelova Zahorovska, Frenstat 1989.