Hannity Lies to Defend himself

LIE #1

April 13, 2000 just before 6:00 p.m. EDT:

Caller said, "You should be ashamed of yourself. You said the other day that you wanted
Janet Reno to go in there and drag that kid out." Hannity replied, "I never said that. Ever." So caller rejoined, "You certainly did. You absolutely did." Again Hannity denied, "Sir. You heard some other show. I never, ever said that."


On April 10, 2000 in his opening monologue, Hannity said this:

By the way, there's a lot of, a big movement in Florida to defy Janet Reno. And I love this. I hope they defy them. I hope they say, 'you come get him.' And I hope Janet Reno herself has to go walk through the crowd of Miami, pick Elian out of
Marisleysis' hands and take him out of the home kicking and screaming and drag him back to Castro.

Will Hannity also deny his hateful rhetoric of March 31, 2000 in the 5-6 p.m. segment?

LIE #2

April 7, 2000 with Adolf Ghouliani a.k.a. the Grim Reaper:

Hannity had his friend the Mayor of New York City on as his usual weekly guest and a caller, speaking truth to power, confronted Hannity by telling the Mayor that "one of your biggest supporters is going on the airwaves telling Police not to do their jobs, to lay back and not do their job." At this point, Hannity interrupted the caller, saying, "Althius, you're not going to misrepresent my position. I said, in this day and age, Good try, Mr. Mayor, I've been saying the cops, they have a very difficult job and I said I totally understand that they can't put their lives on the line the way they used to because they're gonna be second-guessed by everybody. They're not getting the support. I did not tell them not to do their jobs," to which Mayor Ghouliani said, "I know you didn't."


After the Chuck Schwarz decision, where the officer went to jail for his part in the Abner Louima beating, Hannity in fact exhorted NYPD cops repeatedly to not do their job. One People's Project has several tracks of this, centering around March 6 and 7, 2000. Here are just three:

March 6:
HANNITY: Get your twenty (years) in and get out. Get your twenty in and don't take risks. Don't go because you know what? The public doesn't support you. The public is, there's too large a percentage of the public that want to turn you into a criminal. I mean, why should you do your job?

To caller who said her son is a cop:
HANNITY: Tell him don't arrest anybody. Tell him don't arrest a soul.

March 7
to Chuck Schwarz' wife
HANNITY: I've already given my advice to police officers. And my advice is don't get involved.

LIE #3

April 5, 2000:
A caller confronted Hannity about his attacks on Abner Louima's inconsistencies before and during the trial of
Justin Volpe et al., to which Hannity said, "I just reported it. I didn't have a thought."


Throughout the case, Hannity attacked whom he called "Lying Louima" and strongly insinuated that Louima had had gay sex in the nightclub and had not been violated by NYPD. Hannity buttressed these attacks by bringing on Steve Dunleavy, who published as early as 1997 in the New York Post that Louima had had gay sex in the nightclub, causing his injuries. Hannity even sang a parody to Louima on the air with his producer Eric Stanger to the tune of Lionel Richie's "Three Times a Lady." They sang, "You're once, twice, three times a liar." Note also the sexual entendre mocking Louima as the supposed recipient of a male member in the nightclub. Hannity also had Volpe's father on almost every day during the trial as well as the attorneys for the accused NYPD officers. So Hannity had more than "a thought." He had his propaganda campaign of racial hatred in full swing.

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