3rd FSM Games


Photos of FSM Games held July 2001

The 3rd FSM Games were held in Yap 22-31 July 2001. Most of the events were held at the new 5.1 million dollar Yap Sports Complex. The football tournament was held at the Yap Soccer Field. This was due to the fact that the new field at the sports complex did not yet have the grass in place in time for the FSM Games. This was a bit of a disappointment as the field at the sports complex has beautiful new covered seating as well as lights for night games. 

Despite being held away form the sports complex, the football games were a success. The Yap Soccer field was made ready for the games and proved to be more than adequate. Most of the games were attended by at least 300 spectators. Three states fielded teams for the tournament, including Chuuk, Pohnpei and Yap. In addition, the tournament was honored with the presence of a special technical director sent from the nation of Israel. This was Mr. Shimon Shenhar,  who two years earlier, as head coach, guided the FSM national team to victory at the Micronesia Cup. The tournament also benefited from the generosity of the Japan Football Association and the Guam Football Association. Both associations sent experienced FIFA referees to officiate at the matches. 

Medals were based on the accumulation of points during the tournament in the following manner: 3 points were awarded for a win; 1 point was awarded for a tie; 0 points were awarded for a loss.

Below is the schedule of football games during the FSM Games, with their scores.

Teams Competing
Monday, 23 July 
3:30 PM
Opening Ceremony
4:00 PM
Game 1
Yap vs Chuuk

Yap (5-0)

Tuesday, 24 July
4:00 PM
Game 2
Pohnpei vs Yap

Tie (1-1)

Wednesday, 25 July 
4:00 PM
Game 3
Chuuk vs Pohnpei

Chuuk (2-1)

Friday, 27 July 
4:00 PM
Yap vs Chuuk

Yap (1-0)

Gold - Yap 

Silver - Chuuk 

Bronze - Pohnpei

The Medal Ceremony was held immediately following the final match.


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