Donkey KongDonkey Kong
Back at the head of the DK Crew in his first starring role since the original DKC, the longest-running ape in videogame history (with the exception of one other grouchy member of the family) is tougher than ever, packing heat and ready to face down those Kremlings in the latest battle for his homeland. No retreat! No surrender! No bananas? That's the last straw...

Diddy KongDiddy Kong
Long-established second half of the big Kong double act, DK's nephew Diddy makes ever-bigger leaps and bounds towards fully-fledged videogame hero status with his part in each successful overthrow of K. Rool's hordes. He's more feisty and versatile than ever this time around, with the familiar cartwheel assault still intact and a whole host of new abilities at hand, including mastery of those very useful Jetbarrels.

Tiny KongTiny Kong
Don't get her confused with big sister Dixie of DKC2 and 3 fame - in this adventure it's Tiny who gets to hog the limelight, seizing the chance to put her own attitude and athletic skills to the test. Inheriting that trademark pigtail spin from her sis was just the beginning, as she's also picked up an uncanny shrinking ability somewhere along the way. Is size really everything? Time to find out...

Lanky KongLanky Kong
Coming to join the DK Crew from a distant branch of the family, Lanky's something of a wildcard - a gangly, loping orang-utan whose long arms work particularly well in the Krem-bashing department (though he can also stand and run on his hands if necessary). Another peculiar trick involves floating into the air by puffing himself up like a balloon - odd, but useful, a bit like Lanky himself.

Chunky KongChunky Kong
Older brother to DKC3 co-star Kiddy, Chunky demonstrates just what the oversized toddler of the family could grow into. Huge boulders prove no obstacle to him, and neither do most Kremlings, so they'd better watch out if they get his usually cheery nature to take a turn for the worse. He might not be the quickest Kong in the world, but he's definitely handy to have around.

King K. RoolKing K. Rool
As if you'd ever doubted it, the Kremling overlord is back - and his less-than-brilliant track record has made him more determined than ever to have his way with the Kongs' homeland. But this time he's moved on from a simple takeover bid... now he wants the whole place turned into rubble! Could Crocodile Isle's new Blast-O-Matic cannon finally tip the odds against DK & Co.?