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Darrell Issa: Traitor, or useful idiot?

By Debbie Schlussel


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I thought there was no one worse in Congress than Cynthia McKinney, aka Jihad Cindy, D-Ga.

But I was wrong. She's met her match on the other side of the aisle, in the form of Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., – Jihad Darrell. He makes McKinney – who wrote an egregious apology letter to Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in which she attacked the U.S. and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for returning the prince's $10 million after he justified the attacks – look like a patriot extraordinaire.

During a just-concluded trip to the Middle East, Jihad Darrell announced that terrorist group Hezbollah is legitimate and has never been involved with terrorist activities, according to the Teheran Times, IRNA (the official Iranian news agency), and the Beirut Daily Star.

Oh really? I guess he forgot about that insignificant event in the early '80s, in which Hezbollah blew at least 241 U.S. Marines to bits in Beirut – not to mention several other Americans the group murdered between 1975 and 1990, for a total of at least 261 dead Americans. This charming organization committed the torture, murder and hanging display of the body of U.S. military attaché Col. Richard Higgins' body. These are the monsters who kidnapped CIA Chief William Buckley in the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, transferred him to Iran, and tortured and bludgeoned him to death.

They are all turning over in their bloody graves, thanks to congressional useful idiot, Darrell Issa. Talk about aid and comfort to the enemy.

Then there's that stubborn little fact that Hezbollah, Arabic for "Warriors for Allah," or "Party of Allah" (hint: it's not a birthday party), is one of the three major components of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network, according to the Wall Street Journal and countless other sources.

Jihad Darrell's new Hezbollah buddies officially support "the use of hostages" and "suicide in jihad operations." When the State Department released this year's terrorist list, Hezbollah was on it – yet again. Hezbollah's response: "We regard the hostile [act] of the American administration as proof that we are following the right path." Hezbollah declares that, "it is the duty of all Muslims to engage in Islamic jihad if it ensures the ultimate goal, which consists in inflicting losses on the enemy." That enemy is the West, particularly America. Maybe these were the "humanitarian" actions of Hezbollah that Jihad Darrell was quoted as praising.

"I have a great deal of sympathy for the work that Hezbollah tries to do," he told the Beirut Daily Star. Hmmm. To which work is Jihad Darrell referring? Is it 1986 Hezbollah's torturing to death of Ibrahim Benesti, aged 54, of Beirut, and his elderly relatives, Yehudah and Yosef, whose only crime was being Jewish? Benesti, whose family – like many Lebanese Jews – had been in Lebanon since 2,000 B.C. (before the birth of Mohammed), was a charitable and kindly candy store owner who gave free candy to children of all religions. Or maybe Jihad Darrell was referring to the "humanitarian" 1985 Hezbollah torture-murder of Isaac Tarab, 63, and Chaim Halala Cohen, 39, also guilty of being Jewish.

This man, Darrell Issa, is digusting.

More disgusting is that Issa was representing the House International Relations Committee on which he serves, leading a congressional delegation including Arab-American Congressman Nick Joe Rahall, D-Va.

And he hangs out with disgusting people. Issa partied with terrorist-in-chief Yasser Arafat, gushing over him as "a charismatic individual, despite being a very small man and very old. He gives you food off his plate if you sit next to him."


Political consultant and columnist, Michael Andreen, an Issa constituent, is outraged, saying it's time for apologist Issa to go. But he still has "a good laugh at Arafat using the naïve junior congressman as his own personal food taster."

Issa also hung out in Syria, the country which sanctions Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, and which allowed Hezbollah to get its explosives through security checkpoints to kill the 241 U.S. Marines.

Issa buddy Arafat provided much of the explosive weaponry and was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, mining the perimeter of the U.S. embassy in Iran during the hostage crisis, the torture-murders of U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel and Charge D'Affaires George Curtis Moore (the highest ranking black in the U.S. Foreign Service at the time) – beaten so badly authorities couldn't tell which was black and which was white.

If he sounds familiar, Jihad Darrell is the same congressman who threw a temper tantrum, screaming about profiling, when he showed up an hour late for an Air France flight, with a suspicious one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia, and was refused entry to the already boarded plane. Issa didn't fool security, but he managed to charm others with his phoniness. Columnist Debra Saunders wrote a whole column, "Ahsan Baig's Molehill," lauding Issa for denouncing racial profiling lawsuits and advocating that Arabs "adjust" and make "sacrifices in wartime." Problem is, at the same time, he was telling every other press source about his plans for new, anti-profiling legislation against airlines, to line Arabs' and their trial lawyers' pockets and risk our security.

Many advocate that America emulate Israel in its dealings with terrorism. That's a great idea, with regard to Issa. Recently, Israel stripped Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset, Azmi Bashara, of his immunity from prosecution for urging the Palestinians to attack Israel and copy Hezbollah, its murders and suicide bombings. Israel is prosecuting Bashara, and we should do the same with the treasonous Issa.

Ironically, Jihad Darrell's last name, Issa, means "Jesus" in Arabic. But, instead of turning the other cheek in 2002, voters in his 48th district should eagerly mark the ballot for his opponent.

Debbie Schlussel is a political commentator and attorney. She is a frequent guest on ABC's "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" and Fox News Channel. Join her fan club or discussion group.


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