Sydney, BS

1958 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

Narrative Report
RCAF Station Sydney, NS
1 Jun 58 to 30 Nov 58

2 Jun 58

G/C DH Gwinn ADC/SGESO, W/C EC Briese, Sector Commander, S/L AR Holtby and S/L Bishop of ADC, Messrs. Wooden and Senez, ADC/ORB and Mr. Kellough of DOT arrived and stayed overnight on an unofficial liaison visit.

3 Jun 58

Sgt. J Neumann, MACHQ, arrived on TD and carried out a Station Sanitary Inspection.

4 Jun 58

The DM audit team completed their review of Station accounting and departed, once again commending the Station for its efficiency in this field and raising only minor observations.

5 Jun 58

RB Able AFHQ/DCEF visited the Station to carry out a field inspection.
This evening the Station Theatre was the scene of the semi-annual sports banquet when trophies were presented to Station personnel and teams for the past fall-winter season. A feature of the banquet was a presentation made by the CO to F/L EW Fox, President of the Station Recreation Council, who is shortly leaving on transfer to Station Moisie, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Station sports and recreation activities.

6 Jun 58

The Officers Mess entertained this evening in the Rec. Centre, when members of the 3 Militia Group Officers Mess and the Point Edward Naval Base wardroom visited to engage in a friendly sports night. After considerable bursts of activity in volleyball, ping pong, shuffleboard and swimming, those present adjourned to the Officers Mess to wind up the evenings activities.

7 Jun 58

The Soccer team from Station Summerside visited here today to engage in a friendly match with the Station team. Unfortunately Sydney wound up on the short end of an 11-0 score, but the match was thoroughly appreciated and should contribute considerably to the experience of the novice players who compose a large part of our squad.

8 Jun 58

A GObC Chief Observer’s Conference held in Sydney, visited the Station today for a briefing and tour, and luncheon in the Officers Mess. The conference, which was under the sponsorship of the Turo GObC Detachment was well attended by local Chief Observers and they were frankly appreciative of their reception on the Station and the facilities which were extended to them.

9 Jun 58

WO1 WE Burnham ADC/SOArm arrived on a routine armament visit.

10 Jun 58

A Mess Dinner was held this evening by the Officers Mess constituting, at the same time, a farewell party for F/L Fox, who departs tomorrow for his new post as CTSO at Station Moisie.

12 Jun 58

The Northern Electric Mobile Repair party completed their communications overhaul and departed today.

14 Jun 58

Another distinguished first! Station Sydney today celebrated its first Air Force Day with public participation. Patronage was disappointingly light, due to extremely bad weather (continual rain and high winds), but close to 300 persons who did visit the Station viewed interesting displays in the Rec. Centre and throughout the Admin area of the Station and enjoyed showings of the film "Canada’s Air Defence" which was run continuously in the Station Theatre. In the evening, the Messes and Airmen’s Club held informal dances with numerous civilian guests and from all reports, in spite of the weather and light attendance, our first Air Force day was well received by the local public.
F/O WJ Blackburn, AS/FtrC, reported in today on transfer from Station St. Margarets.

17 Jun 58

AC MacDonald of MT&T arrived today for a two-day familiarization visit, prior to assuming duties as wire chief, replacing GL Reid.

20 Jun 58

Tragedy marked the early morning hours today when EE (Arky) Dalton a civilian employee of the Station, who lives in a small house close to the east boundary of the Station area, was suffocated in a fire in his residence about 0500 hours. The fire which was detected by WO2 Hopkins, FofW, was quickly extinguished by the Station fire section who responded to the alarm, but unfortunately, too late to save Mr. Dalton. "Arky", who was well known and extremely popular throughout the Station as well as the local area, was a particular favorite of the PMQ children and those attending the Station School. He had contributed immeasurably to the Station sports programme, particularly for the children and news of his death was a major shock to the younger generation particularly, so much so that classes at the school were cancelled for the day.

21 Jun 58

F/O O’Leary, CEO departed to attend the CEOs conference at ADCHQ.

22 Jun 58

With the permission of AOC/ADC, an Air Force funeral was held at 1500 hours this afternoon for Arky Dalton, who was an ex-member of the RCAF. An escort party, firing party and large attending party from the Station, under the command of F/O KM Morgan, together with a detachment from 582 Squadron RCAC and representatives from local Legion branches formed the Service element of the cortege and paid the usual full military honours at the church and graveside.

24 Jun 58

The Commanding Officer, F/L GW Young, COpsO and F/O KM Morgan, CAdO, accompanied G/C NW Timmerman, CO of Station Chatham, who was representing the AOC, together with a party of 29 airmen, today attended the unveiling of the John Cabot Memorial at Cape North. The Memorial, which had been erected by the Cape Breton Historical Society, was unveiled by the Honourable Stephen Pyke, Provincial Minister of Labour and the occasion was marked by full participation by all branches of the Armed Forces. A fly-past by 3 Neptune aircraft was arranged by MACHQ and 3 Navy ships were standing off shore throughout the ceremonies.
Mr. R Grant of the Municipal Grants Division, Department of Finance, together with JA MacLeod, Cape Breton County Assessor and his Deputy, SM Rhude, visited the Station today concerning the County’s application for Municipal grant in connection with County property occupied by the Station.

25 Jun 58

The 3rd Annual Highland Games were held on the Station this afternoon and saw an excellent turnout and some keen competition in the Track and Field events which comprised the programme.
This evening the CO and CAdO met with representatives of 103 Cabot Wing RCAFA in a preliminary meeting concerning observance of the 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight, which, it is anticipated, will be held at Baddeck in early 1959.

26 Jun 58

GH Rea of Systems Development Corporation visited the Station gathering data for preparation of films for the T-2 Trainer.

27 Jun 58

Once again fortune smiles with receipt of advice that F/O Blackburn is promoted to F/L effective 1 Jul and that F/O WC Wells was granted a permanent commission effective same date. To traditionally honour such welcome tidings, an impromptu promotion/PC party was held in the Mess at 1900 hours.
This evening, the Station branch of the NDEA held a very successful lobster boil at Kenwood Pavilion, Mira Gut. This event, which is rapidly becoming an annual occurrence, was well attended by all ranks and the lobster population was severely depleted during the evening.

29 Jun 58

F/C JF Cowley, Pers/Admin, arrived from CMR St. Johns for summer employment.

30 Jun 58

F/L RG Henley, CTSO, departed on leave with F/O Creelman assuming his duties in his absence.

1 Jul 58

As the Station observed the Dominion Day holiday, we were visited by JW Hoult, District Supervisor for Bell Telephone Company.

2 Jul 58

S/L FR Sarty, ADC/SOGT, visited the Station briefly today on a staff visit.
This evening a "mug party" was held in the Officers Mess for Gordie Reid, the popular wire chief who is ending his tour on the project and is returning to his parent company, MT&T in Sydney.

5 Jul 58

The PMQ Council sponsored and operated a most successful picnic for all Station children at Hillside, Mira. The usual races and contests were features of the afternoon’s activities and immeasurable quantities of pop and ice cream were consumed by the throng of hungry, thirsty youngsters.

6 Jul 58

The Protestant Sunday School closing and presentation of prizes took place this afternoon in the Station Theatre and marked the closing of the Protestant Chapel and Sunday school for the summer season.

7 Jul 58

Eight girl guides of the Station Patrol accompanied by two leaders, Mrs. WC Veals and Mrs. FA Creelman left today for Girl Guide camp at New Campbellton. This marked the first occasion when Guides from the Station had attended camp as a group and it was a happy, excited party that left Station Sydney for 10 days of "roughing it".

9 Jul 58

Maritime Builders Limited commenced work today on the long-awaited extension to the Central Heating Plant.

11 Jul 58

The Airmen’s Club held an All Ranks Dance this evening, celebrating the re-opening of the newly remodeled and redecorated bar. This constituted phase one of the remodeling planned for the Airmen’s Club and the excellent results augur well for future appearances of that hive of activity.

13 Jul 58

In an exhibition softball game held on the Station diamond this afternoon, the Station team defeated a squad from HMCS Algonquin, by a 13-9 score.

14 Jul 58

A sun-burned, mosquito-bitten crew of Girl Guides and Leaders returned today from camp, still bubbling over with enthusiasm for their venture.

15 Jul 58

The increased readiness watch, which has been in vogue in Operations for some time past, terminated this evening. It was fitting too that this evening saw a farewell party in the Officers Mess to wish F/O JF Coll well on his departure for Station Parent.

17 Jul 58

W Parama of RCA Victor Company conducted a pre-overhaul inspection of Radar equipment today.

21 Jul 58

The CO proceeded on leave today with F/L Henley assuming temporary command.
S/L LW McKergow, ADC/SOFSv, paid a staff visit to the Station today and in her usual style, contributed many suggestions and observations which may help in the never-ending quest to improve food services.
RB Able, AFHQ/DCEF made another of his regular inspections of the Station today and remained overnight.

23 Jul 58

F/L NL Vaness, MACHQ/ASWelO, visited the Station today on welfare matters, together with F/L JS Bonham, SORP/MAC.
A Search & Rescue team from 103 S&R flight Greenwood arrived today and made a liaison call prior to proceeding to Louisbourg to set up their display for the Bicentennial celebrations.

24 Jul 58

The tempo increased toward the long-awaited Louisbourg Bicentennial, with the arrival of ground crew for the Sabre aircraft scheduled to participate from Station Chatham.

26 Jul 58

The dawn of a lovely Cape Breton summer day lulled the last fears of all for success of today’s celebrations at Louisbourg fortress. The Commanding Officers and F/L RG Henley, unit liaison officer on the Bicentennial Committee, attended to represent the Service and the Station and a smartly turned out fifty-man Guard of Honour, under the command of F/O FA Creelman, was in the forefront of activities, as they received Lieutenant General EC Plow, Lieutenant Governor of the Province, on his arrival at the Fortress for the dedication services. Twelve other Station personnel acted as uniformed chauffeurs for the official limousines, comprising the motorcade from Sydney to Louisbourg, with the attending dignitaries. A national CBC telecast, with high points of the celebrations and the dedication of the IODE Memorial Cairn, was a fitting climax to the days activities and the kick-off for a weekend of celebration.
An informal dance was held this evening in the Officers Mess in conjunction with the Louisbourg Bicentennial celebration.

28 Jul 58

WO2 C Rockney ADC/CFPO arrived on the Station to carry out a fire inspection.

30 Jul 58

WO2 Rockey departed and F/L JS Bonham SORA(P)/MACHQ visited the Station today and remained overnight.

31 Jul 58

Mr. Don Lynch, president of the Sydney Kiwanis Club and Arly Copp, Convenor of the Youth Committee of the Club visited the Station today to discuss our participation in the Kiwanis Kids Day, scheduled for 27 Sep. The facilities which we have available and which may be useful in this connection were outlined and an offer of full cooperation was made to the Club. It is hoped that this celebration, which will be the first of its kind in Sydney, will provide us with an opportunity for some good public relations work.

2 Aug 58

F/O WC Veals, SAO, departed on leave and F/O WJ Bath, Station Bagotville arrived on TD as his replacement.

4 Aug 58

Civic holiday was observed today with the Station operating on Sunday routine.

5 Aug 58

CAdO proceeded on leave today.

9 Aug 58

Captain Anderson and WO2 Rattee, both of ADCHQ/SOCE arrived on a CE staff visit to remain until 12 Aug.

11 Aug 58

F/O AW Aldworth reported on transfer to assume duties as STelO. F/O Creelman SSO returned from leave.

13 Aug 58

A continual battle which has been waged by the Station and Command authorities over the past five years, was finally won today when word was received that Treasury Board had approved funds for the construction of chapels at a number of AC&W Squadrons, including Station Sydney. The news was greeted with delight by all Station personnel in anticipation of an early end to the makeshift arrangements which religious observances have been forces to endure during the Station’s life to date.
This evening a double-barreled farewell party took place in the Officers Mess in honour of F/L GW Young, COpsO, who is leaving for a USAF liaison post on the DEW Line and F/O FA Creelman, SSO, who is departing on transfer to Station Parent.

15 Aug 58

The RCA Victor Mobile Repair party arrived today for the annual Radar overhaul.

17 Aug 58

An unseasonably heavy rainstorm in the early morning hours today caused the inundation of the Airmen’s Club. Repairs to the roof were already underway, but the protective tarpaulins were no match for the deluge of rain and high winds. As a result, the Airmen’s Club was temporarily closed and the NCO’s dining room was forced to service as a temporary lounge for the ACs. All concerned were grateful however, that the newly remodeled bar did not suffer any damage and that the most heavily damaged parts of the Club were those which were already earmarked for early re-vamping.

18 Aug 58

The CAdO returned from leave today.

20 Aug 58

The Station Ground Rescue Party left today on an exercise involving a cross-Island trek from Cheticamp to Ingonish. This represents the most ambitious practice yet undertaken by the party, which, for this trip, is comprised of 8 Station personnel and 2 RCMP observers. Two other permanent members of the team are to act as a mobile base party to launch and recover the hikers.

21 Aug 58

An Otter aircraft from 103 S&R flight, Greenwood, arrived today with a full crew to cooperate in the Ground Search Party exercises and to provide air support as required.

23 Aug 58

A mixed farewell party was held this evening in the Officers Mess for F/O and Mrs. Creelman on the occasion of their imminent departure for Station Parent.

24 Aug 58

The Ground Search Party, which had encountered extraordinarily difficult conditions in their planned trek, were contacted today by the aircraft and instructed to return to their starting point at Cheticamp. The party are all in good shape and air drops of supplies have been carried out but the rate of progress is so slow that continuation through to Ingonish would take an inordinately long period.
F/L GW Chase reported in today on transfer from Station Senneterre to assume duties of COpsO.

25 Aug 58

A Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Course commenced today at the Station pool under the direction of Austen O’Keefe, Cape Breton representative for the Society. Seven Station personnel and 3 civilian aspirants started to work on the tough six-day grind which is being compressed into a four-day course.

26 Aug 58

F/O Creelman departed today on transfer to Station Parent.
The CO and COpsO proceeded to Cheticamp to the Ground Rescue Party base camp in expectation of the party’s return. At 2250 hours, ten tired, bewhiskered "bushwackers" tramped into camp sporting ferocious appetites and many tall tales of their bush adventure. Although the exercise did not accomplish its intended goal, members of the team were unanimous in their appreciation of the practical experience that they had gained.

27 Aug 58

F/O Chute and his crew departed today in the Otter to return to Station Greenwood, having given tremendous support to the Ground Search Party’s exercise.
F/L NL Vaness, ASWelO/MAC, arrived on a welfare visit.

28 Aug 58

The Red Cross Swimming course finished this evening, with three Station personnel gaining their Instructor’s rating, one gaining Senior Swimmer standard and the remaining personnel having made a good showing in spite of small failings in techniques which precluded their attaining awards.

29 Aug 58

F/O Veals returned from leave today and F/O Bath departed for his home unit Station Bagotville.

1 Sep 58

Although this Labour Day was observed as a Statutory Holiday on the Station, members of the Comm Section again assisted at the Cape Breton Labour Council Rally in Sydney, where the Station PA System was set up as has been our custom in years past.

2 Sep 58

Registration got underway today at Queen’s School for new pupils.
Mr. ME Sheppard of RCA Victor Company arrived today to undertake emergency repairs to the FPS-3.

3 Sep 58

School got underway today on schedule and many Station parents breathed some sighs of relief as the younger generation will be "out of their hair" for at least some part of the next few months.
F/L CW Hines reported in today from Station Parent to assume duties as SSO.

5 Sep 58

Repairs to the FPS-3 having been completed, Mr. Sheppard left today.
The Telecom Softball team left today for Station Summerside to participate in the Zone 5 Softball playdowns.

6 Sep 58

A dance was staged this evening in the Officers Mess opening the fall entertaining season.

7 Sep 58

The Telecom Team returned from Summerside after having bowed to Torbay 13-1, although they had previously defeated 5 SD Moncton by a score of 6-5 in the single elimination tournament. (In retrospect they have little to regret however since Torbay went on to win the RCAF Championship).

8 Sep 58

Nomination day for the new PMQ Council. An expected hectic election campaign gets underway for the balance of the week before balloting takes place on 15 Sep.

10 Sep 58

Dining-In night was held by the Officers Mess, combined with an informal Station briefing for new members. The past summer has seen a large percentage of the officers leave and be replaced and this was considered an excellent opportunity to put the new arrivals "in the picture" as far as Station Sydney is concerned.

12 Sep 58

F/C JF Cowley departed today on completion of summer employment to return to college.
The Station Soccer Team journeyed to Summerside today to participate in the RCAF Soccer Tournament which is taking place there this weekend.

13 Sep 58

The CO departed today for Santa Monica (Systems Development Corporation) for the STP Familiarization Course. F/L Henley assumed temporary command.

15 Sep 58

F/S Kidd and Cpl. Mills of Station Chatham arrived today on TD to conduct refresher weapons training for security forces personnel.

17 Sep 58

The Parade order was issued today for Battle of Britain Sunday Parade which is to be held, as was inaugurated last year, in conjunction with RCAC Squadrons and the RCAFA.
F/L WW Laasko ADC/STelSO arrived to conduct a Telecom staff visit and Crypto centre inspection.
Culminating the battle which took place for over better than a year, the proposed Unit Badge was finally received today bearing Royal approval. This is unique in the service in the fact that it is the only Unit Badge with a Gaelic motto and it will be with considerable pride that the badge may now be officially used.

20 Sep 58

Exercise "Top Hand" got underway at 0134 hours with an official alert. Only light activity was encountered in this area but Operations remained on alert status until the all-clear was received at 2017 hours.

21 Sep 58

Battle of Britain Church Parade was held today to Holy Redeemer and Trinity Churches in Sydney. Approximately 300 troops participated in the parade, including most local RCAC Squadrons and an RCAFA detachment. The salute on the march-past was taken by Donald MacInnis, MP for Cape Breton South, and accompanying him at the Saluting base were the CO; Colonel FG Cooke, Group Commander 3 Militia Group; and Commander GH Wadds, Base Superintendent, Point Edward Naval Base.
F/L Laasko departed today to return to ADC.

22 Sep 58

F/L AJ Murray and the ECM Test Team from 104 K flight arrived today to continue ECM training, remaining until 24 Sep.

24 Sep 58

W/C W Rodger SORA(P) and W/C NJ Gallagher SORA(RC) arrived today on a brief staff visit from ADCHQ.
F/S Smith ADCHQ/SOCE visited the Station to conduct an electrical inspection.

25 Sep 58

Dr. Alderdice (SDC Rep) and Mr. H Jardine (DOT Rep) arrived on a liaison visit from 2 ADCC.
Mr. RH Guile, Project Supervisor of Bell Telephone Company, Montreal also visited the Station today.

26 Sep 58

The first all ranks station dance of the fall season was held this evening in the Rec. Centre and featured the announcement of the PMQ Election results. Sgt. ST Cannings was elected Mayor, while the following Councilors were elected:

Ward 1

Sgt. And Mrs. JK Smith

Ward 2

Mrs. DG Struthers


Mr. E Jackson

Ward 3

Mrs. LW Marcell


F/L GW Chase

The CO invested the Mayor with an appropriate chain of office which had been assembled in the plumbing shop of the CE Section and which added a hilarious note to the occasion.

27 Sep 58

The RCAF Maritime Softball Tournament took place today on the Station, but due to transportation difficulties, only the team from 5 SD Moncton arrived. The scheduled tournament was abandoned and a best-of-three series between Moncton and Sydney was launched. Moncton, playing heads-up ball, swept the series 2 straight by scores of 12-1 and 14-9 to claim recognition as the 1958 Maritime Champions.

28 Sep 58

The tail end of hurricane "Hilda" swept through Sydney today bringing heavy rain and high winds. Fortunately the ball tournament had not assumed its expected proportions since this weather could well have ruined this program. However, as an alternative the Moncton team and the team from Station Chatham, which had been previously eliminated by Moncton but had come to Sydney when it was found that many of the other Stations could not arrive, joined in an informal Volleyball Tournament in the Rec. Centre with the Sydney team, concluding with a party in the Theatre in the afternoon.

1 Oct 58

Word was received today that the new AOC, A/V/M MacBrien would visit the Station on the 8th or 9th Oct on a brief, informal visit.

2 Oct 58

The date of the AOC’s visit was confirmed today as 8 Oct and plans were quickly launched for an appropriate programme to acquaint him with Station Sydney and the local area.
F/L Chase, COpsO, addressed the Sydney Kiwanis Club Luncheon at noon today on Air Defence, with the CO accompanying him.

6 Oct 58

This being the start of Fire Prevention Week, a full programme of activities got underway to impress upon Station personnel the need for fire consciousness. An all-out effort is planned through the week to make the observances bigger and better.

8 Oct 58

A/V/M MacBrien, accompanied by his EA, S/L Lomas, formerly CO of this Station, arrived today on his promised visit. After standard briefings conducted by Branch Heads in the Conference Room, the AOC made a brief inspection of the Station area and was guest-of-honour in the evening at a mixed Mess Dinner which was fully attended by all Officers Mess Regular and Associate Members and their wives. The occasion was a gala one and all ranks were pleased to receive and meet the new AOC.
The USAF RIP siting party visited the Station today in connection with FPS-7 Siting.

9 Oct 58

The AOC, his EA and his Secretary, accompanied by the CO and CAdO, drove to Baddeck this morning to visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum prior to the AOC’s departure by air at 1300 hours for Station Chatham.

14 Oct 58

Sgt. Ray, Station Fire Chief, appeared on the local TV Program "Carousel" this evening in connection with Fire Prevention Week observances.

16 Oct 58

The popular intersection Volleyball League commenced play this evening with all teams (Officers Mess, 2 from NCOs Mess, 2 from Airmen’s Club and 1 from ME Section) seeing action.

17 Oct 58

The ME section personnel this evening staged a party celebrating 100,000 miles of accident-free driving and renewing their determination to attain a full calendar year accident-free by 31 Dec.

19 Oct 58

The first ground search party call-out of the season took place this morning when the RCMP requested our assistance in a search for a lost hunter. The search was called off at noon due to adverse weather, but happily the lost hunter made his way out of the bush at approximately 1400 hours.

21 Oct 58

S/L FD Williams ADC/SOAF arrived today to conduct a surprise cash count.
The school swim meet was held this morning in the Rec. Centre pool with a surprisingly large number of competitors and keen competition.

22 Oct 58

The annual School Track and Field meet was held this afternoon winding up the two-day athletic events to determine the winners of the Arky Dalton Memorial Trophy.

24 Oct 58

The CO and CAdO attended a stag at 103 Cabot Wing RCAFA in honour of A/M (retired) WA Curtis, National President of the RCAFA.
F/L NL Vaness, ASWelO/MACHQ, visited the Station today on a regular welfare visit.

25 Oct 58

A/M Curtis visited the Station briefly this morning and was the guest at an informal luncheon attended by the CO, COpsO, CTSO, CAdO and PMC.

26 Oct 58

Normal hunting season routine - in that the Station ground search party were again called out by the RCMP looking for a lost hunter. The search continued throughout the day without success.

27 Oct 58

Search activities continued until this afternoon when success crowned all efforts as the lost hunter was found alive and well.

31 Oct 58

The Airmen’s Club held a Halloween Masquerade Dance in the Rec. Centre gym. Ghosts, goblins and many even more weird characters were on hand for a very enjoyable evening.

1 Nov 58

The Officers and NCO’s Messes held Halloween Masquerades this evening to cap the week’s entertainment activities.
Runoff of events in the ADC Dependents Wire Swim meet were commenced this afternoon in the pool with teams entered in all categories.

2 Nov 58

The Swim Meet continued this afternoon and at the end of activities, when results were tabulated and forwarded to Command, great expectations were held that the Station should show up well in Command competition.

3 Nov 58

The CO proceeded on leave with F/L Henley assuming temporary command.

4 Nov 58

Sgt. AJ Neumann, Hygiene Assistance MACHQ carried out a sanitary inspection of the station today.

6 Nov 58

The 104 K Flight ECM Team arrived today on a training visit.
F/O and Mrs. Fleming attended, representing the CO, the Remembrance Day Banquet held by Branch 12 of the Canadian Legion in Sydney.
F/L RG Walker ADCHQ SOAF arrived on TD to act as technical member on the M&I Audit Board.

7 Nov 58

The ECM team took 3 controllers, the NCO i/c Ops and one Radar NCO on a Familiarization flight today as part of the ECM training.
F/L Walker departed after completing the M&I Audit.

9 Nov 58

F/L WJ Blackburn and 5 airmen represented the service at the North Sydney Festival of Remembrance held this evening at Thompson High School in North Sydney.
Sgt. Fortier and Mr. Reavley of 6 RD arrived today to do test equipment calibrations.

10 Nov 58

The CO returned to duty today from leave.

11 Nov 58

Better than 100 Station personnel participated today in the annual Remembrance Day Parade held this year under the auspices of Branch 12 of the Canadian Legion. The CO was guest speaker for the ceremonies.

14 Nov 58

F/O G Moore ADCHQ/SOSec arrived today to announce a V-Test would be undertaken sometime after 1300 hours. A Conference was held at which F/O Moore briefed Station Executive personnel on the broad outline of the Test, as well as test procedures, where he assisted at formulating defence tactics.
The NCO’s Mess Dinner which was scheduled for this evening came to an abrupt end at 2130 hours when the V-Test commenced. Turn-out of Section personnel was prompt and in adequate force and the Station Security Flight was posted for duties and adopted a Station defence posture. The exercise continued until 0530 hours 15 Nov with heartening results from the point of view of the defending forces. No damaging penetration was made into vital Station areas and the test team and their OC commended Station security force personnel for their diligence and whole-hearted participation.

16 Nov 58

Mr. JG Petrie (SDC Rep) arrived today from Santa Monica, Calif. to continue familiarization training on the STP programme.

17 Nov 58

F/L Henley, CTSO, proceeded on leave with F/L Hines assuming his post temporarily. F/O Veals, SAO was also enjoying similar respite from duty.

18 Nov 58

The first of a series of three Airmen’s Club Mess Dinners was held this evening. Lack of space in the dining room prevents the entire Club membership from attending at once and therefore the dinners must be split into 3 parts to permit all personnel to attend at least once. A surprising enthusiasm has grown up amongst the ACs for these occasions and it is an encouraging feature to the Airmen’s Club Committee.

19 Nov 58

Results of the ADC Dependents Wire Swim Meet were received today. The Command Championship for Class II Girls was won by our team, composed of Rhonda Fleming, Judy Barnes, Margaret Buckley, Eileen Clarke and Sheilagh Doyle. In addition Rhonda Fleming and Judy Barnes were individual winners in the side stroke and underwater swim respectively, while Michael Buck won the Class II boys breast stroke Championship. Altogether the results were most heartening to all Station personnel.

20 Nov 58

The first "Sad Sack" night of the season took place in the gym with teams from the Officers and NCO’s Messes and Airmen’s Club competing vigorously to evade the dubious honour of winning the trophy. The NCOs unfortunately weren’t quite vigorous enough and the end of the evening saw them as the low team and won them the right to "buy the beer".

22 Nov 58

A wedding reception was held this afternoon in the Station Theatre for LAC and Mrs. NA Cummings. While weddings themselves are nothing new to the Station, especially this past summer when a large number of single airmen have succumbed to the charms of young ladies of Sydney, this represented the first occasion when a reception was held on the Station outside of one previously held in the Officers Mess.

25 Nov 58

W/C Briese, Sector Commander arrived on a liaison visit.

28 Nov 58

WO2 Vincent and Sgt. Lewis of Station Gander arrived on TD to observe radar peaking procedures scheduled to be undertaken next week.
The second annual Civil Service Federation Dance took place this evening in the Rec. Centre gym and in spite of a rather small attendance, appeared to be a complete success.
F/L HB Robinson ADCHQ/SORad arrived on TD in connection with the Radar Peaking.

30 Nov 58

Messrs. Ford and Johns of Northern Electric Company arrived to carry out radar modifications and supervise the peaking which is to be done on this occasion for the first time by service technicians.

Signed by:
(GS Armstrong) S/L
CO, RCAF Station Sydney, NS