Frazier to suit up, but won't play

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier will be allowed to suit up for the Oklahoma game after being sidelined since Sept. 24 due to blood clots in his right leg.

"It is unlikely he will play, but if circumstances arise that he is needed, he would be available in an emergency situation," coach Tom Osborne said Thursday. "Tommie's recovery progressed much quicker than we anticipated. He has been under constant supervision by doctors."

Brook Berringer replaced Frazier as starting quarterback, and has started in six games this season. The junior from Goodland, Kan., is expected to start in Friday's Big Eight game between Oklahoma (6-4) and Nebraska (11-0) at Norman, Okla.

A junior from Bradenton, Fla., Frazier started in the Huskers' first four games this year, including the Kickoff Classic in West Virginia. The last game he played was against Pacific on Sept. 24, when Nebraska won 70-21.

He began taking blood-thinning drugs on Sept. 25 after the first blood clot was discovered. He was readmitted to the hospital about a week later when a second clot formed in his leg.

He had surgery on Oct. 6 to tie off a small vein in his lower calf, and returned to practice on Nov. 14. However, Frazier was not allowed to play or engage in contact during practice because of the internal bleeding risks associated with the medication he was taking.

Frazier had hoped to play another year of college football but the NCAA administrative review panel denied his appeal this week for a medical hardship, which would have given him another year of eligibility.