Leah Patterson
played by Ada Nicodemou

Summer Bay's own runaway bride, Leah landed in town leaving her fiancÚ jilted at the altar.

Coming from a traditional Greek background, Leah had her husband hand picked for her. Her father had prepared a huge wedding for his daughter. He even flew relatives over from Greece. When it came down to it, Leah knew she wasn't in love with the man she was about to marry - so she did a runner.

Leah has a confidence about her that makes her shine. She's easy going and fun loving. And talk! Leah can talk rings around anyone, even Vinnie - and that's saying something. Her fairytale marriage to Vinnie Patterson ended on a sour note with Vinnie being sent to jail for a crime his father committed, leaving Leah alone with her new baby, VJ.

Her best talent by far is her culinary skill. Leah's cooking could win over the heart of any man! Leah learnt to cook from her father who owns a Greek restaurant. Now she's bringing an international flavour to the Diner. Most are relishing the new taste sensation, but there's still a few who prefer a good Aussie burger and chips.


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