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Bashilka League, C.E. 2084

The Bashilka League is a relatively new galactic power in the Ashcroft systems, quickly rising through the ranks. Imperium records show trading with an advanced, pre-light civilization on Adryanne approximately one hundred years (circa 1985), but besides that, little record of any technically adept worlds in the League was recorded before the then unknown Bashilka League claimed the planets of Keeper, Vornam, and Burien in 2010. quite a stir for the Imperium, who had previously claimed the whole of the sector, save the free port of Ashcroft. This lead to an Imperium attack on the claimed worlds. The Imperium fleet attacked with over fifteen capital vessels, led by Dynamic Ventures' flagship, the Free Trade. However, despite DV's massively computer controlled and robot manned fleet, the League's small task force of six vessels were able to hold them off, and the Free Trade was completely destroyed, sending the Imperial navy into a state of frantic confusion. This loss, combined with Bashilka's counterattack on Sentri Prime (later claimed by the R.E.F. as Kepler Outpost) had the Imperium calling for a quick cease-fire. Many blamed this horrible loss to the Imperium on the magnetic shielding used by the Bashilka League, but some had pointed to corporate backstabbing, though these voices have been mysteriously silent in recent years. The peace agreement signed was the death knell of Imperium control of the Ashcroft systems. Most of the planets in the systems were given independence, while the Bashilka League had completely formed by this point into a full political entity. Electing a grand council of worlds, and then High Counselor Majesta Rachell, the League continued to expand, claiming the world of Lepper. But perhaps more strange than their unexpected prosperity and rapid increase in territory is the exceptional amount of sexism that exist within the League. Even more surprising is the fact that women are the oppressors here. Most thinkers seem to relate this to the addition of the Shemarrians into the League. Little is known of these warriors, save they serve the war goddess Shemarr, an unknown among intergalactic religions, and that her most devout worshippers, male and female, undergo bionic conversion to practice the art of war in her name. The Shemarrians have also been credited with supplying the original ships in the Bashilka League fleet that surprise the Imperium.

The League's government is more interested in keeping to themselves than most. A limited amount of trading goes on at Ashcroft, generally exporting ram materials like iron , platinum, and iridium for armour plating, gravitic reaction mass, and occasional arms shipment. Diplomatic relations with neighboring powers have been at best cold, considering all their emissaries are Shemarrians, whose personalities have been described as cold and robotic to say the least. Recently, however, the League has begun to colonize, claiming worlds closer to Ashcroft. Though none of these worlds are significant, and mostly unpopulated, the Imperium has reacted with a great bit of anxiety.

"We the warriors of Shemarr are a simple folk. All we wish is to claim that which is rightly ours. We have never attacked with reason, but when provoked we have an iron resolve. Your people saw that in our attack on your colony world. Attack us again, and the feet of my Monst-Rex shall walk atop the dead body of your Emperor."

Taliss, Shemarrian diplomat to the Imperium

Items of Note:

  1. With little contact with the rest of known galaxy, rumors abound as to the nature of the country. They range from the exceptionally wild (the League is run by a giant computer) to the absurd (Imperial factions are in fact supporting them) These must indeed be rumors, as no intelligence operative from any power has been able to infiltrate "the bionic curtain", as it is called, of the Bashilka League.
  2. Shemarrians are perhaps the most mysterious of the factions within the Bashilka League. They are not native to this part of space by their own admission. Many believe they may come from a unmapped world in the derelict systems, and came to League to settle some score they hold with the Imperium. Wherever they come from, their bionic systems are second to none, many even more advanced than most robotic systems on the open market, possibly with the exception of the Imperium's Cyberworks Space Network .
  3. Though there are not adept at any magic, the warrior-priests of Shemarr are still a force to be reckoned with. The females are knight-like and heavily armored, riding atop monstrous bionic mounts. The males are sleek fast cyborgs armed with fearsome blades of pure energy capable of destroying most powered armor within one hit.

Additonal Information

Precepts of War
Defender Class Cruiser
Revenge Class Destroyer
Blindstrike Space Fighter
Bashilka Boarding Pods
Shemarian Male Combat Cyborg

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