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July 31, 2000

MacCentral and MacGaming have been closely tied together since we first formed an alliance in the summer of 1998. Since then, our readership has grown, our coverage has become more in-depth, and our relationships with the burgeoning Macintosh entertainment industry and Macintosh gamers have developed in ways we never could have imagined only a few short years ago.

The latest turning point in that evolution starts today, when MacGaming integrates wholly into MacCentral. We will continue to bring you the most in-depth news and analysis related to the technologies and issues affecting the Macintosh gamer directly from the pages of MacCentral, rather than as an adjunct site. Our talented writers will work closely with MacCentral's staff to continue to provide you with the games-related columns, hands on reviews and feature stories you've grown to expect.

We hope you'll still count on MacCentral to provide you with the best in-depth news, analysis and commentary on the ever growing and expanding Macintosh games market. We're looking forward to serving the Macintosh community for a long time to come.

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