Wednesday, 28 Aug 2002



Mampara of the week
7th May 2000

Johan Theron

CONFESSED mass murderer Johan Theron makes a rather brutal and gruesome mampara, but a mampara he certainly is.

This week, after admitting to killing hundreds of South West African People's Organisation activists, Theron said he had killed people with drugs.

Being a compassionate man of great principle, Theron explained that he could never bring himself to throw a man out of a plane while he was still alive.

"He had to be killed first," he said, showing a touching humanity.

Then he explained why he had not gone to the truth commission to confess all.

He said he did not want to experience "the humiliation of being questioned and hissed at in front of the public".

Well, to make up for this most unfortunate omission, Hogarth would like to invite the public to compensate by humiliating and hissing at the mampara right now.

Ah, didn't that feel good?

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