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Track Record #68 - Month, 1997


* On June 24th, it will be the 50th anniversary of the sighting, 20 miles from Mt. Rainier, of Kenneth Arnold. He was flying solo when he saw nine objects moving in formation. Judging from the angular velocity, he said they were moving about 1000 mph, and were at about 10,000 feet. He described them as shaped like a pie pan, or a saucer made of silvered metal that reflected the sun. The newspapers around the world picked up the phrase, “flying saucers,” and the flap was on, The Washington Star writing a long article on flying saucers...catching the interest of the populace. Kenneth Arnold had a reputation for sound common sense and had a wealth of sober detail in the precision with which he related the story. As corroboration, a Prospector, Fred Johnson, working in the Cascade Mountains on that date, related seeing 5 or 6 of the objects. He also noted that his compass moved about in an erratic manner (Proceeding from The Truth About Flying Saucers,” 1975, Aime Michel).

In honor of this sighting, the WBS invited George Earley, free-lance writer, to tell about this early sighting, and about his interview with Kenneth Arnold in 1977 when he was writing for FATE magazine.. Earley said Arnold landed his plane at Pendleton, OR (original flight was between Yakima and Chehalis, WA), having deviated towards Mt. Rainier to look for a lost C-47 that had gone down. There was a $5,000 reward by the Army, to whoever found it. Earley said, when he asked Arnold about the objects, he replied, the saucers were flying in a chain formation, and wobbling slightly from side to side. He said the objects were actually crescent shaped, causing the Air Force to decide to call them UFO’s...the press decided that “flying saucers,” was apparently more descriptive, and started the first big flap.

Speaking of anniversaries...Earley also mentioned that July is the 50th for the crash at Roswell, NM, and they are expecting 100,000 people for a week. It was Friday, July 4th, 1947, when at 11:30 PM, James Ragsdale and Trudy Truelove, saw a flash, like from an arc welder, and thought it was a lightning strike (The Truth About The UFO Crash at Roswell, 1994, Randle and Schmitt).

Dr. Sipe and wife Carmen just returned from Rachel, NV, and Roswell, NM. They say the free museum is really good, and has lots of news articles mounted on the wall and such, going back to 1947. The museum is in an old movie theatre of the 50,000 pop. town, and completely supported by donations from local business.

While on UFO’s...Nathan Peak had a weird one. Mr. Hasan, on June 5th, Redmond, WA, said he saw a saucer shaped object. 1/2 mile away, that was glowing a white color. He had the headlights of his car on it also, so with the light from the UFO, he could clearly see it abducting cattle. The cows appeared to be stunned...still upright, and the cows floated into the ship. Also, he noticed the little “monsters,” 50-60 pound humanoids with large heads, and greyish white in color. They had, dark black whites (at half a mile...even Nathan was suspicious. Comment, whenever you interview someone, try to throw in a trick question or two, just to see how they answer). He got scared and drove off...there was nobody else around. Why do I bother to report it??? Hey, I think it’s funny as hell. Anyway, that’s another of the reports Nathan got from one of his radio station interviews. I just called the news service, and got him in on another interview, so he’ll probably get another raft of reports...probably some like this one, I hope.

* Henry Franzoni was at the meeting and we asked him to speak a bit with what’s going on with Jeff Glickman’s group in Hood River. The former Bigfoot Research Project, reformed, has decided to go in a different direction. The study of scientific data, rather than the field work that Peter Byrne had done. A study they are working on, concerning Patty (see BC Sasq. Symposium) will be released in around two months. They want to have a repository of BF donate your stuff, apparently. They have 360 reports that they plan to make public, stripped of names, etc. PB says probably the “B” stuff, rather than their previously Top Secret “A” listings of the most significant reports.


* Lead from Rob Butler, (503) 654-0425 (reported at meeting). Report of Mat Bagley. “This is an account of what myself and a friend witnessed on May 15, 1997. We were sitting at the river’s edge on the Molalla River near the logging bridge, which is near the train trestle and the old Molalla Forest Road. There were a bunch of young people partying just before we got there, and had left a big mess. Two nice people stayed behind. We chatted with them for awhile, and started hearing small noises in the woods about 50 yards behind us. The four of us figured it was the police checking things out, so it was about 9:30 PM at this time, and the two people who stayed behind decided to leave because it was getting late. About one minutes after they left, I was taking a leak over by the bridge, and heard a large thrashing sound going through the water. Needless to say, I did not stick around, and know it was in no way a deer, elk, or bear, because I have been an avid hunter for years. My friend, however, is a little fearless at times, so he decided to go take a look, and this is what he saw. “Following the sound going across the water, my eyes focused on an area about ten feet from the far bank of the river. The area was a swift moving rapid that was about five feet deep. In the moonlight I saw a figure crossing the river. As it lunged through the water that was only waist deep on it, the figure was a person, because of the immense size of it. It was about as wide as two good-sized men and the five foot deep water only arose slightly over its waist. As it disappeared into the woods, we could hear the sound of large limbs being snapped like twigs. It was about then that we decided to leave the scene.”

Peter Byrne, Cliff Olson, and myself - Ray Crowe, went on May 24th to investigate the scene. A bit late, but we had hopes of finding some spoor. The creature had been upstream 50 feet, and was traveling towards the Cascade Mountains. It had rained heavily the two days before, however, and nothing significant was found at the site. We traveled south on Hy. 170 from Canby, OR, turning east on Maxburg Road, then north on Elijah Road, which dead-ended at the site. A farmer was interviewed at the site, but knew nothing of the report, although he admitted to being a Bigfoot believer, and wished it were true. Local rain showers abated for the duration of the visit. Sandy beaches gave way in places to a wide swath of mud, a recent dried stream course. The area was in 40 acres of fairly dense growth, dominated by broadleaf maple and alder. The ground cover was noted to be rich in poisonous nightshade. Tracks of deer -one, a fairly large buck, raccoon, and a canine -dog or coyote, were noted. In the distance we could hear gunfire and the screech of peacocks at a farm. They make a very loud, piercing noise that sounds like a cat mewing. As I commented to Peter Byrne, “looks like another waste of time,” but he returned with the optimistic quip, “but another nice morning.”

* Nathan Peak called in a report (also reported at meeting). Josh C., and his two teenage buddies were hiking along a trail in Saddle Mountain State Park, and were charged by a Bigfoot on May 26th. Nathan went to the site the next day and met the boys, and got practically the same story from all of them individually, though he admits that they had plenty of time to rehearse. Nathan went to the site, 1/4 mile up the main trail, then left on a beaten path 200 feet from the main trail. He found scuff marks on the ground, but no tracks. Several trees were twisted and broken at the 8-10 feet level, one even twisted off and lying on the ground. Some `1 1/2 inch hairs appeared to be from deer. He searched 100 feet in different directions, and found nothing else of note. The boys, reluctant to re-enter the area where they had been charged by a Bigfoot, said the creature was a female with protruding breasts covered with hair, brownish skin, huge feet, 9 1/2 feet tall, and was a tan color, almost sandy in shade. They had been walking along the trail and heard a loud screech-yowl, when the creature ran after them as they fled down the trail. It had roared before it charged. They ran back to the car and the creature walked back into the forest, having successfully chased them out of the area, it seems.

* Nathan Peak had another report from Timber, OR, out Cochran Road. May 15th, 11 PM, couple were returning home and caught the top half of the creature in their headlights. It was very dark and only the middle section was illuminated, so no details were noted. Asked how they knew it was a Bigfoot, the reply was, “bears don’t run on two legs.”

* Eldon Garvis, an Immigration Service employee at the US/Canadian border, was 27 miles north of Havre, MT, on Hy. 33, the St. Joe Road. At about 12:30 AM, sometime between Feb. 1-15th, 1997, he saw a Bigfoot in the roadside ditch as he passed. He went back later and noted that the 5-6 foot tall creature had apparently been scared at his approach, as the three-toed tracks in the snow turned around in the ditch, and retreated back to the field that it had came from. The very hairy creature was dark black in color.

* Frank Kaneaster, of Bigfoot Headquarters, took a report from Joe Chane. On March 10th, at 7 PM, he was with his wife Sue and crossing the old bridge across the Sandy River, in Troutdale, OR, his headlights caught a hair-covered man northbound up the road. The red-eyed 9 foot tall creature had a hairy face, and long arms swinging down to its knees. It was in sight for 20 seconds, and took only three steps to cross the road.

* Wilma from near Estacada, OR, (8 miles SE of Eagle Creek store) gave me a call on 6/11. She had noticed this large pile of dung on her 40 acres of property, which had been there for the last six weeks (early May). It was near a trail she hiked good shape for 74 years old.

Asked Woody Woodworth and Cliff Olson to go out and check it out, which they did. The pile, over a foot wide (12-14 inches), and at the time of visit, shrunk to 4 inches from 8 inches thick. Cliff estimated the pile to weigh about 10 Pounds. Woody described it as an almost continuous coil of poop, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It appeared to have no bones or hair, composed of vegetative matter, mostly visible grass. Samples will be given to Dr. Fahrenbach, and to our vet that likes to look for parasitic eggs...the Bigfoot worm. The possibility of it being a bear fecal plug was discounted due to the lateness of the season.


* Scott Herriot was talking with the Georgia manufacturer of Camtracker. 20 years ago in central California, the witness was a bird watcher with a partner in a marshland. They heard a noise 30 feet to the right, and noticed an 8 foot creature. It was greyish in color, and walking away from them, and only in sight for four or five seconds. They both turned towards each other and said, “did you just see what I saw?”

* Edna and George McGauvran were passing through Lolo Pass, ID, towards Washington, when Edna noticed a Bigfoot along the road side on the side of a hill, very close. She noticed its eyes following the traffic even, before they were out of sight. This was in a morning of August, 1969. It was a light brown color, hunched down to 3/4s of its normal height, and had its arm around a tree with white bark and the leaves far up (possibly quaking aspen). The face was not covered with hair, and the eyebrows slanted backward to a flat head, rather than a pointed or rounded head.

* Brad LaGrange reports that his mother who lived in Perry Co., KY, in the late 40’s had talked to some trappers that heard this loud noise at night, like a female screaming, shortly after the turn of the century, in the 1920’s. They were Res Shoemaker (late), Jerry LaGrange (Brad’s dad), and Ed Laven, who Brad talked to recently, and they recalled the incident. They think it was a Bigfoot, and note that there are no bears or large wildlife left in the area, having been hunted out long ago, even deer. The only animals that could make that sound in our area are screech owls or bobcats (rare), and these were discounted. The area is a deciduous forest with lakes and hollows. The hardwood forests are broken up by small farms. The area is noted for its cold winters.

* An early morning call from Scott Giles in Canada was curious. The fellow had developed a phobia...bad dreams, and troubles entering wooded areas to do his favorite fly fishing. When he was 12 (28 now), he was asleep in his cot in a rented cabin at Forest Creek Camp on Three Mile Lake, about 120 miles north of Toronto, Canada. He heard a noise outside...looking towards the moon-lit window, he saw a shadow. He sneezed, and the shadow leaned down and looked in at him (definitely not a dream, he says). The head was enormous, filling the window. The eyes didn’t glow, as some say in the literature, but the thing had a funny protruding nose, like it had been broken at one time. He also recalled “little wee ears,” and that the thing had reminded him of a very hairy Negro. He slept with his parents the rest of the night, because of his “bad dream.” He has repressed this sighting most of his life, and people in that part of Canada are not “believers,” the postman even scoffing at the return address on the WBS envelope when I first wrote him. He had at one time asked his dad, who had been through the war, what had been the scariest thing that happened to him. Dad (75 now) said he was at that same camp with his brother Roy (who died at 16), and they were out at night digging fishing worms, when the flashlight illuminated something that, “got up and walked away.” He could get no further details from dad as to if the thing was hairy or not.

* Rod Virell was at a log camp off the Molalla River, OR, below Nasty Peak, and off Henry Creek. At 8:30 AM, Dec. 2, 1974. He saw a Bigfoot standing on a log near a huge log pile, just looking around. 200 yards away, he noticed that it just kept walking around, and finally started walking up the road, going into the woods when a car approached in the opposite direction. Rod said it was blackish-gray, 6’ tall, and had longer arms, but not much for hips. It had a funny stooped-over gait, when it started out in a lazy lope.


* After Nathan Peak reported the Chupacabra sighting in Vernonia, OR, I reported it to Wireless Flash News. They ran it, and Nathan was deluged with phone calls from around the country, and did several radio interviews as well. He did receive three reports of these enigmatic creatures that were interesting enough to pass along...incidentally, the current thinking is that, as the Spanish re-introduced horses to the New World in the 1500’s, the aliens have introduced their pets to our times...or at least they have escaped and gone feral...or were feral in the first place?

Here’s an update! Nathan called and left an excited message. He had gone out to farmer John’s place near Vernonia to get more information on Saturday night, June 14th, and they had gone out around 8:00 PM to hunt for a strayed cow. They both saw the gargoyle creature again!

Nathan said it was four feet, 90 pounds, wings on back 5-6 feet long, reptilian eyes. It was looking for something, and fled into the woods on their approach. No tracks, but they did find scuff marks, and later the missing was OK.

On the desert near Idaho Falls, Feb. 1997. Suzanne B. was driving about 3 PM in the afternoon, when a 3 1/2 foot off-greenish Chupacabra, weighing about 100 pounds, ran in front of her car only ten feet away. It had two arms and two legs, though it was moving so fast she did not get a good look at the hands and feet. It had five, two-foot long spines on its back, and had strange compound eyes, like a fly. It ran very fast with a funny gait, and was out of sight in mere seconds. She guessed it was traveling 70 mph. It did not have any wings (other reports note this).

In western Montana, in the middle of April, the witness was driving through a heavily wooded area at night. All of a sudden, the car started rocking, and from the top of the car, an ugly gray face peered down and looked in the front was pressing so hard against the windshield, that it cracked, his witness said. Trying to get in, it rammed the car repeatedly with its shoulder and did some $500.00 worth of damage...$1100 if you count the paint job. It left heavy scratches as it tried to get in as the car careened along at 80 mph. Suddenly it flew straight up, keeping up with wings. It had red glowing eyes, was four feet tall, was brown and gray. It glided along rather than pump the 5 foot long wings like a bird.

May 14 or 15th, the witness was in his RV camping in the Everglades, Florida. The dog, a German shepherd, wanted out that night, and shortly later he heard a single “yelp” from the dog. He took his light, one of those million candlepower jobs, and went out, flooding the area with light. He saw a strange creature, with eyes that glowed green in and out of the light. It was almost yellow, three feet tall, about 100 pounds, bipedal, five 2 1/2 foot spines on its back, and it was...sucking blood out of the dog. It looked at him, then let out a screech, and ran off when the witness yelled at it, concerned about his pet. The dog’s neck was broken, twisted to the back, and had two fang marks, and appeared to be drained of blood. He heard another scream from the distance, and hurriedly put the dogs body in his small RV bathtub, and put ice on it, and got out of there, heading to a nearby vet. The vet said he knew of no animal that would do that, confirming that the shepherd had been drained of blood, but admitted he had heard of other cases that were similar.

* Another report related at the 5/28 meeting, Nathan Peak received from Australia. In mid-April, outside of Sidney, a Chup was seen to run down a roo that had been hopping furiously. It broke the roo’s neck and sucked its blood. The sighting was during daylight hours.

* April 25th, Nathan Peak reported, that a chupacabra was sighted by John and Marcia, near the intersection of Skyline Road, and Cornelius Pass Road (just north of that location on Skyline). The three foot green creature ran across the road; it had a triangle shaped head with multi-facated eyes. Long spines were coming from its back.

* May 30th, my wife Theata and I had an invitation to the grand opening of the Pacific Northwest Museum of Natural History’s Sasquatch Exhibit. We were astonished...this is a major multi-million dollar museum, run by respectable and reputable people...and they are taking a look at the “un-lookable!” Took lotsa’ photos, many of which I’ll run this news. Director Phil Lamb invited the WBS to contribute, and we have several things on display, with numerous plugs for the WBS. The display sets the visitor up as a scientist, using the scientific method to test the evidence portrayed, and make their own decision if the creature is real or not. A ballot at the end of the tour asks you to vote if you believe the creature is real, don’t believe, or undecided. At that early date, it stood at 28 believe, 20 not, and 18 undecided. This is a major exhibit! Support the museum, and visit this summer if you’ll run until December, so make it a destination on your summer vacation. My attendance was paid by donation.

Spoke to Don L., who recalls searching the mudflats near Florence, OR, with Peter Byrne, 24 years ago, in an investigation. Since then he had an experience a year ago off Hy. 101, near Crescent City, CA. There were three high-pitched whistles, then three more in answer, from higher up in the woods. He walked in with his son, and something very destructive would move sideways into the woods, breaking limbs and such.

* Attended the Tualatin Valley Gem Club’s meeting and listened to Greg Dardis of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, now doing a display on the “Dinosaurs of the Gobi.” I had previously spoke of the presence of Giant Ground Sloths in Oregon, and displayed a fossil tooth and claw from Bolivia, indicating that the current thinking is that early man drove these creatures to extinction. Dardis indicated that although Pleistocene animals became extinct in Oregon, like the camels, horses, lions, mammoths...they continued to survive in Africa, whose natives had a better stone technology than early Oregonians. As a matter of fact, some human bones from China appear to have the imprint of a mammoth’s foot stomped into the bones, as happens today when elephants go on the rampage...maybe we’ll have to revise our thinking about the extinction of New World large mammals.

Incidentally...some think the giant sloth might survive today in the guise of a 3-toed creature that leaves giant tracks and lives in caves. In Chile and Argentina, giant sloth remains have been found in caves that date to historical times, and there was even a recent expedition to the Amazon to hunt for the creatures. I’ve not seen a follow-up though...anybody out there have any clippings?

* Attended the International Sasquatch Symposium, June 6-8, in Vancouver, B.C., at the McMillan Planetarium, and hosted by Steven Harvey. There were a great many speakers, and I don’t have enuf’ room to go into much depth, but will do what I can. Note; Cliff Crook and Eric Beckjord were no-shows. Daniel Perez was the Master-of -ceremonies, and gave the WBS a good plug on being the largest group of its kind in the world...thanks Danny.

Jack Lapseritis, Elusive Phenomena and the Need for a New Scientific Paradigm (list or table of words). “In the field I do things differently.” Forty years and we have nothing to show for it...maybe Sasquatch has a built in survival system that helps them avoid their enemies. When in the field, “don’t think of a Sasquatch...if you think of them to intensely, you’ll drive them away.”

Ryan Layton and Ron Mower. Ryan introduces us to Ron, and gives some background. Ron seems honest, and a bit unworldly, and is frequently coached by Ryan, a Layton, UT, researcher. Mower claims nine sightings. Fishing on the Indian reservation, Ron says, he saw three at once, one brown and one reddish, and they followed him along a stream in the Unitas Mts, along Swift Creek.

He was there five times, and feels a part of the phenomenon. At hunting camp, the creature came and reached up and took a shot-and-hung deer out of a tree, and let it drop to the ground. This happened twice...they pulled me into a sort of mental limbo...and time was gone, he said. Ryan said that the creatures were meta-physical, and we will perhaps never get a body part. He had interviewed two individuals in N’rn Utah, who told of the “Star People,” and their telepathic communication. The alien beings say they (Bigfeet) are punished beings, and they have been planting the “Agmar” (alien Bigfeet) in the mountains near your home.

Graham Conway. Cites an old Don Worley report that had reports of 266 para-apes, 25 years ago. The beings would run over mud and not leave tracks. UFO’s projected light beams to the ground and apes appeared. Witnesses would shoot at them with no effect.

John Cotton, Sasquatch in Time and Space. There are a vast number of dimensions and an infinite number of planets in this universe, and something like 10 to the hundredth universes. Bigfeet are spirits that come through a hole in space time. Sasquatch are the teachers of the people (aboriginal).

John Anders. Is organizing a field trip to Argentina for three weeks to a month, and wants interested people to join him. He plans to investigate two recent hominid sightings. Contact the BC Crypto. Soc. Richard Grenwell, Sec. ISC.

Investigating the Impossible; The Dilemma of Sasquatch in Zoology. An article in Current Anthropology indicates that 75 percent of scientists think Bigfoot is a hoax or myth. One in ten primatologists/anthropologists/paleontologists, admit to any possibility that Bigfoot might be a reality. Sasquatch is not observed by reputable scientists.

Dr. Robert Pyle, Where Bigfoot Walks - Crossing The Dark Divide. Gave the WBS and myself a good plug, when he spoke of his book, The Dark Divide, which is to be released in paperback next month. He plans a book signing session at the Bigfoot Daze celebration in Carson, WA, Aug. 23-24. He told of a biologist that had reported a Bigfoot. Jim Fielder, WSU, now teaches biology at Newport HS, OR. On State Route 12, near Packwood, WA, 7 miles from Backpack Lake, he saw a Bigfoot from 50 yards in his headlights at night. It was in the road, got up, took ten steps, seemed unconcerned, was bulky, about 6 1/2 feet, and he didn’t see any facial features. Examining the spot in the road where he had seen the thing, he found a steaming wet spot where the creature had urinated. Dr. Pyle asked me to autograph the portion of his own book, about the WBS.

Jim Hewkin, History of Sasquatch Reports in Northwest Oregon. A man living near Rainier, OR, in an old bus, had a Bigfoot look in a window at him, May 15, 1978. It had green eyes, a strong odor, and was about 1:30 AM. This was taken from a report in the police files. The same morning, a 9 foot man, hairy, was seen walking along a Rainier area road.

June 5, 1978. Another Sheriff report. Richard Wilson at 1:10 AM reported that at Cedar Creek, near Chapman, OR, he was out walking his dog and heard far away noises. The deputy investigating noted horses were all bunched up in one spot. He saw light reflect from eyes that had apparently walked through a fence line without changing its gait. There was a swamp that the eyes retreated into.

Dec. 1, 1979, a bow hunter near Saddle Mt. State Park off Hy. 26, OR, was in heavy timber when he saw standing in a patch of Oregon Grape (Mahonia has edible berries...probably mostly gone in December), three black objects. About 5 1/2 feet, black, heavily built, just standing around. He banged on a stump and they ran off. This was at a cut over area in heavy timber, and the objects were about 80 yards away.

His best report from Jan. 2nd, 1979, a witness, Goldberg, was on a motorcycle on a gated logging road off Gales Creek, west of Banks, OR. The kid came around a bend and the creature was 100 yards away, and went into the brush, which was shaking as he went by. Eight days later, Jim was on the scene of the brushy road, and followed tracks back into the salal brush. The creature had turned back toward the kid after diving into the brush, to observe him (this is not typical of animals, expect maybe a cougar, which will stalk a human). It broke two sapling in its hiding place, as if in anger or frustration. Jim still has them as souvenirs.

In 1984, a Mr. Sing (from Asian India), a state detective, found and investigated a track on the Siletz River, OR, during deer season. Four toes were showing, and the track had sunk deeply in mud, about a foot. Sing had seen big tracks, 16 inches, the year before at Detroit Reservoir, east of Salem, OR.

Jim Hewkin had interviewed Pat Carter in 1992. At the time she was a girl in Valsetz, OR, a logging camp, she liked to throw sticks with a young Bigfoot, who would throw them back. The lady Bigfoot was with a young baby nearby, but she never saw the male, who snorted from time to time in the brush, though she could not see him. One day she was sobbing, and the female came over and looked into her eyes.

*Elmer Skip Frombach in May 1989, witnessed a Bigfoot near Darrington, WA, as it tumbled down a hill near where he was mining for gold (we have a large piece of the ore in our museum). The incident was reported on “Unsolved Mysteries,” a TV show.

* Dr. Grover Krantz, reported on The Wildman in China, from a June-May, 1982, trip. The Yeran had been reported by natives, and the expedition was to interrogate them. The group consisted of Japanese, mainland Chinese, and Taiwan Chinese (Dr. Krantz said they got on fine together), and him...the one round eyed, bearded creature...the Chinese told superstitious natives that they had captured a Yeran, and they stared in awe at Grover. Finally, using interperters, they found the Yeran had long red hair, was slightly taller than Grover, and slightly wider, and the forehead went up, like a human, and it had human proportions. The witness had seen one only 2-3 yards from his front door.

Another witness had seen the Yeran as it was crouched, then it stood up, and went up a steep hill, using all-fours. These people had a reputation for honesty (the Han Chinese don’t).

Dr. Krantz wonders if this creature is an upright form of orangutan, that is habitually bipedal. He notes also that two fossil jaws recently found in Java seem to be of the Yeran. He proposed a possible name for the new creature, Pongo erectus, or Yeran erectus, if it belongs in a new genera.

I did not ask at the time if this omnivore might be the actual Bigfoot of America, rather than Giganto. I did comment however, that this would give some weight to the many reports of Rock Apes reported in the Track Record, that were noted in Vietnam by GI’s during the recent war.

* Henry Franzoni. “I signed a non-disclosure agreement,” so had to conceal some data. In closure of Peter Byrne’s Bigfoot Research Project, Henry noted that data had suggested that Bigfoot was not nocturnal, and could be found well away from heavy timber, one creature being sighted some 15 miles from the mountain cover one would normally expect to find them in. He indicated that the successor to the BRP plans to pay some people for full time employment in the field. (Give ‘em a call if you wanna’ make some big bucks! They’re funded by millionaire industrialist Dave Ransburg, who spent almost a million on the BRP!)

* Thomas Steenburg told of, and had numerous slides, for the Crandel sighting, which is in the SW corner of Alberta, a high mountain wilderness. The four witnesses had been at a picnic table when two of them went to the outhouse, about 1 AM, and ran into a Squatch 50 feet away. It grunted, then moved off, to reappear in the headlights of one of the cars, 65 feet away, where all had retreated to. Another passing vehicle had a sighting also. When the park ranger was summoned, he tried to convince them that they had seen a bear. It was about 7-8 feet, about 300 plus pounds, and it seemed curious, but not afraid or aggressive. It was thin in appearance, and there was a little bending of the knees as it moved, and no smell.

* Tim Cassidy reported on a Jun 11, 1996, a creature from southern Indiana. Near Lake Monroe, the co-worker was on a night hike, and ran into a pungent odor, very sulphur-like, and their hair was on end.

* Mark DeWorth had a video form April 20th, 1997, with a suspected Bigfoot at 50 feet around 4 PM. I saw something move in the thick brush, Mark said it was a head. This was in Coshocton County, Ohio. Also he indicated that in March 1997 one of the creatures was at the tree line, and beat on its chest about midnight. I couldn’t see anything definite in the video.

* Don Keating showed us the video with the white Bigfoot that he had taped at Bigfoot Lake, Coshocton County, Ohio. Slides had aerial views of Bigfoot sites in south central Ohio. He also had a nice photo of himself next to a huge Bigfoot replica...the designer also makes dinosaurs.

* John Kirk, BC Crypto. Soc., told of the Alma in Mongolia and Kazhakstan. In 1996 a report of a reddish black creature that had walked edgewise with the toes turned inward, and had a human like appearance. It apparently had extremely low intelligence. The male is called an Alma, the female Almasta.

* Scott Harriott showed a recent comedy film he had done. He plans to sell these hilarious films, with a scene of yours truly, Ray Crowe. The film really works on the funny bone, with Harriott, et al, in costumes and tripping around, smoking, etc. Don’t miss seeing this film. Don’t at the time have ordering information though.

Scott also had a film of a Bigfoot he claims was taken Oct. 12, 1992, in northern California, near the mouth of the Klamath River. Kids had reported the creature three weeks earlier. I personally couldn’t see anything positive in the film, but he reports a greyish ape-like thing with a pointed head, and glowing red eyes, staring at them for ten seconds, when it turned and walked away. They had previously found an apple in the trail up the very steep hillside that they had ascended laboriously.

* Jeff Glickman had a program on some of the things going on in Hood River. I had intended to bash him again (re the missing computer), but Henry Franzoni convinced me to live and let live in the spirit of cooperation between investigative groups (I’m still pissed tho’). Dr. Robert Pyle set the theme for them by commenting previously, “there might not be a Bigfoot...but there is a Bigfoot phenomenon.” Their new group is designed to investigate the “phenomenon” and disseminate data. They also plan to sponsor, with grants, industrial institutions and individuals in the investigation of this phenomena. The results are available to everybody. A booklet study on the Patterson female is scheduled to be published in 60-90 days. It consists of historical reports and physical evidence, a subjective and objective analysis, a portion by Henry Franzoni on Indian names and geographic localities which “Bigfoot” names.

Sections on paleontology, paleoclimatology, paleoecology and ecological data will be included. Peter Byrne had written a forty page introduction. Computer studies had a highly digitized Patty, with “stick-figures” superimposed to determine if bio-locomation can be compared with that of humans )how the knees bend and such). Probability patterns were plotted on a map of the Pacific Northwest, indicating where Bigfoot might be found. Unfortunately, there was no key as to where you were seeing the highest concentrations of “Bigfoot probability.” Latitude was listed on the edge of the plot, but there was no longitude. Somebody asked where a reference point might be, and Glickman pointed way off-screen, indicating, “I think Vancouver’s about here.” So much for that. He never mentioned Peter Byrne’s name during the presentation at all, so Dr. Pyle asked the this based on Peter Byrne’s geo-time plots that he developed with the Bigfoot Research Project?

What is this probability plot anyway? Ten years or so ago, I published an article in the Northwest Lepidopterists’ Association Newsletter,” an article on using the computer to predict where certain rare species of butterfly might be found. Using primitive statistical information, I programmed a Tektronix 4051 computer to determine the probability in certain areas. Collecting sighting reports of several rare species, I determined the “standard deviation” (a measure of variability) of a lot of the things I thought to be important: elevation, max-min temperatures, max min precipitation, and other stuff. Then I determined, using a Township grid, the same data throughout Oregon and Washington, and just plotted the probability of the species occurring in any given grid. Except for the massive amount of handwork it was really pretty simple. I was even, at the time studying things like pollen profiles of ancient plants to look at long term climatic variations back to the Ice Ages (this intrest dates back to the years when I worked for the US Weather Bureau, and had an interest in paleoclimatology), to help determine why some widely separated areas had the species and others did not...everything worked like clockwork...even locating some surprising data concerning refuges of species that I hadn’t expected. The same ought to work with Bigfoot, and is apparently what they have done, though I don’t know what variables they might have used. I would include such things as when salmon ran, and when certain berries and such reached maturity, looking at elevations critically. Topography would be important also. Most of you have enough Bigfoot records that you could probably duplicate the Bigfoot Research Project’s Geo-time study on your own home computers. Climatic and elevation data is now on public file, and you could use latitude-longitude as grids, and have fun digging some of the stuff out of maps...stuff like forest cover, or tree species type (indicate food sources available at any given time). Give it a try. One hint...don’t shave data to your own beliefs...include all reports and let the stats sort it out. The Bigfoot Research Project had two main batches of data, “A” data was highly reliable, and “B” data less so (probably that which will be eventually shared by Jeff?), and everything else was thrown out. In this case, the “garbage in-garbage out” philosophy doesn’t isn’t neccessarily in error. Though, I’d keep my skepticals on for some of the psychic-type data. Plot it separate programmers.


* Liz Layton of the Daily Show, Cable TV, Ch. 45 and 32, New York, called. She wants to come out for the Cave Crawl this year. It will be held the weekend of July 26-27th. We’ll meet near Cougar that Saturday evening and camp, Rod Cusic and Georgi doing the field preparation, and swap lies about Bigfoot and such. Sunday we’ll converge on The Trail Of Two Forests, 1/2 mile south of the Ape Cave. Bring caving gear...lights, hard hats, gloves, knee pads, and we’ll crawl through the lava cast forest, explore the lava cave, and hopefully, go on a Bigfoot hunt. Recall a year ago when tracks were discovered 1/4 mile west of the lava tube? The creature did some damage to the underbrush also.

While I’m passing out dates. This year’s Bigfoot Daze in Carson, WA, will be held Aug. 23-24. We plan to have a coroner’s inquest, using Judge Bernard Heavey again. Still have a lot of loose ends to tie up yet, and have to go to Stevenson to finalize details. Looks like Nancy Logan will be up from LA to prosecute the proceedings, her sister taking the offense. Lets hang that Bigfoot killer named Larry Lund!

* Associated Press Bob Baum was by for an interview. Larry Lund happened to be at the book shop, so included him in the interview also. He’ll send out a photographer soon, he says, to shoot the basement.

* Margie Boule, columnist for the Portland Oregonian newspaper was by for an interview...and it was published last Sunday, June 8th. She did a great job, taking the pose of the last visitor to the museum in our basement, the book shop overhead being sold. A bit of literary license maybe...don’t have any money in my hand yet.

* Mike Phillips, Portland’s KEX radio called 6/11 for a live interview just before the noon news. He had read the Boule article, and wanted to know about the museum closing. Told the audience that now we’re non-profit, we’re looking to separate the two business ventures, we’ve outgrown the basement museum, and the fire marshal won’t let us hold meetings there any more as there is only one exit. Also made a plea for tax deductible donations.

* A book shop customer came in and said the WBS looked pretty good on the QVC Home Shopping program...I was in Canada and missed it. Did anybody get a tape?

* Dr. Bindernagle is doing a book, “The Great Apes of North America,” to be published this fall, was announced at the BC Symposium. Rene Dahinden, during Bindernagle’s talk, said he hadn’t been in the field long enough.

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