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"The racing on the weekend was some of the best produced for a very long time with evenly matched cars fighting for track position"

The first round of the Australian Formula 2 National Series was held at Mallalla over the weekend of 29th and 30th with outstanding success coming to the "new boy" Paul Stephenson on his debut in the Dallara F395 Toyota Formula 3.

The President of Australian Formula 2, Chas Jacobsen said "the Association's decision to introduce the 2 litre Formula 3 spec engine to our Category has been vindicated in only our first round of the 1999 National Series. Since the introduction of the 2 litre engine we have seen 10 new Formula 3 spec cars introduced into Australia and that is only since CAMS granted the Technical Bulletin late last year. In fact, this is more new cars in the last 6 months than there has been in the last 6 years of my Presidency. The racing on the weekend was some of the best produced for a very long time with evenly matched cars fighting for track position."

The Secretary, Fred Douglas noted that 11 of the 16 entrants for the first round were 2 litre Formula 3 spec. engines which has now firmly tipped the balance of the Category in favour of the more reliable and technologically advanced 2 litre engine.

He further stated "Since the announcement of the 2 litre F3 engine, the Association is handling 2-3 enquires each week for information on the Category which has resulted in Paul Stephenson, Mark Rundle and Sean Cussell competing in the National Series at the highest level. For the first time in a decade, young talented drivers are now taking up the opportunity to experience and drive an International competitive car in Australia at a fraction of the cost of what it would be to drive a similar car in Europe."

Chas Jacobsen also went on to say "I am negotiating with other interested parties which could also see additional young talented drivers take up this particular category. I am currently sourcing an additional Formula 3 from off shore to satisfy this need".

The first round was won by 22 year old Melbourne driver, Paul Stephenson in a Dallara F395 taking 3 wins from the 3 races. This was Paul's debut in the Category.

The next round will be held at Winton on 19th and 20th of June in 3 weeks time and there is at least another F3 2 litre chassis due to make it's debut in this Round.

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