Mr. Gonzales:
Thank you for forwarding the consumer email complaints from your
website. I appreciate your assistance in this investigation. I am
interested in hearing the consumers' problems, even when the dispute was
eventually settled. Patterns of deceptive business practices are
important. Unfortunately, the kaneinvestigation@oag.state.fl.us
email address cannot be reactivated. You may refer consumers to my email
address: angelia_sheridan@oag.state.fl.us I will mail the consumers a
complaint form, if provided full name and mailing address.
"Florida Attorney General Complaint Forms" are also available at
http://legal.firn.edu/ go to Consumer Information, go to How to File a
Complaint of Check on a Business, go to Library of Various state and
Government Complaint Forms go to Florida Attorney General Complaint Forms
and mail the notarized affidavit, with supporting documents to
Angie Sheridan, Assistant Attorney General
c/o Office of the Attorney General
Economic Crimes Unit
135 West Central Blvd., Suite 1000
Orlando, FL 32801
Also, consumers may file online complaints with the Florida Dept. of
Agriculture, Division of Consumer Services at this address: