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iCal interface Introducing iCal

iCal iconApple redefines the desktop calendar
iCal gives you a single easy-to-see view that lets you look at different color-coded calendars on your desktop so that your work life doesn’t get in the way of your home life, and vice versa. iCal lets you spot scheduling conflicts — as well as pockets of available free time — at a glance. And because iCal lets you look at your work calendar and your home calendar at the same time — and note where you have scheduling conflicts and where you have oodles of free time — you may notice your life becoming a little less of a juggling act.

Multiple calendarsNot only can iCal show you different calendars simultaneously, it also lets you share your calendars with family, friends and colleagues over the Internet. Everyone in your family or workgroup can have their own calendar or calendars, and iCal can show them to you in a single unified view using the superior graphics capabilities of Mac OS X.

Sound the alarm
Remind yourself about impending appointments by sending yourself timely alarms. iCal can alert you by sending an email message or a reminder that appears on your Mac desktop and beeps ahead of time, and can even cause an alarm to sound on your wireless phone.

with iSyncIn addition, Apple’s new iSync software allows users to sync their iCal calendars with the new generation of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, Palm OS devices and the iPod for access to their most current address books and calendars on the go.

iCal will be available as a free download this September and requires Mac OS X version 10.2 “Jaguar.” Publishing calendars on the Internet requires a .Mac membership or a WebDAV server.
With iCal, Mac users can:
Keep track of schedules, appointments and tasks, viewing activities by day, week or month
Manage and view multiple calendars at once from within one unified window to easily identify schedule conflicts or free time at-a-glance
Publish calendars on the web to share with colleagues, family and friends
Subscribe to other calendars to keep up with work schedules, family events, school events and more
Send standards-based email event invitations
Organize and keep track of activities with built-in To Do list management
Be notified of upcoming events on screen, by email or text messaging to a mobile phone or pager
Quickly find any event, task or name entered into iCal using its lightning-fast search tool

iPod appointment
Sync your appointments to an iPod.

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