To Chief Librarians:
This electronic information sheet is being
distributed to all Regional Librarians and members
of the Automation Working Group.

Please distribute this to staff and boards.  Thanks.


T H E   D I S S E M I N A T O R                      
February 18, 1994



The Report of the Regional Libraries Funding Formula
Review Committee is being released by the Minister
to regional library boards and municipal
councils this week.  An information session at the
Provincial Library for Chief Librarians and Board
Chairs is scheduled for February 25 with a snow date
of March 4.  Following this, members of the
Committee are offering presentations to each
regional library board.  The Minister has asked
Boards to submit their comments and concerns in
writing by March 21.


The Steering Committee met on February 4, and
appointed a four-person
report writing group.  Joan Brown Hicks, Frances
Anderson, Kim Adams and Donna Bourne-Tyson will be
producing the first draft, by March 7th.  Please see
the following schedule for an idea of what's left to
be done!

Summary Of Outstanding Tasks

1.   Steering Committee will appoint a group to
prepare the draft   report. 
     Report raw materials to the Planning Team.  
Start P.R. plan.
     Completion date:  February 11, 1994

2.   Report writers to complete draft report. 
     Completion date: March 7, 1994

3.   Obtain feedback on draft plan from entire
Planning Team.  Plan     will      be sent out to
Planning Team by mail by March 14, 1994, for
     Completion date:  March 31, 1994

4.   Revised draft report resubmitted to Steering
Committee and
     sponsoring bodies.
     Completion date:  April 15, 1994

5.   Final approval of report by Steering Committee.
     Completion date:  May 19, 1994

6.        Publicize the Strategic Plan.
     Completion date:  June 10, 1994

7.   Start implementing the Plan.

NcompasS NEWS

We are now using multiLIS for all our cataloguing. 
Both the labels and cards seem to be printing nicely
so we have cut our on-line ties with ISM (Utlas).

Procedures for adding holdings to existing records
are being developed and
training and documentation on this process will be
given at the Automation
Working Group Meeting in March.

We will be getting the gap tape (all records not on
the last tape) from ISM in the next few weeks and
those records should be in the database in March. 
We also plan to load the Dartmouth and Halifax City
tapes in March and will let you know when they are
available for searching.


Donna Bourne-Tyson and Betsy Armstrong are working
on a plan to ensure
that the RECON is carried out in a logical and
workable manner for all
regions.  This plan will be discussed at the
Automation Working Group
Meeting and a calendar of the process and dates for
each step will be
developed.  We would like to make sure that each
region has as much
RECON done as possible by the time they are ready to


The complete configuration of NSTN/e-mail software
has been installed at NSPL and we will be the first
ones to try out the training.  Stay tuned for the
training schedule to be released any day now.  We
would like to have this all completed by the end of
March as well.

NSTN has told us that public access to NSTN and
Internet from the public
library is included in our service contract.  So as
soon as any of you can make a terminal available in
a branch, the public can have all the access that is
currently available to staff.

NSTN has approached Eastern Counties Regional
Library about installing a
POP (Point of Presence) in the library in Mulgrave. 
This arrangement would provide local access to all
NSTN's subscribers in the Port Hawkesbury calling
area as well as reduce our costs for Eastern's
connection.  More on this as it develops; there is
also a strong possiblilty that PARL will have a POP
installed soon.

Many of you have been asking about home access to
NSTN which we all
thought we would get as part of our service
contract.  However, this particular access was not
included in the original contract.  NSPL has written
to NSTN asking for a proposal to provide home access
for some Provincial Library and Regional Library
staff.  More details to follow when we get a reply.


The posters have gone to the printers, and will soon
be ready.  We were able to negotiate the same price
as last year, thanks in part to Barry Donovan's
economical use of colour separations.  The "Whale of
a Tale" clip art is still in production, but we hope
it will be ready to ship out with the posters.  
Martha Langille of NSHHC will be collecting
programming ideas from the regions again this year,
and ordering the buttons.  She will send out a
message when she is ready to take orders.  If anyone
is interested in ordering stickers this year, they
should contact Martha as well.  If you have any
questions about your poster order, please contact
Arlene Watts (awatts) or Donna Bourne-Tyson


Discussions are still underway on how libraries and
the Centre can
complement each other's services, but in the
meantime your reference staff
might be interetested in what the Centre has to

The Centre has trained information officers who can
provide information on the full range of business
related government services which are available from
both federal and provincial departments and
agencies.  Some of the specialized information
sources which the Centre can provide access to are
the dISTCovery database (licensing), the Government
Services' Open Bidding Service database and Industry
Profiles for a wide variety of business sectors. 
The telephone number for the Centre is
1-800-668-1010 or 426-8604 for the Metro area. 
Hours are 9:00 - 5:00, Monday to Friday.


National Library's Multilingual Biblioservice will
be significantly affected by the changes due to
budget cuts.  A meeting has been called for March 15
to discuss National Library's tentative plans and to
seek advice and input from the deposit centres,
provincial librarians, and the Canadian Association
of Large Urban Public Libraries.  Diane MacQuarrie,
HCRL, has been invited to discuss and refine the
proposed model for MBS services, for implementation
in April 1995.  Thanks to everyone who responded to
the request for input on MBS services some time ago;
this information will be useful at the meeting on
March 15.


Andrea John attended the Winter Meeting of the
Canadian Library Association in Thunder Bay,
Ontario.  In addition to Executive Council meetings,
she attended a one-day professional development
workshop on freenet, new technology, and distance
education.  CLA has purchased copies of a 
newly-released PSA video on the library and
intellectual freedom which will be distributed to
library organizations to lend to their members.  The
PSA was produced by Thunder Bay Public Library
following challenges to the library's decision to
buy Madonna's "Sex".  Don't forget that the CLA
conference will be in Halifax in 1996!

Carol Morris was on vacation this week but reference
staff made every effort to ensure that questions
were answered as quickly as usual.  We will all be
glad to have Carol back though!

Did you know that the CNIB Library for the Blind is
now the sole distributor for Blackstone Audio Books
Inc. in Canada?  These are recordings which have no
restrictions on who can use them.  The 600 titles
include classic literature, poetry, biographies, and
children's books, and are available for sale to
individuals.  Libraries have been interested in
unrestricted books in order to provide access to
both print-handicapped and sighted users, and
Blackstone titles will help fill that gap.


If you have done a bit of "surfing" on the Internet
you may have noticed that there are several guides
available to assist new users.  Sue Dirani has
downloaded "The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet",
and has stored it on
diskette (please note that no copyright laws have
been broken - the authors of these guides encourage
this!).  If any of you would like a copy (in WP5.2
format) just send Sue a 3.5" diskette and she would
be happy to copy it for you.  162 pages in length,
it contains valuable and easy to understand
information about telnet, ftp, using Veronica,
gophers, etc.  If you prefer a hardcopy,  NSPL has a
catalogued copy available for loan.  

Another valuable source of information on the Net is
resident on the NSTN
gopher.  "Gopher-jewels" can be found by clicking on
"Internet Resources"
at the main NSTN Gopher screen.  This little
goldmine can lead you to other gophers all over the
world according to subject area.  If you haven't
looked at it yet, give it a try!

Z39.50 - WHAT IS IT?

You may have heard of it over the last few years but
it is still a mystery to a lot of people.  The
Z39.50 standard allows disparate systems to
communicate with each other despite different
command languages.  With Z39.50, library staff don't
need to contend with multiple command languages to
retrieve information from a variety of sources.  A
query entered in the user's interface of choice is
translated into Z39.50 packets and then forwarded to
the serving system.  The serving system, which must
also understand Z39.50, interprets and acts on the
query then sends a response which is translated back
into the user's interface.   When the Z39.50
standard is fully developed, it will allow a
searcher to see the holdings of Dartmouth Regional
Library and Halifax City Regional Library, which are
on Dynix Systems, and the NcompasS holdings,
displayed on one screen, as one virtual database. 
Until then, the holdings will display on one screen
as three separate banks of records.


That's it for this issue.  Stay tuned . . . .

If you have any questions or comments about the
activities mentioned, please contact the people

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