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The 3GSM World Congress Capture the Moment. Capture the Market.
The 3GSM World Congress, February 19 to 22 in Cannes, France, is your gateway to the mobile world. Join Nokia as we explore the latest products and services the industry has to offer. >>
What's New!
Nokia Network Evolution Service
This combination of services and tools for network pre-planning and site assessment helps to raise network quality and reduce risks during network rollout. >>
Nokia Multivendor Integration Service
By enabling seamless integration of WCDMA networks in a multivendor ecosystem, this service supports smooth delivery of new and exciting end-user services. >>
Series 60 Platform
The Series 60 Platform is an application-rich, Symbian OS-based software platform available for handset manufacturers to include in their own smartfone designs. Colorful, easy to use, and interoperable with a wide range of standards, the Series 60 Platform will drive the use of advanced mobile services, such as multimedia messaging and rich content downloading. >>
Hot Topic
Nokia D500 RAM
Nokia D500 RAM provides remote deployment for DSL services such as Video on Demand, Broadband TV and Fast Internet Access. >>
Nokia D500
The high-density, high-capacity D500 supports a wide range of services, from fast Internet access to emerging higher bandwidth multimedia services. >>
Nokia NetAct Traffica for GPRS
Take real-time monitoring to a whole new level! If you want to know how to have real-time viewing of GPRS network usage and the ability to differentiate services, then read on. >>

Multimedia Messaging
Do you want to know how mobile users will continue to benefit from the exciting and innovative mobile services? Read on, find out how multimedia messaging services (MMS) builds on the success of SMS. >>

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