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Dan Frisa represented New York in the United States Congress, where, as a member of the powerful Commerce Committee, he sat on the important Telecommunications & Finance and Energy Subcommittees.

In the Congress, Frisa was a conferee on the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and was instrumental in the passage of the Securities Litigation Reform Act enacted by the 104th Congress.

Frisa also served as head of a task force charged with oversight of the Securities Exchange Commission, conducting a top-to-bottom review and authoring an extensive review of the SEC's EDGAR on-line computer system.

Dan Frisa was the only member of the 104th Congress to defeat an incumbent Republican Congressman, scoring a stunning upset in the Republican primary against a liberal Republican and winning the November election against the chief-of-staff to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA).

Frisa had previously scored an upset win against a ten-year Democrat incumbent to win a seat in the New York State Assembly, serving four terms.

With a background in business as a star salesman for the Johnson & Johnson Company, as senior executive with the FORTUNOFF retail company and as an entrepreneur, Frisa is well versed in the real world of the business sector of the economy.

Frisa was Vice President of the Nassau County Local Development Corp., an innovative lender offering both federal SBA and NY JDA loans, as well as an officer of the Long Island Development Corp. where ground-breaking loan offerings were pioneered.

An Eagle Scout at the age of thirteen - one of the youngest ever - Dan has long been active in civic affairs on his native Long Island as a lifelong resident there.

As an opinion columnist with NewsMax.com, Dan Frisa is a sought-after guest on television and radio programs nationwide. Dan has appeared on numerous FOX NEWS CHANNEL shows as well as COURT TV and MSNBC.

An outspoken observer of the political and economic scenes, Dan's columns appear several times weekly on the virtual pages of NewsMax.com.

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