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On September 11, 2001, individuals and organizations around the world turned to the Internet to communicate, to find information, to support the stricken, and to express the inexpressible. We sent messages to loved ones far away. We read the news, looked at photographs, and exchanged opinions and condolences. We sent aid to the victims and supported the heroic rescue efforts that followed the attacks.

The impact of September 11 will live forever in our memories. Now, on this first anniversary, we honor the heroes and remember the lives lost as we look forward in hope to a time of peace and healing.
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We invite you to participate in this Living Tribute. Take a moment to create a memorial tile and share your message with the world. Invite family, friends, and coworkers to view your tile and create one of their own.
Ryan La Croix
Norman, OK, USA
For those that lost loved ones, I can't express in ...
michelle lieggi
United States
We will not forget. In remembrance of those lost on ...
Fatma Oueik
The 9/11 attacks changed life foreva for me and my ...
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News Coverage
Photo Attacks didn't change 'everything' -- but no one is quite the same
Wed Sep 11, 7:12 AM ET, USA TODAY
Pedestrians streamed across the Brooklyn Bridge the morning after officials said that terrorists might try to blow it up.

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Bush Says America Will Defend Freedom from Fanatics
Wed Sep 11,10:14 PM ET, Reuters
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Wed Sep 11,10:11 PM ET, AP
Thousands Pay Tribute to Flight 93
Wed Sep 11,10:08 PM ET, AP
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