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DayLite Personal Edition updated
by Dennis Sellers,
September 7, 2002 11:00 am ET

Marketcircle Inc. has released DayLite Personal Edition 1.0.4, their contact and customer relationship manager (CRM) for Mac OS X.

DayLite features include template-based correspondence; relationships between contacts and organizations; opportunity management with visual sales funnel and forecasts; appointment, event, call and task scheduling; and a plug-in architecture for import/export. Using customizable toolbars, you can configure DayLite to provide only the functionality you need. You can display multiple contact cards simultaneously by double clicking in the list views and you can hide and unhide list columns, as well as select which side you prefer your views (for example, days on the right, contacts on the left, or just use the whole window for one view).

Version 1.0.4 adds a phone dialer, so you now have the ability to automatically dial a contact's phone number with the click of a button. You can also dial directly from the Dock and the Menubar shortcuts and set-up dial locations specifying different dial and long distance prefixes and local area codes with long distance exchanges.

A Time List view has been added for displaying your appointments and events. In this Time List you can see all the details of your appointments including the date and time, subject, category, all the contacts involved and the projects/opportunities associated. The Time List has a Lock on Day feature that lets you see all your appointments for "today" only, or all those appointments that occur on the days you've chosen in the mini-calendar. You can sort and filter various columns and copy/paste rows to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

The Task List now includes two new columns -- Projects/Opportunities and Contacts -- which allow you to know exactly who's involved in a task, and which project or opportunity the task is associated with. A Lock on Day feature lets you see only those tasks that fall on "today," or on the days you have selected in the mini-calendar. There's also a new quick filter to show only those tasks that are Not Done or Done.

A mini-summary view has been added to the Cards. If you're viewing a Contact's card, you can now see all the details of each Organization, Project or Opportunity that this contact is involved in. The Organization card's mini-summary displays the details of each Contact with which it's associated.

DayLite Personal Edition 1.0.4 adds preferences for default values (city, province/state and country). These fields are automatically filled out for you when creating a new Contact or Organization.

Another new preference lets you select whether you want the row background colors of the list view to take on the color of the category or not. Categories and keywords for individual contacts can now be imported into DayLite. More time saving features have also been added, according to Product Manager Aliyah Mohamed.

Contacts have many fields that can be revealed by opening various drawers. For example, a contact may have an unlimited number of phones, addresses, roles, relationships, etc. You can open multiple viewers on the same database or file. Marketcircle DayLite lets you sort, filter, hide and unhide different columns. Plus, you can double-click contacts to compare or view details.

You can schedule calls, appointments and tasks for a contact, then set a reminder so you won't forget. You can relate a contact to another contact or organization and/or establish the role played in a organization, project or opportunity.

Marketcircle DayLite lets you determine a type of reciprocal relationship: employee/employer, mother/son, husband/wife, etc. In fact, a contact can have multiple relationships and/or roles. You can add to the standard set of roles and relationships by defining your own reciprocal relationships and roles in the utility drawer

You can customize the standard templates of Marketcircle DayLite by adding your own images. Plus, you can merge keys by double click in the drawer. The template can be saved to the database so everyone has access to it. If you've chosen to make a template that applies to contacts, then only those merge keys are displayed.

DayLite can be downloaded in a variety of formats: application only, with an updated manual or with a manual and server. A trial version is also available at the Marketcircle Web site. There are a variety of pricing options; details are online.

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.up-to-date comparison?
.simpl3x   - 09/07/02 12:53 PM
.*Re: up-to-date comparison?
.pairof9   - 09/08/02 05:32 PM

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