Audition Scams

Getting a job in Hollywood is tough enough. Some aspiring actors are trying to improve their chances at stardom, but instead they end up paying a hefty price for fame.

People will always dream about making it big in the movies or on TV. But if a talent agent, manager or a company demands money upfront to help make you a star, then that should raise a red flag.

Gary Zuckerbrod who is President of the Casting Society of America and a veteran casting director says no actor should have to pay money up front for a shot at stardom.

Zuckerbrod says, "No one should ever pay for an audition… well it's not illegal in the state of California to pay for an audition... it's not proper."

The president of the Casting Society of America says they only thing an actor should be putting up money for is for classes, pictures and resumes. Not contests.

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Last Updated: Jun 3, 2002

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