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Rules & Safety Overview (SafeHarbor)
You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about policies and SafeHarbor, eBay's comprehensive safety resource. Find out how you can help protect yourself and what you should do when something goes wrong.

Learn about eBay's policies to make sure you're playing by the rules.

User Agreement
Agreement spelling out your relationship with eBay.
Listing policies
Guidelines for listing items for sale.
Is my item allowed on eBay?
Prohibited, questionable, and infringing items.
Privacy policy
Your privacy rights.
Non-paying buyer policy
When buyers don't pay.
Tax policy
Brief tax information for sellers.
System Outage policy
Compensation policy for sellers when outages occur.
Board usage policy
Guidelines for users who post on eBay boards.
eBay employee trading policy
Rules for eBay employees who trade on eBay.
Trademark & Copyright Questions
Email your trademark or copyright question here.
Feedback Removal Policy
Circumstances where ebay will consider removing feedback

Community Values
We believe people are basically good

General Information
Corporate inquiries

What is SafeHarbor?
SafeHarbor is eBay's comprehensive safety resource and protective arm.

Dedicated departments

Fraud Protection & Prevention
Paid for an item but never received it? Is the item less than what is described?
Items that may not be allowed for sale
See if it's OK to sell your item, or report an item that might not be allowed on eBay.
Understand and report trading offenses in the areas of feedback, buying, selling, etc.

Services for your protection

Feedback Forum
Check the "reputation" or business practices of any buyer or seller at eBay.
Inspect what you buy before sending payment by asking your seller to consider escrow services.
Fraud Protection Program
You are covered for up to $200 on most items - free! (applies to most users, subject to guidelines)
ID Verify
Get successfully verified and sell on eBay.
Authentication Services
Get a second opinion on your item by using outside expertise.
Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program
Make sure that items do not violate intellectual property rights as there may be liability involved.
Dispute Resolution
An independent service that provides a neutral place to work out disputes online efficiently and effectively.
eBay Payments
Offers buyers full purchase protection for both credit card and electronic check payments. Sellers are also protected from chargebacks resulting from fraudulent transactions. Learn more.

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