Okemos Dissenter Draws Death Threats
by Chad Dally

Doc Corbin Dart

It didn’t take long for Doc Corbin Dart to publicly express his ideas following the Sept. 11 attacks. Since that day he’s posted signs on the front of his Okemos house such as "U.S. terror in Iraq makes Sept. 11th a tiny mirror image," and "U.S. Troops terrorize as cowards from the skies. They should be in body bags."
The reaction has been just as quick. He’s faced everything from rocks thrown at his window to visits from the State Police, who, he said, walked around the perimeter of his property taking pictures.
All along, Dart said he has also received menacing phone calls.
"The threats at first were rather veiled, but starting last Wednesday or maybe the week before that, the veils came off. They’ve been completely death threats," her said.
One of the signs on Dart’s house lists a phone number, which is how he’s received most of his threats. Tapes recorded on his answering machine contain messages such as:
"I’ll brace myself for a long, long time…but in the end I’m going to kill all of you…all of you dead."
"I will kill you if I get the chance."
Dart said that because of his opposition to the actions of the United States in Afghanistan, many people assume he’s Arabic. One caller left the message: "Here’s an idea—how about you camel jockeys go back to your goddamn country, leave us alone and pray to your fake God."

One of the many messages plastered on the outside walls of Dart's residence.

"Everything that I’m doing has been under the heading of the Animal Liberation Front, because human beings are animals and they won’t admit it," Dart said. "There’s not much that separates us from animals except that they’re awake and alert and most humans are asleep."
To Dart, it is a moral imperative to act out against suffering in the world. He cites the assassination of John Lennon as a turning point. "That’s kind of when it started for me. That was the final straw."
After multiple arrests during the mid-1980s in the name of various causes, Dart said he sank into a severe depression that lasted for years. About three years ago, he said his depression lifted and he began to work on what he calls "mystical trances," which he said is the antithesis of meditation. It is through his work with trances that led Dart to leave this message for anyone who calls the phone number posted on the front of his house:
"His name is the number 26…He is the Messiah…He has arrived at the mountaintop…And no one on earth can bring him down."
"Someone with divine authority had to step in and stop the destruction of nature, and the out of control propagation of the human species," he said. And Dart believes he is that authority.
"But it’s hard for people to understand that because I don’t look the part."
He said that there is a purpose to the expression of his claims, and that the signs are meant to "call attention to the terrorism initiated by the United States."

This lawn art at Dart's Okemos home depicts Christ holding matches near a gas can and the American flag.

"It’s not a local project, and it won’t be finished until I’ve had my own impact on foreign policy," Dart said. That impact, according to Dart, would include a realignment of the United Nations so that more powerful countries don’t have stronger influence. Also, he feels that the United Nations should go in between the Palestinians and Israelis to stop the violence there and begin negotiations until a fair settlement is reached, "for the Palestinians in particular."
But the biggest impact for Dart would be to help convince the United States to "pull all of its tentacles out of the Middle East, and perhaps make reparations to the Iraqi people and others," he said.

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