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What Are Otherkin?

Real Elves...

No, I am not talking about Santa's little helpers, or tiny wee folk who make shoes in the middle of the night. What I am talking about here is real Elves. The ones which you meet every day, on the train or the subway on the way to work, in the pub, at school, in the supermarket.

There are not merely elves either. Dragons, Fae, Satyrs, Angels and many other magickal beings are moving among you right now. From the outside these creatures do not appear to be anything but human. Indeed, many of them have been re-incarnating as humans for many centuries. But inside they carry a little magic, and some of them carry memories of times and places far from here. Meet their glance and in their eyes you may glimpse the echoes of something else; a being with pointed ears, or wings perhaps.

These people have given themselves the name of "Otherkin" which simpy means "those who are other than human", and this word is widely used on the internet (try a search on your browser).

Most of them do not speak of their strangeness to others. (well, would you?) They fear being branded insane. But inside they feel drawn to find others of their own kind. Some have been lucky enough to meet up with others, some have found communities on the internet, but some are alone, frightened and confused about why they feel different from other people.

So next time you notice someone and meet their gaze, you might be looking at a real-live elf.

So, what is this word "Otherkin" that you keep seeing?

Put simply, someone who is Otherkin feels that they have a soul (or souls) other than human. Usually this encompasses what are commonly regarded as mythical beings such as elves, dragons, fae, satyrs and so on. A broader view of otherkin might also include therianthropes (were-creatures) and those with animal souls (such people are sometimes known affectionately as "furries"), and also perhaps people who consider their souls are alien (often called star-born). The lines between Otherkin and Furries or Star-born are often blurred.

How do you know if you're Otherkin?

Most Otherkin feel for most of their lives as though they don't belong. Human society seems alien and unfamiliar in many ways. They may feel isolated and unhappy, yet unable to explain these feelings at first. Then, perhaps they may begin to remember a life other than their own. Sometimes it is not easy to understand such memories, and sometimes the awakening to Otherkin-ness is a difficult and frightening process, especially if they are going through it alone. It is something not easy to share with others, for fear that they may consider you crazy.

Being Otherkin is not something to crave, nor is it glamorous. It is a difficult and lonely path to tread, and sometimes it seems to bring only sorrow. Memories of loved ones long lost, a home that can no longer be reached, cause great pain. And yet, the life of the Otherkin is not all sadness. It is a life filled with wonder and magic, and a way of looking at the world that humans can never understand. Because magic is so much a part of an Otherkin's outlook, they may be drawn to Paganism or other New-age philosophies.

If you think you may be otherkin, check out some of the links. There are a lot of people like us, more than you might imagine. You are not alone.

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