Author's Note ~ This story places the main character, AJ McLean, in a real-life prison environment. Being that I want to make his ficticious experience as realistic as possible for the reader, this story will contain heavy profanity, racial issues, sexual content (sometimes crude), extreme violence, and drug use... as would any story about prison. If this type of content offends you, or if you just can't bear to read about our belovéd AJ in this type of situation, please go back to the "Stories" page, now. Thanks!

Chapter Selection:

Ch. 1: Unforgettable Mistake
Ch. 2: Not a Dream
Ch. 3: The Trial
Ch. 4: Prisoner 81976
Ch. 5: Getting Settled
Ch. 6: Minimum, 30
Ch. 7: Threat
Ch. 8: Hostile Environment
Ch. 9: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Ch. 10: Tragic Loss
Ch. 11: Stranger Inside
Ch. 12: Unconditional
Ch. 13: Revelations
Ch. 14: Don't Say A Word

I won an award! Yaaay! I just want to thank the Come Undone Awards judges for even looking twice at my entry. And I want to give extreme thanks to those who read this story, have given me feedback, were so very patient with my slow updates, and encouraged me to keep on going! Thanks!

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