3/25/00 - Life is good - highlight your hair, you'll look fucking cool. Trust me.

Execution is out. It's pretty cool. Some of it is same old, same old, but there are a few really good levels in there. Texture ripping is bad, though.

Counter-Strike BETA6 takes a while to get used to, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Not much else to say.

2/20/00 - That's 20/2/00 for you limeys - You'd thought you'd seen the last of me, did you?!? Bwahaha... yeah blow off.

Hell Revealed 2 is out. Download.

New Doom Damnit. Funny.

Something Awful. Funny as well, funny as hell. Read.

It's Y2K already.. damn, I missed those Yes2Kia savings. Shit.

12/30/99 - We're All Gonna Die - But before we do, I have released a DM level. This level has been described as looking "old-school" and "very nicely playable". So download.it and stuff.

Have fun with New Year's Eve, people. I hope you've had a happy time in your life up to the psuedo-millennium. And yes, the millennium doesn't start until 2001. And yes, next year WILL be a leap year. After vigorous research, I've attained the actual requirements for a leap year. It must be:

  • Divsible by four
  • NOT divisible by 100 UNLESS
  • it is divisibile by 400.

So that Feb 29th release date for The Darkening isn't entire crap.

Have fun, sluts. And UT beats down Q3A any day.

10/30/99 - Nobody Loves Michael - Oh, yay. Another flame war on the horizon of the Doom Community. Ninety percent of the flames will come from people who weren't even involved in what happened. Maybe I should post an IRC log of this... oh wait, I forgot to set XiRC to autolog. D'oh. To sum it up, RecidivuS comes online saying only "SCORE!". Naturally, he explains how he picked up this chick, how they spent all night talking and kissing, etc. Of course, the single people in the channel (a channel is similar to a chat room) are mocking him away. "You won't last for a week", "You're delusional", and other gibes of the like. Rec, naturally, gets pissed, saying he's found his true love and the such. We keep taunting him, and then I make a few crude remarks ("Have you boned her yet?") Of course, this is all just for a laugh. Recidivus got more serious about it, saying it was his true love, how you single nerds shouldn't make fun of him, and whatever you want. Since I've been through the same euphoric state he has, I warned him about how this relationship wasn't going to last forever, like he thought it would. Recidivus went away for a little bit, and I went to sleep. And behold, on the next morning, we have Yet Another Tentative Parting Statement, Even Though He Will Be Back Next Week and a "prower sucks" poll at Unholy Software. So before all this gets blown out of proportion, just know this - Rec's leaving of the community was due to a love-induced temporary delusion. As we all know, falling in love is like drinking; you can't comprehend anything, but your main goal is still to score.

10/19/99 - BIG MIKE IN DA HOUSE!!! Er, anyway. I guess this begins the Homecoming Weekend Update (read: where I exploit my personal woes). Do I have someone to go with? No. Do I care? No. Do I like wearing tuxedos? No! That's the attitude you should have during this time of year. Homecoming is simply an excuse to wear tuxedos and dance and shit. Maybe it's not so bad up north, but in Maryland all they play at the Homecoming dance is... rap. Rap, rap, rap. Hey, could you play Nine Inch - NO! They aren't ganstas rappin' about how they pimp!

If you are unfortunate enough to be stuck with someone to go to Homecoming, take these following Tips From Prower:

  • Spike the punch before anyone else. You wouldn't believe the punch-spiking competition. But do it first!
  • Make sure you're going with somebody popular. There's nothing worse than going with some girl who you think is really hot to the dance, and then finding out she's like the biggest nerd in the school. Trust me on this, I've experienced this personally...
  • Use low vocabulary. Any language learned above the age of seven is ENTIRELY inacceptable, with the notable exceptions of swear words, "rockin'", and "blow job".

What the hell am I blabbing about? I'm not quite sure. Point being, have fun this long-ass weekend, download Helios 2 and marvel, give Doomnation a hit or thirty, and above all, have fun!

don't ask what prower was smoking when he wrote this

10/14/99 - Ah, yes, the intelligence of the workers of the US Public School System is revealed in its true beauty.

<story>Our school is not known for its intelligence level, nor its varsity sports teams (though it has pretty good JV sports teams). If you check out Atholoton High School on the Howard County Public School System page, you'll see that we have ranked lowest in pretty much all areas, testing wise. Our building is old and shoddy - the media center has not recieved new books since 1985 (try doing a project on genetic engineer with those resources), the teachers are incompetent (my biology teacher didn't know how many electrons went with each shell, and my health [blech] teacher expects us to show our grades to our parents - without giving us our grades), but, most of all, the administration has to be about as intelligent as Stephen Heaslip. Today, some wankers decided to steal some calculators from people. They just reached into their backpacks, grabbed, and ran. Luckily, I wasn't a victim of this stupid parade, but what the administration does is amazingly idiotic.

The end of fourth period, all packed up and ready to head home. The PA system comes on, and we hear the principal talking. "Students," she says in her extremely annoying voice, "I have heard reports of calculators being stolen today. This does not represent our student body's behavior in any way whatsoever. I have permission from Doctor Hickey to do so, so if necessary, I will - " (here's the kicker)

"Ban backpacks."

Okay, let's analyze this situation. Calculators are being stolen while people aren't watching. People put all their books in their backpack. The lockers are about 6 inches deep and 1.5 feet high. They want to ban backpacks, while still only giving students a minimal amount of locker space? To top it off, think about it. Is it easier to go into somebody's backpack, find a calculator, swipe it and run, or look atop their desk and grab it?

My thoughts are probably very disorganized; I'm a horrible writer when I need to share something as stupid as this and let my anger out. Well, whatever. I read from somewhere that a school is afraid of having students bring in handguns, so they only allowed - get this - CLEAR BACKPACKS. What the hell. Not that I'd do such a thing, but if I went invading a school, I'd probably stick a handgun in, oh, say, MY POCKET? I guess they'll make students wear clear pants/shorts next. Oh well, at least I have stylish boxers.</story>

In other news, I'm working on two maps simultaneously: one for The Project, and the other being Helios 3. As if I hadn't plugged it enough, go Helios 2 rightnowmister!

10/12/99 - Hmm, in a ridiculously ironic turn of events, Darkfang got fired - er, he quit - from Doomnation, making this the second major news site he's been booted - er, excuse me, he quit - from. DarkFang and Rec have also started the Anti-Cyb Sect, or ACS for short. We'll be seeing more of the news shortly, when Cyb wonders what I've been smoking. And no, you can't get any of it.

The Project, which currently is having a homepage designed by the luvable Teppic, is going underway. So far, we've gotten nine levels near-completion, and a load in progress. There's still some debate over the source port, but I think most of the team is pretty solid with the 'plain' Boom engine.

This brings me to my next point. SMMU ROCKS YOUR WORLD. Imagine ACS scripting (a la ZDoom), except much easier to implement, and no need to compile or convert. Yeah, that's right, Fragglescript is finally implemented. You can't get it yet, but I have the beta, so bah to you! Oh, yeah, and there's been some complaints about sound not working on some computers, but the new version will (has) fix(ed) that.

Finally, the 'big move' probably won't occur. Too bad, Maryland blows.

9/27/99 - Alright! I've gotten a lot of replies on this community project, and it seems there's enough interest to start it.. barely. However, a community project can NOT be successful without the two most vital parts: the editors in the community and the players in the community. So, in other words, it needs the community. If you would be willing to contribute one level to the project, or possibly more, contact me.

An issue I'd also like to address is the source port: personally, I'm rooting for a plain Boom source port, due to its high compatibility with others (ZDoom, MBF, PRBoom, LXDoom, partially in DosDoom, etc.). If you feel the need to tell me you really hate Boom and its derivatives for one reason or another, again, e-mail me. Making a project doesn't have much of a point if nobody wants to play it, ya know?

9/25/99 - I'm moving. So this page will be down for a while in the near future, late November or early December.

HEY! Don't leave yet! I wouldn't disappoint you with an update like that. So I have another rant. This time it's about projects. Yeah, projects. Honestly people - when's the last time you've seen a project release in a full, workable form? Batman Doom, which was Aprilish if I remember correctly. Half of the project sites on Doomworld haven't been updated in months, and the rest only update about what they need, not what they have accomplished. Why? There aren't enough people in the community to support 50 or so projects.

Don't give me that "I never abandon my projects, it will live on" attitude. It will live on, of course - live on your hard drive, never to be touched by another soul again. There are only two projects I can think of off the top of my head that have ten or more ACTIVE members - Anomaly and Millennium, neither of which (IMHO) look very promising.

The worst part is a new project starts up every week, and there are a bunch that are under wraps (much akin to the shitty Surge 2 project). These projects plan to be TCs - all new weapons, all new levels, all new music and sounds, and an engine rewritten from the ground up. And how many people are on the staff? Four tops. Then all you see on Doomworld is "Blah Project needs members to do pretty much everything" and the project leaders expect to have 80 member applications by the end of the week.

The truth is, there is no community. Each person has his or own project, and the only link between different projects is Doomworld, Doomnation, or Undernet #doomroom.

The solution? A systematic project-by-project deletion? No, of course not. The community needs a single project to work on, as a whole. One megawad, with a few new textures. No specific theme. Just raw fun levels, a la Memento Mori or Requiem. There wouldn't be a specific theme, other than having a bunch of very fun levels. And there would only be the original enemies, possibly some "borrowed" music from other places. The entire map editing community would only need to contribute a level or two, and bam, there would be a megawad. You may ask, "well, what's the success rate of THIS happening?" Well, not that you'd remember, but a while back I was the head of a project called "The Experiment". The released product contained 16 levels, and that was only with 5 members. Interested in this idea for a project, not nessecarily for mapping, but as a player, would you enjoy playing this type of project? E-mail me and let me know.

9/8/99 - One More Day Till The Last Palindromic Date of the Millennium - I'm delaying the first look at Back to Hell, simply because if I _did_ do it, most people would see it 9/9/99, and since everyone will be busy doing other things (see list below), nobody would look or download it. So, it'll be done this weekend or early next week, so while you're taking a break from FF8 or just got back from returning your Dreamcast for something else, you can look at the review.

(List below) Well, I've decided to list everything that I know of is happening tomorrow in a list format, which is kind of the definition of the list. Here it goes:

Final Fantasy 8 Released - Yeah, the sequel to the sequel to the sequel (etc.) of the incredulously popular RPG Final Fantasy will come out tomorrow, $20 million dollar budget and all. I just pulled that number outta my ass though.

Dreamcast Released - Wow! The 128-bit system that has cost Sega a net loss of $400 million and laying off 1,000 employees will finally be released in the states, with such incredible games as Sonic Adventure, which is pretty much Mario 64 with nicer graphics and shittier controls, that weird-ass boxing game with the Mr. T lookalike and Afro Man (slap his fro!), and some funky skateboarding/snowboarding game that will undoubtedly achieve the same fame and cash as that stupid futuristic baseball game for the Genesis did. Don't forget to buy a "Thumb Healer" from Sega, because you'll need it after playing any of the preceding games for more than five minutes.

Anomaly Released - In a more localized event, Doom Anomaly, known for having more weapons than the Black Mesa Research Facility, will be released. This is good, cause the last Doom megawad/TC/PC I can remember being released was Twilight Warrior way back when.

Updates - Not really incredible, but Afterglow and Nick Baker (of British fame) will both update their respective pages.

The Day of Lavos - If there was a day that TDoL happened, I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be 9/9/99. Maybe Lavos is mad he won't be in the Chrono Trigger sequel?

Okay, I'm broke. And I need $50 for a Computer Science course I'm taking for Turbo Pascal 7. So maybe if you could help me find an "evaluation copy", or a "demo" that requires "authentication" to use, it'd be helpful.

Finally, it's obligatory to mention that Zdoom 1.18 was released, and it is better than Zdoom 1.17 twentyfold. (read: it works on my crap system) I might make a Helios 3 for it... are you against it majorly and want to see Helios 3 stick with Boom? Mail me if you have the need to tell me that Zdoom sucks and I should stick to Boom.

9/7/99 - Two More Days Till Everything

- I've added a PoW (Pic of Whenever) to the top of this page, so I can put random images there and I can do whatever I want cause it's my website and stuff. Nyah.

Power outage earlier today! Sorry for those who were trying to access this page, or worse, didn't have access to their mail accounts. Damn Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Soon I'll have a first look at a not-so-well known project called Back To Hell by Tomi Rajala (sp?). Probably by later tonight, at latest tomorrow evening.

9/6/99 - Levels Section and a Featured Review - There's a featured review of Richard Wiles' Crusades. Uhm.. read it or something.

If you're into rating things, why not hop over and rate my misting? It'll only take you a couple of seconds, and it makes me happy. And when I'm happy, I update more. I'm special.

9/5/99 - Later That Day - I've uploaded the MiSTings section, so you peoples can view the archive of all.. uh... four of my MiSTings. Also, there's a counter at the bottom of the page. And another also, I've noticed that some of the colors in this page don't view correctly with Internet Explorer. Nothing big, just a few shades of purple are a little off.

I finally went about to upload my two Doom-character mistings to RATMM and submitted them to the MiSTings archives (http://pinky.wtower.com/mst3k/). Nothing new... yet.

9/5/99 - Another Redesign - Yeah, yet again. This time around though it's gonna be a hybrid of both my Doom things, my MSTings, and my other interests, so I don't have one page at Angelfire, another at Doomnation, and yet another here... heh. This design is sorta like my old RealAudio green design, except it doesn't use CSS (compatibility with Netscape 3... I hope) and the sidebar is done with (rather nice looking IMHO) graphics. Plus there's now a PoW (Pic of Whenever) so I can upload a picture with every update, or whenever I feel like it.

If you haven't played it, please please please play Helios 2. Doomworld has a bias against Doomnation sites, so when it got released the news went right down the shitter by being stuffed at the very very bottom as the last update. And, yes, I do have a right to complain about it. This is my site so I can complain about whatever the hell I want :P

<rant> Why is it level designers continue to spout out deathmatch levels rather than SP ones? All I've seen from the likes of level-designing talents like Afterglow and DaGGeR is deathmatch levels. Honestly, how many people play these levels in an actual deathmatch? Probably about five. If they took the efforts of making a deathmatch map and put them forth into making actual playable, fun SP maps (like Recidivus has) the audience of players would be much wider. The think that really makes me angry, though, is that these people don't even test their own maps in DM. Instead, they make the area look as nice as possible, throw in some weapons, and call it MYSERIESDM03 or whatever. If I wanted to look at nice-looking architecture, I'd look at Quake2 maps. If I want to have fun playing a level and slaughtering hordes of monsters, I play a Doom level. When it comes down to it: people who play DM should build DM maps. People who exclusively play SP maps should build SP maps. </rant>