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Reiki-Do Message Forum - New
The Reiki-Do site is now featuring a message board on the Delphi Forum. The Reiki-Do Ko Myo forum explores the daily living of the principles of Reiki.

Reiki-Do Ko Myo is therefore the living expression of being reiki in each and every moment. It is the expression of awakening, which is Usui's gift.
This site is for the sharing and supporting of each other in awakening. It is *not* for selling systems, advertising, making money, or debating the validity, superiority, inferiority, or other aspects of reiki systems.
It is to help move from the illusion of control, to the awakening of reiki.
In the future, the Forum will feature weekly HatsuRei Ho meeting/chats as well as reiju for those wishing to receive.

Additionally, a modified 21 day Lotus Repentance Meditation is scheduled to begin January 14, 2002 for those wishing to participate.
All are welcome.
Click here to visit the Reiki-Do KoMyo Forum.

Are you looking for a Teacher who shares reiki for free?  There is a new listing being developed for those that want to share reiki for free or are looking for a free teacher.  If you are a teacher who teaches reiki for free, please click here.
Free Reiki Teacher Listings

Welcome to The Reiki-Do Organization!


The Reiki-Do Organization is now hosting 21 Day Reiki Excursions into the Self. All are welcome to attend.

Our first excursion was held on January 14 through February 3rd, 2002.

Our second trip to the self will be held March 1st through the 21st, 2002.

For more information, please visit "The Living Force" - Living Reiki, BEing Reiki Meditations and Practices at http://jedi-temple.nu

All are welcome to participate.

Living Reiki, Being Reiki™

Reiki-Do means "The Way of Reiki" or "The way of Being Reiki". It is Living Reiki and Being Reiki on every breath.

Living Reiki, BEing Reiki is unconcerned with techniques, theory, philosophy and the rest of the speculative material that abounds in Reiki.

Reiki-do is "Living Reiki, BEing Reiki"

It is the direct experience of "what is" reiki.  This is not a new style of reiki and does not require anything additional other than what you already have.

Reiki-do is walking the path, being the path.  It is said that to be intelligent we must learn one new thing daily but to be wise we must unlearn daily.  If you are looking for more beliefs about reiki, more supercilious beliefs that you need this or that symbol or techniques you will not find them here.  Reiki-Do is an invitation to see, to look in. Reiki-Do is about removing the beliefs about what you think reiki is, that you are the do-er, that you can control, manipulate or acquire. 

Reiki-Do is Living Reiki, BEing Reiki. 

If you are still interested, come on in.........

The Way of Being Reiki - Living Reiki, Being Reiki™  is the new companion site to the Reiki Plain and Simple Website.

Please note: If you are looking for information about reiki from beginner to advanced, please visit the companion site of The Reiki-Do Organization, the Reiki Plain and Simple site.  The Reiki Plain and Simple site contains free, full and complete manuals for all levels of reiki, e-books about practicing and living reiki and many articles about reiki and practice. 

There is extensive material I am in the process of putting up so please check back.  There is already quite a lot of information here so please look around, explore and enjoy.  But be warned, this is not for those who cling tightly to their beliefs about reiki. If you hold dear to your "truths" about reiki and life you might find that there are a lot of websites that do better to cater to that sort of thing so you probably should hit you back button now.  (There now doesn't that just make you intrigued enough to want to look?!! )

Have Fun;

Vinny Amador

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You can search for specific information on any of the Reiki Plain and Simple sites.

Why the Trademark on "Living Reiki, Being Reiki™"?

(Laughs) it certainly is not about making money.

The Reiki-Do Organization website (Like it's cousin website "Reiki Plain and Simple" offers free reiki information and a different perspective on reiki and practice that is a return to the simple.

Living Reiki, Being Reiki™ expresses The Way of being Reiki and is a nice identifier of this approach and the practice of being reiki in life.

In Living Reiki, Being Reiki we remember that we *are* reiki, living the principles, on every breath.

About The Reiki-Do Organization

Living Reiki, Being Reiki™

The Way of Being Reiki is the return to the simplicity that *is* the Usui System.

Living Reiki, Being Reiki™ is a move away from the business, money, spirit guides, crystals, channeling, psychic surgeries, and other additives that abound and pass as reiki. It is a gentle invitation to look and see where Usui was pointing.

Living Reiki, Being Reiki is a non-profit, non-commercial web site that freely offers information, articles and e-books about The Way of Being Reiki - Living reiki, Being reiki™.

About e-mail - If you have attempted to email me since November there is a great likelihood that it was not received in the changeover to the new web host and getting the mail settings and other things set. If you want to contact me, please use ShanTao@aol.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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