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To Be Continued:
A Message from the Editor, Christopher Mills

Greetings, Adventurers!

What a week, huh? Hopefully, you now all have an idea of what we're trying to do here at AdventureStrips. It's not just an exercise in nostalgia or slavish imitations of whatever the industry perceives as "hot"...

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Sorcerer of Fortune
By Mike W. Barr and Dario Carrasco

When magical forces are real, men make it their business to control those forces. One such man is Rex Icarus, Practical Wizard and a resident of the city of Fortune.

This Week: Thorn – and an accusation!


Jazz Age
By Ted Slampyak

Jazz Age follows the adventures of high-brow Harvard archaeologist Clifton M. Jennings, low-brow private eye Ace Mifflin, and their friends and cohorts as they fight the forces of evil in 1920s Boston!

This week: In this week's episode of Jazz Age, Professor Clifton M. Jennings, head of the Archaeology department at Harvard University, is called out to examine a strange, old box found at a work site...

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