If you make up a good title and send it to me,I may make it into a song.

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Smallest Sound

Morning News


Devoted Bee

Rise Industries

Pokey the Penguin


Leon's Random Generators




Indie Rock Bottom
Alarm In The Graduate School
Skyline with Metalmags
I'm Still Here
Listen Close
120 MPH
Yellow Lasers
18 Wheels and You 2/14
Skin to Wear 1/17
Pattersons Woods 1/9
Don't Dance
Glowing Milk 11/15
The Karmic Umbrella is All Bent Up Now
Repair My Heart
I Want To Be City Hall 7/26
Black Hole
I Love You
Maggie Exists 6/26
Golfpunk Drives a Cadillac 6/18
You remember Only Flashlights 6/8
Moon on Fire 6/5
Frothy Whores 5/31
Your Bed is a Graveyard 5/24
Nationwide Clyde Inc. 5/22
Is That Choking Sound My Transmission? 5/17
A Song About Fred Graver 5/12
Standing In the Death Car
Love Theme From Narbotic.com
Parts and All
with gil sans 4/4
Don't Convert 3/29
Big Work 3/28
Here Comes Brilliance 3/22
Apple Smooth Crescent 3/21
The Banner Babes 3/19
The Infinite Terror Drives the Bus 3/18
Night Life 3/14
My Skin with gil sans 3/10
Drinking Fountain see the explodingdog picture 3/7
Larry, Oh Larry 3/6
I Couldn't Find Her Heart see the explodingdog picture 3/5
Blah Hah River Rhymes 3/3
Smack the Face that Says there is None 3/1
Take Care of You (you say you got my baby) 3/1
Fort Greenery 3/1
Schoolgirl Blues see the explodingdog picture 2/29

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