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Blizzard Announced New Title! - Sep 22, 2002

Sorry for posting so late, but last Thursday, if you didn't hear, Blizzard's new title was announced. The new game is called Starcraft Ghost and will be a console game. It will be "a tactical-action console game set in Blizzard’s epic StarCraft® universe" according to the press release on the Blizzard site. It is going to be completely in 3d so it will offer some great graphics for your needs. Hopefully, if you plan on getting this game, its not just an addition to the Starcraft Legacy but adds some more story line, perhaps some new "units" and other exciting features. I can't wait!

» View/Post Comments (3) Posted By Lancer

Back in Business - Sep 10, 2002

After a *long* leave of absence, Starcraft Index is back and here to stay. The temporary downfall of the site took place with a combination of events all within the same time period, and the compounding effect was for the site to be suspended. Please do not email me asking why or anything like that, because I will make an article on the history of the site sometime in the near future, and I will include that. The good news is that I have a great new host, and more resources to use, so this site will be better and faster. Also, all the files will be local, instead of on a different file server. So, that having been said - It's good to be back, and I hope it's for a very long time.

» View/Post Comments (3) Posted By Czaries

BWD Tournament 2/2 - Poland - Aug 18, 2002

BroodWarDivision Tournament 2vs2 is over. The standings are below:
1. [P~Z]Ninj@ & [P~Z]Perfect
2. Hunter.qss & Exeqtor.qss (POLAND NATIONAL TEAM MEMBERS)
3. nG.Anka & nG.Skunk
Replays will be availble soon on www.bwd.multiplayer.pl!

News recieved from: Cyro

» View/Post Comments (0) Posted By Lancer

Downloads - Aug 17, 2002

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it appears as though all our downloads are down for now. Our file host has recently re-done they're entire website, and I am wondering if they have accidentally closed our site or something, because the file site is down, and has been since yesterday. I am contacting them now to find out the problem.

» View/Post Comments (5) Posted By Czaries

The Battle.net Forum Moderators are at it again! - Aug 06, 2002

I made a post in the WarCraft III General discussion forum, once again not violating any of the Terms. My account was CLOSED which is easy to fix >=) and thread deleted, but before they managed to delete it, i got 16 replies under 60 seconds of posting the thread, all agreein wit the post. Here is what the post said:

"KOREANS! Yes and no this isn’t a Korean bashing racist thread, but
Every hack that’s out for warcraft 3 concerning battle.net cheating
Was developed in Korea, I know because I have downloaded to see if
These programs worked and if in fact they did I reported the site
And the program to hacks e-mail for blizzard.

I played 8 games today and got 8 losses fairly early in the
Morning when the Koreans were on, I got 2 Koreans on my team, 3
Against me, the 2 on my team militia rushed my base and said DIE
AMERICAN HUCK HUCK HUCK! and were screaming $!@% in korean, and the
other team said DISCONNECT BOOM BOOM and i disconnected, next game,
they had allied chat and map hack, im playing, under 10 seconds
into the game, and they were like you shouldnt build that altar so
close to ur town hall and i said wtf to allies, and they said yes
wtf etc etc....

Then the next game, same kinda stuff, i was winning one go BYE BYE
BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE (like majin buu) and all of a sudden insta
disconnect loss back to channel, then they all saying we ip bomb
you from over seas etc etc...

I dont know why blizzard allows koreans or japanese to play on the
us servers. Almost 99% of koreans on battle.net are anti
american, they hate us, they just play to make us lose. They make
racial slurs all the time, and make hacks to ruin the game play,
they dont use the hacks on the korean servers, only american
servers... Why in gods name doesnt blizzard make every cd key sold
in korea = KOREA ONLY or JAPAN or what ever! Uswest and useast
should be able to switch between, but if ur lets say a asian, u
should be on ur own server, or if ur a european, only ur server....

Also WTF DIablo 2, ASIA 1, 2, 3 realm filled with characters,
theres more characters on asia 1 than useast and west combine, and
then the koreans filled up the asian realms with 50 accounts per
family then moved to the american realms, ever notice the diablo 2
ladder = ALL KOREANS?

Blizzard the koreans are ruining the game , i dont have problems
with koreans, i happen to have 3 korean friends, but the koreans
who play on bnet are anti american and just wish to ruin our
gameplay! Anyone else agree?!"

Now that post got deleted, but someone else made another post saying how Blizzard sucks etc etc, violating atleast four rules of the forums, and this is like the 12th time that person has made a post like that, but yet, he doesnt get banned, his post live on? Any one else have a diff opinion?

Czaries.net Forums - Free to Speak your mind, with Forum Moderators who are not Abusive of their powers!

» View/Post Comments (40) Posted By AdmiralJ

Downloads - Aug 03, 2002

Currently have problems with the downloads, im not exactly sure what. But since im not the one who is on the account for the file hosting I cant exactly ask them for a status ..sorry guys

» View/Post Comments (2) Posted By Midon

Site Revamp - Aug 02, 2002

This month im planning to update the sites with a new design along with some other features stay tuned for more information.

» View/Post Comments (0) Posted By Midon

CD Keys - Jul 16, 2002

DO NOT EMAIL US ASKING FOR CD KEYS. I am sick and tired of going through my email, and half of them are "I lost my cd key" or "can you give me a cd key?". WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CD KEYS TO GIVE. All email regarding CD Keys will be immediately DELETED from NOW ON - SO DON'T SEND IT! If you lose your CD Key it's your own incompetence, and we CANNOT magically fix it for you. You can get a new CD-Key from Blizzard for $10, by following the instructions on this page: http://www.blizzard.com/support/?id=msc0133p

» View/Post Comments (7) Posted By Czaries

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