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January 2002

Winking at the South Pole, Antarctica!

Doug Miller and Gina Signori are winking, and Kevin Killilea is looking on
Photo taken by Tom Barfield on 3 December 2001.  More photos.

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Ithaca High School, Ithaca NY
Harvard Tiddlywinks Society (HTwS)
VFW Posts, Wisconsin USA

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Strategy & Tactics, including Lockwood's rules of thumb and forefinger.

Winks perversions from Sunshine. The rules for strange and interesting ways to play winks.

Squopping, boondocking, and other words of winkdom from the winks Lexicon.  Plus "how you say" tiddlywinks in other languages.

NATwA's Newswink, ETwA's Winking World, ScotTwA's The Squopsman and other publications

The e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-v-e bibliography of tiddlywinks articles in newspapers, books, magazines, & even living things.

The history of winks from  prehistoric eons ... to the Victorian era ... to collegiate play.  Plus patents, trademarks, and Tuckers' Tiddlywinks Game Catalog.

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